Three lusty homosexuals have hardcore anal sex and splooge

Three lusty homosexuals have hardcore anal sex and splooge
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A week ago I had the experience of a lifetime. It's Senior year, everybody's trying to make unforgettable memories and all that crap. I'm bisexual, in the closet since I hold some high positions in some school organizations among a very conservative crowd.

However, I'm not the only one; there are some other students (especially from my grade) that are secretly gay or bisexual, or have just tried with another person from the same sex. Once again, it's Senior year, we have all matured (apparently) and most of us have gotten into good shape and, of course, hormones are flying around in the atmosphere. Personally, I'm not that fit, but I got into shape just at the perfect moment. However, others from my class have taken it way too seriously (meaning, the ones who have had sex like 5 times in just a month and a half of school).

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Now, the first case. I'm the president of the History League of my school. We compete in some tournaments and whatnot and we have won some of them. The teacher in charge of the team is the 11th grade history teacher: Cam. Cam is 28 years old (the new generation of teachers, as we usually say) and is somewhat fit; you could see because of his clothes that he has a wide back and some muscles.


Every single girl at the school would stare at him; he not only had the looks, but also the smarts. Nevertheless, there was a certain rumor going around that he apparently hooked up with another guy from my class, Ken, but that has never been confirmed (although certain rumors about that guy have flown around lately).

Cam has a rather intimidating look, although if you get to know him you might notice that he actually is not as scary as he seems, as is my case. Being president of the History League, working and having constant meetings with him, we got along very well and was already used to his cynicism and sarcasm.

However, one day I bumped into him at the hallway. "Daniel," he called, "come here, please." "Yeah?" I asked. "I have a meeting now, I'll finish at around 4. Could you stay afterwards? I have to talk to you about something from the League." "I get out at 3, and I have some plans," I answered. "It's urgently important," he pleaded as he looked at me dead in the eye and completely serious.

"Fine," I decided, "I'll stay." The main reason I accepted was because of his behavior.

He never acts that serious, and it actually creeped me out a bit. I ditched it anyways, and hung out with some friends while his meeting finished. Once it did and saw him arrive at his classroom, I decided to walk over there. "Yo, where you going, man?" some of my friends asked.

"I have a meeting with Cam now."
 "So you're not going with us over to the bar?" "Nah man, I'll go next week," I replied as I resumed my walk.

I arrived to the classroom, and Cam was sitting in front of his desk, checking up some stuff on his phone. This day in particular I felt rather horny and felt the urge to look towards his pants, and it was rather jaw-dropping, but I ditched the thought away.

"What's up?" I asked. "Oh, you're here." He didn't even notice me arriving. "Sit down." "But is it gonna be a lot or just pretty fast?" Cam stood up from his chair and walked towards me, again with his intimidating look. While standing in front of me (taking into consideration I'm around 5'10" and he's taller), he reached and locked the door, and stayed there.

"I know you've heard some things about me," he said. "About?" "Ken." "Oh, that," I laughed. "Who believes that, though," I joked. He didn't laugh. "So you don't believe it, huh?" I was confused. "What do you mean?" "You don't believe that the event with Ken was possible?" "Well," I started, "it could be possible but, like, you're too arrogant to be hanging out with people of my age.

Well, not hanging out, hooking up." "Hm," he thought. "Is that why you asked me to stay?" I asked, rather angry.

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We both locked eyes for a moment and I felt a sudden urge or feeling that the rest of the day was gonna be amazing. I was not mistaken. Cam pushed me against the door and we both started to make out. After a while I could feel something push or throb against my pants: it was his dick.

We stopped and, proving his strength, carried me to his desk (which he emptied as he threw everything to the floor). He set me there and got on top of me, as I started to unbutton his shirt. He suddenly stopped. "Are you aware of what we're about to do?" He asked. "Yes," I stammered. "Are you uncomfortable?" "No." He grinned and we kept making out and I kept unbuttoning his shirt. Each button I set loose got me even more excited for what was to come. Once it was unbuttoned, he stood up and took it off, revealing his hard and hairy chest, his marked and also hairy six pack and the trail leading to his cock.

I stared at his body and, suddenly, he took off my t-shirt as well, and both of us stared into each other. "We're even now," he said. We kept making out as I passed my hands through his hair and wide back, up and down, left and right.

As we made out, he was basically dry-humping me; I could feel his throbbing and fat dick against mine. I suddenly couldn't hold my feeling any longer. "Cam," I said. "Yeah?" he said as he stopped. "Fuck me," I pleaded.

"Oh," he grinned pleasingly, "you must do something else before we do that," Cam said as he stood up and pulled me with him. Cam pushed me down to the floor to my knees as he sat on the desk. He looked down on me as a master looks at a slave, and I couldn't pull my focus away from his dick. He was about to take off his pants when I grabbed his hands and held them, pulling them away so I could take them off.

I unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper. Slowly, I pulled down his pants, revealing the shape of his dick trapped inside his boxer briefs. I stroke it slowly, as he let out a long groan under his breath.

"Suck it already," he demanded. I followed orders. I slowly pulled down his briefs, and once his dick was free, it sprung out in its entire glory. "Wow," I gasped. "9 inches," he flaunted.

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He suddenly got serious and intimidating. "9 inches that will not be merciful." Suddenly, he grabbed my hair and directed my head towards his dick.

"Open up," he ordered. "Today, you follow my orders." I opened my mouth and without a second of wait he forced his cock down my throat. He groaned as he pushed his cock, and I tried not to choke as I savored every single inch of that monster.

Cam pulled his cock out of my mouth and then thrust it in again, as he held my head by my hair; he was basically fucking my throat, one thrust at a time. Then, he grabbed my head with both hands and started to fuck my throat, maintaining a steady pace until I thought I could do it on my own.

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At this point, he had gone so deep that I didn't even know if my throat existed yet or not. What I thought was going to be a pleasant event, turned into a dark, twisted and lustful fantasy. I kept sucking his dick as he held on, putting his hands on the borders of his desk, most of the times staring down at me as my master while he groaned. Suddenly, I felt his cock throb inside my own mouth. I started to expect large jets of cum to come out of his dick, but when his groans were already repetitive, he pulled out.

"Get up," he said as he walked to his backpack, "and take off your pants." As fast as I could, I took off my pants and briefs, revealing my 7.5" erection.

When Cam turned around, he smiled and raised an eyebrow. When I looked at what he was holding, I got excited but alarmed at the same time. "What's that for?" I asked as I pointed at the flogger on his right hand. "For you," he answered as he gently smiled. Cam walked back to me, spun me around and pushed me against the desk, having my ass all for him.

He passed his huge left hand around my butt cheeks and suddenly I felt the hit from the flogger.

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I let out a moan. It was soft but it hurt. Then another one, a bit harder. Another one, stronger. This time, the moan was louder. Another hit, I moaned louder and Ian laughed. "Fuck me, daddy," I almost screamed with the fifth hit. "Oh, perfect," he replied, just what I was waiting for. Suddenly, with no warning, I felt that monster push through my tight asshole.

I moaned as I held on for dear life by the desk. Once his 9 inches were completely inside me, Cam passed the flogger by my back, and once it reached my ass he hit it again, and I couldn't hold my scream.

Cam threw the flogger and slapped my ass.


He kept thrusting his dick in and out, sometimes slapping my ass or pulling my head. Cam maintained a steady and slow pace, but suddenly he started to go faster.

Thus, I couldn't hold my moans. His balls were slapping my balls and, even inside a classroom with a strong air conditioner, we were both sweating like pigs.

Out of nowhere, Cam pulled out his cock and flipped me around, putting me down at his desk as before, and he lifted my legs. "I wanna see your face while I fuck you," he said. Again, without warning, his monster broke into my ass as I pushed back my head. This time, Cam didn't have mercy. He stared directly at me as he thrust his cock inside my ass, increasing the strength, power and speed of his thrusts every single time.

I moaned louder than before, to his pleasure. "Oh fuck me harder," I pleaded. "Say my name," he said. "Oh Cam," I replied. "Now plead for it. If you want it, plead for it." "Oh Cam, fuck me harder, please." Cam didn't need much instructions. Afterwards, in one single thrust, he pushed his entire 9 inches inside my asshole.

I could feel it almost in my stomach. Because of the moan I let out, anyone would think that I just got killed.


With grace, Cam kept pounding my ass, staring directly at me as I suffered from his cock. It was a pleasurable suffering, of course. I hung on for dear life by his desk as he kept pounding me. "You're enjoying this, huh?" Cam groaned loudly. "Fuck yes, daddy," I replied. "Say it again." "Fuck yes, daddy." "Oh yeah," he started, "you want daddy to fuck you harder?" "Oh fuck me harder, daddy." "Even if you can't walk afterwards?" "I'll be able to ride you, though." Cam grinned and I knew that I lost my asshole.

[To be continued]