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Jay and Faith (Chapter 1) Jay was s 29 year old teacher in the local high school. He also coached the soccer teams at the school. During the summer he worked an extra job at the local ice cream shop to earn some extra money. One evening he was working when he saw a car pull up with a number of teenage girls in it. Jay recognized Faith who hopped out and with some of her friends.

Jay remembered the first time he laid eyes on Faith at the beginning of last school year. She walked into his 6th period class in a short red skirt that was just barely school dress code approved and a lacy tank top where the neck line was low and showed a good amount of her cleavage.

She had a great smile and pretty eyes that caught his attention. Jay began to have dreams about Faith from time to time and some of them were very sexual. Jay would wake up with a stiff cock and masturbate thinking about her repeating the scenes in the dreams. A few weeks before the semester ended Faith came in before school started and asked him if she could stay after school for help pulling up her grade.

"Today or tomorrow will work for me if you want to pick a one of those days." Jay had hoped that she would stay after today because she had on the same short red skirt that she had when he first saw her. "Ok, today works for me" Faith said and she skipped off out the door. At the start of Mr.

Wells class Faith came in and sat at her desk at the front of the class. Jay found himself distracted by Faith's nice legs while he was trying to teach the lesson. After a while Faith uncrossed her legs and opened her legs wide and Jay caught a glimpse of her hot pink cotton panties. He tried not to stare and have her notice his looks, but she looked at him and smiled before he quickly turned away.

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After a while Faith excused herself to the restroom and came back a few minutes later. She sat down and uncrossed her legs again. Jay expected to get another view of her bright pink sexy panties but instead he discovered that Faith had apparently removed her panties. Jay was surprised by the sight of her pussy slit with a nice bit of hair directly above it.

He wasn't sure why Faith had removed her panties. Was it for his benefit or for some other reason, but he was glad she did.

The school bell rang and the class left for the day except for Faith who stayed after for extra help. Jay sat at his desk and Faith grabbed her book and came around the back of the desk next to Jay.


Jay felt her legs slightly touch against him as she stood next too him. She showed him the sections that she didn't understand and in her frustration said "I just don't get it, and I'm not gonna pass this class if I don't pull my grades up". Jay placed his hand on her lower back and said "don't worry Faith, I'm not gonna let you fail." Faith excitedly reached over and hugged her teacher.

"Oh thank you Mr. Wells, I'll do anything to pass!" "Call me Jay" he said to her. Jay was wondering if her words meant something more and especially after her trip to the bathroom to remove her panties.

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Jay said "I think you have an idea of what I want" as he put his hand on Faith's shoulder. Faith turned and sat back on Jay's desk smiling up at him. Jay moved his hand to Faith's leg and to the inside of her thigh. "Did you like the view of my pussy" Faith said with a smile.

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"I guess I wasn't as sneaky as I though trying to take a peak huh? Yes, I did like the view" Jay replied.

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Faith offered an explanation, "I didn't know what to do, I just needed a good grade on the final and I got desperate." "I'll give you an A, maybe an A+ if you work extra hard" Jay said as he moved his hand up under Faith's dress and to her pussy.

Jay's pants began to bulge as he got hard from the reality of touching one of his students like he had never done before.

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Faith reached forward and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and out sprang her teacher's hard dick. Faith dropped to her knees and began to stroke his dick slowly and she brought it closer to her mouth. She licked the underside of it and then all around the edges and she popped her mouth.

"Mmm" Jay said as she pleasured him with her mouth and tongue. Jay leaned back and enjoyed every second of this after school session where he made his dreams a reality with Faith. He ran his hands through her hair as she began to stroke and suck him. He pulled her skirt up and lifted her tank top over her head to reveal her lacy white bra and her erect perky nipples. Jay reached over and cupped her breasts in his hands and felt the soft touch of the bra and the hard nipples in the palms of his hands.

Faith took his dick deeper and deeper and Jay became more turned on at the sound of her sucking and almost deep throating his thick cock. "Do I get an A?" Faith asked as she released his dick from between her lips. "Yes, but do you want an A+" he asked her.


"Yes" she replied in obedience to her naughty teacher. "Lean back on the desk" Jay told his willing student. Faith leaned back and opened her legs more for Jay. He got down on his knees between her legs and began to kiss and explore her pussy with his lips and tongue.

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His tongue licked up and part parted her pussy lips slowly. He found her clit and began to press against it flicking it over and over. He sucked Faith's wet lips into his mouth and gently pulled in them.

Jay stood up and took hold of Faith's leg and guided her foot to his mouth.

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He licked all around her big toe and in between her other toes. He slid her big toe into his mouth and began to suck on it while he looked her in the eye. Faith grabbed his hard dick that was pointed right at her and pulled him into her and inches away from her pussy. Jay took over and guided his thick dick into her wet pussy and pushed it all the way deep inside her. "Oh god" Faith said as his dick probed her pussy and stretched out her love tunnel.

Jay began to stroke her faster and deeper as he continued to suck on her toes. "Now you get an A+" said Jay to Faith. "Fuck me harder" Faith demanded as she bit her lower lip and braced herself on his desk. Jay began to wildly pump in and out of her letting his balls slap against her naked ass.

The two began to climax and get more vocal with their moans. "Turn over" Jay demanded as he pulled his dick out of Faith's pussy. Faith hopped of the desk and leaned over it with her nice round ass before him. He slapped her ass a few times and then slammed his dick right back inside the warm fuck hole. "Shit" Faith screamed as Jay returned to pounding her pussy with his stiff cock.

Faith rocked her hips in sync with Jay's thrusts and they knew it wouldn't be long before they climaxed with pleasure. "I'm gonna cum soon" Faith announced as she got louder and louder with each pump.

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"Me too" Jay echoed" as he watched his dick disappear into her pussy and her tight pussy clamp around his dick. "Cum on my ass and tits" Faith said, "I don't want to get pregnant" she added. "Ok" he said as he pulled out and shot 2 streams of cum on each ass cheek. Faith turned around and dropped to her knees and Jay let the remaining cum drop out onto her chest. Faith quickly cleaned off Jay's sticky dick with her mouth and tongue while Jay enjoyed every minute of his session with Faith.

The two got dressed quickly and walked out to their cars together smiling over what they had just done. Jay awoke from his trip down memory lane to Faith and her friends walking up to the window to order some ice cream. "Hey Mr. Wells" the girls said as they approached but Faith said "hey Jay." The other girls looked at Faith for second wondering how she got away with calling him by his first name. (to be continued.)