Fucking sexy gay guys nude emo male movies He knocks on it and Timo

Fucking sexy gay guys nude emo male movies He knocks on it and Timo
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De a perrito con travita de las flores

I sat down to write a part two of this story and was gonna start off with a recap of what happened last time from dad's perspective, but it kinda took over and well, this is what came out. Hope you enjoy, I still plan on writing more chapters soon so stay tuned. So I had just gotten out of work and planned on heading home after yet another long day of working two jobs.

I probably didn't need to keep the second job after all this time, but it helped when unexpected bills came up and when we wanted to buy something or go on a short getaway. After my evening shift some of my co-workers were hanging out for a little while after work having a few drinks and asked me to join them.

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It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but usually I would just decline and head on my way. Tonight I knew that my wife was out having fun with her friends and I thought that she told me our daughter was going to be staying the night at a friends house anyway, so I decided to accept the offer and cracked one open with them in the parking lot.

As a couple of the guys were starting there beers they were getting in and out of there cars and getting out of there work clothes to some extent, as I did as well.

Some were getting dressed to go out after work and other, like myself, were just getting a little more comfortable for the ride home.

One of the guys came back to the circle with a joint between his lips.

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This wasn't an unusual occurrence I suppose, but I didn't usually hang around after work, so it took me a little by surprise. What shocked me even more is when they started passing it around and offered it to me.

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I had smoked plenty of weed back in my prime, but it had been years since I had even really thought about it. My wife was always very anti-drug so I pretty much steered clear of it just to make things smoother at home.

'What the hell' I thought and took a good deep hit off the joint and passed it on as I started coughing and choking.


All the guys started laughing and jeering me that I was an old-timer and couldn't handle a little weed. Boy was it good too, I was good and high off that hit and the beer was starting to relax me a little to at that point.

Being a little older I knew when to call it quits and decided to head home after finishing my beer. As I got home I didn't think anyone was home because the house was dark.

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I knew my wife was still out and I didn't see any light coming from my daughter's room. Having a bit of a buzz and not really wanting to stop right then to shower I decided to grab another beer and head to the office and kill a little time on the computer.

I got to the office and noticed a small reading lamp was on, but that still seemed to be the only light on in the house and I concluded that I probably left that on the night before while I was on the computer and forgot to shut it off before going to bed.

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I sat down at my desk and started logging into the computer and had a few drinks of beer while doing some routine activities. I checked my email and got on Facebook for a little to see what all my social networking friends were up to lately. After a little while of sitting at the computer I started getting really horny.

I am generally a pretty sexual guy, my wife and I have a pretty healthy sex life and I still masturbate from time to time, but I guess the weed was making me even more in the mood because I was really feeling kinda raunchy and wanted some release. I took another drink of beer and went looking for a good porn site. I had a couple that I liked and found one that seemed to hit the spot. I looked at a few of the videos on the sites homepage and mindlessly started rubbing my growing erection through my pants then I found a particularly naughty one that seemed to hit my metaphorical g-spot.

A nice story about a father coming home from work and finding his daughter masturbating and deciding to join in. I had often read and enjoyed these stories because of there taboo and risque nature and maybe a little because I had a hot little teenage girl running around the house in little more than underwear and a t-shirt or bra. I started the video, took another long swig of beer which finished it off and leaned back to enjoy the show while stroking my now rock hard cock.

I must have been high because not only was I imagining it was me doing all those things in the video to my daughter I could have sworn I heard her moaning as I was imagining it too. The male 'dad' in the video had his 'daughter' bent over the back of a couch and was pounding deep into her wet snatch and I was wondering what my own teen daughter's sweet little pussy looked like now.

I imagined it to be smooth and hairless as I plummeted into her from behind and I could swear I heard her moaning and grunting as I imagined myself roughly fucking her tight little twat raw. I was so horny and wanted to cum so bad that my balls started aching.

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Just then in the video the dad pulled out and spun his daughter around and unloaded his massive wad onto her awaiting face and tits saying "that's it, take your daddy's cum, ugghh." I couldn't hold back anymore, nor did I want to, so instead of running off to the bathroom or grabbing a tissue I just let the cum flow. I climaxed and shot my sperm under the desk, but as I came my leg jerked and hit something I didn't expect or recognize. Suddenly I looked down to see my hot little teen daughter completely naked under the desk with a brush shoved up her cunt and my jizz shooting all over her face.

I froze. I had no idea what to do. I was stuck somewhere between 'HOLY SHIT WHAT DID I JUST DO!?!' and 'OH sweet jesus put suck my dick baby girl!!!' and before I could even think both thoughts she engorged her mouth around my cock and sucked the last few drops of cum up while apparently moaning through her own orgasm.