Pretty shemale Alexa Scout anal fucked by black boner

Pretty shemale Alexa Scout anal fucked by black boner
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[b]Julie scoured her flat for food, some baked beans a bit of mouldy cheese and some hard looking bread. She knew she could ring her dad and he would give her some money but he would demand that she should come and work for him. She enjoyed what she did her first year as a secondary teacher in a tough London borough. She could hear his voice echo a waste of a private education and three years at Oxford to work with a load of hooligans.

He would have been even more insistent if he had known that she was the object of most of the boy's wet dreams. Hardly surprising that with her long shapely legs, her slim figure and firm breasts. She had long blonde hair pale blue eyes and a very pretty face. She was regretting the three drinks she had had at the pub on an empty stomach with Ian smiling at her reminding her about the bet they had. She opened the door. Wayne stood there, the subject of the bet.

He was only twelve years old but taller than her, well over six-foot and broad with it and very black. A good-looking boy he was going to be a real heart breaker she decided when he's older. Surprised to see him nevertheless as he was dripping wet she let him in.

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"Come in." She hadn't seen Wayne in four weeks now. He had been transferred to her form group after an incident with a couple of girls in his previous form. According to the head of year Wayne had an incredibly high IQ but was a real underachiever due to his non-attendance.

That was what the bet was about two hundred pounds that she could get him to attend at least sixty percent of the time. She hadn't seen him but he had followed her got to know her every habit. He was obsessed by her. She was a cock tease. He recalled the last time he had seen her he had watched her playing chess against him and the other boys in her chess club. She licked her lips and played with her long blonde hair.

He knew enough about body language to know flirting when he saw it. If that was not enough her blouse had three buttons undone and as she leaned forward to move her pieces you could see the first rise of her breasts her pretty white bra exposed.

He watched her less affected by her gestures at least on the surface. She sat opposite him he had played well the game was balanced nicely. She made her move and then sat back another button undone. He could not believe it nor could he take his eyes off her breasts.

He could make out her nipples clearly. He made a poor move distracted by the lovely teacher in front of him. He concentrated as hard as he could on his next move. She returned made her move quickly.

Dam he thought she had redone her button. He looked at the board then back to her she smiled at him. Unbelievably her button was once more undone her nipples erect. She leant forward apparently studying the board but affording him an even better view of her tits. He had lost concentration completely and made his second mistake. Two moves later he had lost but even so he had lasted longer than anyone else.


He knew her Friday routine a trip to the pub. Three or four drinks a slightly wobbly walk back. She was a woman who was not used to drink. Well she would be sorry.

He sat down opposite her. "My mum asked if you would like to try these two bottles of wine. She can buy them at a cut price and wanted to know what you thought of them." "Well if you're in school on Monday I'll tell you." "She needs to know for tomorrow." Julie had met Wayne's mother and knew that she ran an off-license.

They had got talking and with Julie having spent a year in France she was considered to be an expert on wine. "If I give you an answer then will you come to school on Monday?" "I'll come if you can beat me at chess." Julie smiled she ran a chess club at school in fact it was the last time she had seen Wayne.

Each month she would play all of her students simultaneously. She had never lost. From the large bag he was carrying he got out a chess set and set it up.

"You haven't tried the wine yet." Julie poured two glasses. Carefully she smelt them both and looked at their colour, their viscosity. They were good expensive wines. She took a big sip of the first one and nodded her head it was excellent, if anything the second wine tasted even better. "So you promise to come to school for the rest of this term if I win?" He nodded.

"What if I win Miss? What prize can I have?" Julie tossed back her long blonde hair then she leant back so that her breasts were pushed forward.

She licked her lips suggestively. She knew it was a form of flirting but a teacher had to use all her assets. "I don't know what would you like?" "I'd like to see your tits." At first she thought she must have misheard him. "If I win I'd like to see your breasts. Don't tell me that you've never sunbathed topless.

It would be just the same." She almost slapped his face. "That's impossible. You are twelve year's old and I'm your teacher." "I reckon you're just chicken miss. Anyway what's the big deal? I wouldn't tell anyone and I guess you wouldn't.

What you frightened of Miss you know you'll beat me. You beat me in about seven moves last time and I've not played anyone since. You scared of losing?" "I'm not scared of losing but I just couldn't do that. I could lose my job." Julie knew there was no way she could lose but even so. She had forgotten how close the game had been last time. "You a chicken miss. Cluck cluck. You think a twelve-year old boy could beat you?

A black boy who is stupid and never comes to school? There's no way I could beat you don't you think?" An unsubtle jibe she thought.

"Listen I'll not just come to school but I'll try really hard and not get into trouble." Julie was tempted she liked Wayne and wanted him to succeed but even so she couldn't possibly do as he asked. She wouldn't have to there was no way she could lose. Slightly tempted she listened as he taunted her. "Are you ashamed of your tits? Do you think they're too small?

Cluck cluck chicken." Her face reddened annoyed at his presumption and utterly convinced of her invincibility she replied. "OK win or lose you promise to come into school for the rest of the term?" Wayne nodded. "You haven't told me which wine you prefer Miss." Julie finished both glasses. Wayne carefully filled them up again for her. "The firslt one." She said her speech slurred. They started to play. Julie shook her head to clear it.

He was playing well. So he should he had spent the last four weeks playing against a computer and reading about chess. He could now beat the computer regularly. Even if she had been sober she might well have struggled but her natural caution removed she had attacked and lost her queen, two knights a rook and a bishop to his queen and one knight he pressed home his advantage.

"Check mate." He announced. "Take off your top miss." She shook her head. "I knew it you're just like all the other adults in my life you make a promise then you break it." His words had stung her.

She did not want to let him down and nearly removed her top but instead she said. "Let's make it best of three." "Ok but if I win you strip completely. In fact you lap dance for me." "I don't know.

Give me a minute." She knew she would win I just have to concentrate, her head was clearing. The last game she had been far too aggressive but even so she had nearly got him at the end. There was definitely no way she would lose if she took her time. "OK." Julie made herself a black coffee. She felt a bit more sober. Wayne set up the board. "So what are the terms?" He asked her.

"You know." "You backed out last time and just want to hear you say it and then I know I can trust you." "Ok if I win you agree to come to school for the rest of the year." "Go on." "If you win then" She paused. "I'll strip in front of you." "You mean you will take off all your clothes and do a striptease?" "Yes if you win I'll do a striptease. I'll lap dance for you. OK" The game was even to start with. Julie concentrated hard. Wayne licked his lips telling her he was thirsty.

"Coffee?" He shook his head and looked at the wine on the table. "Did you want to try some of this wine?" He nodded and she poured him a large glass. "You're not trying to get me drunk are you?" "No not really." "Are you sure?" "Well possibly." She laughed hoping it would even up the odds. "Anything to help you win." "No I mean to help me win." She corrected her statement. Check mate he thought to himself. He was careless and Julie won the game easily.

She excused herself and went to the toilet. He checked his recorder perfect pictures and sound. She sat down opposite him. "Last game?" "No need. Take your clothes off." As he spoke he brandished a huge wicked looking knife. "Get out or I'll call the police." He pressed the play button on his DVD recorder.

She listened and watched horrified as she agreed to strip for him and then offered him wine admitting that she was trying to get him drunk. He held up her mobile phone. "How you going ring the police? Who they going to believe you or me especially when they hear you on the tape man? I'm going to rape you anyway and you're not going to tell anyone." Julie knew that what he said was true. She thought of running for the door of screaming for help. He was between her and the door and the people next door were never in.

"You got two choices lie back and enjoy it or lie back and get hurt. Which is it going to be?" "Right dance for me." Julie forced herself to dance slowly provocatively. Her white blouse fell to the floor, then her tight black skirt. She undid her bra covering her firm small breasts with her hands. Julie held her breasts together squeezing them so that they looked bigger than they were.

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She danced closer to him her tits not far from his face. He leant forward grabbed her tits roughly fondling them. He pulled her closer and sucked on her nipple biting it. Surprised at how turned on she felt she blushed aware of her arousal her nipples erect. She turned away from him before dancing simulating the sex act her breasts bouncing up and down.

If he was going to rape her then she wanted him to be quick. She rubbed her hand across her panties pretending to masturbate. She was wet down there her panties showed a line where her juices had leaked out. She pretended to come opening her mouth and panting. She slipped out of her thong covering her triangle of blonde pubes with her hand as she danced closer and closer to him. She thrust her pussy towards him. He smiled this was going to be good. She was one hot bitch.

He reached between her legs fingering her finding her swollen clit he played with it. She was ready. He flicked her cunt with his tongue.

She tasted good sweet just like honey. The young blonde was humiliated about to be raped by a twelve-year old, a pupil in her charge yet he was the one in charge now. He pointed to the couch. She lay down her legs clamped together. She watched as he lifted his T-shirt above his head, he was well developed in any fight there would have only have been one winner. He stepped out of his jeans and his boxers. He was excited, boy was he excited.

She glanced at his erect penis, it stretched up beyond his navel at least ten inches in length she guessed but it was its thickness that shocked her. It was as thick as her wrist. He pushed her legs apart forcing his cock against her cunt. She was frightened now. She had never experienced anything that big. "Please don't." She begged him. Her body was telling her the opposite. She was excited. "You fucking cock tease. Shut up." He pushed hard entering her slowly stretching her tight small opening.

There was nothing subtle about his lovemaking she was being violated. He fucked her quickly with deep powerful fast thrusts. She tried to concentrate on anything rather than this young black boy squeezing her breasts roughly pulling her arse cheeks apart as he continued to fuck her remorselessly. The young teacher could not help her feelings, she had never been felt such pressure inside her and on her clitoris each thrust brought her closer and closer to coming.

She wrapped her legs round his torso. She grabbed him tightly pulling him deeper and deeper into her. She was screaming now. "Oh god that's so good. Oh please yes, oh fuck." "Oh fuck yeeeees. I'm coming. Oh god yes. She was scratching his back lost in animal lust her body filled with pleasure. She had come but he had not. She felt a second orgasm start to build.

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"Yes! Yes! Go on don't stop." They came together jet after jet of his cum filling her cunt. "Lick me clean bitch." Meekly she took his still massive cock in her mouth sucking it licking along its length. She lay naked on the couch her cunt lips puffy dripping with his cum. "Listen I won't tell anyone if you go now." He smiled before he inserted the DVD into her player and she watched horrified as she screamed and begged for more.

"I'm staying here. You will do exactly as I tell you. If not I hand this over to the police or I post it on the internet. Teacher seduces young boy will make very good headlines. After your performance there I've no doubt that people will believe you wanted it. If you agree to do what I say then I will give you the DVD." Julie was trapped lost. She stared down at the floor. "My terms are simple you fuck me whenever I want wherever I want however I want.

That's for the next eight weeks until your bet runs out." "You know about the bet?" "Yo. I suggest that on Monday I don't turn up and you offer to double the bet. You give me half of the winnings. At the end of term I'll give you the DVD and unless you want to you'll not hear from me again. Do you agree?" "Look there has to be some rules, I can't be seen with you that would get me the sack and during the week I have so much work to do that it would just be impossible." "I'll think about that.

Now get on the floor on your hands and knees, I'm going to give you the fuck of your life." Meekly she acquiesced to his demand.

He knelt between her legs easing his cock into her soaking wet hole. He grabbed her tits squeezing them roughly as he started to pound into her. He was better than any lover she had experienced. He fondled her clit expertly with one hand the other massaging her small firm tits pulling on her nipples. The feeling was exquisite. She couldn't help it she was screaming and sighing and begging and coming and coming.

The young teacher had always had rape fantasies. Her whole body seemed to turn to jelly a quivering throbbing mass of super excited flesh. Her stomach went into spasm as orgasm after orgasm built and climaxed followed by another. At last he came filling her once more with his spunk. She lay in her bed wrapped in his arms ashamed of her actions and even more ashamed of her reactions she had loved sex with him.

A twelve-year old boy how could she? Sex with him had been better than any of her boyfriends. Not that she was that experienced only four lovers and none of them had made her come like that. "Turn over bitch." The young blonde teacher meekly did as the twelve-year boy demanded and lay on her stomach trembling with fear and anticipation. He pulled her legs apart roughly squeezing the small cheeks of her arse.

"Lick my finger." Julie licked his fingers and froze in horror as he pushed first one finger and then a second into her tight rectum. "Please no. Nobody's ever done that to me before." Sensing that she was about to be anally raped. "Shut the fuck up bitch." He slapped her hard on her bottom. "Now kneel and open up." Meekly obediently she pulled her arse cheeks apart affording him easy access. He pushed his now engorged cock against her hole.

He eased it slowly into her reluctant body. God she was tight. He almost came there and then. He waited before he began to penetrate his teacher's arse even deeper.

Inch by inch his ten-inch cock was pushed deeper into her. He started to fuck her slowly at first long slow powerful strokes. He squeezed her small firm tits with one hand while the other stroked her clit. He built up his rhythm fucking her tight puckered hole faster and faster stretching her hurting her.

Despite the pain she felt a powerful orgasm build and explode shaking her to her very sole. As she squealed with animal pleasure he could contain his own orgasm no longer and he came flooding her anus with jet after jet of his cum. Fuck she was good he thought to himself. She was sure he was asleep and as quietly as she could she crept over to his DVD recorder.

He smiled at her and before she could move he grabbed her by her hair yanking her back onto the bed. He put her naked stomach across his knees and smacked her hard on her arse. She screamed with pain. He struck her again. She could feel his cock hardening with each blow he reined down on her cute small bottom.

He reached between her legs pushing his fingers roughly into her vagina. She was wet down there excited. "You horny bitch." He shagged her quickly roughly using her like a doll. Even so she came and came screaming loudly. He used her five times more before he was ready to leave twice more in her cunt once more in her arse.

Then getting her to swallow all of his ten inches before firing his spunk into her mouth and then across her face covering her hair and eyes in his spunk. He squeezed her tits together rubbing his huge cock between her small breasts before covering her once more in his semen.

"You stuck up bitch. You're a fucking slag a whore you love being fucked. I'll see you Tuesday." She lay in her bed exhausted but totally sexually fulfilled. Tuesday came and duly he arrived at school. "Can I see you at lunchtime Miss?" In her own classroom he stood in front of her, his hands reached up and touched her breasts. It was like an electric shock running through her body.

She watched horrified as her nipples stood out. She could smell her arousal feel her juices flowing. She felt powerless to resist as he fondled her breasts her nipples sensitive under his hands. "Take your bra off." "What if someone comes in?" "Do it!" Julie undid her bra reaching inside her blouse she pulled it down so that her firm breasts were uncovered.

Wayne opened her blouse completely and kissed and bit her nipples it hurt but it excited her. Her young pupil reached inside her skirt his hand finding her knickers they were damp from her juices. He was cruel as he roughly pushed them to one side and pushed his fingers into her.

"You gagging for it aren't you Miss?" The young blonde nodded. He pulled her head down onto his cock. "Lick that you cunt, you whore you fucking slag." She sucked his cock stroking his balls till she felt his excitement. He fired his spunk into her mouth jet after jet of his hot salty liquid. She felt humiliated by Wayne, a twelve-year-old a pupil in her charge she was meant to tell him what to do. "Bitch I'm going to a party on Friday night. You coming as my girlfriend.

Don't worry it's my cousins party he's going to be sixteen you won't know anybody there except me. dress sexy but not too old I don't want people to think I'm a grave robber." He lifted her skirt and gave her a hard slap on the small round globes of her cute bottom. "OK bitch." She wore a short black skirt and a tight sparkly T-shirt.

She looked in the mirror, I could pass for fifteen maybe she thought. She was always being asked for her ID. Wayne arrived he looked at her. "What you wearing underneath your skirt?" He made her change her tights and sensible knickers for the smallest pair of knickers he could find in her drawers. "Take your bra off." Julie's tits were firm and did not sag at all without the bra but her nipples stood out and the tightness of the top left nobody in doubt as to the shape of her tits or the fact that she was naked underneath.

They arrived at the party at nine. It hadn't really got going. Wayne had made her buy two bottles of cheap vodka and he had got hold of several bottles of wine and some bacardi from his mum. There were two other girls sat on a settee. "Sit down with the other bitches." Wayne brought her a large glass of vodka with a tiny bit of lemonade.

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She looked round the room there were eight boys most of them about Wayne's age some a little older perhaps. They were all including the two girls on the couch beside her black. She had never been so conscious of her whiteness. "Drink up." Mandy ordered her. The young teacher took a sip and nearly choked. "All of it." This time it was Amy who tipped her glass up spilling some of the vodka onto Julie's top making her T-shirt practically diaphanous.

"You Wayne's girl?" Julie nodded. "Wayne your girlfriend's glass is empty." Wayne obligingly filled it up. "What year you in year nine or ten?" "Year ten she lied." "No you're not in year ten, eight or nine at the very most." "You want to dance?" they asked her. So all three of them got up to dance. They were joined by three of the boys the youngest looking one whose name was Chris danced with Julie.

"Put on a smoochy one." Amy shouted. The music was slow. Chris pulled her close to him, his head barely above her breasts. His hands drifted down and squeezed her bottom. "Stop that I'm here with Wayne." "Wayne won't mind." He pulled her head down towards his and gave her a sloppy french kiss.

She returned the kiss. Exploring his mouth with her tongue it felt sexy. She turned away her back towards him, he had one hand round her waist and the other was groping her unfettered breasts. She turned to face him and he pulled her once more towards him. "It's just a bit of fun." He assured as he groped her bottom again. She moved his hands back up to the small of her back. If any of her boyfriends had behaved like this to her she would have slapped their faces. Her rule for her first date was no more than a chaste kiss certainly no fondling.

The shame of it here she was being groped in all the most private places by a young boy she had only just met. What was worse was the fact she was enjoying it and didn't really want him to stop. She was confused the alcohol had got to her she knew that.

She was annoyed at his impertinence no she was aroused. She could feel a familiar itch between her legs a need for release. She had better stop this right now. He was like a limpet at last she extricated herself from his grip she had her bottom felt and as she broke away his hands had managed to fondle her breasts.

The three girls sat down on the floor as one boy was now sprawled out on the settee. After a few minutes Mandy got them all up to dance again. Julie was feeling decidedly the worst for drink but she enjoyed dancing. Chris pulled her close to him his hands on her skirt fondling her bottom. He stood between her legs making her wrap her legs around him holding her tightly.

He rubbed himself up and down against her. She could fell his hardness press against her stomach. She tried to push him away but only succeeded in touching his very hard cock. This time she let him fondle her his hands working up under her skirt gripping her naked cheeks.

Wayne walked past and winked at Chris. He was like an octopus his hands on her thighs then her breasts back to her bottom.

Chris slipped his hand under her T-shirt finding her naked tit squeezing her excited nipple. He moved his other hand up to the top of her thigh touching her between her legs. Julie was acutely aware of her arousal her moistness she pulled his hand away.

"Follow me." Julie followed Chris to an upstairs room. He kissed her she returned the kiss. He stroked her breasts her nipples responding sticking out over an inch. He lifted her top over her head and sucked her nipples. She loved it. The young teacher responded her mouth open with pleasure her cunt soaking wet. The lovely blonde pulled down her skirt and her thongs lying stark naked in front of a virtual stranger what was worse a young boy.

He stroked between her legs. Julie groaned with pleasure. Chris could not have been happier. He had never felt a girl before never seen one naked. He looked at her. The young teacher lay lewdly on the bed legs akimbo her juices flowing freely. She closed her eyes, her tongue licking her lips as she squirmed with pleasure at his touch close to an orgasm.

He was going to memorise every single millimetre of her body. He looked at her breasts firm her pink areola, her nipples sticking out, her long blonde hair framing her lovely face, her flat stomach and that beautiful blonde triangle above her thighs. Julie reached sown and undid his zip his cock springing free. She pulled his shorts down and licked his balls and his cock exactly as he told her to. Amy barged in and told them to get back downstairs.

Julie blushed at the embarrassment of being caught naked sucking on a cock. Julie was relieved when at last they sat down again. Chris and the other two boys sat down opposite them. Chris finished his bottle and spun it round on the floor. Julie decided that it wasn't only the bottle that was spinning but her head. "Spin the bottle I love that." Amy shrieked.

"Wayne your girlfriend has got an empty glass." Wayne filled her glass again. "We going to play spin the bottle you mind? You want to join in?" "No I'm playing cards in the kitchen." "Chris has taken a real shine to your bitch." Wayne gave Chris a high five and went back to his game of cards. "OK this how we play it. I'm going to put some suggestions into the glass, one for you boys and one for us girls and whoever spins the bottle picks out the paper for the person it lands on and they have to do it or take a dare.

Ok everyone understand?" Amy and Mandy shrieked with laughter as they filled in the bits of paper. "You the youngest Chris you get to spin it first." It pointed to Mandy.

Chris read it out it said flash your tits. "I'll take a dare." "Snog Julie." Chris said. Mandy leant over and gave Julie a peck on the lips. "That's not a snog." They all chorused. Julie stood and Mandy kissed her, pushing her tongue into Julie's mouth. Mandy stroked the blonde's long legs finding the naked flesh between her nylons and her thong.

She made sure that everyone got a good view of Julie's practically naked arse. Julie sat down in a very confused state, she was excited aroused and blushing.

It wasn't her first lesbian kiss all the girls had well nearly all the girls had practised kissing with each other at the boarding school she'd attended but that was seven years ago at least. She looked round as the bottle was spun a few more boys had come in and were watching from the far side of the room. The bottle pointed to her. Strip down to your underwear.

She hesitated. "I've got a really wicked dare for you if you don't take it." Julie glanced over to where she hoped Wayne would be but she could hear them in the kitchen getting drunker and playing poker loudly. Julie lifted her sparkly top over her head and stepped out of her skirt. The boys gave a loud cheer. She pirouetted to much acclaim from all sides of the room.

She went to replace her clothes and was told that the rules were any clothes you remove stay off. She spun the bottle it pointed to Gary. Have your cock felt by the first girl on your left. Gary smiled at the young blonde.

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"Look's like it's your lucky night." He lowered his trousers and slipped his hard black cock out waving it in front of Julie. She held it not moving her hand. "You can do better than that." Amy told her, putting her hand on top of Julie's and pushing Julie's hand up and down on what was a very impressive shaft. "Keep going." Amy removed her own hand.

Gary started to breathe quickly and before Julie could stop him he came firing his spunk onto her naked tits, to loud cheers from the others. The bottle pointed to Amy. Wank in public. "I put that in the boy's glass." "And I put it in the girl's." Amy opted for a dare. Kiss everyone's cock or cunt. The boys eagerly got out their cocks and Amy kissed each one, Mandy pulled her knickers down and Amy buried her head between her friend's legs before kissing her there.

Julie stood Amy pulled her thongs down and her tongue found Julie's moist opening. Julie closed her eyes in pleasure. Somebody offered her a joint as the bottle was spun again. It pointed to Chris. Take all your clothes off.

He shook his head. The rest of the party, over twenty boys by now were all standing outside the circle watching. All their eyes were on the young blonde who sat practically naked.

You have to shag the girl on your right for at least ten minutes. Chris glanced across at Wayne who smiled broadly. He stripped quickly his cock hard and erect. Almost before she was aware of it Julie was pinned to the floor by Amy and Mandy. Julie tried to hold on to her thongs but a knife came from nowhere and sliced through them.

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She tried to keep her legs together but several pairs of hands forced them apart. She tried to scream but by this time Chris had clamped his mouth on hers and was kissing her furiously. She felt his slim cock ease into her moist opening. He moved slowly as the audience told him how long.

Ten seconds, fifteen seconds, twenty seconds, twenty five. She was fully aroused lying on the ground as she was being fucked watched by over twenty pairs of eyes. Her cunt muscles gripped his young thin cock tightly. She could feel Chris increase his pace he had lasted less than thirty seconds before he shot his load into her. It didn't matter she had come. He rolled off. He was replaced by Clive, the third boy in the group. She watched horrified as he stripped his cock long and thick.

He lay between her legs. "Thirty five seconds to beat." Amy called out. Julie realised too late that she was going to be gang banged by every boy there. Clive played with her tits as his mouth gripped on her neck he was going to give her a love bite. "One minute. One minute thirty." Three orgasms she counted in his ninety seconds.

The next boy looked to be the oldest and the biggest. "Hi I'm Sam and I'm going to give you the fuck of your life. I'm Wayne's sixteen year old cousin." He was strong broad shouldered and like his cousin he was well-developed where it really mattered. "Look at the fucking size of that. It must be a foot in length." The big black cock in front of her was long she knew that but it was its girth that was the truly amazing thing about it.

It stretched her. Sam knew how to fuck a lady. He was slow then fast then he would stop. He went in and out with great long slow thrusts then quicker shorter strokes. His hands massaged her breasts her stomach her arse expertly tenderly then more roughly. Instead of going in and out he rested his mighty member against her clit gently rubbing it with slow sensuous circular movements. Her whole body was undulating her legs wrapped tightly round his torso pulling him tightly towards her wanting him to last forever.

Eighteen minutes, nineteen minutes, he lasted nearly twenty minutes before he came. "You're not old enough." Amy laughed at Tom who had a pencil size dick.

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He entered Julie quickly and moved rapidly. Julie came again. Tom rolled off pretending he had come. Four more fucks in the next ten minutes her cunt throbbing her tits sore from being mauled her neck covered in love bites. She went to the loo. She looked at her body in the cracked mirror a picture of total debauchery. Once more Mandy and Amy helped her down and opened her legs. Gary was next he lasted twelve minutes. Seven more boys followed, what was the matter with her?

She wanted each of them, she writhed and bounced and bucked as each one fucked her. She was behaving like a slut begging them to fuck her screaming with pleasure as they pleasured themselves with her body. She was turned over onto her knees and fucked again six more times till every boy there had fucked her once all except Wayne and the boy on the couch. Chris spread her cheeks and pushed his thin cock towards her secret hole he pushed gently his cock lubricated with gel.

Clive got underneath her and pulled her down onto his cock. She was being fucked in both holes. It felt as though both cocks were touching inside her body, it felt good it felt very good, it felt very fucking good indeed. They lasted much longer this time. When they had finished with her two more rampant cocks were soon pounding away, then another two and another. They took it in turns sometimes two, sometimes three but mostly on their own to fuck her mouth her arse and her tight pink pussy.

She was well and truly fucked for twelve hours. She lay on the floor her pussy lips sore and puffy spunk dribbling from her cunt and her arse.

"You enjoy that bitch?" Mandy asked her. "The boys certainly did. You know how many times they fucked you?" Julie had been aware of every boy having taken her in each hole and one of the claiming the record of eleven fucks. "I lost count at eighty. So you enjoyed it bitch?" "I can see you did. You now nearly a member of the gang just one last ceremony. You ready boys?" Julie was held down by Amy and Mandy, in truth she would have been too tired to move anyway.

Standing above her were eight or sore naked boys each with their cocks in their hands rubbing furiously. The first jet of spunk hit her on her face covering her mouth her eyes in thick gelatinous cum, a second boy came on her tits.

Each boy fired his spunk onto her body. The original eight were replaced by more boys all with their cocks out all masturbating furiously. She was covered in spunk her thighs, her blonde pubes her face her tits she was drenched in cum. They made her lick up every last drop of their cum.

Like a slut she did it eagerly hungrily Mandy and Amy stripped naked and she licked their young black pussies till they came. They rewarded her by directing a warm stream of yellow salty piss into her mouth before tweaking her nipples. "You in the gang now bitch.


You one of us. You passed your initiation." She was a total mess as she made her way home in the morning a short skirt no knickers or bra her neck and the rest of her body covered in love bites, her hair matted with dried up spunk she looked and felt like a total slut but she couldn't wait for another party.