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Sexy Filipina Ladyboys in Angeles City
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" I love you, but can you please take the blindfold off now?" Jacinta asked her long time crush Jeremy. Jacinta was excited. She was finally 16. Old enough so she was legally able to date Jeremy.

He had promised her that they would try dating as soon a she turned 16 but he had one surprise for her before that. " Almost". Jeremy whispered in he ear. She shuddered and tried to listen to find out where she was.

They were in a large hall and Jacinta had a sneaky feeling they were at Perth's first ever YouTube convention. She felt Jeremy let go of her shoulders and slip something over her neck. She was getting excited now. She knew it had to be the neck tag that let them into the convention.

She had been researching the YouTube con for weeks and had save up money so she could go and see her favourite you tube celebrity of all time, Charlie McDonnell. There was a lot of single steps and stops as If they were waiting in line for something.

" Please Jeremy? Please take the blindfold off. I will do anything." Jacinta said. " I like the blindfold Jacinta. It's kinky." Jeremy said laughing. Jacinta heard some one else laugh. A laugh she had heard a million times before on videos. Some how it sounded even better in person. " Charlie?" Jacinta asked. She was so excited she was almost bouncing on the spot. " I think it is a bit kinky too but now I have ruined the surprise, haven't I." Charlie said in his cute British accent.

Jacinta felt the blind fold being loosened and when she finally opened her eyes she saw Charlie was the one undoing it. He had put his hands behind her head to undo the knots and Jacinta was so shocked at the proximity her arms closed around him and she hugged him. She let go sheepishly grinning and blushing like an idiot, making both Jeremy and Charlie laugh. " Sorry." Jacinta said. She just held back the fan girl scream that was dying to get out.

" I have had worse. You have to tell your friends something right Jacinta?" Charlie said a little amused. " Wait are you Jacinta as in Jacinta loves you?" Charlie asked. " umm yeah. How did you know?" Jacinta asked excitedly. " I go through my followers list sometimes and watch a couple of their videos. Your so petite and adorable." Charlie said. " I have never seen someone pull off that haircut like you do. It really is beautiful on you. Plus the red in your hair matches the red of your lips.

Amazing." Charlie said trailing off. " Sorry that was a bit creepy. I feel awkward now." Jacinta felt like her heart might explode. She hugged Charlie again and blushed even darker. " So was this a good birthday surprise?" Jeremy asked. " Oh my god yes Jeremy!" Jacinta said hugging him.

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"Thank you." " Your welcome." Jeremy said smiling. " Okay. I can only do an autograph and a picture right now but here." Charlie said digging through a bag and pulling out two tags like the ones they were wearing but black. " These are VIP passes. In about an hour I will be in the back room with all the other stars. Come find me and we can chat some more.


Your videos have intrigued me and I'd love to know more about you Jacinta." Charlie said looking at her. Jacinta smiled and said " Thank you so much. This is turning out to be the best birthday ever. I have heaps of things I want to ask when my brain gets over the shock of actually meeting you and hugging you." Jacinta said.

" Sounds good." Charlie said looking amused. Jacinta and Jeremy walked around to all the other stalls and brought some tobuscus merchandise. Toby wasn't able to make it to the you tube con but he promised he would be there the next year.

Ryan higa was there and so was Fred and smosh. The place was packed with people and every now and then you would hear a girl scream or see a girl faint after meeting their favourite YouTube star in person.

Jacinta was so glad she was able to restrain herself and have a semi normal conversation with Charlie. Even if all he did was compliment her hair and all she did was hug him. She was surprised. She had had the same haircut since year 9 and she always died it the same bright shade of red but never had she ever been complimented as much as Charlie just did.

She felt above the clouds. " Thank you so much Jeremy. You have no idea how happy I am." Jacinta said wrapping her arms around one of his and looking up at him. " Your welcome. And I just love seeing that smile on your face. It just makes everything seem better." Jeremy said. Jacinta's heart skipped a beat and she blushed again.

She couldn't help but compare Charlie to Jeremy. Jeremy was the bad boy. The boy her parents would never approve of but he was also the boy who introduced her to awesome music, who made her feel special, loved, who was the person who she could trust with anything. Then there was Charlie, sweet, amazing, loveable Charlie. He was hilarious and hot but she hardly knew him except for his YouTube videos and then she only knew what every other girl in the world could know.

She was so glad she didn't have to make a decision between them. It would be one of the hardest choices of her life. An hour and a bit had past and Jacinta and Jeremy headed toward the backroom where the YouTube stars could relax without getting pestered by the fans.

Jacinta proudly showed her pass to the doorman and was ushered inside. Jacinta and Jeremy looked around, quickly spotting Charlie talking to Alex Day other wise known as nerimon on YouTube. Jacinta felt like fan girl screaming again but restrained herself by grabbing Jeremy's hand. Slowly Jeremy pushed her over to Charlie who lit up when he saw her. " I was wondering when you two would show up. Have you met Alex Day?" Charlie asked. " No I don't think we have." Alex said smiling.

" No. I would remember meeting you. I have seen pretty much all of your videos. Your my second favourite you tube star." Jacinta said. " Am I the first?" Charlie asked sounding so adorably hopeful in his British accent. Jacinta could only nod. " I knew it." Charlie said pleased. " Would you like a drink, Jacinta? Jeremy?" Charlie asked as Alex left. " Just water." Jacinta said. " lemonade." Jeremy said.

Charlie called a waiter over and ordered the drinks. " come sit." Charlie said sitting at a booth. Charlie sat on one side and Jeremy sat on the other and out of habit Jacinta sat next to Jeremy. She noticed Charlie look a little disappointed but didn't get it. " So how are you liking Perth?" Jacinta asked.

" I really haven't gotten out enough to see it. I have the next two days though to go sight seeing." Charlie said. " There's not much to see in Perth." Jeremy said with a snide laugh. " The best bits the city or the bell tower." " Where's the bell tower?" Charlie asked. " Two minute walk from the city." Jacinta commented with a little laugh. " If you don't have anything on, do you want to show me around the city?" Charlie asked Jacinta, looking in her eyes with his beautiful smile.

" Sure." Jeremy said. " Won't take long though. There's not much to see." " Great." Charlie said a little disappointed. " We will have fun." Jacinta said smiling trying to convince him. The few weekends leading up to her birthday Jeremy had started to hang out with her more and more and she was used to always having him around.

Hanging out in the city with Charlie would be like her best ever dream coming true. Their drinks came and they chatted about the different places they had been. Charlie was telling them about a different time on the tour when Jacinta's phone started ringing.

She hit the Red button immediately. "Sorry." Jacinta said urging him to continue. As Charlie started to talk her phone started to ring again. Again she hit the red button. " You can answer it if you want." Charlie said.

" Yeah but I don't want to." Jacinta said smiling at Charlie. " It's probably my mum telling me I have to go home and get ready." Jacinta said. "Ready for?" Charlie asked. " My performance." Jacinta said. " I had to beg and plead to be able to come to this. I was supposed to be at school most of today and come here after but Jeremy persuaded me to ditch school today." Jacinta said.

" You have had fun today though haven't you?" Jeremy asked her. " The most fun ever." Jacinta said smiling at Jeremy. Jeremy smiled back. " Can I come?" Charlie asked shocking Jacinta. " Come where?" Jacinta asked curiously. Her heart was pounding. She knew what he meant but it was taking a while to process. " Your performance." Charlie stated smiling as Jacinta turned bright red.

" I brought tickets ages ago." Jeremy pointed out. " Do you think the show would have sold out by now?" Charlie asked Jacinta. " It's just a music recital." Jacinta told him. " That's okay. I would like to get out and see some of Perth's schools.

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Sort of as a comparison to schools back home." Charlie said. " I uh well I might be able to get you a ticket. I will have to check with my friend who is the front of house manager." Jacinta said. She got out her phone and dialled her friend Jessie's number. Jessie had graduated last year and on odd occasions worked as front of house manager for the school.

" Hello?" Jessie asked. " hey Jessie. I need you to do me a big favour." Jacinta said. " Sure what is it?" Jessie asked. " I need an extra ticket for tonight. Someone special is coming." Jacinta said. " You do know Jeremy already has a ticket?" Jessie asked. " Yeah. It's not him. Come a little early. I need to talk to someone." Jacinta said. " Okay. I'll see you then. And don't worry about the ticket. I'll get it to you." Jessie said. " Thank you so much. See you tonight." Jacinta said.

" Your welcome.

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Bye." Jessie said hanging up. " Ticket done." Jacinta said smiling. " Awesome." Charlie said. " Great." Jeremy said a little sarcastically. Charlie handed over his phone and Jacinta quickly typed in her number. He did the same for her phone before she wrote down the schools address and what time the performance started.

" I'll see you tonight. Come on Jeremy we have to go." Jacinta said dialling her mum's number. " nice to meet you." Charlie said with a forced smile. " you too." Jeremy said holding out his hand and almost daring Charlie to take it. Charlie took it and they shook hands, once, twice, three times. Both squeezing the other hard to see who would give up first.

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Jacinta turned around and Charlie let go first. Jeremy smiled a huge smile and put his arm around Jacinta. " Mums going to pick us up from out the front." Jacinta said. " Awesome. I will come with you to reversals then go home and get changed." Jeremy said. " Bye." Jacinta said to Charlie. " Yeah I'll see you later." Charlie said as they left. " Grounded. This mean I can't go out to the city with Charlie." Jacinta said sulking.

" But today was worth it wasn't it? We had so much fun." Jeremy said. " Yeah I did, I just wish I had more tome with him before he left." Jacinta sighed, "Ugh I hate these skirts." Jacinta said adjusting her long music skirt. " Yeah they aren't really sexy." Jeremy said. Jeremy was lying on her bed waiting for her to get ready. Jacinta continued fussing and it annoyed Jeremy.

" come here." Jeremy said patting his knees. Jacinta sat on him and he circled his arms around her. " You look professional and beautiful." Jeremy said.

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Jacinta blushed and cuddled closer. "Look at me." Jeremy said. Jacinta turned her head and smiled at him.

Jeremy smiled back and leaned forward and kissed her. " what happened to the whole I'm just a sister thing?" Jacinta asked pulling back.


" I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." Jeremy said kissing her again. Jacinta let it happen. Jeremy was a really good kisser and Jacinta had been imagining this for a year now. Some where in the back of her mind she was thinking about how Jeremy always did little things with her but never actually committed to her.

He took control of the kiss and leaned her back onto the bed, hovering over her. One of Jeremy's hands ran up Jacinta's leg, pulling up her skirt. He pushed up the skirt so it was just covering her underwear.

He rested his hand on her thigh and gave it a light squeeze, making Jacinta moan and bite down on his lip, hard. Jeremy returned the moan and started to grind his erection on Jacinta's crotch. Jacinta was a virgin so she didn't have much experience but she thought Jeremy felt quite big.

Jacinta could feel herself getting wet and tightened her hand that was in Jeremy's hair, pulling it. Jeremy moaned again but it was more like a growl.

Jeremy slowly poked his tongue into Jacinta's mouth and Jacinta followed suit. Slowly Jeremy ran his hand down to Jacinta's underwear. He rolled on his side, with his back facing the door, and started rubbing up and down Jacinta's pussy.

He smiled in the kiss. " What?" Jacinta asked. Jeremy leaned down and whispered in her ear, " Your so wet.

I just can't stand it." Jacinta moaned and her head fell back as Jeremy started rubbing her soaked panties. Jeremy kissed her neck tenderly and Jacinta pulled his hair again.

Jeremy moaned and bit down on her neck quickly before returning to soft teasing kisses. Jacinta's other hand moved to Jeremy's shoulder and slowly dragged down his arm with her nails. Jeremy moaned and slipped his fingers inside Jacinta's underwear, quickly finding her clit. He wiggled it from side to side and Jacinta felt her whole body start to spasm. She pulled Jeremy's head by his hair back up to her mouth and kissed him hard.

" Jacinta! Mums yelling at me to get you- oh my god." Jacinta's brother Nik said as he opened the door. " Tell mum I'm just finding my shoes." Jacinta said blushing as red as her hair. " I don't think they are there Jeremy." Nik said shuddering and closing the door. " Just another thing for your parents to blame me for." Jeremy said with a smirk. " How much could he see?!" Jacinta worried embarrassed.

" I am covering most of 'down there'. I guess the no pants and my arm position gave it away." Jeremy said. " Fuck." Jacinta said groaning. " It will be fine.

I'm sure he won't say anything." Jeremy said. " Yeah but I really should get ready. I need make up and shoes. I might have to re-do my hair as well." Jacinta said standing up.

Jacinta stepped out into the hall and ran into her still shocked brother.

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" Please don't tell mum." Jacinta said. " Are you even going out with him?" Nik asked. That hit a nerve that made Jacinta sad. " Not technically." Jacinta said softly.

" I wont tell just don't do it again." Nik said. " How much did you see?" Jacinta asked curiously. " Enough to know what's going on." Nik said walking off. Jacinta quickly fixed her hair and put on a little make up and went back to her room to find Jeremy looking at all the things Jacinta had on her shelves.

" I'm ready to go." Jacinta announced. Jeremy turned around and smiled. " You look beautiful." " Thanks." Jacinta said with a small smile.