Gangbang im puff

Gangbang im puff
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My very first story EVER, only second to those I wrote for English class back in high school.

So constructive criticism is encouraged. This is a complete work of fiction and all characters pertaining real life people have had their names changed. Thank you. My sister and I have always had a good relationship.

We are the typical brother sister couple, making fun of each other and devising a rivalry but loving each other all at the same time. But ever since I hit puberty and found out about the wonders of masturbation and naked women, I've looked at her in a new light, a sexual one. My sister's name is Hannah, a 23 year old medium height brunette, maybe 5'7" or so, with a slightly chubby body, but hot nonetheless, and 36B tits that sagged only slightly.

And in the awakening of these new "desires" and my countless masturbation sessions, I found myself deeply divided in subjects relating to my sister. I jacked off dreaming of pounding her pussy and her giving me a nice blow-job but I almost immediately regretted each time I came, thinking it was wrong I shouldn't be doing this, but every time I reverted to the same masturbation sister.

It's only when I was given the opportunity of a life time that I quickly and assuredly made up my mind, and here is that story. It was a Tuesday night, around 11pm, and I was in my living room on the computer, blowing time before I went to bed.

My dad was working the graveyard shift while my mom and two brothers were out of town for a music festival that I pleaded with my mom with to allow me to stay, eventually convincing her that my own summer track practices were to be held as high priority and not to be missed.

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And so It was only Hannah and I, home alone, late at night, she was home from college for summer and had been staying with us for the past month. I was absorbed in my computer world and only barely noticed my sexy sister, in a bathrobe, indicating that she had just taken a shower, walk into the kitchen that stood to my right side.

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I was a horny 16 year old and had, in the past, spied on my own sister getting dressed after showers many times before, and I figured this was another perfect opportunity to do so again. so I played myself cool, shutting down the computer "pretending" to be getting ready for bed and walked into the kitchen to get a late night snack. My plan was to wait for her to go back to her room and then sneak outside and spy through the window, hiding in the cover of darkness but I never made it that far.

In our simultaneous actions of getting a snack for bed, I sneaked several peaks at her ass as she bent over, searching the cabinets, giving me a noticeable hard on. knowing she could perfectly well see my hard cock, I purposely walked n front of her every chance I got displaying my crotch and even rubbing my cock against her as we crossed paths.

This was not my usual self and I was being much more bold than I am normally but this only led to good things. But then, as I was across the room, she called my name and suddenly walked off to her room, and so I followed.

A million things were running through my head, "was I caught", "is she going to turn me in" but as I walked into her room and saw her standing there waiting for me, she suddenly untied her robe, opened it, and let it fall to the floor.

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I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe it, my sister was right in front of me, naked, knowing I was there! And so I closed the door and took a step forward, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. I was on full scale attack and immediately dove my tongue into her mouth, savoring every last bit of it.

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As our tongues danced, I pushed her against the wall and pressed my entire body against hers, not ever breaking the kiss. My hands explored her magnificent body, squeezing her ass and fondling her tits and eventually falling down to her beautiful pussy.

I played with her clit with my finger, making her moan into my mouth, and then took her right nipple into my mouth. Sucking her nipple while I played with her clit made her almost whimper in pleasure. She then pushed me away dropped to her knees and grabbed the waistband of my sweatpants and pulled.

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My full 7 inches in length and 6 inches of girth came springing out, almost slapping her in the face. She lifted my cock and licked all the way from my ass to the tip, almost making me cum right there.

her tongue flicked out and licked the head like a lollipop, swirling her tongue in between every few licks, then suddenly plunging my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven, I had only one girlfriend in my past but nothing had gone past making out and this was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt.


She worked like an expert, bobbing her head while her tongue almost issued a massage all the same time her hands played with my balls and the base of my cock. In about a minute, I was ready to cum, I groaned loudly and let out a loud "ahhhhh" as my cum shot in my sister's mouth, she deepthroated my dick as I did so, swallowing all my cum, almost gagging. She then cleaned me up, licking me clean. I was way too horny for my cock to go down now so my sister stood and bent over her bed, giving me perfect access to her pussy.

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But instead of taking her right there, I decided to return the oral favor and took my turn on my knees. I was thirsting for her pussy juices and I immediately licked her entire slit, prolonging the pressure onto her clit and ending at her asshole.


She was leaking like crazy and even when I was the giving oral, I couldn't wait for the pleasure. I dived right in, grabbing her ass while I leaned in and shoved my tongue inside of her, and closing my lips, encasing her wet pussy.

I worked my tongue as best i could, hitting her g-spot every push and pull with my tongue. By the looks of it, she was enjoying it mightily, she was whimpering as if she was in pain, but her her words said differently "Ah, god!

FUCK YES!!! Suck my pussy, eat it, shit!!" she screamed Right then I could tell she climaxed, her pussy tightened and she arched her back and I knew it was time for the main event.

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I stood up, grabbed my cock, and shoved it into her pussy, she was still climaxing so her pussy was still tight and I again almost came that instant.

But as she loosened, I pulled and slammed back into her, making the bed shake. I continued slowly puling back and quickly slamming forward for awhile but her grunts told me she wanted more and so I sped up, each time increasing the force for which I slammed until it was practically a jackhammer, I was in cruise control and kept it up for what seemed like hours until she and I, at the same time, screamed out in ecstasy. Her pussy tightened once again I my cock shot my load straight her pussy, I didn't stop pounding her while I came until I finally collapsed onto her, breathing heavily.

I was dead beat tired, I rolled onto my back on the bed and she did the same and we just thought about the events that just transpired and we both smiled. We knew this was the start of something amazing.