Cuddly nympho is gaping pink vagina in closeup and having orgasm

Cuddly nympho is gaping pink vagina in closeup and having orgasm
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Near miss story#3: Diana Birthday Pool Party with Jackie Now Jackie and I didn't have to wait very long at all for the our next opportunity to present itself to us. Matter a fact it was only just a few short months. Diana had invited both Jackie and myself to her birthday party and when we heard it was going to be a pool party .we both known this just might be the Golden opportunity we had been looking for. We had at least three weeks before the party so we had plenty of time to make our plans.

But neither one of us want an repeat of the last time. So we set about make some concrete plans for Diana birthday party.

Over next few week we hash out many plans out before or after we had daily phone sex which that started day after our first near miss which was good thing I guess helped out a lot during wait for this opportunity to come. One very first items that check off our plans where the fucking condoms because if remember from first story we waste a lot of time talking about whether or we going go ahead without a condom or not.

This time the plan was for me to buy a pack of condoms no later than day before Preferably the week of and hide them in my room so my mom won't find them(if you remember for the first story with Diana she was one who throw monkey wrench in that plan) The next few week seemed to fly by and Jackie and I had basically had came up with at least two plans so far but much of plan A hinged on whether or not the pools was going to be open or not to the public.

For in pass when had gone other pool party the family had rented the whole pool for the party. Because plan A was If it was closed to the public than Plan was for us move off away from rest of party group and find place in pool to get it on (only issue with this plan was how would I put condom on) now if pool was open to public we would still attempt plan A but we would have extra careful and try our best to not get caught.

Plan B was only to come into play of plan A was total busted. Plan B we would have to wait until we left the pool when back Diana house and hope like hell we could find a place at Dian grandma house that is it they was enough time left.

But we know it most likely would be quickly and that not really how you would want the most special time in both of your life to take place. You would want it instead to be long drawn out and very passionate if get what I'm saying here. Well by the time week before the party rolled around both the excitement and overwhelming urge had took over Jackie and daily phone sex sessions. I have tell you during that week we had some best phone sex we had in long time.

It was great don't get me wrong but we both wanted the real thing and we both by now was praying for this to be successful.

Don't think either one of us could take another set back like we had last time because we both known it might be LONG time before we got another opportunity like this to finally to make care of business if know what I mean. Well the morning of the pool party. As soon we got up eat breakfast did what we had to in morning.

As soon we finish we were on the phone as quickly had we could've. We when over our plans at least three to four time while on the phone Our excitement and dissipation was off the Charts. We couldn't hard control ourselves.

If everything when plan we would be lovers by end of day.We talk right up until it was time to leave the house checking and double checking every at least four or five time. I had packed a lite brown Tupperware with world globe on front of it I put my swimsuit and towel into the bag. " please whatever you do baby don't forget to put that pack of condoms into the bag . you did buy them right and please tell me you bought them babe" ask Jackie I told her " yes babe I bought them yesterday while on lunch and I'm putting them into bag as we speak" I walk over to the Dressler and got the pack condoms out from their hiding space and place them into bag.

But hide from view by my towel just in case.she had check and double check to make sure that those condom where in the bag.

Each time I give her same answer " they are in there the bag I promise babe"' I said to her. Well time had came for us to leave the house head to Diana for party.

So right before hang up she had check once more time and again they were there so we hung phone up when got into our cars and ahead towards Diana house.

On the way over to Diana house I don't know if more excited or nervous about what I hope when down today. Trying not to think about what things could go wrong but knowing how close we came the last time it was starting to weigh heavy on my mind. Seeming Diana house come into view help me put my mind at easy a little. Getting out of car in front of Diana house and making my way to the door.

I thought to myself as I walked towards the door of Diana house "Let everything go according to plan Plz Lord." I took deep breath and let it out as reach up knocked on Diana front door. Moment later Diana opened the front door and when inside. I shock to find out I was the first one to arrive So Diana show me to basement so I could change into my swimsuit.after doing that I stayed down there until Jackie arrived so her grandma won't see me.

Oh that one thing I left out during our planning stage her grandma wouldn't know I was there. I can't remember why that was but we had basically sneak behind grandma back to see each other. I think it because we couldn't ever get do anything when her grandma was around or some shit. But any who my face lite up when i saw Jackie come bounce down the stairs. She ran up give giant hug we kissed a little.

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She didn't seem want let me go. Well had been little bit since we had saw each other. " Babe I missed you to but you really need go get ready the party going be starting soon." I said to her as kiss her gently on lips and she turned around when into bathroom change. Oh if we had time I would took her right on spot. Hopefully very soon i could and enjoy every min of it. Well few minutes later Jackie came out of bath room wearing this dark gear one piece swimsuit very tight show up all her many sexy has hell curves of her body.

I know it would easy as hell get to her in that just slipped the bottom area near her vagina to side slip it right into it. Just seeing her in nearly made my cock stand at attention.

But I keep it under control didn't want have to rub one out before we got started. Well finally about ten min later all Diana guest arrive at her house and so had her than boyfriend Jay had show up and everyone has either changed before coming over or we're about finished. I was kind shocked only about five or seven people has show up with Diana popularity at this time. So once everyone had gotten ready we left Diana house.

All of us with swimming bag in hand made our way cross the street. We had walk all but less than a block to get to pool. Once we arrive at pool both Jackie and my heart sank when we noticed the pool was open to the public.

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When I saw this I turned towards Jackie softly say " fuck!" So soft only Jackie who standing right beside could heard it. She look at me and asked " what wrong baby?" As pulled me closer to her and again she asked " what wrong baby?" I lifted my finger up and pointed towards the pool. Than she saw it ." The fucking pool is open to public so much for plan A!" She lend in give me a deep kiss on lips and said " Baby remember we talked about this already. there was always a chance it was going be open to public remember babe."'as Rolled her tongue over her bright red lips " plan A isn't a total bust yet we find spot away from everyone just you wait I got this" she said with wink of her eye "remember babe we work some wiggle room into ours plan to account for this" As we closed in on front gate of the pool I then noticed how crowded the pool really was and lend in close and whisper into her ear " babe it freaking crowded as hell and there are way to many young children here we going get busted for sure" she just smile and said "babe it going thin out soon and we just have be extra slick and be patient a window will open just wait".

Moments later it was our turn pay our way into pool which was at discount rate due we were with Diana birthday day party. One inside we made our way pass the crowd of screaming and laughing children and boy they look like they were having the time of their life. But all I could think of was making hot streamy love to Jackie. But that would have wait until the right opportunity to come our way.

Well we drop of our bag at our chairs and both Jackie and both quickly used the bath room before go get into pool. When we come out of bathroom we both walked over rest of Group of Diana friend who showed up at her party. We all were gather around the this big white Plastic circled looking table were we had drop off Diana gift just a little while before, Diana grandma was going all what all was going take place during party I wasn't listening to be honest with you my mind somewhere else at this point.

At that very moment I was Fantasizing about slipping my rock hard cock deep into Jackie's steamy tight Virgin pussy and banging the shit off of her. The more I thought about it .I started feel the blood rushing down in my cock and muscles in my cock start to tight just slightly I really need to stop before I has full Fledge boner. Jackie snap me out of it with a simple touch to my inner thigh and I could tell by look on her face I had an slight boner.

She graph me by the hand and lead me over to an area away from everyone and I could tell she want to give me at least hand job but in said to her " to risky babe to many people around for that"so she reach down began run the bulge in my pants I moan softly and I could feel my the muscles in my cock beginning to tighten I know if she didn't stop I was going blow my load in my swimsuit. I look at her and said " babe you had better stop I'm about blow my load right here in my swimsuit" she just smiled and lean into my ear said " I know I only wish it was in my pussy"' this when she toss a towel over my lap and reach her hand into my swimsuit and took a hold of my by now thumbing cock and finished jerking me off.

The pressure in my cock was really starting to build I was just about blow my load when look at her said " if I blow my load in my swimsuit I won't able to swim" she just whispered in my ear " don't you worry about I got my hand cup just right that when blow you load it only go into hand so when ever your ready blow your load then I will go to bath room lick my hand clean of your steamy seed" By now the pressure in my cock had nearly reach it peek and I could now feed my steamy seed inch it way out of my ball and into the shaft of my cock.

I known it was only matter of moment before it would Erupted from tip of my cock and It would surely would coat my Fiancé's hand " babe I about to blow"said to her "Go ahead babe I hand is ready" Jackie said with smile on her face that very moment the muscles in my cock began to contracting rapidly pushing my streamy seed though the length of my cock and it finally erupted into Jackie hand has it reach the end of my throbbing cock. I could feel my muscles in my cock contracting over and over pushing more and more of my steamy seed into her palm of her hand.

I let out muffled moan as the final little bit of stream seed sprayed into her hand. When Jackie pulled her hand out from my swimming suit. It was just then that I noticed the massive amount of seaman I had shot into her palm of her hand. As she lifted her hand up from my short I noticed that my massive load had started seeping out from her palm and fingers was starting run down her arm this then I suddenly got kind of worried about how was she was going make to bathroom with out anyone catching her with that massive amount in her hand.

She give me an quick wink and turn around walk to bathroom and few minutes later return to me licking her lips so I guess she had lick the entire load as she said she would. By the time she had returned my cock had softened and she lend in give me an French kiss and could slightly taste my own seed in her mouth which didn't taste to bad if you ask me.

She took her seat on fold out beach chair and whispered into my ear " damn I didn't expect you unload that amount of seaman into my hand .

damn nearly got caught by Diana on way to bathroom. luckily for me I most of run off licked off by time I came upon her. you better have more in tank buddy I want the next load in my pussy got it" she said with gentle slap to my chest " don't your worry babe i have plenty left in the tank" I said with shit eating grin as Jackie and I got up and head to the pool.

Well about thirty minutes in Diana birthday party Both Jackie and I were swimming near middle of the pool the part where blue rope with white plastic floaters was that divided the shallow end of pool from deep end by this time the crowd had started to thin slightly but not enough for my liking. She pat the water in front of her with her hand and motion for me to draw closer to her so I did. She reach down and start to rub the crock area of my swimsuit.I know what she was wanting to do just than.

She lend over and whispered in to my ear very seductively " All I want right now is for you put your rock hard dick deep into my tight Virgin pussy and I want feel the walls of my pussy widen as you push your way deeper in my pussy .I know it going be painful at first but I'm ready for it (breathing hard)once inside I want feel the pressure build in your dick as you slide in and out of my soaking wet pussy as our juices mix together and I want to feel your muscles tight and you dick start to throbbing as it did earlier when you unload your massive streamy cum into my hand." She lifted single finger into air as she took deep breath and began rub my Crotch a little harder "But this time I want you to erupted your massive load of cum deep inside of my pussy.

I want feel your cock spewing your streamy seed into me over and over again until you have drained your nuts completely dry of your seed (placing finger to my mouth as to keep me from interrupting her) " I don't want to even hear you even mention the possibility of me get pregnant. I am very aware of the risks we are taking and I really not to worried about it either if happens it happens.

I'm so madly in love with you that the idea of me carrying your baby make my pussy soaking wet just at the though of it" Jackie said as I moved her finger from my mouth I said to her " Baby there nothing I want more right now than to pull the Crotch of your one piece to the side and ram my swollen rock hard cock deep into your tight Virgin pussy and sliding it in and out over and over again until I unload three of four loads of my steamy seed into your pussy.

but." but what baby" Jackie asked with a look of scheer unadulterated passion burning in her eyes as she slipped her hand down in swimsuit and graph a hold of my dick which may thing a thousand time worse for me.

At that moment all I want to do at very moment was pull pant down just enough free my dick and take her right there than on spot and I would have if wasn't for other younger swimmers in pool. I known for a fact if I had pumped my entire load in her it was almost forgone Occlusion that she would have end up pregnant with my children and once her grandma found out she would surely throw my ass in slammer for statutory rape.

Even though the sex would have been consensual. The court would have convicted me without a second thought and an a conviction of that type would ruined my live. I didn't want Jackie to have drop out of school to take care of our baby. I loved her to much for that to happen. She was still young and just coming into her best year of being teenage year .yet there she was begging me to basically impregnate her. I really need stop thinking with my small head and start think with one on my shoulder.

I lend in close to Jackie and give her passion kiss on the lips and said " Baby there not there nothing I want more than make you happy' If I had my way baby you would already have my swollen rock hard dick buried inside your pussy right now! I would be pounding away with all my mighty until I fully filled your pussy full of my steamy hot seed over and over until there was nothing left in me." She then pulled me in closer towards her and kiss me on lips and whispered softly into my ear she was breathing very hard because how turned on she was even in water I could feel the heat and wetness come from her pussy " Take me now or I'm going to rape you!

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" You can't rape the willing babe" I jokes "I'm not joking Scott I want you inside of me please don't make me wait another second I can't wait anymore!" as she attempted to fish my dick from my swimming suit with one hand reach down with her free hand to slide the piece of her swimsuit that covered her extremely wet and hungry pussy. Thousand of thing were running though my mind at that moment. I was just as hungry and horny as she was. But I had to stop it before we got caught.

Breathing deeply lend in close to her give her very passionate kiss on the lips has she took a hold of my free hand moved it to opening of her hotness then I looked at her and said " I want this as much or more than you babe but we running high risk of getting caught if I put my dick inside of you right now . can you just settled for me finger the hell out of you until we find an safer place to make love" An look of disappointment came over her eyes but that was soon replaced with same look passion and hunger as before I could tell she was disappointed that she couldn't have my dick inside of her at that moment as she so desired to.

She lend in closer to me and said " I see now why you are so hesitant to enter me with rock hard cock. To many people around and knowing me I wouldn't be able keep from scream a lot when you push that juicy cock into my tight Virgin pussy no matter how wet you would get me . I would prefer your dick but I will settled with your fingers for now (she graphs ahold to my cock and give it a gentle squeeze)but when we get back to Diana you better be ready or I just might end up raping you.

now get over here and feed your fingers to my pussy and hopefully my pussy with won't eat them." Jackie then graph a hold of my right hand bought my hand down between her leg to her Crouch in demand manner as she used her free hand to put away the small piece of fabric of her of her one piece bathing suit that over the entrance to her pussy Before I started look up at her and said " I'm going finger you but you have control yourself as hard it going be for you to do you can't let yourself loose control because we don't want the other to know what I'm doing or we both will be in trouble you understand me" with an burning passion in her eyes she nod her head and pull my fingers closer to her pussy.

With that I softly ran my middle finger over her swollen pussy lips and she bucked softly not enough to bring any unwanted attention to ourselves. Which was good thing with the crowd at pool. I than slipped the very edge of my middle finger over her G spot which once again made her buck her hip little and let out a soft moan that only I could have heard. I know I was Torturing the hell out of her.

She bend down whispered into my ear " fuck me with your finger baby until I unload now babe deep and hard. If you have to use your thumb so feel more like thick cock is inside me instead of your fingers" This when I change from my middle finger to my thumb and I didn't waste anytime at all pushing my thumb deep into her super tight Virgin pussy now just enough for her get off I didn't want pop her cherry with my thumb I want to save that for my cock later on if we got a chance I slide my thumb in slowly to the canal of her pussy allowing for her muscles of her pussy loose up slightly so I didn't cause her any pain I noticed the muscles of her pussy were pressing down hard against my thumb as if intentionally sucking My thumb deeper and deeper in her pussy and with each movement of my thumb.

I noticed Jackie reacts grown i know it was hard has hell on her not to be bucking her hip wild and let out loud Moans.

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But she was keeping control of her reactions for most part only slightly bucking her hip each time my thumb thrusted either in or out of the canal of her pussy. I could feel the muscles of pussy starting to tighten against the side of my thumb and her breaths had become very shallow her thrust of her hip had increased to match my inward and outward thrust of my thumb each time my thumb enter and exited her pussy canal. I look up at her at that very and just from her facial expression she had on her face.

I known she was about explode. I known she want let out loud moan but was doing her best not let anybody around us know that her fiancé was at that very moment was finger fucking the shit out of her. She bend down gently kissed me on the lips and said " faster and harder I'm just about ready to blow and I expected you lick off all my cum off your finger like I did your earlier" " Oh don't you worry i will" I replied to her in a whisper" I pick up the pace of my thumb entering and exiting her canal and I suddenly I felt her body Tension up and the rush of her orgasm rush over my thumb as made it way out of her canal.

I couldn't remove my thumb from her canal if I wanted to her muscles had an death grip on it. Wave after wave of her orgasm course over my thumb. I just praying that none of it got into water if it had we would have been screwed, blowed and tattoo for sure.

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Suddenly as her muscles of her canal of pussy had tighten against my thumb moment before the muscles loosen allowing me withdraw my thumb from her pussy she positioned her in way to block the other seeing me lick her female cum from my thumb and other finger and damn she taste good and I couldn't wait for more when I hopefully got to eat her out Just then I heard them call our names out telling us it was time for Diana open her gifts and cake and ice cream.

We quickly fixed ourselves and by time I got to shallow in my boner has softened thank god. If hasn't how the hell would explain it. I had noticed during the time I was thumbing Jackie pussy that cloud in sky above us has started to cloud up and by now they were starting to somewhat dark and wind had also started pick up.

So I figured that why her grandma had call us over to get the gifts and others shit done before it came a storm Just in time to it was not to long after Diana had opened her last gift and we had all ate our fill both cake and ice cream that first rumble of thunder rumble and this when many of Diana guest say they had get going.

So did many of other who was at the pool made their exit. I don't know what made Diana,Jay,Jackie and myself remain at pool as Diana grandma decided she wasn't going hang out. So Diana and Jay and Jackie and myself help get all Diana gifts to car. Jay Diana boyfriend carried what was left of cake and ice cream to grandma car then all returned to pool to hopefully wait out this storm.

All these year later I wish we had gone with her grandma because it might has change the end of this story in our favor. But any who back to story I won't want give the end way to early now would I. As we made our way back across the pool deck another rumble of thunder rang out. I thought to myself damn it another fifteen min we have wait.

( you all should know the storm rule for pool that I shouldn't have to waste time and cover them ) by now the wind had really started to pick up and we all were now second guessing our decision to wait out the storm.

It wasn't only a few minutes after us gathering our swim bag under the pools refreshments canopy that it seem like cloud just opened up and rain pour down like cats and dogs and then it happen the first flash of lightning was seen. Jackie wrapped her arm around my torso and buried her head into my chest as a massive thunder rang out moments after the first lightning bolt was saw.

I reach up and ran my palm of my hand over her thick dark brown hair and she lifted her head and our lips connected this when Diana chime in and said " get a room you too damn can't take you to anywhere " as she pick up cup cold water and tossed on us.

When those ice cold water hit our body it causes chill bumps to pop up on both of our arm and surely soften any boner that I had started to form to go completely soft. We both turned our head toward both said " hey what hell man that shit was cold" Diana and Jay burst out laughing. This when Diana walk over to us and said " I noticed both of you had a slight Pip in your step getting out of the pool early" both Jackie and I turn our head toward each other and both of us had this big shit eating grin on our face .The look on Diana face was of pure anger and jealousness.

She draw her head in closer towards to us and said in Stern tone of voice " You two had best not been doing what I though I saw you two doing earlier in pool ( her face was starting to turn bright red) Please tell me you two weren't doing what I though I saw you doing ?" I turned my head towards Diana and just smile and I said to her in a defiant tone of voice "Well Diana it all depends on what you're referring to ( both Jackie and myself were trying our hardest not to laugh )and I will tell you whether we were or not" Diana nearly lost it and used her finger poked me in chest as snap back at us in very demanding tone of voice " Don't you fucking be ignorant with Scott (quickly wag her pointed finger at both us )both of you know EXACTLY what fuck I'm talking about ?

I cut her off middle sentence and told her in very defiant tone of voice " No Diana we don't know what you're fucking talking about so please enlighten us!" This just pissed Diana off even more to the point where the Blood veins in her neck started to to show. I had totally forgotten how fucking sexy she look when she got angry " YOU WERE FUCKING HER wasn't you and don't even think about fucking lie to me.

I saw the Expressions on Jackie face earlier. this when Jackie took step toward Diana and pointed her own finger at her friends chest and said " jealous much ??? The question seem caught Diana totally off guard a little and the anger look on her face was quickly replaced with one of utter shock. Diana reply in shaky tone of voice as she drop her finger from my chest took step back " What in world would you make you think that I would be Jealous? Jackie turn toward me and wrapped her long arm around my shoulder and lend in give passion kiss on the lip then then turn her attention back at her best friend and said " oh Diana now who being ignorant one.

I'm dating your ex boyfriend in which you, yourself step up . just because you couldn't fighting the feel you still had for him .

( Diana try's butt in but Jackie wouldn't have any of it ) Oh no I'm not finished ( Jackie run her hand down my chest starts play with chest hair) It written are over your face and has been for fucking long time like time we were are Skating ring and i ran my hand through his hair and your exact words were ( rise both hand up doing two finger Quote signs )" oh he doesn't like having the hair on his head rubbed" when clearly he was enjoying the fuck out of it ( lend in kiss me on cheeks ) Jackie continue "oh don't forget about the last time we were in back seat of grandma car passionately make out.

You were trying you best to hide it but I could see in you eyes Diana as i seeming it in them now. If the truth being told Diana even he noticed it last time we were together in grandma car that why he ask you if it was ok with you if we did what we did last time only out of respect for you.

"We doing thing that you only wish you could have done with him. But you got scared when he brought up the subject of marriage as a way solve your two issue with not getting to have sex and what did you do Diana ?.( Jackie lend in close Diana face) You ran and I didn't !" I myself was in state of shock just listening to Jackie telling off her best friend.

I look over at Diana and I could just tell from look Diana face that Jackie words had cut Diana to core. And I kind of felt bad for her I really did this supposed to be her day . her birthday party and yet at that very moment her best friend in world was dressing her down (For those of you that aren't military bring dressing down is what your drill sergeant would do to you if fuck up big time in basic )in front of her boyfriend Jay.

I took ahold Jackie hand and give her passion kiss her on lips trying to calm her down she open her mouth and allow my tongue to invade her mouth for a few moments before I pull out and turn my head towards Diana and said " The answer to your question Diana was I fucking her no I was not .

Diana broke in middle sentence and said " if you to wasn't fucking then what hell were you doing then" I look at Jackie and smile and said " Well if Jackie had her way we would have been fucking but since the pool was way to crowded with people to do that at time ( turn my head to face Jackie and we both turn our head toward Diana and smile) well we compromised since she had given me an hand Job earlier when we were sitting in that (I point at white blue fold chair with my finger) folding chair over there and she let me blow my massive load into her hand.

I figured it only fair if I got to blow my load than she was going blow her! Diana broke in and said " Ok so if you two weren't fucking then what hell were you two doing than because let me tell you her facial expression told me she was in enjoying whatever you were doing to her to at the time" Jackie let out soft giggle and said " tell her babe she'll get a kick out of it." I could help from laughing myself " if you have to know Diana I was thumb fucking her.

I first give her my middle finger but she said to use my thumb so it would feel more like my dick was in her. That why we were moving around so much in water .but trust me if I could have figured way out to gone and grabbed one condoms from my bag over there and been able put it on with out everyone in pool noticing the massive boner i had we would have been fucking" Diana just rolled her eyes and said " well at least you bought them this time because Jay and I have decided once this storm lite up we going back to the house and Jay has another gift he want to give me" I look at Jackie and she just grin really big and I told Diana " sound like a plan to us" About thirty minutes later the storm lite up just enough for Jay, Diana, Jackie and myself to make our way toward Diana house.

On way back to Diana house Jackie walked up to Diana and said "You're one my best friends in the whole world Diana ( take ahold of her hand for moment) and I'm sorry for blasting you the way i did.

can you ever forgive me Diana" Diana stop and look at Jackie for moment and look at her and said "Jackie you had enough guts to tell me the honest truth.


I have been Quite jealous of you two.(Drop her head for moment than lifting once again) you two have done stuff that I only could imagine Scott and I doing and your were spot on when your brought up the marriage issue he had called me when he was down in Georgia for his dads wedding night and he brought that issue up and your right I got scared and ran.

so you really don't have anything to be apologizing for. Only true friend would have call me out like you did I forgive you" I stopped just before stepping on Diana front yard and turn around said to both of them " damn get a room you two" Jackie just bursted out laughing and Diana of course give me the bird and I jokingly said " you offering Diana?" The girls both bursted out laughing and Diana said " only in your dreams fucker" I couldn't help myself I had laugh at what she had said.

With everything had gone down none of us had realized that on way back Diana house the storm had totally blow itself out and the sun had came back out. But none of us seem to didn't care we all had some other Business to take care of. As soon as Jackie and I walked into Diana house we rushed down the stairs to the basement of Diana grandma house Diana and Jay was close behind us.

When Jackie and I reach the bottom of stairs I look over towards the wall close to us and I noticed there was a bedroom and then I had the perfect idea.

I gently poke Jackie her side with my finger and said to her " Do you think Diana would mind if we used that room take care of some important Business? Jackie face lite up when ask her the question?

" I don't think she would mind but you would have to go ask her? So I when up to Diana and ask if she would mind use using the room and she said she didn't mind but it her sister room and she didn't know when she was going to be home? At that moment I couldn't have care less about Diana sister all I was focusing on at moment get back to Jack and getting our ass into that bed room and getting her out of that one piece swimsuit and plunging my dick deep into her tight ass Virgin pussy So moments later after tell Jackie what Diana had said we pick up our bags and we rusted into bed room closed the door behind us.

Even before we gotten to bed our hand were going every which way, our tongues were down each other's throats Jackie jumped on the bed hyper beyond anything I had ever seen her before.Once on bed I reach up and lowered the straps on her one piece pulling it down to exposing her virgin white breasts to basement cool temperature which Instantly cause her young virgin nips to harden .I reach up with right hand gently started to rub her right nip and Jackie let out a loud moan and buck her hip slightly.

"0h fuck baby don't stop ahhhh shit that feel good!"she said as throw her head back and dug her nails into bed.

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I moved to top of her body and I started kiss the side of her neck near base of her neck. Every time my lips would make contact with her exposed flesh of her neck line her breathing would deepen and she let a softy moan. I was taking my sweet time. This going be the first time either of us had had sex.

I didn't want rush though it.


I wanted it to be special. Something that years down the road we both could look back on when we both were old and gray and said " we didn't just fucked the first time we truly made love." I didn't even make it all way to opposite side of her neck .when Jack reach down took me by head and bought me up to her mouth.

She breathing very rapidly by now she throws her arm around my head bringing me towards her mouth. Both of our lips parted and we buried both of tongues deep into reach others mouth. It was our tongues were wrestling around each other's mouth.

We had passionately French before but this was way different. After about five min I finally was able break loose my tongue from her mouth and I returned to what I was doing before our tongues had their wrestling match. I slowly made my way down her chin kiss every inch of it .I didn't want to leave spot untouched. The farther I when down her body the more louder her moaning grow. By now she was fully turn on and her arms were rubbing down the small of my back and every now and then she dig her nails into my back.

Moments later I finally make it to her breast damn every time I would either kiss or blow my hot air over she would literally throw her head back and yell out " ahhh ahhhh ahh mmmm mmmmm" it only got deeper once I reach the very tip of her swollen and very inflamed nips. I took my sweet time kissing each of them. I know I was literally torturing the shit of her. This when Jackie took a hold of my hand and forcefully shoved my hand down between her legs as she was spreading her long thighs up open wide.

I moved down toward the bottom of her torso stopping just at edge of her Crotch. Just from where I was I could feel the seething heat that was radiating out from her pussy.

I reach down and ran just very tip of my finger over her inflamed lips of her cunt. Oh God I thought she was going blow her load right there and then. When I saw her Scorching hot female juice begin to seeping down out her canal of her cunt and were just starting seep over her inflamed lips of her pussy I stopped and said to her " this isn't our bed baby so we can't be just going messing it up" she just look at me with an look of full of primal blood lust could clearly been seen in her eyes she said "mmmmmmm aaaahhh (very deep breathing) your right baby we mess up Cindy bed with my cunt juice she would kill us both quickly go graph .

mmmmmmm aaaahh.damn baby that fucking feel good . get a towel put up under me and make it quick damn it.So I rolled off edge of the bed and quickly had I could made way across the room and retrieved my swimming towel that semi wet from drying off earlier from the pool and rushed back over to bed. Jackie didn't waste second bend her body up towards be a our lips Connected and once again both of our tongues wrestle about in our mouth just long enough me spread towel down on bed so we wouldn't mess up Diana sister Cindy with her scorching juice that by now were heavily flowing out from her cunt canal rushing over edges of her inflamed lips.

I just wanted stick my head down there and suck in every drop of her juices. But I guess she other ideas in mind she roll her body over and firmly press my body down on bed and started to pay me back for all time I spent torturing her moment before starting by kissing the side of my neck and working her way down my throat. " oooooooooo ahhhhhh ooooohh" slipped from my lips has tossed my head back as she continued make her way down my body. By now I had full fledge boner that kind starting hurt slightly now to it pressing firmly up against the roof my my swimming suit.

I guess she noticed the expression on my face change slightly because she immediately lower herself down to towards my waist and set about untiring my strings on swimming suit and loose up my swimming suit to relieve the pressure slightly.

As she was looking up at me she smile and told me in very hyper and excited tone of voice " Baby I cannot believe we are actually going to do it this time . I been waiting for this day to come" as she started to slip my swimming suit down off my waist and lower them to the floor I surely thought she was going take my rock harder dick in her mouth.

At least that what way it was looking when move her head just inch away from my swollen dick. " that right baby take my massive swollen throbbing dick in your mouth . please I want feel it expand farther as it enter your mouth"I bellowed out in preparation for my first ever blow job. Instead She lend forward and ran her tongue up the shaft of my dick only stop and leaned in towards me with yeah right look on her face and said " Yeah so you blow you massive load in my mouth instead of my hungry ass pussy' Diana told that guy are highly like to blow their pent up load quickly the first time .

sorry baby I but I want feel your muscles contract Violently in my cunt as my muscles of my cunt causing you to violently spewing your sticky streamy massive load into tip of your condom inside me.

(graphs me by head ) and I want it now ! Hurry up get the condom I can't wait another fucking min to have your fucking dick deep inside my tight Virgin pussy" " Yes ma'am you don't have tell me twice be right back" I said as rolled off bed and head straight for bag that sitting at fall left hand side of bed. I bend down and started to go though the ideas in my bag. I was finding everything except the item that I was desperately searching for. my heart started to race and sweat appear on my forehead and not for good reason either.

I rummaged though my bag moving all items that I had in my bag by now the sweat rolling down my face starting to get into my eyes which burns like motherfucker. And Jackie continuously tell me hurry up didn't help things much Jackie call from bed over to me " Baby please hurry the hell up we only have a hour before my grandma show up" from across the room I mumbled softly " where hell are those GOD DAMN CONDOMS.

I know I fucking put them in this fucking BAG!" I guess I didn't say it soft enough because Jackie Sprain up off the bed and grabbed the bag from my hand I was sweeting bullets by now, my heart was beating a mile a second.


I could literally see this opportunity for us to make love slipping away. Jackie literally dumped all the contents of bag into the floor and my jaw drop and hit the flood. They were a GONE! Jackie bend down and got on her knee shuffle through the contents that just came out of the bag.

She look up at me oh dear God the look of scheer anger appeared in her eyes. There was nothing I could do but brace myself from her firely fury that was surely was to come of this. Jackie literally started to shake and tossed the bag directly in my lap.

" where the hell are they Scott you told me you has put them in bag" I quickly got up from floor and hurry over to where she was standing and she literally starting to cry. " I swear Jackie I did put them in there and even check five time before I left the house" I said to her.

She push me away now fully in tear walking back over to my bag. And pick it up from ground and toss it to me " Then where the hell are they Scott (point at bag) they not in bag like you swore to me. (Crying uncontrollably she goes sit back on Diana sister bed) NO NO NO we had fool proof plan. This can't be happening to me again!" I start to walk over to her and by now she was pull up her one piece just shacking her head no " Baby they were in bag I swear to God.

maybe they fell out at pool or something. It doesn't mean we can't make love. I mean you wanted me go in earlier without one . come baby please talk to me . this Silents is killing me. She turned her head towards me still cry her eyes out " we can't ok if we do it that now my grandma would surely find out if had done it in pool it would wash away any evidence of our making love.

(Place her head in her hand crying uncontrollably) why does this continue to happen to us Scott" I race over to bed to comfort her Jackie buries her head into my chest. I run my hand across her head trying calm her down "I swear they in bag when I left the house and now they gone ( I lifted up her head from chest) calm yourself baby. I swear to we will soon be lovers. just not going to be today. Go get change and clean yourself up we wouldn't want your grandma noticed that you had been crying" " ok baby I'm your not mad at me are you?

"She ask as walked across the room head toward bathroom to change out of swimming suit and back into her regular clothes. She stop right at bathroom door looking back at me "Baby why in world would I be mad at you for. here I am worried out my mind and I'm the on afraid your going dump me for screwing up an Golden opportunity like this ." Then we both hear it coming from other room the tell tell sound of Jay moaning.

I look at Jackie and said "'look like we know where those damn condoms when off to after all" I said slamming my fist on bed "Fucking Diana I know she fucking took them. I have half the mind to go in there Beat her fucking ass." Jackie said. I couldn't help but laugh at though Jackie beating Diana ass but I know time running out and we could squeeze in some dry sex before her grandma arrived to pick her up " No baby at this those condoms being put good use I mean it is her births day so if you hurry we still get off but unfortunately it going have dry sex if that ok with you"I said to her " well sex is sex right even if dry sex ok baby be right back out" she said as she step into bathroom get change Well since the condoms when missing we once again had the sex rug yanked from under us.

But We did manage to get off even if it was by dry sex. I fucking hate dry sex i want the right thing. I wanted plunge my dick into her steamy tight Virgin pussy. But one rest sured the next time we got change we when all the way But only after I had cheated on twice those stories are the next two chapters of this some one you may wish I didn't include this stories.

But to tell hold story you to include the whole story .