Two college girls one big black cock Amara Romani e Izzy Bell

Two college girls  one big black cock Amara Romani e Izzy Bell
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I sat there stupified, looking at Megan and Nichole, sleeping.

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My sweats are saturated with cum. I must have cum a quart in my dream. It was so real. I need to take a shower and cool down. I head off to the shower and put my cum soaked sweats in the washer. I jump into the shower and man, does it feel good.

I grab the soap and start wahing. I reach my cock and begin to stroke it. My hands covered with soap, it feel so good. I think of those two young girls out there and I suddenly cum again. Damn, that was quick, I tought. I dried off and put on my robe. I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a stiff rum and coke. I sat there and all I could think of was them sweet innocent girls in the other room.

I started to stroke my cock again, it seems to have a mind of it's own. I walked in there and look at the two sleeping on the couch. I notice Megan shifted positions and her panties slid to one side. I walked around the couch and Nichole's tits were visable under her shirt. She was not wearing a bra. I wanted to reach out and touch them.

My cock grew so hard, I thought I'd blow another wad right now. I went back to Megan, stroking my meat and looking at her pantied partially uncovered pussy. I got a little closer and brave. I put my cock head on her pussy. I slowly rubbed it up and down a few times. My pre-cum oozing out to make it slick. Fuck man, I can't hold it anymore.

I start cumming all over her hot little bald pussy. I let out a moan and stream after stream of hot cum spilled on her.


I thought I was going to blow the head of my cock off. Shockingly, I looked and Megan's eyes were open, watching it all. I hurried up and closed my robe. Megan said " Dad, are you jackng off on me". Fuck, I was busted. I said "honey, I couldn't help myself with your underwear like that. It's been so long since I've had a women, since your mom left, that I needed some kind of relief. Megan looked at Nichole, still sleeping, and whispered to me, "Dad, I love you and want to help you get some relief", "Dad, would you like to touch my pussy?" I nodded yes and knelt down by Megan.

Ever so gently, I put my hand on Megan's very hot and now wet pussy. I was shaking all over from the excitement. Megan then grabbed my hand and helped me rub her pussy. My other hand automatically went to her breast.

I could see her nipples were hard and I reached up and rubbed my fingers over them softly. They were barely growing but enough to know they were there. I slowly let my other hand search for her clit.

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I gently rubbed on it for awhile and soon, Megan was moaning. I glanced over and saw Nichole, hand on panties, rubbing herself, watching.

She smiled at me and said, "Mr Smith, will you do that to me too?". She pulled her panties aside and put a finger to her clit, "right here, Mr Smith". Megan smiled and said "Nichole, shouldn't he do me first, I am his daughter". I thought, this is fucking crazy, two 13 year olds doing this, and me, doing this.

Megan then reached out and put her hand on Nichole's pussy and started to rub it. I couldn't belive my eyes, unreal I thought.

I continued to stroke Megan's pussy, gently slipping a finger to her hot wet cunt. I inserted my middle finger up to the first knuckle and began to stroke her pussy.

She was so fuckng tight, I wanted to fuck her now. I was again, hard and ready. Nichole was getting pretty heated by Megan's hand play on her little cunt. I watched in amazement as Megan slipped a finger in. Nichole said "I love it when you finger me Megan". I was so astounded, that I asked, " have you girls done this before?". Megan said " Yes daddy, we love to play with each other like this". Now it's my turn to change things around. I said, " Megan, have you ever licked Nichole's pussy?" Megan said, "No".

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Why don't you try it, Nichole would like it very much, it will feel so good. Nichole was staring at my hard cock poking through my robe. Precum almost dripping. Nichole said, " Can you show us how Mr Smith?". I said, "sure" and bent down to lick Nichole's beautiful pussy. Barely any hair, sweet tasting, and wet.

I sucked in her little clit and gently, savoring the flavor. I darted my tongue between her little pussy lips, lapping like a dog.

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I touched the little hole to her sweet inner pussy with my tongue and she jumped, said that it felt different. Megan asked if I'd do her and of course I dove right in. She was sweeter tasting than Nichole, hot, wet and delicious. When my tongue slipped into Megan's little hole, she just moaned. I thought, man, my little girl likes this. I sucked Megan's clit, tongued her and she was writhing around like crazy. Nichole was sucking Megan's tits and I was playing with Nichole's little titties.

Nichole then started french kissing Megan. I came up for air to watch these two beauties making out and fondling each other's breast. Megan broke the kiss. I looked at Megan and she was looking at my hard cock. A drizzle of cum had escaped and was headed for the floor.

Megan reached out and scooped up my dripping cum, asking, "I wonder what it taste like?". To dumbfounded, I just told her it was good for you, when you drink it. She said, "can I?" Yes you can sweety and if you suck on it, you'll get more. She bent down and grabbed my cum leakage way low and worked her way up until she was at my cockhead.

Nichole told Megan to lick it like a lollipop. She said that she heard about that at school.


Some girls really like it. I said, "why don't you both lick it". Nichole jumped right in. I had two beautiful young teens licking my cock. I have never been so hard in all my life. They were taking turns licking my cock. I told them to suck on it like a popcicle. They took turns sucking my cock, it was fantastic. They could only get about 4 inches of my hard 8" cock in. I told the girls I was going to cum, pulled my cock out of Megan's mouth. "Sit with your cheeks together and open your mouths for a nice hot suprise." I showered both girls faces with my hot wet sperm.

I began jacking my meat and shooting cum into Megan's mouth, then Nichole's, then back and forth until I had exhausted my load.

Then I rubbed my cock on their faces where my cum missed their mouths. I'd slowly rub it on their lips, cheeks, nose. Nichole grabbed my half hard cock and dove right on it, taking about three quarters of it down. I could feel her throat muscles trying not to gag. After a couple of seconds, I pulled out with a clean cock. I told Megan and Nichole to french kiss again, share my cum. Nichole pulled Megan to her. She ran her tongue around Megan's face, cleaning any cum she could find.

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Megan did the same to her. They then started kissing, tongues diving deep. I watched while stroking my cock. They broke their embrace and sat there watching me jack off. Their little hands playing with themselves.

Megan had her legs spread, showing me her sweet little pussy.

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She was rubbing her clit and staring at my cock. Nichole had a finger in her lovely snatch, also watching me. I was starting to get hard again. I decide it was time to go to the next step. I went over to Megan and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. I knelt down, grabbed my cock and ran it up and down her pussy. She was very wet, very warm and smelled of sweet sex. I asked Megan if she was ready for this.

She looked at Nichole and they both started to giggle. "We have talked about you being the man to take our virginity while we play with each other." I said ok, but it might hurt a bit, I'll be as gentle as possible. Nichole sat there watching as my cock head was at Megan's entrance. I pushed a little and to my suprise, my cockhead went in. Megan jumped a little at the intrusion, and then relaxed.

Nichole was now finger fucking herself, watching and moaning. Her tongue was licking her lips constantly, like she couldn't wait for her turn. I met Megan's resistance, her hymen, and gently worked my cock back a bit. I went in and out for a little while until her pussy got used to my swollen cock. I went deeper, felt her hymen again, pushed a little more and it broke. Megan winced a little and looked at me.

I stayed still for a minute, letting the pain subside. I couldn't believe I had my cock deep inside my daughter's pussy. I looked down and gently started stroking in and out, watching my glistening cock move. Megan closed her eyes and started to moan.

"Daddy, that feels so good". My cock was so fucking hard, I could feel it straining to grow more. I looked over to Nichole and she was bringing herself to an orgasm with her fingers, moaning loudly.


Her beautiful face distorted with pleasure. That was so hot, I blasted a huge load, pumping deeply into Megan's pussy. Megan was shaking all over with her first orgasm from a cock. I kept stroking as my cock began to soften. Megan looked up and said, "that was awesome, I never felt nothing like it". Completely exhausted, I told the girls we should take a break, shower and get something to eat. Nichole said, "what about me, I want to fuck too".

I assured her, "we will honey, once we are rested so I can have you both again". I went to take a nice cool shower with visions of things to come.