Tiny legal age teenager rides giant cock hiddencam hardcore

Tiny legal age teenager rides giant cock hiddencam hardcore
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This story is somewhat based on fact.

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It is from a trip I took with someone from my past in 1999. What I remember most is how green everything was.

The trees were glistening with greenery, the undergrowth was lush and full, even the air itself seemed charged with some sort of green energy. As she and I walked slowly and carefully down the hill, I felt as if every pore was being filled with green life and energy.

I felt alive, powerful, almost as if I were vibrating. We followed the small wooden signs to the water. It was not much more than a creek, but the water was clear and clean. We made our way upstream to where we had been told the waterfall was. When we found it, it turned out to be a shelf, perhaps five or six feet high, with water trickling down over the edge.

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The sound of it was like a the voices of fairies, tinkling just beyond the range of human hearing. I was distracted once more as my love walked up the hill to the top of the water fall. Her red paisley skirt bobbed back and forth to the rhythm of her hips. My fingers pleaded with me to reach out and grasp a hold of those soft, round monuments to all that was good in the female form, but I resisted, save for once when she nearly lost her balance.

I felt the warm skin beneath the thin fabric and felt a surge of joy course through me.


We quickly reached the top of the waterfall. She stepped out of her sandals, and carefully made her way out onto the wet, bare rock after gathering the edge of her skirt. Halfway out, she turned to face me, smile dancing across her lips. Her eyes flashed playfully as she beckoned me with her free hand to join her. I looked down at myself, at the jeans and sneakers. I shucked the shoes, and carefully tiptoed out in bare feet towards her. She motioned for me to stop when I had only made it a few feet from shore.

I did so, and before I could even question her motives, she had removed her peasant shirt and tossed it at me. I caught it with one hand and then tossed it onto a close branch on the edge of the water. When I turned back to face her, she was pulling the skirt up over her ample breasts.

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I saw her brownish-red nipples for merely a moment before they were hidden by her skirt. Pulled up that high, the hem came to just below her knees. She turned, twirling her skirt, which revealed just a flash of her wonderful posterior before she headed upstream.

I took off my shirt and tossed it onto the branch that her blouse was on, then followed her upstream. She was bent over the edge of the creek, examining some plants when I rejoined her. The twin globes of her rump were thrust defiantly into the air. I moved behind her, sliding my right hand across her right buttock. Like her hip had been, her cheek was warm and soft. She spun around in shock, knocking my hand away. "How dare you?" she said in mock anger. The wry smile gave her away.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her, lips crushed against hers, her breasts contained by only the thin fabric of her skirt, nipples hard against my chest. She pulled away and hopped off upstream, splashing cold water as she went. Smiling, I pursued her. At a bend in the river, I caught up to her. She was again bent over, ass thrust in the air, wisps of hair peeking out from between her lovely cheeks. But, unlike last time, she was not examining some rock or plant. She was looking out from around a tree.

The tree's roots had been washed away by the creek, so they afforded quite a bit of cover to conceal her from whatever it was that she saw.


She motioned to me, so I snuck quietly up behind her. "There's a guy over there. and he's naked!" she whispered to me.

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I heard something in her voice, so I peered over the embankment, as I am a bit taller than she. Sure enough, there was a man standing there, with not a stitch of clothing on. He was thin, almost scrawny. I could not see below mid-chest, so I was at a loss to explain why she had stopped so suddenly. "This campground is clothing optional," I said. "Shh! He's huge!" she said in an awed whisper. I placed a hand on each of her hips, pressing the rough fabric of my pants into her tender rump.

"The head of it's near his knee!" she whispered. I reached between us and slowly lowered my zipper. I could feel the heat coming from her tendermost place, and felt my cock start to harden.

I pulled my penis from it's rough prison and placed the head of it near the entrance to her Gates of Venus.

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She did not stir save so wiggle her hips just a tad to let me know she was willing. "Gods, just think about what being fucked by that thing must be like. He's hung like a horse!" With that, I slowly applied pressure until the head of my cock slid through the pressure of her squeezed buttocks and separated the lips of her moist pussy. I felt her push back against me as the moisture she had been building up slid along the shaft of my now engorged member. I penetrated her slowly, and heard her sigh.

The warmth of her innermost secrets flooded over me, and I found that the water was not as cold as it had been. In fact, I looked around quickly and realized that the green of the leaves seemed even more green, more alive. I grasped her hips and began to set up a slow rhythm, slide in, pull out, slide back in. After a few playful thrusts, I sunk myself as deep into her as I could and felt my balls nestled up against her ass and clit.

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She pushed back into me forcefully, and I had to reach out and grab a root to stay upright. "Gods, you're huge today!" she whispered, again in awe.

I smiled at that, and continued my deep penetration. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Not as large as him, I'll bet." She replied, "Perhaps, but you have already ***uh!*** proven your skill." She braced her legs, and I began to thrust slowly and purposefully.

She grunted every time I hit the bottom stroke. To be honest, I am not very long, but I do have some girth, which meant every thrust was pushing her open. It was a sensation that she had commented favorably on several times, and she seemed to get a kick out of just feeling me inside of her. "Oh," she said in a pouty whisper, "he's walking away." With that, I sped up. She put her head down, chin on her breasts, hands on the root for stability.

She rotated her hips up to push her sensitive parts into my groin. I knew that this was the last sprint, so I grabbed her hips hard and fucked her. I put my right hand on her back, and dug the fingers of my left hand into her hip. She gasped suddenly, and I felt her bear down and squeeze me with her vaginal muscles.

She was cumming, hard. I joined her and felt the head of my cock explode into her, filling her up with my seed. I felt her bear down again, a small chain orgasm, and I pressed hard into her, keeping us locked together.

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Without breaking our bond, she stood up part way and put her arms around my neck, trying to turn and kiss me. I dropped my hips down, letting my dick pop out of her with a wet, satisfied sound, and turned her around. We embraced and kissed, and I did not care that the pressure was pushing my deflating cock into the zipper on my jeans. After adjusting our clothes a bit, we walked back towards our discarded clothing. She was all laughs and smiles, and I felt pretty damn good myself.

We retrieved our discarded clothing, and tried to adjust it so as not to betray our amorous activities. As she bent down to put her sandals, I could not help but grab her ass and give it a loving squeeze. "What, after that you are ready for more?" she said playfully. To be perfectly honest, I was, and told her as much. She hiked her skirt up over her hips, revealing her still-wet pussy, and rested her naked posterior on the mossy bank's overhang.

I had not yet put my shoes back on and still stood in the water, so I unzipped again, grabbing my somewhat flaccid cock. I gave it a few tweaks to get the blood flowing, as she began to finger her clit. Half-hard, I mounted her, sliding my swiftly inflating member back into her soft folds. With every thrust, I got harder. She was still on the edge for our earlier adventures, and it was not long before I felt her spasm and orgasm. I took that as a cue, and got ready for a long satisfying love making session.

I could feel the mud squishing between my toes as I pushed my cock into her, over and over again. She locked her fingers behind my head, and smiled up at me. I always love the second time, as it usually lasts so much longer than the first. I slammed into her, pushing her into the moss.

I knew her skirt was probably getting filthy, but I don't think either of us cared. We moved together like one being, our movements matched perfectly. I was even harder and larger than I had been earlier, and I felt her slip into a massive chain orgasm.

She laid back as I pounded into her. I held her heels in my hands, so she did not have to support them, and kept moving, in, out, up, down.

I felt the warmth and buzz building at the base of my cock, and knew I was going to explode soon. She seemed to be in another world, so I tried to hang on as long as possible. Finally, the pressure became overwhelming, and I felt the jism flying out of me, almost self propelled, as I rammed my cock as hard into her as I could.

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I felt her nails dig into my back as I came. I even felt some of the com squishing out of her! The amount from before, which had somewhat coated her inner thighs, mixed with the seeming gallon I was giving her now, squirted out between our loins and down her ass crack. I put a hand on either side of her heaving breasts to steady myself, and looked down into her eyes.


Her flecked eyes were almost glowing with passion. I kissed her, and it felt electric. We lay there for a bit, still conjoined, and merely looked into each other's eyes.

Finally, with the assistance of a low hanging branch, I righted myself, and slid out of her. She was covered in our combined juices. I removed my cotton shirt and attempted to clean her up as much as possible. She carefully put her legs back together, and stood up, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. We climbed out of the water, and I replaced the shoes on my feet.

"We'll have to come back here next year," she said to me over her shoulder, "I wonder if Horseboy will be here?" "Oh, I'll be here, alright," I said, and we both laughed.