Sexy gf fucked by her BFs pervert buddy

Sexy gf fucked by her BFs pervert buddy
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Like a lot of young married couples with kids, Sue stayed at home while I worked, the slight difference with us, was, she often met guys for sex during the day, but when I got home I got to eat her pussy out and fuck her freshly filled hole myself, Any way one day I got home and Sue seemed to be in a funny mood, but she said nothing, later when the kids were in bed, she told me she had been fucked by a handyman who had come around to do some work on the house, I went down and ate her pussy for her, as I did she said that wasn't all, I asked what did some one else cum in you to, she said no but still didn't want to explain, any way as my cock hit home in her well used pussy she started to tell me what went on, She liked the handyman and had put on a very short summer skirt, with a very low neck line too, her ample 38 e cups showing quite well, and no undies at all, she bent over to let him have a full view of her pussy, while hanging out the washing, then while he was fixing the kitchen cupboards she went to get some things out of a lower lever to let him see down her top, his cock just inch's from her face was to much and she took him out and sucked his cock, he was, more than happy to lend a hand, toungue and cock to satify her needs she said, , Yer, "AND" I said, she said when he got dressed and went out she lay on the bed still naked eyes closed and cum running out of her pussy, then she felt a tongue licking her clit once more, thinking it was him come back she let him lick her for some time, having another orgasm, before looking down, to see our dog Cindra, licking her pussy, she froze, but then relaxed as Cindra kept licking her, taking her over the top once more.

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Then just as quick Cindra walked out, leaving her horny, which she took care of with her toys, my cock was so hard it hurt as I fucked her faster and harder than ever before filling her to the max with my cum, She seemed happy that I wasn't mad at her, I told her any time she wanted Cindra to lick her out I'm ok with it, she smiled and said "NOW", I opened the door and called the dog in, she went straight to Sue's pussy eating my cum from her, Sue going wild now me sticking my cock in her mouth and getting one heck of a head job, She had several orgasms while my cock filled her mouth, then Cindra, walked out, as quick as she did I shoved my cock in deep fucking her again.

And shooting more cum deep in her, I said want a repeatthis time she said not yet, and we lay cuddling, We had lots more fun like that over the next year or so, but sadly we had to move and couldn't take the dog with us, leaving her with friends, In time we got heavily into swinging, meeting couples and guys several times a week, and going to orgies too, Sue was still meeting guys while I worked, and telling me all about it in bed, some times several guys would keep her happy during the day to, her pussy lips red and swollowen showing the results of their efforts, And then one couple, Gail and Ray became regulars, meeting them every couple of weeks for sex, after some time we lay chatting after our play, and Sue let slip about our K9 fun, Gail smiled and said "I know" its good isn't it", with a bigger smile she said my dog fucks me too, oh wow, the first words out of sues mouth were, Can we see that please,?

sure said Gail, next time, Well 4 days later we met them again, and Ralph the dog was brought in, a nice friendly lage black mongrel, we played while he lay around, some times licking his cock, then after I had cum in Gail and Sue was happy Gail, leaned on a bench and held her pussy up high Ralph, sniffed her freshly fucked pussy and ate my cum from her, His cock how showing under himnot bad I thought nice and big, then Gail moved while he straddled her, his cock now inch's from her, as he trust forward, missing her clit, then pop he went in 5 or 6 inch's first up, then he pushed more and more in, his cock growing longer each trust, it looked to be around 9 inch's long now and his knot started to grow too, Gail worked him in, Ralph fucking her hard, Growls coming from him as he did, squeals coming form Gail too, then to our surprise his knot went in, one hard trust and it disappeared deep in her body, Gail screaming as it did, by now it was about the size of a tennis ball, they became one, bodies moving together as he fucked her hard, his speed now to fast for a guy to keep up with, her eyes rolled back as orgasm after orgasm ripped though her, then Ralph growled again this time his cock could be seen pulsing inside her, his knot making a huge lump near her opening, but still he fucked her, Signs of cum run out of the swallow lips, his body slowed as they began to relax, the knot still locked in, as he pulled back, boy what a sight, doggy cum flowing onto the floor, I put my hand under her, taking some and holding it to her lips, Gail licked it up as Ralphs cock slipped out, making them both jump, dog cum flooding out in gallons, Sue was memorisedshe couldn't keep her eyes of Ralph cock as he lay licking himself clean, Gail slipping down on the floor as my cock went deep in her doggy cum soaked pussy to fuck her once more, soon filling her with my puny amount of fresh cum, We sat talking, Sue asking how Gail took it all and what did all that cum feel like in her, etc etc, well Gail said why not try and see for yourself, Sue was kind of horrified, but her eyes also told me she wanted to, I got her a drink and Ray fucked her once more to, his fresh cum running out looked good, I took her and leaned her on the bench, she didn't move, her cum soaked pussy on view for Ralph, who went straight at her and licked her clean, Sue orgasmed a few times, my cock chocking her mouth while she did, then Ralph jumped straight up, his cock pushed at Sue, and on his second trust went right in, Sue nearly bit me in two, as the dog fucked her, she looked at me, my cock again so hard it hurt, as she bucked with his efforts, I just had to see more, and moved under her, watching Ralph fuck her was so horny, Gail was sucking my cock as Ray fucked Sue's mouth, the knot was growing in size, but not inside Sue, she held back I think a bit scared of taking him fully, but she was cuming so hard from his big cock, reasoning went out of the window, as she pushed back hard and in a few strokes his know went in, wow, I nearly blew my load right then, Sue was going wild, screaming, but a nice scream, as she was pushed beyond her limits, orgasms now just one long flow, Ralphs knot grew, oh boy did it grow, as her lips bulged bright red and swollen, she said it felt like his cock was going into her womb, I watched transfixed, Ralph going crazy, Sue bucking so wildly now he was having trouble staying in her, but his knot making sure he did, then again his cock seemed to grow, he growled and pushed her so hard she hit the wall, as we saw doggy cum flood from her swallow pussy, Ralph now spent, tried to pull away but his knot stopped him, we held Sue as he pulled her of the bench, her head on the floor forcing her pussy higher, Ralph just staying on the bench pulled more, then he managed to get loose, her pussy ripped apart as a huge knot tore her open, cum squirting out over us all, Sue screamed again, and fell lazily onto the floor, doggy cum forming a huge puddle under her, oh wow, my mind was a blank, my cock so hard I had to find a hole, her pussy being so wet took it easy, I don't think she even knew I was fucking her as I blew another load, What a night, when we were alone, after Gail and Ray had gone home Sue hugged me and asked if I was ok with her being fucked by a dog, my hard cock told her I was, I described what I saw and how turned on I was, she went down sucking my spent cock back to life as a small amount of cum filled her mouth We met Gail and Ray a few more times each time the girls putting on a show for us both, Then I asked Gail had she ever thought about letting Ralph fuck a guys arse, she looked puzzled, and I said, well Sue told me that he's really good and how she has never had a guy fuck her any where near as good as he does, Gail said yes true, I said well could he try, again she was a bit puzzled, so I got up on my knees and called Ralph, Sue held him and put some pussy juices on my arse, he licked them off, and she did the same again this time he licked them and then jumped up trusting forward at me, his cock hit home but my butt was tight, so Sue grabbed some lube and soon he slipped in, boy did my eyes light up, his cock felt great, huge and long, but so hot, and the speed, mmmmmm, I got used to his size and started to push back, All the time Gail saying not to let him knot with me as it will be to big, Sue said he's in a world of his own now, as I pushed back hard, Ralph trusting forward just as hard too, then to every ones surprise and my good luck his knot went in oh boy did it go in, Gail let out a loud, Bloody hell, as Ralph and I became one, my mind now blank as I had huge anal orgasms, Ralph didn't seem to mind me being a guy, fucked me fully, I was letting out audibly sounds like never before, as my arse took a beating, Ralph sure made me his bitch, then it happenedI felt the heat build, his cock swell and then wham, a huge amount of cum, gallons and gallons flooded my gut, forcing its way up high inside me, feeling like it was going right up into my stomach, but boy what a feeling, then Ralph pulled back trying to exit my tight butt, but I was tighthis knot holding firm, he pulled as I held him tight in me, his cum still pulsing from his cock, then with one hard pull he dropped out, my arse now feeling so empty, cum splashed onto the floor and Sue who was watching up close, I saw her lick some of me, smiling at me as she did, Ralph now lay licking his cock, I couldn't help myself went down and sucked him dry, Sue now watching me intensely, I was so turned on, As things slowed down Gail was astonished at what she had just seen, as we had even spoken about me being bi before either, Sue saying how I like her fucking my arse with the strap on and toys, Gail and Ray were like 'wow' love to see that, It didnt take Sue long wearing the strap on and our 10 inch vibrator in it, she told me.

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ON your knees again, and rammed the vibrator deep in me, I cum with in seconds, I love anal cum's, so hard and intense and I can have so many too, as she ripped me a new one, Gail was now under me sucking my cock, Ray playing with Sue, made her cum a few times too, Then Sue went of, returning with my 12 inch monster dildo in the strap on, Ray's eye's went wide Gail lay speechless, as Sue pushed it in doggy cum oozing out with ever trust, Gail licking it up as it run onto her face, Sue let me up after some 30 mins or so and Gail just had to try the strap on out fucking me again for some time, Sue getting up for Ralph to fuck her while Gail continued to fuck my hole, Ray was shocked that he liked what he saw, saying seeing me being fucked was so horny, I said once you try anal it is so good pussy cum's in second, he said no way., I winked at Sue she knew what I had in mind, as she sat over his face, making him eat her pussy juices, Then I looked at Gail and smiled and motioned to his cock, she didn't know what I meant, as I slide fully down first go on his cock, riding him fast and hard, he moved but soon pushed up not knowing if it was me or Gail using his cock, but his eagerness told me he liked it, as he trust hard, then Gail went up to his head, he slowed but soon pushed up harder again, after awhile Sue moved of and Ray continued to fuck me, a smile now telling me he liked arse, then I swung of pulling him into me doggy, his hard cock fucked deep, filling me all to soon with fresh cum, "No way" he said "I would never have tried anal had you not tricked me, But I'm glad you did".

He went on to enjoy many nights fucking my arse as the girls had fun with Ralph.

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on a couple of ocasions he even let me try to fuck his arse but was to tight and couldnt take my cock, The next year or so meeting them just got better still, until sadly one day they moved away, and all our k9 fun stopped, for now We moved house too, and had been in this house for some time a couple of years or so, and had not really got to know the neigbours to well, being busy most nights with swinging couples, then over a month or two we made an effort to say hello each time we saw them.

We knew they had a big German Shepard, we had seen them taking him for walks often, but thought nothing of it, until they said about needing to put him in a kennel, for the weekend so they could visit friends in a country town for a wedding, I didnt hesitate, saying we can feed and look after him for a few days, no problem, and things were set up.

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The friday night they left we went over and got shown his food etc and keys, and they headed of, leaving us alone with one good looking k9, we put his lead on and took him for a walk, he was well trained and behaved, so on returning home, we went into our house, he soon settled down and played with the kids, Later after they had gone to bed, he sat with us, like all dogs licking his cock and balls from time to time, Sue looking and I could tell getting horny too, so I pulled her dress down and licked her clit, and she orgasmed straight away, Prince, looked as she cum, Sue kept going as my cock went in easy, fucking her for some time before turning her over and doing her doggy stlye, at the same time moving her into the room with the padded bench, she was now in the same postion as when Ralph fucked her, Prince was nearby, but not paying to much attention, to us, then I called him over, he sniffed the air, as I put his nose near Sues pussy, he didnt seem to know what to do, but licked her wet patch any way, I fucked her some more, then blew my wad deep inside her horny hole, Prince now seemed more interested, started to sniff her butt and pussy, licking her from time to time, his cock was semi hard, so I leaned under and rubed it, he moved but didnt back away, as he licked harder, my wanking worked his cock grew, and he seemed more intent on doing some thing about it too, as he moved around, I helped him up over Sue, his front legs now on the bench and his cock inchs from her pussy, Sue was squirming around, hoping Prince would fuck her soon, he began to trust at her, missing her holes, so I again held his cock and aimed it at her wet hole, then he got it right ,Sue jumped as his bog cock hit home, he growed and began to hump hard, deeper and deeper I saw his knot growing, oh wow sue will be in trouble with this one, it was big, I told her maybe not to take it, but she was going crazy, pushing back now like a woman processed, Prince just as wild several times the knot hit her swollow pussy lips but didnt go in, I thought possible for the best as it was big, Sue kept pushing, her pussy bright red now and Princes cock buried in her womb, lucky Sue had a pillow to bite on as she screamed one huge orgasm, pussy juices flowing as Prince seemed to pick up his pace, Then it happened, the knot went it, oh my god its gone in I said as Sue let out one almighty yell, Prince had made her his bitch and he wasnt going to slow down, she screamed it was hurting, but soon in a nice was as she orgasmed one after another, I'm sure she passed out as she went so limp laying flat while Prince pounded her relentlessly, no way could she get away, I held his back and tried to slow him down some, but it didnt work, I watched as his cock, and knot made her pussy so red it seemed like it was glowing in the semi darkness, then he howled, boy did he howl, his knot got bigger still, I could see Sues pussy, it was so big now, possible one and a half times the size of a tennis ball, that was it Sue Im sure passed out, as Prince cum and cum gallons of cum must have floded her straight into her womb, as his cock was so far in, none come out at all, Then Prince started to pull back, I held him this would surely hurt if he did manage to pull his knot out, talking to him trying to relax him, then some 5 mins later his knot softened, and popped out with a loud noise too, and that was it, the floor flooded with doggy cum, so much more than Ralph, Sue turned looking at it all as I palmed some taking to it to her to eat, then eating some myself, then as Prince lay resting we both went down sucking his cock dry, he loved it as it grew once more, Sues eyes telling me she was feeling kinky again, I asked what she had in mind, her eyes saying she wanted more but wasnt ready quite yet, so we both went and sucked Princes cock, working him hard, he was eager too, as he started sniffing Sue's pussy once more, but she said your turn and got me to kneel up, showing Prince my butt, and again rubbing her pussie juices on me, he soon showed interest, I was a bit scared to be honest, he was a big boy, but some of our toys were bigger, but I was in more control with them, Prince legs now up on bench and his cock plunging towards my butt, oh well , Sue helped him with some lube and he slipped in, I'm not sure what sounds I made but I know they were weird as more and more went in, I got all his cock in and he began fucking me with some speed, my arse all to soon responding by pushing back, my god he's good, as anal cum's ripped tho me, Once I'm being fucked and start having anal cums, all reasoning goes out of my head, as my body pushed back harder wanting him more, did I want more too, his cock was bigger than any guy I had been fucked with and the speed, put the two together and I was hooked, as my arse began to open for his knot, I told Sue to put some more lube on his knot,she did and soon that feeling that one cannot describe, I was going to pass out, as I cum so hard, gees I was thinking what I have I got into to, as his cock and knot split me a new one, my arse so open now I never thought id get it to close, such a full feeling, and hot, he fucked me for ages, my mind going in and out of control, then the swelling the pressure, as his cum hit home flooding my inerds fully, going so deep it hurt, but in a nice way, Prince was going wild, pushing in so deep, then trying to pull out, no way was my arse going to be able to let his knot out yet, Sue held him fo rme, as I tried to open my but for his knot, but I couldnt, I was so turned on, my butt tightened up on him more, he pulled, I held, that made me cum again and again too, as the feeling was so intense, Prince continued to fuck me but also pulling back too, his knot making sure he stayed in me, my arse still holding him tight, as more anal orgasms raced though my body, then he managed to get loose, the floor beacame a pool of dog cum, sue trying to get as much as she could, licking it up, we both went down licking his cock again, until his cock went soft, Sue looked at me saying I wonder what we can do tomorrow night with him,