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The next morning Lissa is awakened by Kraurem, who with a warm smile asks Lissa if she is hungry, Lissa nod her head and the dragon leaves quickly for some prey to hunt, leaving Lissa alone in the room, chained to the big bed. Lissa, with nothing else to do, decides to think of a way to get out of this place, to escape Kraurem's grip, and the first thing she will need to do is get rid of these heavy chains that restricted her from being able to wander freely around the castle.

- I can't get out of here with this trapping me . But there's no way I can take them off on my own . I need to convince Kraurem to take these things away from me - Maybe If I please him enough. he would release me.? A few minutes later Kraurem enters with the remains of an animal and a wound in one of his scaly legs.

- I cooked it with my fire. - Smiling - Just for you. (giving her an adequate portion) Lissa following her ploy decides to act affectionately and receives the food. - Thank you Krau. Kraurem: Everything for you beautiful girl. Wait. Did you just call me Krau? I was starting to think that you will never going to call me like that. - If you don't like it, I can still call you Kraurem. - No, please, call me Krau. While Lissa is eating, she see the wound on Kraurem's left leg, and he notices it.

- I hurt me when landing, a little miscalculation. Lissa can't help but let out a small laugh. - That was a smile? - No, no, it must have been your imagination.

(Holding back laughter) Lissa had planned to take advantage of that and heal it with great care, but doing so would be too suspicious, so she only hoped that Kraurem would ask for it soon, and that's exactly what happened. - Lissa . Will you be so kind and heal me? - Okay Krau. (approaching him) From Lissa's hands emerges a warm white light, and it is with them that Lissa begins to caress Kraurem's wound, with extreme care. This causes the dragon an unequaled pleasure that enjoys with all its being, until it suddenly vanishes.

- It's done Krau, you're healed. Kraum, still lost in his thoughts, doesn't pay attention what Lissa is saying. - What .?

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What did you say? (confused) - I said, you're already cured. - Your leg is healthy now. - So. fast? It can't be . (Disappointed) It was at that moment that Kraurem came up with an idea. A very twisted idea. - Thanks for the meal Krau, it was delicious.

(smiling) - Only the best for my little gem. I'll bring you some water and fruit. Wait for me a moment. (Leaving) In a couple of minutes Kraurem I return with the mentioned things. - Here you have . I have . I have to leave, but don't worry, I'll be back very soon, there are some books in case you get bored while I'm not here.


(Leaving) Lissa happy with what has happened so far, take some water and start reading one of the books, if everything goes well she will have an opportunity. Kraurem in turn looks for some area with large rocks, after a few minutes the dragon finds what he is looking for, an immense and sharp stone.

- Perfect for my purposes, it's going to hurt, but it'll be worth it, I'm sure. (smiling wickedly) Kraurem begins to hurt himself with the rock, filling his body with cuts and blood. The pain he feel is not pleasant, but he need to do this. Otherwise the dragon feels that his body is going to explode. Once he feels satisfied with the damage done to his body Kraurem is ready to return with his favorite healer. When Lissa went to pick up another apple she heard Kraurem arrive at the castle, so the girl prepared to receive him, but to her surprise she couldn't imagine seeing Kraurem arrive in that state.

Kraurem entered the room complaining of the pain and calling his beloved. - Lissa .? Please help me. (lying on the floor) - Kraurem?! What-What happened to you? Why are you so hurt? (coming to his side) - I met another dragon . and we had a fight over the territory. (Complaining) - Stay calm, I'm going to heal you. You will be as good as new, don't worry. Kraurem with a smile in his mouth watches as Lissa's hands light up again, and he prepares to receive that pleasure again.

The soft hands of Lissa go through the wounds of Kraurem, healing them and leaving them rejuvenated, with a very attractive shine.

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On the Kraurem side, he keeps fantasizing and enjoying himself. - "That's . Come on Lissa . (getting excited) Touch me. Touch me more." Kraurem realizes that his masculinity is coming out and begins to control it. - "Damn . Why do you heat me so much Lissa . I don't want to do this now . I'll wait until we have more confidence and we'll do it with all the care it requires . I don't want to hurt you . I really don't want to harm you .

I don't want you to hate me". Lissa, once finished with the last of Kraurem's wounds, kneels on the ground and tries to catch her breath.

So much magic has left her exhausted. Rejuvenated Kraurem gets up and looks at his body. It's perfect, just like the result of his plan. Lissa and Kraurem spend the rest of the afternoon talking and getting along better.

Without realizing it, the night takes them by surprise. Both sit in the bed and get ready to sleep, Kraurem for fear of getting out of control tries not to be too close to Lissa, so he keeps a little distance and closes his eyes to rest, but it is at that moment that the dragon feels that something is climbing to his chest, looking down he realizes that it is Lissa, who is hugging him.

- Are you hugging me?

(Surprised) - I feel so safe when I'm close to you Krau. Kraurem gladly hugs her back and they both sleep tight until the next morning. Upon waking Lissa notices Kraurem in a good mood, and after everything that happened yesterday she decides to ask him the much-desired question. - Emm . Hey Krau . (shy) - Yes, little gem? (happy) - Could you . could you take the chains off? Please. (with a sad face) Kraurem knew that this moment would come, and he would have to make a decision, and as things were going, it seemed logical that Lissa was beginning to change, she was much more affectionate than before and they hadn't had any problems recently so he decided to give her another chance, but of course in exchange for something.

- Mmm. I've thought about it and it's okay, I'll give you another chance. - Really? Oh thank you! (Jumping for joy) - But at a cost!

- A . cost? (Doubtful) - In exchange for removing the chains . You'll give me a kiss. One that is worth calling kiss, and on the lips. (smiling with malice) Lissa seeing her options she had no choice but accept the deal.

Approaching Kraurem face, she sees the tongue of the dragon, full of saliva, obviously mocking her and hinting that he was going to use it to show the love that he have for Lissa. Lissa brings her lips to Kraurem's and begins to give him a long, deep kiss, Kraurem is instantly moved and laid on the bed to be able to enjoying this moment in a better way, Lissa feels how the atmosphere gets hot and the long tongue of Kraurem explores her mouth, with a lot of lust, after a few moments the dragon is satisfied and withdraws his lips, as well as his tongue.

Lissa, still impressed by what has just happened, is contemplating the roof of the place. Kraurem fulfills his part and removes the chains that trapped her.

- It's done. You can prowl again here. But only in the castle! I don't want to have to use this again. It is understood? It hurts me too chain you, but you have to understand that I need you in my life.

I was tired of loneliness, I thought I was never going to find that special one, until you showed up and burned that bitterness. (serious) Lissa don't say a word, because she knew that doing it would only make her farewell something much worse. On one hand she was happy because tonight would be her great opportunity, on the other hand abandoning Kraurem again in solitude hurt her, a lot, despite everything he had done. After passing the tension, both breakfast with enthusiasm, they spend the afternoon together and Kraurem takes Lissa for a walk around the place, which unintentionally helps her get oriented for tonight's escape.

Finally, they eat at the castle and get ready to sleep. Kraurem after eating so much he falls asleep in a few minutes, while Lissa pretends to be asleep.

Once she is sure that the dragon has fallen asleep she sneaks around the room to the door, and before leaving Lissa realizes that because of her decision, tomorrow will be a terrible day for Kraurem and to console herself she apologizes.

- Forgive me Kraurem. But I need to get back to my home. (whispering) Without Lissa in the city the place will again be a chaos, if she alert them about the dragon the people will surely be able to repel it, without having to kill it, anyway they must be ready for an attack, after the first entry of Kraurem. With as much stealth as possible Lissa managed to find a way out of the castle.

Lissa never thought that she would touch the soft grass again with freedom, unfortunately for her there was no time to lose, she tried to remember where her city was, if she managed to reach it she would be safe. She began to walk with a rapid pace, Lissa didn't know how long it would take to get to the place, nor how long it would take Kraurem to realize her absence. Lissa walked and walked, but it seemed that the road was much longer than she expected, Lissa started to get scared, the sun began to come out slowly, there was a lot of time, what she could see at the moment was a very clear area, a long plain with very few trees, and around this a long forest, which could surely offer a very good camouflage, for the time that was left she would have to go through the forest, although a much more extensive path would also be the safest.

After such a long walk, Lissa was sure that she would be close to the city, so Lissa went inside in the forest and looked for a safe place in the forest where she can rest for a moment, but unwittingly ended up sleeping soundly. Sun rays hit Kraurem's face directly, which caused him to wake up hopelessly, with a big yawn he got up from the bed and proposed to say hello to Lissa, who he still waited to be there.

- How bad I have slept . (yawning) Meh . anyway I have all day to sleep. (Getting up) - Are you hungry Lissa? Because I am. (laughing) The room remained silent. - Lissa . Are you still sl.

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(turning to "her") Desperate Kraurem shouts all over the castle the name of the healer . but there is no answer. - No . No . NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE FLED!

Right.?! You can't have left. You can't have abandoned me . (Depressing) It was at that moment that an uncontrollable fury seized Kraurem. Striking and destroying everything in its path, he sets out to find Lissa. The dragon spreads his wings and soars towards the sky. In his bright eyes you can see the pain he was feeling right now. Lissa awakens from her lethargy by the sound of the wind. She realizes that it is already day and fear begins to surround her, Kraurem must already be out there looking for it.

And it is at that moment that Lissa spots the dragon in the sky. It was Kraurem. Lissa's blood ran cold, not even being close to him she knew the rage that ran through his body.

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If Kraurem came to find her she wouldn't know what he would be capable of, so she hastened to get to the city and tried to keep her sanity, but when she started to calm down a bit, Kraurem scream to her. From the sky she could hear Kraurem's roar. - LISSA! I KNOW YOU ARE THERE! COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE! (Enraged) An immense number of animals flew out of the whole forest, feeling absolute terror. Lissa watched as they all went to take refuge in their hiding places, leaving her completely alone.

Lissa had never felt so helpless in her life.


When seeing that Lissa didn't appear, Kraurem lost the patience, reason why he start roaring with force again. - GET OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE NOW AND YOUR PUNISHMENT WILL BE MUCH MORE LIGHT! (Inpaciente) - SHOW UP! Without an answer, Kraurem drain the last bit of patience he had left.

- IF THIS IS HOW YOU WANT IT, THEN I WILL FIND YOU! (Descending) Lissa is frozen by the fear and can't move. She tries as hard as she can to find a large tree that can offer her a hiding place. Once she sit, the girl hear how the dragon travels through the woods in his lust to find it. Kraurem runs around looking for Lissa, he could set the forest in fire, but that would be too risky.

So he chooses to search, again and again and without knowing it, Kraurem approaches a cautious distance from Lissa, who can barely contain her nerves. Near her a squirrel appears, which seems as scared as she is. Kraurem looks in all directions, until he ends up looking at the same squirrel, and once he makes eye contact with it, the squirrel jumps up with a shriek, high enough to make Lissa give a little shout, who can no longer withstand more tension, she would run out at that very moment.

Kraurem listens to that faint moan and goes quickly to the source of the noise. Lissa prays that Kraurem has not heard her, but she knows that it is not the case, because his slow and heavy steps are getting closer and closer to her direction. - Lissa .?! Lissa is that you?! (in an intimidating tone) But there is only silence. - ANSWER ME! (really angry) Lissa can't take it anymore and runs off into the forest, revealing clearly to the dragon.

- LISSA! (Chasing her) - LISSA COME BACK! (hurrying) - No! Stay away me! Help! (Running with all her strength) Lissa, because of the fear, can't see where she is heading and ends up stumbling over a root of one of the trees, which allows Kraurem to reach her easily. Without care Kraurem puts his arms in Lissa's hands, leaving them both face to face.

Lissa screams and wriggles as best she can, until Kraurem's voice silences her. - Why did you leave me Lissa?! - You weren't happy?! - Was there something I couldn't give you ?! - All I wanted was your love! YOUR AFFECTION! (Crying) Kraurem's tears fell on Lissa's face, who did nothing but repeat the words I'm sorry over and over again.

- SHUT UP! DON'T LIE ME MORE! I'M TIRED OF YOUR LIES! That said Kraurem took Lissa to his lair. He went to the room and chained her as he had done before. Once alone in the room Kraurem began to ask all sorts of things. - Why did you leave, Lissa? Was it all. a lie? - I . I needed to go back . They need me. (unsure) - I NEED YOU! THEY DON'T MATTER! (enraged) - I . I just wanted . (crying) - SHUT UP! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY ANYTHING IF I DIDN'T ASK YOU! Lissa breaks into tears and covers her head with her hands.

- Everything started to go so well . Our relationship seemed to be improving so much . In fact . One moment . Too fast now that I think about it .you were nice. WERE YOU BEING LIKE THAT SO I WILL REMOVE THE CHAINS RIGHT!?


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IT WAS OBVIOUS (approaching violently) - Please . Krau . (Muttering) - YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CALL ME THAT WAY ANYMORE! NOW YOU ARE ONLY A HORRIBLE GEM! AND I WILL DO WITH IT ANYTHING I WANT! (Hectic) Kraurem begins to take Lissa's clothes off, regardless of while doing it is hurting her or not.

Lissa no matter how hard she resists and ask to stop Kraurem he simply ignores it and continues until Lissa is naked. - I wanted to do this when we got along better . but I see that now it's not going to happen . I was going to do it with such care .

with love . and give you all the pleasure I possible could . but now . now that dosen't matters . I will never have your love . - Kraurem . I know that is much what I'm asking . but please . Give me another chance! I beg you! This time I .! (interrupted) - I ALREADY TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP! YOU WILL USE THAT MOUTH ONLY WHEN I TELL YOU ! (laying her in his crotch) Lissa can only look at Kraurem with a face of true repentance.

Kraurem stares at her. - I'm tired. I don't know what to do anymore . When you are nice, I do not know if you do it seriously and you enjoy it as much as I do . Or you just pretend to take advantage of my loneliness . What I know is that now we are going to spend a long night together.

(with a forced smile) - Surely i will fall again in your lies. I can't help it . (laughing) - This time I'm serious . Please Krau. I swear!

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(staring at him) - We'll see that. If you behave well now . Tomorrow I'll think about it . Kraurem begins to rub Lissa's pussy with his member, both blush and begin to kiss each other affectionately.

Finally Kraurem grabs Lissa's waist and sits her carefully on his member, slowly descending despite the fury she felt a moment ago. - Does it hurt? (whispering) Lissa say no with her head and grabs the dragon, who continues with his penetration, little by little Kraurem accelerates, until a point that needs to change position to continue.

Carefully lie on the bed and continue with more strength. The environment is more than hot. - Thank. Thank you for bein nice. regardless. - I wanted to do it rought, but I. I just can't.

you are so precious. - I'm sorry for everything. I'm really sorry. Kraurem remains silent. Then he start to acelerate the penetration. - Your inside Lissa. They are so tight.and warm. I. I'm getting close. - Go ahead . don't stop. Kraurem reaches his limit and ejaculates inside Lissa, filling her interiors with his fluids. Once they have finished they hug firmly and prepare to sleep, but not before exchanging a few words.

- It seems you're going to win that opportunity . (laughing) - Sorry for all Krau. Really. thank you for trusting me again. (hugging him tightly) - Hehe. Everything for my perfect gem. (giving him a soft kiss) -------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you like it, make any suggestion in the coments, if you want me write something (M/M or M/F) tell me and i am going to see what can ‚ÄčI do.