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Before I get into this I just want to say: Don't judge. If you like this story, then that would be great. If you didn't like it, it's still okay.


If your dick got hard or your pussy got wet, then it did its job just right. Any moral issues are irrelevant. The main people in this story are my dad, my mom and me. Other people are mentioned but are not important to the tale. My dad, Greg, is a big guy. He is probably about 6'4, stocky, with a wild curly beard and curly hair.

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Dad has sharp blue eyes, squinty, from working outside most of his life. For what I look like, I'm 5'1, with black hair and brown eyes. I developed early so although I'm only 16, I have D cup boobs and a thick booty.

I am chubby, but I think it's proportioned well enough that I'm not all fat and flabby. We have a lot of animals, including horses. Taking care of all that, has kept me somewhat toned. My stomach, arms and legs have a little definition. My mom, is 5'5 or so, thinner than me and trimmer. Long light brown with highlights in her hair. We weren't exactly poor, but not super wealthy or anything. My parents always did pick up extra work when it was available though. Later on, my dad picked up another job.

He had this big truck and for it, he bought a big plow. In the winter, he would plow driveways and parking lots. Many of the local businesses and people we knew would pay him to do it; and he worked either really late at night or really early in morning for them. The night of Christmas Eve, there was a nice big snowstorm.

Mom and I made cocoa and got all our Christmas movies out to watch. It was late in the evening so we had already eaten our roast beast and opened our first present.

My older sister and her family had already come over and dropped off their gifts and were safely back home. I was going to make breakfast in morning to have while the three of us finished with the gifts.

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Dad looked outside and noticed it was really coming down. Mom and I put the movie Christmas Carol in the DVD player and snuggled into the couch to watch. Everyone was out of the house now except for the four of us so we all settled in to watch the movie. I was wearing this cute pj set I had just opened. It was little more revealing and sheer than normal, but I thought since it was just family no big deal.

Mom had a matching one in a different color.

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The problem was the thin straps kept sliding down our arms and showing tit. Though the thin material, my honey colored areolas were easily seen.

Luckily mom's paler skin and brown nipples were way more noticeable. Dad looked out the window againlooking worried. Finally mom, told him that if he truly worried about it he could make a late night run. Since no one paid him for it, he could call it a Christmas gift to his customers. He agreed that it sounded like a good deal and he started getting ready to go. I asked if I could go with him for company and just for the heck of it. He agreed.

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I made some hot cocoa in a thermos and threw my coat on over my pjs. Pretty soon, we were off. Dad and I hopped in the big truck and were out into the winter wonderland. I had fun. The low rumble of the truck as we went about the work was comforting.

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We quietly began plowing driveways and parking lots in the late hours of the night. Shortly after we got underway, I noticed he had the heat cranked. I was hot wearing my winter coat and stuff and removed them right away. Now all I had one was my pj set.

I caught Dad looking a couple times and could see him fidget in his seat. I knew he had to be getting hard. I asked if he was hot and he asked if I could help him get his coat off. I leaned over to help and as if on cue the straps slid down and one of my big young tits popped out onto his arm.

We both laughed and after his coat was off I sat back and didn't bother pushing the pj top back up. Dad looked over and asked if I was gonna.

I told him I was still warm and this felt good. I still had a nice sheen across my collarbone and cleavage. Dad kept glancing over and fidgeting, and man, I could see he had a nice package growing.

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I asked him if he was okay. Finally he said, "Baby, I don't think you want to know what affect you are having on me right now." "Dad, I think you need to show me." I said reaching across and cupping his package. I began undoing his zipper as he looked on. He raised his butt and I helped shimmy the jeans down his leg. The truck rumbled on quietly as the snow came down outside. It did go through my mind how naughty we were being. I leaned over and licked the head of his cock. I moaned quietly as he gasped.

I licked the head and began sliding my tongue back and forth along the shaft. I was truly savoring this moment. My daddy was always the first love of my life and now I was enjoying him in a new way that I never expected. I was giving him such pleasure and I was enjoying myself too.

I was leaning over to him and with my top hanging low he could feel my big 36D jugs across his arm. He was moaning with his head back when I felt his hands reach over and slid my straps down my arms. My tits spilled out and I could feel his warm firm hands tugging on my nipples.


My tits are not very sensitive being so big and he must have known because he was tweaking and tugging on them just right to get me revved up. I really loved knowing my own daddy was playing with my tits while I was sucking his engorged cock. I was sliding my nails up and down his bare legs, just lightly scratching. He must have liked because I felt him swell up and little and give me a light buck. He pushed my top down to my waist and was caressing my tits, my back, my hair.

I couldn't wait anymore I had to have him inside me. I sat back, his cock coming out of my mouth with a slurpy pop. He eyes never stopped venturing over my body as I slip my pajama pants down and off. He looked a little worried. "Honey, are you sure you want to do this? I mean a little fun is a little fun, but are you positive you want us to fuck?" "Oh dad, I know I want you inside me. I can't think of any better way for us to spend Christmas Eve, than with your cock deep inside my wet cunt." I was purposefully talking so dirty hoping to get him to banish any fears.

Too horny to think about anything besides fucking his daughter, here in his truck with the snow coming down outside. He pushed his seat back to give us more room and I slid over onto his lap. I raised up and guided his now slick hard cock right to my lips.

Smiling at each other, I slowly lowered my body impaling myself on his nice meaty shaft. I purposefully kept my eyes open to watch the pleasure on his face as he slid up into me. It was heaven. I sat there for second shuddering in pleasure. Then I felt his big hands on my hips. He began helping me pump up and down on his cock. He kept thrusting up to meet me and flexing his love muscle at the same time.

He was giving me exactly what I wanted I could tell he was in bliss. The windows fogged up from our panting. The only sounds were the low rumble of the truck, coupled with the loving moans of the two people inside our cocoon of warmth and joy.

I was now riding my dad's shaft at quicker pace and I could feel his hands as they slid over the hips or up to cup my big tits, He was masterful at tweaking and tugging my nipples just hard enough to have pleasure coursing through my veins. I could see his face scrunching up and I knew he had to be close.

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I braced my hands against the roof of the cab and brought my feet closer to our bodies and began pounding myself down onto him. He was grunting and groaning and I knew my own moans were joining in. His head arched back as he literally roared out his orgasm.

My hands came around his neck as I held on for dear life. Good thing too, because my own orgasm hit so soon after. If my dad had not been clutching me close, I probably would have just melted down to the floor of the truck. We both sat there with me wrapped around him for I don't know how long. We could each feel our hearts pounding as our sweat slickened bodies remained pressed together. Slowly I leaned back and his smile was enormous.

He looked so happy and I was filled with such love, I leaned in and kissed him long and passionately. Not some wild abandon type kiss. Just the kiss of two people that feel a love so strong. We made out for a good long while. Finally I my skin began to register the cold. I climbed back into my pjs. I helped him into his pants and we continued on finishing up the parking lots and driveways we'd chosen.

We got back to the house just as the second movie was finishing up. Mom asked how it went and we said fantastic. That was the first of many times with dad. I look forward to many more.