Carnal and wild doggsytyle drilling pornstar and hardcore

Carnal and wild doggsytyle drilling pornstar and hardcore
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I will introduce more characters in the future. For now however Treya and Royce are still the main characters.

The next chapter might be about someone else. I hope grammar and syntax in this one are better. PLEASE COMMENT to let me know how to improve and IF people want to see any bisexuality in the coming chapters. Because I did already write a bunch of pages (about 20+) about a character with only bad luck who is being abused by men constantly but I think that I shouldn't go to far with these themes and that I wanna stick to the story.

Let me know what you think. Straight only. Or straight and bi. (I could theoretically upload the boys story as a gay/bi sexual different story from this one, I like Royces story better anyway. It would be in the same fantasy world though). (I did not add precise character description of looks eg. hair yet because I thought that it is nicer to create a personal fantasy image) To be honest, my inspiration from this came from a few books of the author I consider to be the best of all time and his fantasy world (real, no porn books.

Truly amazing stuff if you're into fantasy) and from night elf and orc toon porn pics. XD But never mind, just enjoy this chapter. Chapter 2: Pleasure, Passion and Love When Royce woke up with the orc next to his side, he felt exhausted. His manhood was sore from the sexual kurtosis he had carried out on the orc girl last day.

She was still asleep and he got up. "Wake up" said Royce in a firm voice that Treya couldn't over hear in her sleep. She awoke. Royce was not in a good mood and the orc could pick this up. She didn't say anything to him during the short moment their eyes met. Royce couldn't help but to let his gaze wonder over the near perfect curves of her body revealed by the falling sheets as she sat up. Royce grabbed his armor and put it on.

Then he took his sword and attached it to his belt. Meanwhile the orc had come out from underneath the bedding. She was still chained to a tree, restricting her of movement and her arms had been tied all night making it impossible for her to strangle Royce if she wanted to.

Treya didn't pay attention to him until she heard the ring of his sword as he drew it. Adrenalin shot into her body and she became frightened. She could sense he wasn't in a mood to mess around with, and as he approached her with the sword in his hand, her body was shaking.

When he was almost in striking distance she dropped to her knees and tears began to run down her cheeks. "Please, I did everything you asked of me, I don't want to die. Please don't kill me you can keep me as a slave, just spare me" cried Treya in fear of death. Royce didn't lift his sword to strike but the orc couldn't see this as her eyes were flooded with tears.

Royce put the sharp blade on the rope tying her arms, pulled back the sword and the bonds fell to the ground. The orc looked up.

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She was half surprised and half assuaged. The tears faded for a moment before she let them out in relief and they turned into joy of survival as Royce turned away from her and put the sword back in its sheath. He walked to her again bent down and unlocked the chain. Treya's tears had faded.

"Thank you" she stuttered. Royce replied "You will guide me through these woods today. I want to go to Brahlsk." He looked in her eyes. Still mumbling she answered "Sure I can try, but it is a dangerous way and there is no chance that we will make it out by tonight." "I know that!" he replied in an evidently annoyed voice as if he wanted to express that he was not clueless about this place.

They were close to each other although the orc was still on her knees. She moved forward on her knees and seductively said "We have a long way to go ahead of us today and it wouldn't be wise to go deeper in these woods with a temper such as yours. Perhaps you need to get your mind cleared a bit and relax." Her hands had settled on his zippers which she was beginning to open slowly. With the other hand she was rubbing over his cock that she could feel and see through the tight knight's pants under the robe.

Although he was cautious with her being untied and able to try an attack, he let her proceed and didn't speak. He examined her without a break as she opened his pants.

It did seem like a good idea to him to let her suck him before they ventured on. As he gazed at her, she would look up to him smiling with glowing, large and mysterious eyes. Even more professional than a good prostitute, she was a master of seduction only by her facial expression.

Royce noticed this as became less cautious and thoughtful about an attack from her. She had pulled the sipper all the way down and pulled the pants far enough down that the cock and balls were fully revealed. He didn't wear any underpants. It was already half hard due to the rubbing and as the pants got of the cock, it flung slowly out towards her and ended up close to her nose and mouth pointing at her face.

The foreskin was warm and covered the head up fully as she put her right hand on the end of his cock at his balls and kissed the foreskin with her soft green lips.

When her lips touched his shaft so gently and moist, Royce sighed up in pleasure "Ah" and she smiled. She was being as passionate as he had believed no orc could be.

In fact she seemed to enjoy what she was doing and what response she was getting from him. She drew back from the kiss, opened her lips slightly and put only a bit of the tip of the penis into her mouth. It was very wet and the spit covered the foreskin fully. Then she pulled back the skin with her right hand and her saliva and tongue wrapped around the cock head. She didn't back up, her mouth took more and more of his cock in. She began to gently blow him. His cock was shining in the fluorescent light of the plants that seemed to be glowing brighter than before as Royce felt so pleasured.

He could feel the unease and temper drop off him rapidly until only good mood and joy were left. Unlike he wanted, Treya was the only thought captivated in the prison of his mind. He had forgotten about the reason why he wanted to go to Brahlsk, about the woman who broke his heart, and about the divide he had with his family.

Treya began to replace all the frustration and without him wanting to, he began to develop emotions for the orc girl. As she pulled her had back just to push it forward again over and over, she looked at the pleasure filled human. His cock was already rock hard and she took it in deeply. She thought that he would push her head to get deep throat but noticed that she seemed to be so good that Royce was satisfied like this. Only then did she begin to use her tongue at full capacity.

She let in slide all over his cock and he began to moan in ecstasy. He said "Wow". His eyes were shut and Treya noticed that if she wanted to get away from him, and kill him her moment was now.

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But she kept sucking gently and passionate. She did not want to kill him right now.


He was in such pleasure. Then she pulled her head back and let the cock out of her mouth. Her spit was dribbling of the penis. She had the cock in her hand and stood up closely before him.

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When he opened his eyes to see why she had stopped. They were looking right into each other's eyes and neither said a word. Their faces were only centimeters apart, and both of them felt the same. "I am so sorry for what I did please forgive me" said Royce soft, almost whispering as their head moved closer and their lips touched each other or a passionate kiss while Treya was massaging his penis. When their lips parted, Royce dropped to his knees and before the orc girl.

He had put his view onto the ground in shame and said "I am so sorry, I lost all honor yesterday and behaved unacceptable, please forgive me my lady.

I ask you for this favor although I know I cannot repay what I have done and have no right to ask you for a favor." "Maybe you can restore your honor, I forgive you.

I know of a way you can pay for your behavior" said the orc gently and seductively as her hand reached down to lift his head under his chin. He was looking up straight in her eyes. She smiled beautifully at him and he couldn't help but smile back.

She was standing very close to him. She lifted up her short cloth tunica and with her hand on the back of his head this time, pushed his mouth onto her bare pussy while her flawless right foot began to rub his cock. He began to lick the orcs pussy out so passionate that she felt immense pleasure form it.

Soon they went to their covers and she went into doggy style position. "Keep licking my cunt" she whispered and he kneeled down behind her with his hard on and put his face to her perfect pussy and large ass. She put her feet around his cock and while she was being licked gave him an experienced footjob like a pro would. He assumed she was a natural.

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"Uh, yes, do you like licking my nice, green cunt?" "I love it" replied Royce and continued straight away. "I wonder what it is that makes you like my feet so much. Well anyway, how about you give my asshole some attention too, I think it needs some care after you abused it so hard yesterday".

Without waiting a second Royce lifted his head, spread apart her cheeks and licked over her perfect green ass opening. "Uh yes, that's so good" moaned Treya. After a minute she turned around, pushed Royce onto his back and moved over him to settle down on his hard cock.

Royce had never had such good sex before he realized as the orc girl looked at him, while moving up and down his cock slowly in circular motions.

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He had his hands on her bit booty while she had hers on his chest. It felt amazing for both of them. They changed into sideward laying position and Royce lifted her one leg up while laying with his belly against her back and slightly picking up the speed without it being rough. Both moaned strongly as his cock slid into her pussy and back out. Treya began to breathe heavily and moan louder.

He gave it all the passion he could as her pussy throbbed in contractions due to her orgasm. Her pussy juices began to flow strongly and lube his cock even further.

After she was done with her orgasm he took out his cock and she sucked on it for a while. Then she got up and made him lay on his back. She walked over to his head and stood over it with her pussy.


"Ready?" she asked, and he replied "always". Treya sat down spreading her butt cheeks far apart. Her asshole was right on his lips and when she let go of spreading her cheeks, her huge, but tight green booty closed over Royce's head. His entire face was covered by it.

She felt him stick his tongue in her asshole. It felt great and she had wrapped her beautiful, green soles around his cock and began to stroke it fast. She did it so well that it didn't take long for him to cum.

It was the best orgasm Royce ever had. Especially with her sitting on his face. His cum shot out of his cock and covered her legs and feet. Her wet feet rubbed all over his cock while he enjoyed his orgasm.

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After all cum had cum out she got up. He looked at her in love and she took his cum covered dick in her mouth and cleaned it perfectly while looking into his eyes without breaking the eye contact a single time.

A few minutes later when both had cleaned up, Royce sat to the feet of Treya massaging her feet.


Then they packed up and hand in hand they walked deeper into the dark forest. Royce had also given her back her spear.