Two guys have fun with a schoolgirl

Two guys have fun with a schoolgirl
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Sat eating my breakfast cereal, shovelling it in as if I hadn't eaten for days, after all I had had a teenage boy's physically energetic night, (pull ups, and downs, if you know what I mean?) when "BAM!" Who the fuck was that young girl, standing next to my mother? Her long legs reaching all the way up to bum cheeks, that pushed down out the hem of her, too tight, night shorts, bare midriff, due to her sleeveless nightshirt being too small and crawling up her body, long blonde hair reaching way past her shoulders.

She reached onto her tip toes and planted a kiss on my mother's cheek. "Morning mummy". Shit! It was my little sister Carrie. My spoilt little brat of a sister.

The daughter my mother had always hankered for. The one she dressed in pink, treated like a porcelain doll, a little princess. When the fuck did she suddenly grow up? Being four years apart and me being a teenage boy I never took much notice of her.

She was always much smaller than me, always the centre of attention, whilst I crept off to the shadows to "Do my own thing". Gone was the "Bob" hair cut, the pretty dresses, the pink bows. There stood in front of me was my younger sister, or what she had morphed into. "Morning" she addressed me, as she sat down at the table.

Gone was the normal "Grunt" to the spoilt little girl that I had wished wasn't even a small part of my life. "Morning" I replied, almost out of breath, such was the shock of noticing her new form.


"I'm going to the shops this morning and then over to Grandma's, do you want to come?" She was addressing her prot?e, not me. "Not today mummy" she replied like a 6 year old, "I think I want to spend some time alone today, if you don't mind", Mother kissed her little princess on the forehead, "O.K. sweety, if your not feeling well". "What are you doing today?" she asked.

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Not used to my mother taking any interest in my movements I didn't answer. "Well!" she demanded. Realising she was talking to me I replied. "Going down the park". I don't think my reply even registered as she sauntered out the room. "Keep an eye out for your sister" she shouted as she made her way out the house. As mum left Conan crept into the room. He was a "Wall-eyed, Collie, Labrador cross. He bumped past me and made his way over to Carrie, resting his head on her lap.

"Good boy", Carrie rewarded his attentions with the fuss they deserved, stroking his head. Carrie finished her toast, "I'm off to my room", she said, "C'mon Conan".

They both left the room, leaving me to my thoughts. When I got to the park no-one else was there so I decided to head back home. I kicked my ball into the garage and made my way around to the back door. As I passed Carrie's bedroom window, I caughtsomething out of the corner of my eye. Carrie, sat on the floor, Conan, laying on his side and Carrie stocking his cock. His pink glistening member protruding from it's sheath.

(What the fuck was going on?) I questioned myself. Conan got up, pushed Carrie over and tried to mount her. Luckily she managed to wriggle free from under him, much to the dogs dismay. I shot into the house and into Carrie's room. "What the fuck are you up to?" I asked. Carrie's head whirled around. Smiling innocently she replied, "Conan wants to play, he keeps pushing me and trying to have a piggy-back and his willy is sticking out".

Now I have to explain that my sister had been wrapped in cotton wool all her life otherwise I wouldn't believe that a 12 year old didn't know what was going on. "Er, it's not a piggy-back he wants", I started to explain, "Hasn't Mum told you about the Birds and the Bees?" Carrie's smile became a frown, "A little bit" she replied.

"Conan was trying to mount you", I said. I'm not sure if her face was expressing wonderment of shock. "What you mean he was trying to have sex with me?" she eventually asked. "Yeah he was trying to have sex with you", I replied. "Oooh, he might have made me have puppies if he'd put his thingy in me".

Was her shocking conclusion to what had nearly happened. "No, you can't have puppies, even if he stuck his cock in you and came in you", I educated her. "Girls can't have puppies".

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Conan was prowling around her, cock still hanging between his legs. "Why does he want to stick his thingy in me then?" she asked, puzzled. Now I was having to take the place of a parent and explain about things.

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I breathed deeply and began. "Conan is obviously aroused, you've got him horny and he wants some pleasure, rubbing his cock didn't help".

Carrie looked at her hand then back at me. "I only wanted to know what it felt like, I didn't know it would make him…horny", saying the last word as if it was new to her. "Well you have and now he wants you to finish him off, mum's going to love this when I tell her".

Shocked, Carrie blurted, "Please don't tell mummy, please. I was only interested in…" "Interested in doggy cock", I interrupted. "No, well yes but." she replied "Mummy doesn't tell me anything and all the girls at school tease me" she continued by way of an explanation of her actions. I had caught her in her predicament. She wanted to know but didn't have anyone to ask so had taken things into her own hands, literally.

My sweet little innocent sister wanted to know about sex! "Well you can play with his cock, you can even let him fuck you but." I was cut off mid sentence. "And I wouldn't get pregnant and have puppies?" she asked.

"No, you wouldn't get pregnant and have puppies", I laughed in reply. "It's not funny", Carrie hastily quipped back. "Look, do you want me to teach you or not?" I asked, suddenly feeling sorry, for the first time, for my sister. "Will you" she gleefully replied. "I will but it will have to be our little secret, or I'll tell mum about you palying with Conan's cock".

"O.K" she enthusiastically replied. "First take off your pyjamas" I instructed. "What!" came the response. "If you want me to teach you you'll have to do as I say" I told her. Reluctantly Carrie stood up and pulled her top over her head, it was a bit tight as it was too small for her. Into view came her small but perfectly formed boobies, nipples, I noticed already erect.

"Now your shorts", I instructed. Carrie gave me a look of "I shouldn't really be doing this" but hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down. She had the cutest pussy I had ever seen, not that I had seen many! Her bush was almost none existent and her pussy lips looked as smooth as a baby's bum.

I stepped towards her and cupped one of her boobs. She stepped back a bit but I stepped forward again.

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"This is your booby, tit or breast. Your nipples are already erect so that means your feeling horny", I explained as I gently stroked her. "This is your pussy or vagina", I continued as I placed my hand between her legs, smoothing her pussy with the palm of my hand.

Although I took her by surprise she parted her legs, allowing me to feel her. She was already moist! "And this is your clitoris", I said as I slipped a finger between her lips and dragged it upwards. Carrie gave out a load "Ooooo" and her knees almost buckled as my digit made contact. Conan was on the prowl. He had seen the object of his lust remove her clothing, for him? "Oh my god I think I need a wee", Carrie shrieked. "No, its you getting ready for sex", I informed her. She brushed the hair from her face and watched the dog, patrolling her room.

"Is he going to stick his willy in me?" she asked more in apprehension than concern. "Do you want him to?" I replied.

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"I won't get pregnant and have puppies?" she asked. "No you definately won't have puppies". I replied. I continued to finger her pussy, sloshing, as much as I could, my finger into her now sopping pussy. She started to rock back and forth on my hand. "Like it?" I asked. "Mmmmm" was the response as she put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself.

Enough of the warm up, time for some action, I thought to myself. If I could get her to let the dog fuck her then she'd be mine, to do with as I pleased!


Much as I was enjoying touching her up. "Right, I think your ready and Conan certainly is" I said as I looked at the dog. Get down on all fours". Hesitantly she followed instruction, my willing pupil. Conan wasted no time in zooming in on the object of his desire, his tongue lapped at her.

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"Oooo" she squeeled in delighted surprise, her head craning around to see. Conan, to Carrie's dismay, didn't keep his oral administration up for long. He mounted her back and gave a quick couple of thrusts. Missing his mark his cock pointed at her rear entrance.

"Not this time boy" I said as I took hold of his cock and guided it to her pussy. As soon as his cock head felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy her gave one quick thrust forwards. "Owwwwww", cried Carrie as dog cock thrust into her, the very first thing that had ever been inside her virginal pussy. Conan, realising he now had control, gripping his victim by her hips, with his paws, started to jack-hammer into her. "Owwww, owww, owwwwa", cried Carrie.

I saw tears run down her face as the pain of loosing her cherry hit her. I cupped her jaw in my hand, "Don't worry it''ll soon stop hurting", I told her reassuringly. Conan was on a mission, before his human victim had chance to change her mind he fucked her fast and furious. Within what seemed like seconds he lunged forward, buried his knot into her and twisted so that the pair of them were facing opposite ways.

"It hurts, it hurts", screamed Carrie as the knot swelled inside her. She seemed to calm as she felt the trickle of doggy cum fill her insides. A hot wet feeling that seemed to soothe her sore insides. "Stay still", I said, aware that Conan had "Tied" with her. "It'll come out in a minute.

Fortunately I knew a bit about dogs and their mating. Carrie was panting. Now was a good time for me to have some action, I thought to myself.

Pulling down my shorts I got my own cock out. On my knees I crawled around to Carrie's face.

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Waving my cock in front of her I said, "Here, put this in your mouth and suck, it will help", I lied. She looked at me with her tear soaked eyes and being gullible or trusting she took my cock into her mouth.

Her cheeks hollowed out as she genuinely sucked. Being so in control heightened the pleasure of having my cock sucked, her warm wet mouth encapsulating me within her. Those baby blue eyes looking up at me as if to ask if she was doing O.K. Conan slipped out of her, she didn't seem to notice such was the enthusiasm she now had for my cock.

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I ran my hands through her hair, gripped the back of her head and deposited my seed down her throat. She gagged and pushed me away. "That's disgusting", she gargled, "I wont get pregnant will I?" she questioned, suddenly realising she had swallowed my sperm.

"Not that way", I laughed. Surprising me she took my cock back In her mouth and sucked the last remnants of cum from deep within me. Having sucked me dry, rolled her tongue around my cock, for good measure, she said, "You enjoyed that didn't you?" Smiling back at her I replied, "I sure did". She looked around at Conan, now licking his loins. "I'm sore" she said. "C'mon lets go shower and wash all that doggy cum out of you", I bid her. I led her by the hand to the shower. I'd got her to fuck the dog, I'd got her to suck me off, more evil thoughts were spinning in my head!