Slut pissed on by sissy

Slut pissed on by sissy
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This is a choose your adventure game. Please play along.

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After reading the story there are 3 potential options for 'Jack' to pursue. Please leave a comment with your vote for which story will be next.


Thanks for playing! It seems the winner by a narrow margin was again option A, teenage Veronica: Veronica's window was dark but thanks to dim moonlight I could see her sleeping softly beneath a thin sheet. She had an absolutely divine form, slender and graceful, and even sleeping she was gorgeous.

I gave a few quick taps on the glass and watched her stir. Startled at first, she finally recognized the situation and gave me a cute wink before slipping out of bed. She slept in a long t-shirt, covering down to almost her knees, and her hair was disheveled and adorable.

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Veronica threw the window open and I crawled inside. "Hi, big guy," she smiled at me when I finally got inside. "Sit down," she ordered, pointing at the edge of her bed. I did, but not before pulling her in and letting her tongue tango with mine.

Veronica climbed onto the bed next to me and began to kiss my cheek and neck. "Mmm, that felt so good, what you did to me earlier," she breathed. "My pleasure." "Well," she said between kisses, "I just want to show my appreciation." Veronica's tongue was still tickling my shoulder but her hand had come to rest on my pulsing cock.

"It feels so big, Jack, so nice," she continued. Veronica gave me a sly smile and then leaned down into my lap. I rubbed my hand along her back and raised her night shirt so I could feel her perfectly smooth skin.

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She hadn't worn any panties to bed, and the sight of her tight little naked ass was breath-taking. I cupped it and squeezed and wondered if I'd ever feel another ass as firm and sexy. In a moment Veronica had freed my cock and it stood proudly inches from her face. She looked at it in awe, towering before her, and she smiled up at me.

Without saying a word she slowly, sexily, slid her tongue across her lips and gently began to caress my shaft.


Veronica's tongue was wet and warm and gave my goosebumps. She lathered my shaft and stopped to pay special attention to the soft, sensitive skin on the underside of the head.

I wondered if perhaps Veronica had some experience. Changing gears, she abruptly wrapped her mouth around my head and held it still, her tongue lashing about within, and I rocked forward in pleasured surprise.

When I did my hips thrust and my cock pushed into her mouth, her eyes bulging as my large meat hit the back of her throat. I relaxed and so did she, tenderly sucking half my length and holding me quite deep without a gag or protest.

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I leaned back, closed my eyes, and let pleasure overwhelm me. Veronica sucked me passionately, with more expertise than I ever expected from a fourteen year old, and my cock was aching for release. Veronica's mouth was heaven, the best blowjob of my young life, and my balls were tense and boiling.

I stifled a deep moan as I felt a tremendous load surging from within. "I'm gonna cum, baby!" I whispered. Upon hearing this Veronica became tentative.

Perhaps she had some experience, but she didn't seem ready or willing to attempt to swallow a wave of cum. Still, she was prepared, pulling herself off me but wrapping a sweet hand around my slick shaft and pumping the cum up out of me. She kept her face inches from my cock and looked devilishly into my eyes. She stared at me resolutely as the first voluminous volley pasted her cheek.

I watched with rapture, she was unbelievably sexy, as stream after stream of cloudy cum painted her face. By the time my final throes oozed out, Veronica's cheeks, nose, lips, chin, and neck were cloudy and sticky. She licked her lips and tasted me, kissing my cock tenderly once more, before retreating to clean up.

Veronica and I didn't talk about what went on between us and if we were somehow in a relationship now, so I left that evening not knowing for sure where we stood. School started the next week and I didn't know what to expect. However, upon passing Veronica in the halls, we only smiled and said 'hi.' I guess that meant we had just hooked up, and I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

On the one hand, I was plenty happy to receive a no-strings-attached blowjob from beautiful Veronica, and I liked the idea of pursuing other avenues, but on the other hand I hadn't gotten as far with Veronica as I wanted, and the thought of that beautiful creature being mine and mine alone, and fucking her majestic body, made me wonder if maybe I should push the relationship envelope. Some options for Jack on the first day of school: A) I pursue Veronica.

Who wouldn't want to fuck that beautiful girl? B) My friend Kelly, kind of a bitch but a cute bitch at that, asked me if after football practice I could give her a ride home, as she would be finishing soccer practice at the same time.

I agreed, even though she'd never done a favor for me. Football practice finished earlier than soccer, so I sat for a few minutes in my car and watched the girls.

Kelly had short, messy but stylish blonde hair, and was a pretty short girl. Her body was fantastic, full C tits and a shapely ass that she always melted into tight pants or shorts, and if she didn't have a reputation for being such a bitch she would probably be one of the most sought after girls in school.

My eyes were glued to her ass as she ran, she wore impossibly tight shorts that must have been uncomfortable to play soccer in but looked positively stunning, and I daydreamed about a world where somebody put this colossal bitch in her place.

Kelly had been my friend since first grade, so she was kind of grand-fathered into our group of friends, but she had done more than enough to piss off everyone she knew. I imagined someone, actually myself, forcing her tight ass open. I wouldn't say I was exactly fantasizing about rape, I didn't find anything remotely attractive about violence and I knew how destructive and fucked up rape was, but it was definitely an authoritative, rough fucking.

When practice ended Kelly hopped in my car, glistening with sweat, and we sped off. Kelly didn't live that far away, she probably could have walked home, but I figured I'd give her a ride just to stay on her good side.


Plus, I always took the opportunity to eyeball a hottie if I had the chance. We reached Kelly's house and nobody was home.

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"Why don't you come in, Jackie, I hate being home alone." Kelly knew I hated being called Jackie, but she enjoyed being a brat. "Nah, I should go, I need a shower," I refused.

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"Please," Kelly pouted. She was outside my car now and slowly climbing the stairs up to the porch. My gaze was fixed on her ass, barely contained within her tiny little shorts, and my mind returned to sinful fantasies. C) The final period of the first day and I already bored with school.

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I was seated in the back row of Mrs. Donnelly's physics class and I wondered how I would ever make it through an entire year with this much boredom. I shot to attention, however, when Wendy entered and took the seat in front of me. I had always been turned on by Wendy. I didn't know her very well, but she had a sexy body and a sly look that always oozed sex in my opinion.

She had short, dark hair and was quite curvy, especially her hips and voluptuous ass.

I watched her walk in, looking confident like she knew every guy in the room was thinking about fucking her, and take her seat directly in front of me. As class wore on, slowly, Wendy unwittingly treated me to a show. She had spun her chair around, too cool for school like she was, and had straddled it and slumped forward onto her desk.

In doing so she had effectively stuck her ass way out behind her, straight at me. She wore tight jeans that were now over stretched by her posture, and by leaning way forward her t-shirt had ridden up her back. My eyes feasted on what was left between: the top quarter of Wendy's luscious ass and the tiny strings of a neon blue thong. I drooled over the two mounds formed by her full ass being pressed into the seat, and I was almost delirious as I stared at the thin strings of the thong and how they dove and disappeared between her ass.

I don't know what but something made me snap out of my dream and look up. I saw, in horror, Wendy's face staring at mine, her mouth agape in shocked surprise having caught me so blatantly eye-fucking her body. I was flushed and embarrassed and terrified she would call me out.

To my surprise, she flashed me a devilish grin and winked before turning and asking Mrs. Donnelly if she could be excused. So, should Jack: A) pursue a relationship with Veronica; B) head into Kelly's house; C) follow Wendy.