Cock foreskin cutting fetish gay sex stories and indian male gay sex

Cock foreskin cutting fetish gay sex stories and indian male gay sex
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There is a giant tank on the bar. Chunks of pineapple and vodka. On a hot Sept. afternoon, it looked refreshing. Ice cold Stolichnaya Vodka infused with pineapple juice and large chunks of the yellow fruit.

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The first one went down way too quick and too easy. So Lisa slowed herself down on the second one, because that protein shake lunch was a long time ago. I didn't call. She got a text. " Capital Grille. 7:30 Tuesday. Red Dress." She knew exactly which one. THAT red dress. She also knew that she would be wearing her silver heels and those black thigh highs.

She slipped on her lacy panties. So there she sat. She'd worked the early morning news cast. Took a long shower, shaved herself smooth.

She enjoyed the air flowing under a dress, especially on a warm day like today. She even spent a half hour on her hair. At 8:20 she was looking at her phone, when she sensed rather than saw me standing next to her. I had stepped into her personal space, I often did that. My chest touching her shoulder.

I signaled to the bartender that I wanted the same drink. She was not going to give me the pleasure of a reaction. I was so.frustrating. At work she presented a weather report. But around me, I was always in charge. I had control over her. How she didn't know. She brought the martini to her lips. Lips she had worked so hard to prepare, hours ago. I hadn't even kissed her. Then I slide my hand down her back, so smoothly.

That was the word for me. Smooth. Not my 8 O'clock shadow or hairy chest. My motions. My words. My moves. Always smooth. I placed my hand firmly on the small of her back.

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Then I started stroking her back through the thin dress. Damn me. She should have never told me about that secret spot. But I got it from her. Like her other secrets. I owned this little sports bar, I whispered in Lisa's ear " Let's go to the office in the back." She loves my touch. My nails scratches her smooth skin. The electricity radiated from her back to every hair on her arms and neck.


She pulled the glass from her mouth, just in time to gasp. Wanting to get the dirty deed over with quickly, she unzipped my pants to fish out my throbbing cock.

Pumping at my cock, wanting me to shoot off so she could go to home, Lisa can't help but to grind her butt into the couch in hopes of stemming the itch between her legs. Lisa can only pant in heat as I cupped her breasts and kneaded them till her nipples stood up at attention.

Dress expertly unzipped by me, bra unhooked and removed, she squirmed atop the couch as I caressed her leg with my rough hands. Panting for breath as she squeezed her thighs tightly, she tried to press herself down into the cushions to prevent me from removing her panties.

" No………John……please!

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You promised me………no more sex………there would be no more sex!" I laughed to myself as I easily drew the lacy white panties down over her hips and off her heels. " We won't have sex, Lisa………unless you want to!" I advised. Pushing her sexy legs apart, I cupped her mound, then slide my middle finger up into her juicing snatch! " Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the mewl from the squirming Latino as I finger-fucked her, then rubbed her ultra-sensitive clit.


Lisa could only stare up in shock as I stood up from the couch and took off my shirt to bare my hairy chest. Legs being spread wide, Lisa wondered what I was up to as I crawled up between her legs. As I draped her legs over my shoulders, she feels my warm breath near her pussy. " No………no…&hellip.what are you doing" she asked.

" Godddddddd…………oh my Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!" she screeched as I clamped my mouth down on her. As the sexy Latino pressed her heels onto my back while arching up into my mouth, I lap at the tasty morsel, eating her juicy pussy. In no time, the inexperienced beauty is climaxing, creaming in my slurping mouth as she wailed " Oh God……oh Godddddddddddddddddddd……ahhhh……arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I had driven the naïve beauty wild with eating her cunt as her fingers clutched at my hair, pressing my head down into her shaved mound.

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" No……no………oh God…nooooooo!" Lisa pleaded as she observed me shuffling up between her spread legs. Seeing me spreading her thighs further apart as I fist my massive cock, Lisa realized what my intent was, pleading " Oh, don't……don't………please! Please………I………I don't want to have sex!

Please…………you promised!" With my hands firmly graspig her hips, I positioned my throbbing cock head up against her juicy slit.

Ihe rubbing of my cock against her cunt soon has the naïve young Latino squirming, arching up to put out the fire between her thighs. " No, Lisa!


We can't have sex or I'll be breaking my promise!" I teased. " Oh God………oh God………please……please…………I need it………I need it so badddddddddddddd!" Lisa panted in heat. " Oh God………don't leave me like this………I need it, pleaseeeeeeee!

Please…………please………I won't hold you to your promise…………pleaseeeeeeee………fuck me, please!" she begged.

Having the young Latino broken completely, I position myself, then reared my ass back and slam forward with all of my might. " Oh, baby! Oh, baby, your tight as a fuck'n virgin!" I exclaimed. Grabbing her hips, I slam more of my cock up into her tight mound, enjoying the sound of her cries of anguish as the young Latino again sampled my big cock.

" Nnnnnnnnn.……nnnnnnnnn……………ohhhhhhhhhhhh.……arrrrrrrgggghhhh!" Lisa cried out through her tightly clenched teeth, hoping to stop the painful stretching of her vagina. " No more…………nooooo.&hellip.nooooooo more&hellip.please…& hurts ……it hurts so baddddddddd!" she pleaded as more of the thick shaft was thrust without mercy up into her tight slit.

With expert strokes of my long cock, I fucked her, enjoying how her earlier pleas had now turned to mewls of pleasure.

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As her legs lifted up to encircle my ass, locking themselves at the ankles, " Oh, sweetie…&hellip.ya really didn't think hand jobs would do it………huh, Lisa?" " Ohhhhh…………ohhhhhhhhh……oh God……ohhhhhhhhhh Godddd!" Lisa moans, her mind now in another world with the exquisite fuck pleasure, she is receiving from the long strokes of my thick cock.

The nagging itch deep between her thighs is now being scratched to satisfaction by the long cock of her boss.

" Ohhhhhhhhh God……please&hellip.deeper&hellip.deeper! Yes…&hellip.yes&hellip.I…&hellip.I&hellip.I'm cumming……I'm cummingggggggggggggggggg!" she screams.

Itch scratched to satisfaction, Lisa slowly drifted back down to earth as the long strokes continue to pump in and out of her pulsating pussy.

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Then Lisa realized just what could result from this horrid mating with me. She squirms desperately, trying to push me away, pleading " Please………please, John…&hellip.pull it out……pull it out!

Please………please, you're not wearing a condom…&'ll get me pregnant!" she pleaded. " Ah, sweetie……here it is……& it is, Lisa!" I groan, burying my cock as deep as possible into the young beauty. " Oh, sweetie…………I'm thereeeee…………cummmmming………………cumingggggggggggggggggggg!" I groaned as my cock twitched and exploded my hot jizz deep in her fertile womb.

" Ahhhhhh………ahhh………ahhhh…………ahhhhh!" I grunted as spurt after spurt of my seed filled the young woman to the brim. She was panting as I pulled out and stepped back. " I can't keep doing this, John." she said.

I kissed her forehead, pulled my pants on, slid into my jacket and just walked out. Fifteen minutes later she was sort of back together. Cleaned up. Her dress was back on her where it started. Her hair back up in a sloppy bun. We left the restaurant going to Lisa's apartment. Soon another passionate kiss ensued, the kind of kiss that only a husband and wife should engage in, not one to be between a young woman and her boss.

Inexperienced sexually and petite body, Lisa was at a complete disadvantage in the experienced hands of a lusting womanizer. Now again my large experienced hands are caressing her thighs, she has no will power left to push away my hands that are undoing her dress at the moment and were soon letting it drop to the floor. Mu caressing touch had her wilting in weakness again. A few moments later, her mind delirious at this point and body in heat again, her fingers are wound into my hair as she clutched me tightly with her heels pressing into my broad back.

" John………oh&hellip.John……JJJJJoooohhhhhnnnnn!" Lisa cried out in sheer ecstasy as I expertly ate out her pussy, giving her a mind-blowing orgasm, sending her sweet love juices into my slurping mouth. " Ahhhhhhhh…&hellip.ahhhhhhhhhh………nnnnnn………&hellip.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she shuddered as her petite body shook uncontrollably.

Now kneeling between her sexy widespread legs, I slowly and deliberately parted her juicy pink lips apart with the tip of my bloated cock head, then begin to trace the outline of her flowering gash with it. As the beautiful Latino arched her hips up to envelope my cock head into her pussy again, I quickly eased back a bit to prevent it from happening, driving the lovely woman into a frenzied fit of frustration and causing her to desperately pant out " Please……please………put it in…………hurt me………make me a woman again………make me a woman…………pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!" Just as I had hoped this delirious lovely Latino now looked upon the other guys, she has dated as inept attempts to penetrate her on their dates as unmanly and that gentleness in lovemaking just would not make a woman of her.

Now, with her heels spurring me on, I grasp her hips firmly in my large hands as I thrust forward, driving forward a good five inches of solid meat that caused her to shriek " Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" as I stretched her again. Feeling the liquid warmth now surrounding my embedded cock shaft, I just had to have a look and pulled out a bit so that I could get a look at our union. I smiled with pride, knowing for certain that I had made a woman of this beautiful Latino, for the bloody evidence left no denying of that fact.

Thrusting in and out, loving the squishy sounds of our fucking, I'm determined to bury my cock deep in her again. " Ohhh………ohhhh……ohhh………ohhh!" came the cries of pain from beneath me, each associated with my forward thrust as the anguished woman could no longer stand the agony as she tried futilely to push me from her. But I would not be denied at this point, giving a brutal thrust forward to bury myself fully in her.

Now I lay motionless atop of this beautiful Latino, letting her get accustomed to having my cock fully embedded in her hot cunt, but more so for me to not pop off too soon and my desire to have this beauty experience the joys of womanhood. Making her third experience a fantastic one is a primary goal as I certainly didn't want her to have a bad experience and not desire sex in the future.

Now with her hot cunny snapping at me, I smiled as I gave this desperate woman a throbbing response to every squeeze on my cock. Ever so slowly, like a locomotive picking up speed as it pulls out of the station, so was my pulsating cock picking up steam in this beautiful Latino's stretched cunny.

Burly guy in my late fifties thrusting up and down, young beautiful Latino in her early thirties whose arms and legs encircled me, such was the erotic lovemaking scene of new lovers.

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The scene now appears to be that of two experienced lovers rather than that involving a young inexperienced woman who had lost her virginity to me in a previous session. The effects of the previous session had her already ultra-sensitive clit enflamed and driving her out of her mind, the effect being that of my thick cock rubbing against it and the faster the better. " Ohhh………oh&hellip.ohhhh………fuck me, Pop……fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she cries out while arching up and back as she rode the pleasure giving shaft.

" Yessss…………yes………oh God, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ……yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Lisa screams in ecstasy arching up, body convulsing in spasms. Grasping her taunt ass and holding her orgasming body up against me, I popped another load deep in her fertile womb as I proceeded to seed this beautiful Latino.

" Ugh……………ugh……………ugh…………ugh……………ohhhhhhhh, you sweet little bitch!" I wheezed and panted as squirt after squirt of my sticky white goo begins mixing with the red blood of her stretched pussy.

Moments later, bodies that were straining against one another begin to relax as the two lovers continue embracing one another in the afterglow of our fuck session. Forty minutes later, Lisa stirred from the deep slumber following her mind-shattering orgasm. Pinned to the bed by my heavy body lying atop of her, she squeezed her agitated cunny upon the foreign matter embedded in her. Another squeeze as the feeling help to stem the agitation in her cunny had her shivering as the realization hit her that the weight upon her was me and that the throbbing response she was now feeling was that of my cock reviving once again.

" Ohhhhhhhhhh!" she panted as I begin thrusting into her as our fourth lovemaking session commenced. Another primal fucking session ensued, the aftermath in which the two lovers again slept in one another's arms again, only to later recommence in another lovemaking session once we awoke.

Finally, after the fifth time, my dwindling cock slipped out Lisa with a small 'pop' as she turned her petite body and snuggle up against my sleeping form. When the light from security light lit the room, the two lovers once again engage in a sixth session.