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Aarron and Adam free gay hardcore porn gay porno
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*Chapter 1 ------------------------- April 16th, 20XX An orphan, that's what I am and always will be, and moving to this French boarding school won't change it. Kadic? I can't remember the name of the place. The flight from the states has been tough for me since my lack of biological and adoptive parent's care (as if they had any to begin with) for me. Part of me thinks that this will be a good place to stay for god knows how long, and another part says that I'll most likely hate this place for even longer, and another part says that this will be an adventure for me.

Nonetheless, I must stick through this, since I will be safe from my ignorant/abusive family back home who wants nothing from me. The worst thing related to them that I can't remove is my name, Sero. What type of name is that?

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If only I could just change my name, I don't know to what, but anything besides mine. At least I am able to get away with not using either of my surnames, which both share horrible history. I'm still not sure why I kept this journal all these years; my horrible handwriting will just make me forget how to decipher this entry of mine a few days from now and I can't even remember why I keep this thing.

Maybe it just kept me sane for all these years as an emotional thunder-rod. Wow, I just forgot that yesterday was my 16th birthday; this move HAS been a bit much… April 17th, 20XX Finally, I just finished moving into my new dorm plus I (reluctantly) met my new dorm neighbors, Ulrich Stern and Odd Della Robbia.

They seemed nice and a bit in love for each other, but it didn't bother me a bit since I consider myself homosexual too, which I told them about and they said they were okay with it too.

Either way, neither of them were my type, but that other kid, Jeremie was it? He could be my perfect match. His hair, eyes, and his body were perfect eye candy to me for the scant moments when I saw him. But unfortunately I was never able to get him to notice me, let alone talk to him. Also a strange thing happened today, it seemed that time… went back?

I'm not sure, but the day seemed to have redone itself with a white light. Another thing that caught my attention was that sometimes I saw this dark smoke of some kind, but I didn't pay attention to it since I had to study for some work from Mrs. Hertz's class today. I also seem to share most of my classes with Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremie. I saw an Asian girl with a pink-haired lady sit by the three during lunch; apparently their names are Yumi and Aelita. I assume that the five of them hang out with each other.

If I only had the nerve to talk to Jeremie, but my damned nervousness including my natural introverted nature scared me away from him and well, pretty much everyone else at this boarding school. I swear during lunch I thought I heard a girl try to hit on me but I ignored her, cursing the small percentage of women for their relentless behavior to date all men within a five-mile radius. Damn, I've written too long and/or too slow, it's nearing midnight and Jim the P.E teacher is making his midnight rounds to make sure everyone is asleep, time to go and see if the next day will be any better than today… * Chapter 2 ---------------- Jeremie woke up early today, mainly due to his surprising choice to attempt to get his full eight hours of sleep instead of the usual 4.

Jeremie looked at his alarm clock which read 5:30 AM, April 17th. He sighed to himself, due to classes starting at 7:30 AM with Breakfast at 7:05 AM. Nonetheless he decided to get out of bed and burn some time on his laptop.

"Shit." Jeremie said to himself as he saw the time being 6:55 AM. After turning off the laptop, he decided to get dressed and do the rest of his morning routine with the exception of showering because he took one last night. After all of that was done, he checked the time, which said 7:10 AM.

Seeing as there was nothing else to do, he went to get breakfast, but as he opened the door, Ulrich was there about to knock. "Oh wow, are you okay Jeremie? usually you are plugged into that laptop." Ulrich said with very slight concern.

"Oh haha, very funny." Jeremie said, "So I assume you came to tell me that its breakfast now." "Yes, and I'm sure you don't want Odd to eat everything." Ulrich said with a small bit of laugher.

"Fine, I'm coming." Jeremie said. And with that, the two went to go get breakfast. It was 7:13 AM when Jeremie and Ulrich got to the food court and sat down with Odd after grabbing their plates of food, who managed to grab several muffins.

"Hey don't look now Einstein, but it's that new Kid from the States." Said Odd, who absent-mindedly pointed at the male exchange student sitting by himself at the wall away from the tables, eating his food in utter silence. The foreign exchange student was wearing simple blue jeans with an all-black hoodie with the hood down. He also had an odd snake/thunderbolt-like symbol that was medium dark green on the center of his hoodie. He also had a large, black and blue backpack which nearly looked as big as him.

Jeremie got a look at his face and saw that he had acne, though not as bad as herb's but still noticeable, his hair was short with a blond-ish brown tone including a long, thin streak of dark green hair that started from his scalp and went down to his forehead, passing his blond-brown hair.

Jeremie couldn't tell if it was natural or just hair dye from the distance.

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His facial expression also showcased his loneliness, he had a near constant neutral expression and wore glasses like Jeremie, but thinner and less bulky. After that, he noticed that the student was underweight, but just slightly bigger than Odd.

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Jeremie also noticed his small stature, who was barely bigger than a metre and a half. "What's his name?" Jeremie asked to Ulrich and Odd, who was busy stuffing his face down (Just how did he stay thin or as he prefers to say, Svelte?). "I think his name is Sero, we talked to him when he was moving into his dorm, Nice guy, but he prefers to keep to himself." Ulrich said, after taking one of his muffin. "You should try talking to him, he told me and Odd that he is homo, if you think you can get him to talk." He added with a grin on his face.

"I wish I could, but I need to study since I actually tried to get more than four hours of sleep." Jeremie said before pushing his plate to Odd, who took his food happily. Jeremie then took out a book and a pencil from his backpack, and started to study some work from Mrs.

Hertz. After about twenty minutes, everyone went to their classes. "Good morning students, I hope everyone got good sleep?" Mrs. Hertz said to her students right as Sero walked in the room. "Ah there you are! Everyone this is Sero, a foreign exchange student from the United States. Sero, please introduce yourself to everyone." Sero simply waved before moving to the empty seat in the back corner.

"Not a man of words huh?" Odd said while Yumi and Aelita walked in the class holding hands. After noticing that just about everyone was staring, they let go with blushes on their faces. "So Jeremie, ever gonna pop the question?" Odd asked near the end of class who then sticked his tongue out at him playfully.

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"I'm not sure Odd, and besides, it's a bit obvious that he prefers only himself." Jeremie said truthfully. (But damn, he is cute. I really should find a time to talk with him.) "Is there something you wanted to say Odd?" Mrs. Hertz said, obviously mad that Odd wasn't paying attention as usual. "No Mrs. Hertz, sorry." Odd said with a slightly disappointed look on his face. After that, the bell rang for passing period. "Do you really think that he will go for me?" Jeremie said to the gang, who was eating lunch.


"I'm not sure Jeremie, he seems a bit distant, but he does seem to like you, as far as I can tell." Aelita said while she looked at the exchange student, who was sitting in the same spot during breakfast. "And besides, it's gonna be a hopeless relationship if you don't make a move, he doesn't seem to be that kind of person. And he also taking a good look at you too Jeremie." Yumi added after taking a bite out of her crescent roll.

Jeremie thought about looking back at him, but decided against it, as to not spook his potential lover. "My advice Einstein? Try talking to him tomorrow, you'll have the best opportunity when he gets breakfast, that is if I don't eat it all by then." Odd said before he took a huge bite out of his apple while grinning.

"For once Odd, I'm taking your advice. Well I'm going to check for active towers." Jeremie said before sacrificing his food to Odd who took the free food with even more greatness on his face and got on his laptop.

"Hey look, Sissi is trying to score on Sero." Ulrich said.


The gang watched as Sissi walked over to Sero and apparently, either Sero didn't notice her with his hood on and his iPod in his ears, or just simply ignored her. Either way, Sissi looked pissed and started walking away with Nick and Herb tailing behind. "Well, now I'm already liking him, and he didn't even talk to us yet!" Aelita said, trying to hide her happiness.

Jeremie was about to shut down his laptop when a familiar image appeared.

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"XANA has an activated tower in the Polar Region! Let's go to the factory now." He added as the gang went to deactivate the tower.