Stepmom fucks son hotel one night only

Stepmom fucks son hotel one night only
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Andreina was a pretty lady, brown eyes, brunette hair a tanned skin, c cup breast and standing at 5foot6'. She had that type of body any girl ever dreamt of having and the type of girl any guy would want to have as a girlfriend. She was 24yrs and working as a receptionist in a company. She loved her job and had no regret working there.

She has been working there for close to a year. She always gained everyone's attention any time she stepped into the office. She lives in an apartment alone. She's the type of person who likes her peace and quiet. She and her co-worker in the company Lisa where close friends. Lisa was also on the pretty side, black hair and eyes, c cup breasts and standing at 5foot'4. She was 26yrs. Lisa was practically the only person andreina was friends with in the company.

During break and after work, they were seen together. Lisa had a boyfriend, tom, while andreina was still single but that didn't bother her, not like she really cared at that moment about having one. Sometimes during the weekend after work, they went to bars to chill out and get a little drunk and then get a cab to take them home. Andreina and Lisa had the weekend off this time around so they had the weekend to themselves to do whatever they pleased.

It was 8 a.m when andreinas alarm rung out loud. She groaned out in annoyance and banged the alarm so hard it fell on the floor. She didn't care she just went back to sleep and just then the phone rang. "What the hell!" she screamed and then picked up the phone. "Wake up you sleepy head." the voice from the other end said. "Lisa?" andreina asked still in the sleepy tone "ya, its me girlfriend. Come on, wake your ass up. We planned to go to the saloon and shopping when we had our weekend off.

This is your wake up call. Ild be at your place at 9:30 latest ok so start getting ready." "Ok… whatever" andreina said under her breath then slammed the phone down and went back to sleep.

When she got up, it was already 9.15 a.m. "Oh shit" she said as she scrambled to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Immediately she stepped out, the door bell rang. She ran to the door in her towel and looked through the peep hole to check who It was even though she knew it was Lisa. "lisaaaaaa" andreina dragged her name as she opened the door "good morning" she said with a smile. "Good morning Andre. Well I can see you not ready so uurrmm u went back to bed after I called you?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Nope" Andre said boldly and Lisa gave her that look. "Ok I did. I was just so tired. Sorry" "It's ok" Andre said signaling Andre with her hand for her to run along and get ready.

Lisa walked into the room while Andre was dressing up. She was in her pant and bra when she walked in. for a moment, Lisa froze.


She has never seen any woman so beautiful. She admired Andre for a while. She had imagined Andre naked before but what she imagined wasn't comparable to what befell her sight. Andre turned and noticed Lisa stirring.

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"is everything alright Lisa? Why are you just standing there? Have a seat on my bed" Andre said as she walked to the drawer to get her clothes out. "ya everything is perfect" as she walked slowly towards the bed still admiring Andres body.

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20 minutes later Andre was done and they set out to the saloon first for a manicure, pedicure, tan and finally their hair.

They were both looking so glamorous. Then they went to the mall for shopping and came out with so many bags. They went to have lunch together and when they were done, they left and took different cabs planning on meeting in a club at 8p.m the following day.


Lisa obviously took tom along with her to the club and Andre was late again. Thank God this time Lisa had some company. Lisa and tom were seating at the bar having drinks and laughing at each others silly jokes. Andre caught sight of the two of them and walked towards them and grabbed a seat.

"Hey tom, Lisa, and gave her a peck on the cheek" this time Lisa got flushed when Andre pecked her.


This never happens but after seeing Andre earlier today, everything changed. She had been thinking about exploring her body and imagining all the things she could do to her. Lucky enough her embarrassed face couldn't be really seen cuz it wasn't really bright in there. "How are you doing Andre? Haven't been seeing you around" Tom asked "Ya, I know.

Work and all. Sorry about that." "it's ok I understand. He snapped his finger to signal the bartender. Give the lady a drink" "Cheers!" Lisa said as they drunk up. When they were all done drinking and laughing and talking they went to dance.

Lisa danced with tom and Andre with any random guy that walked up. She later got tired and went to have a seat. Tom later had to leave to sleep with his mum in the hospital leaving the two girls in the club. Tom gave Lisa a goodbye kiss and Andre a hug and told her he had to leave.

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Lisa walked up to where Andre was seating and sat beside her then they started checking out the guys around and having drinks till they were tipsy. Various guys kept on walking to them asking for a dance they both declined. When they had both rested, Lisa dragged Andre to the dance floor. Andre staggered to the dance floor as she was feeling worse than Lisa. They both started dancing Lisa was backing Andre and was grinding herself upon Andre. Andre wasn't bothered as she wasn't completely herself.

She just went with the flow. At least Lisa knew what she was doing. She faced Andre and moved closer and rose up her gown and she started rubbing her thigh. The dance floor was sorta full so nobody really noticed what was going on. She did that continuously till Andre placed her head on Lisa's shoulder.

She was getting aroused. Lisa felt Andres panties and they were getting wet. She smiled to herself. She started rubbing her clit through her panties slowly then Andre started breathing heavily.

Lisa quickened the pace and started moving faster till Lisa dug her nails into her skin and bit her shoulder and almost fell to the floor then she stopped. She dragged her out of the club and stopped a cab and they both went to Andres place.

Lisa carried Andre out of the car and into the apartment. Lisa put Andre on the bed and she was regaining herself. Lisa stepped into the bathroom to freshen up.

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As she stepped out, Andre had stripped and was just in her panties lying on the bed. "Why don't we continue from where we stopped?" Andre asked as she noticed Lisa was out of the bathroom. Lisa was embarrassed. Its okay Lisa. I've felt the same way towards you but I couldn't make a move cuz I thought u where totally straight and by the way I've always noticed the way you look at me especially yesterday when I was dressing up so come on now its fine.

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You don't need to be embarrassed about anything." Lisa smiled as Andre walked up to her and took off Lisa's clothes and kissed her passionately on the lips to her neck erotically it turned Lisa on immediately. Her nipples stiffened. Andre pulled away and smiled at Lisa and took her hand as she walked towards the bed and lay there with Lisa on top of her. They kissed passionately.

Lisa came down to Andres nipples and sucked and bit it softly. Andre let out a slight moan which made Lisa do it again. Then she came back to Andres lips she inserted her tongue into her mouth and their tongues were caressing each others.

Lisa slid her right hand down to Andres pant and noticed she was soaking wet. She caressed her clit as she frenched Andre. Andre was letting out soft moans through the kiss. Lisa put her hand under her pant and she could feel her bare shaved clean pussy.

She could really feel how wet Andre was. She kept on rubbing her clit and then inserted a finger into her pussy. Andre shrieked and bit her lip. Lisa stopped kissing her and went down to her pussy and licked the wetness. She inserted two fingers and Andre let out a loud moan and squeezed the bed sheet from her sides. Lisa went in faster "yess. yeesss, faster, yeeaaahh…" Andre screamed in pleasure Lisa went in faster and faster "I'm gonna cum, fuck I'm cuming don't stop" Lisa went in faster and then she came.

Lisa licked the cum off her pussy and started tongue fucking Andres pussy. Andre moaned and told her not to stop "oohh fuuckk lisa, you make me wanna cum. Don't stop, don't stop. Put your whole fucking tongue inside my pussy" Andre pleaded. Lisa did as she was told and it didn't take long till Andre came again. Lisa cleaned her pussy up with her tongue.

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"You taste so good" Lisa said as she crawled up to Andres face to kiss her so she could taste herself. They exchanged positions so that Andre could be on top of Lisa. They frenched for a while and Andre crawled down and took Lisa's pant off. She finger fucked Lisa so hard she came quickly. She placed the two fingers she used to finger fuck her into Lisa's mouth to taste herself. When she was done, she cleaned out Lisa's cum from her pussy and teased her pussy with her tongue, Lisa was begging for more.

They went into a 69 position with Andre still on top. They both ate out each other all over again and they came and they licked off both their cum. When they were completely tired they both slumped on the bed and lay down beside each other and kissed and started playing and sucking each other's nipples.

They smiled at each other and went under the sheets. Lisa spooned Andre as they wished themselves goodnight. The rays of sunlight pierced into the room which woke Andre up. She sat up and checked the wrist watch at the side table. "Shit!" she shouted so loud and jumped out of the bed it woke up Lisa.

"Oh my God, we are so late for work.