Black mom oiling her hot body

Black mom oiling her hot body
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As I walked inside our front door, I heard Francine call from the kitchen, "Darlin', we have company." I went to the kitchen doorway and saw a tall redheaded woman sitting at the table with Francine. "Darrell, meet my sister in law Norma," Francine introduced us. Norma stood up to shake my hand. Her curly shoulder length red tresses framed a lovely, high cheek boned oval face wearing a bright smile.

"I'm pleased to finally meet you, Darrell," she said. Francine has told me so much about you. Norma was wearing what the women call skinny jeans, and a button down collared shirt with the top three buttons undone. I couldn't help glancing down at the saucily freckled cleavage between her braless D cup breasts. Norma stood at least two inches taller than me in her black patent high heeled pumps.

"Hon," Francine spoke as Norma turned to sit back down at the kitchen table, "I'm sure you remember me telling you about my brother George in Rockford and his family." I didn't, but I replied "Oh, yes," anyway, and asked Norma "How is everything with the other side of the family?" Norma only said, "George and I are doing fine, and my mom Sara sold her home and moved into our guest bedroom after dad died.

How are you all doing?" Before I could say anything else, Francine chimed in. "Let's eat. The lasagna is getting cold," she said. As the three of us ate the delicious pasta Francine had prepared, and drank a bottle of Rosso di Montalcino from our cellar, we talked of Caroline and Christina's visit, focusing on the Renaissance Faire and the Michigan Avenue shopping trip, and leaving out some of the other details.

As we finished our lemon ices, Francine announced, "Norma came out by herself to talk about some difficulties her daughter Brenda and granddaughter Marcia are having, darling. I have proposed a solution we might provide to help out her, George and Sara, but of course it would be subject to your approval.

I'm going to turn in. I set out after dinner drinks for you and Norma in the library. After you finish the dishes, the two of you go in there and she can explain everything to you for your consideration.

I'll be sleeping, so I won't mind if she keeps you up all night." Norma said, "OK, I'm going to change out of these jeans," and followed Francine down the hall toward the bedrooms.

I washed, dried and put away the dishes, and went into the library.

Francine was in there in her nightdress. She picked up the bottle of golden honey colored Glenmorangie she had left on the coffee table, and poured two fingers of the fragrant single malt into each of the two crystal tumblers sitting on the tray.

"You and Norma have a nice long evening," she said. "be good to her and think carefully about what she tells you.

And, like I said, you are free to spend all night with her if that's what she needs." I took a single sip of the whisky as Francine left the library, and waited to see what this was all about. A few minutes later Norma walked in, wearing a long, flowing jade green silk bathrobe tied at the waist.

The color of the robe was the perfect complement to her red hair and all over freckles. She sat in the straight chair across from mine, picked up the other glass of whisky, and said, "Thanks in advance for hearing me out. Cheers." We clinked our glasses together, and each took a deep sip of the liquor, letting its warmth settle into our tummies.

As Norma raised the glass to her lips, the front of her robe opened seductively, shoeing me just enough of her cleavage and the freckled tops of her thighs to reveal she was not wearing anything at all underneath that robe.

"Here's the situation we have," Norma told me. "Brenda's husband fell in with the wrong crowd of drug users at his work, and got arrested with two of them in a car carrying a trunk full of cocaine. Because Brenda trusted him, she put up their home as bond to get him out of jail. But, instead of facing the music, the coward ran away, jumping bail, and now Brenda and Marcia are going to lose their house.

They just moved in with George, Sara and me, but we don't have room in our little Rockford house to keep them very long.

It would be too difficult, what with Sara to look after also." I replied without hesitating, "We have two spare rooms. We're all family. Brenda and Marcia can stay here with us as long as they need to." Norma took another gulp of the scotch, and as she did so she let her knees slide apart, pushing the robe open nearly to her nipples. "That is exactly what Francine told me you would say," She responded. "I so appreciate the kindness both of you have extended.

But, there's more you need to know before you commit to putting them up here." I was probably staring at her nakedness under that robe a little too openly, but Norma kept explaining. "You may not be aware, but Marcia would need to live with you for the whole school year until she graduates from the high school here.

That could be complicated." "Why is that?" I asked unaware of what was to spill out next. "Here's the problem," Norma explained in a conspiratorial whisper.

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"When they were growing up, Francine and George were not allowed to date during high school. Like all normal teen aged boys and girls, they had certain needs, and, well, there's no other way to describe it, they started fucking each other.

Before George and I got married he confessed everything to me.

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Now, when they see each other at our rare family gatherings, they still fuck, for old times' sake." I took a deep breath, and another gulp of the scotch. "As far as I am concerned," I said, "Francine is free to fuck whomever she wants." A broad smile slowly spread across Norma's pretty face. "She told me you would say that, as well," she announced. "But' there's more." She let the robe slide down over her shoulders, completely exposing her impressive breasts, slender waist, and the fuzzy red pubic hair covering her puffy mound.

Before I could react, she said offhandedly, "It's true, Dear, red cunt hair is a lot finer than the other shades." I nearly spilled my precious Glenmorangie all over myself. "Anyway the real problem is Marcia. She's a complete 17 year old nymphomaniac. She's a brilliant student, but to keep her focused on her homework, George has to fuck her every afternoon when she gets home from school with Brenda's blessing, of course.

I asked Francine earlier today if she thought you would be up to the task.

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All she would tell me was that I should try and find out for myself." I took a long pause to let that last remark sink into my brain. "Is tonight my audition?" I finally blurted out. Norma stood up in front of me in her completely naked glory. "It is if you want it to be," she giggled. "Come into my bedroom and let's see how many different ways we can fuck before sunrise." As we walked past the master bedroom, I could see Francine had left the door open, and she was sleeping peacefully.

When we reached Norma's room, I undressed quickly as Norma turned down the bedclothes, and we lay down naked next to each other. Norma kissed me lustily on the mouth. "I told George I was going to fuck you all night," she said. "He told me to see whether I could learn something new he and I can share later." That was more than enough invitation for me.

I reached between her slender legs and felt the nearly imperceptible fuzz of her natural red pubic hairs, then probed my second finger between her pussy lips.

Norma thrust her hips against my hand and her tongue into my mouth at the same time. Norma turned on her right side, her back to me, and lifted her left leg. I could feel she was already very wet, so I pushed the head of my swelling cock against her cunt lips from behind her, and felt myself sliding easily inside her. I continued rubbing her exposed clit with my fingers while I fucked her with deep, slow strokes.

"Pinch my nipples," I heard her whisper. I pushed my right hand between her neck and her pillow, and began rolling the nipple of her right breast between my thumb and forefinger, while fucking her harder and faster, still rubbing her clit with my left hand. "Oh, oh, oh," she shouted out.


"I'm cumming. Cum inside me and fill me up." Norma had left the door of her bedroom open.


I couldn't be certain, but I suspected Francine was awake and listening to us fuck. "That was pretty amazing, Darrell," Norma cooed. "Will you stay here all night long and fuck me as much as you can?" With that pushed me onto my back and turned around, straddling my shoulders and planting her puffy cunt lips right on my mouth.

Immediately I sucked her clit between my lips, then pushed my tongue inside her as far as it would go, licking my spunk out of her cunt. "Yes, yes, yes," she called out. "Eat your cum out of me." I was now certain the sound effects were at least partly for Francine's benefit.

Norma was sucking on my half hard cock as hard as she could, and ab out the time I felt the shuddering of her climax against my face I spewed another load of warm, sticky man juice into her waiting mouth.

Norma swallowed everything, then announced a little too loud for just us two, "Darrell, your cum tasted as sweet and salty as Francine said." I replied, "Well, Norma, your pussy is delicious.

If you are interested, I'd like to fuck you with your knees over my shoulders while sucking your nipples and kissing you on the mouth. Then I want to push back a little and watch your face get as red as your hair and freckles when you have another orgasm." Norma let out a moan.

"I love the way you think, dearie," she exclaimed. Norma rolled onto her back. I moved up and knelt at her shoulders and she took my cock into her mouth.

She sucked it until it was erect again, then pushed my hips down to her waist and started rubbing my hard on between her lovely freckled breasts. "I love jewelry," she suddenly exclaimed. "Won't you give me a pearl necklace?" I readily agreed to this slight change in plans, and began fucking her tits while she spit on the head of my cock.

As I felt my balls tighten, I squeezed the head of my penis and began releasing dime sized drops of semen onto the tops of her breasts, one right next to the other, until the semi-circle of cum droplets reached from one of her shoulders over to the other.

She smiled broadly. "Naughty boy," she said. "Take a picture." I reached her cell phone off the nightstand and snapped three perfect shots of her pearl necklace, one of them showing the head of my cock between her tits. "George is gonna love those," she announced. Then she wiped up all the spunk off her chest with her index finger, licked it until her tongue was covered, and gulped it down.

Seeing that dirty display got me instantly hard again, so I lifted her knees over my shoulders as we had discussed before her sudden inspiration, and thrust my cock into her soaking wet cunt as far as it would go. A dreamy expression formed on her lovely face. She moaned loudly, "Fuck me hard and fast, baby. Fuck me and squirt a great big load deep inside me. Make me your cum whore tonight!" I pounded my cock in and out of her as fast as I could, and she met every thrust with one of her own.

I leaned down and sucked her nipples one after the other, nibbling on them both. Then I pressed my mouth onto hers and gave her an ardent French kiss.

As I raised my weight slightly off her I could see her face and chest beginning to flush with another orgasm.

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Her eyes opened wide and she shouted, "Give it to me!" With both hands under ass I lifted her off the mattress against my pubic bone and held her there while pumping rope after rope of cum into her cunt.

When our mutual orgasms had subsided, and my limp cock slid out of her pussy, she made her final request of the night.

"It was so generous of you, honey, to photograph the pearl necklace you gave me so George can see it. He did want to learn something new, after all. But, there's one more thing …" I responded, "What's that?" "Well, lover," she replied, loudly enough to be heard down the hall, "You put cum in my mouth and in my pussy now I want you to cum in my ass." As soon as she finished making that announcement, the grandfather clock in the foyer struck three.

When the chimes died away, Francine came bounding through the open bedroom door and inquired, "Norma, do you want me to take pictures of that?" By this time I was not a bit surprised Francine had been listening to us. "Yes, sister in law," Norma answered without pausing to think. "If your husband is going to fuck me in the ass, I want George to see the proof." "I'll take the photos if you let me warm him up for you this time," Francine said, and picking up Norma's phone from where we left it, Francine popped my cock into her mouth and began sucking.

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She stopped as soon as I was erect again, so as not to steal any of my spunk from her sister in law. Norma was already on her knees on the bed watching Francine blowing me. Norma presented her freckled round bottom to Francine, who pushed two fingers inside her anus and began stretching it. Francine spit on both her hands and rubbed the wetness along my shaft.

I pressed my cock head against Norma's ass hole and began pushing slowly but firmly against it until she relaxed enough for it to pop inside her.

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"God, that feels awesome," Norma said. Francine stepped back two paces from the bed and started snapping flash photos using Norma's phone.

I spanked Norma until her ass cheeks were bright red, than began fucking her ass hole harder and faster. Francine switched the phone over to video for the last minute or two, so her brother could witness my cum shooting into his wife's ass hole. Norma has never been ass fucked before, and she was very tight. Nevertheless, she seemed to be enjoying it, and moaned loudly when I finally ejaculated into her bottom. After waiting for cum to start dripping our of Norma's ass on the video, Francine put down the camera phone and said quietly, "I'm going back to bed.

I'll leave toe two of you alone until sunup to do whatever else you need to do." Norma pulled the sheet and blanket up over our naked bodies as we cuddled together drowsily. Before we dozed off together, she whispered, "You passed the audition, Darrell. You are one awesome fuck.

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I'm sure you and Marsha will get along famously while she stays here with you guys." "Well, Norma," I responded. "you get an A plus rating as my cum whore.

I'm sure my wife is impressed with your performance, and your husband will be too when he gets to see the pictures and video." All three of us were smiling next morning at breakfast. "I guess we're all agreed on the rescue plan," Francine announced. "Yes," Norma answered.


I'll go back to Rockford today and tell everyone. George can pack up our car and drive Brenda and Marsha down here, and spend the weekend alone with you, Francine. Darrell can come up to Rockford while George is gone and he can take care of me and my mom until Marsha and Brenda are all settled in and George comes home. I'm quite certain Sara is going to enjoy spending a few days with Darrell.