Defloration of sexy carmen rivera is without this world

Defloration of sexy carmen rivera is without this world
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I give into their "PLEEAASSEE!" and tell them ok and to go ahead and put another movie in. The girls go over to the entainment center bend down and look through the movies to decide what to watch next. I can't beleive how hot the girls look bent over, Natalia with just a long shirt on gives me a sweet view of her nice beautiful tender young ass covered by pocodotted underwear. Rachelle with her half top, bent over that I could see her forming puffy A-cup titties with those sweet pink nipples.

Now my dick is really leaking! This time they had picked a romance movie and I thought, ok, I wont get to see all the sights I saw on the first time. As the movie is playing it gets to a part of the movie where there are in bed making love to each other. (Just naked breast shots and the back of the guys ass moving on top of her R rated movie) I thought my daughter had picked a pretty steamy movie to watch for her age.

As the actors are moving around, I look over and see how it is affecting the girls. Natalia has got her legs tight together with both feet on the floor and her hands in between her legs massaging the top of her covered pussy. Rachelle has her legs up and is leaning against the side of the couch, She keeps rubbing her pussy over the back of her right leg and her A-cup titties are pointing straight out.

(I thought I was going to explode!) My cock is now just dripping precum all over my hand and I can feel the sweat beads forming on my head from all the massaging the girls were giving themselves.

I see Natalia shake for a moment and her body twitch and Rachelle stiffens up, rolls her eyes and lets out a small moan. I couldn't take it anymore from all this and grab a tissue and put it to the top of my exploding member, as stream after sream of hot cum fill up the tissue and still wind up going over my other hand that is holding the pulsing rod in place. OH! That was soooo good! (Thank god for the throw pillow that was on my lap!) The movie is finally over and I tell the girls it is time for bed, and no excuses this time!

The girls get to go to bed and I can see a damp spot in Natalia's underwear as she spreads her legs to get up. Rachelle gets up and I could see her shorts sticking to her crotch. She grabs them and pulls them out and I could see her twitch when she did. I wait till the girls go in the bathroom, throw the pillow on the floor and go to the bathroom.


I throw the tissue in the small waste basket under the sink and clean up. I hera the girls talking and go to the room and knock. The girls chime in and say "Come in" I walk in and tell them goodnight and not to be up all night. The girls say ok, they won't, and then tell me goodnight.

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I close the door and head for my own bed room. (Let me describe my bedroom; it has a large king size bed, A tv and a dvd player built into the wall and a private bathroom on the left of the room). I close my eyes and go right to sleep as I had been well satisfied from all sights I had taken in. I had busted a nut two times and was well satisfied from that, but I could still felt like I needed some real pussy to surround my cock.

I was in a nice sleep ,when there was a bright flash followed buy a large bang. The next thing I know there is two pair of feet running for my room.


They open the door and ask if they can get in bed with me? I tell them I don't think that is a good idea and I get the "PLEEAASSEE!" again.

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I give in and tell them, ok, I slide over to the right and lay on my back and have my right hand under mt head. The first one in is my daughter, she cuddles up to me, puts her head on the right side of my bare chest and her hand across the left side. The right side of her body laying slightly on me, with her right knee pulled up on my leg close to my now deflated dick (I have a pair of pajama bottoms on only).

The next one in is Natalia, she slides in and spoons in behind my daughter, her hand is over my daughter's waist holding on to her. The storm is finally over and everyone is asleep. About 8:00 I feel the bed move and start to slightly wake up to see Natalia heading for my bathroom.

She turns on the light, pulls the seat down, looks over at the bed to make sure we are still asleep and pulls her underwear down. Part #4 It's about 7:00AM and being a light sleeper, I feel the bed start to move.

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My daughter rolls on to her back and realize that Natalia is heading for my private bathroom. She turns the light on and looks over at the bed to see if anybody is awake. I pretend to still be asleep and squint my eyes to watch.

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She pulls her shirt up to her chin and leans over pulls her little pink panties down exposing her beautiful puffy pussy. She holds her shirt up and I could hear the trickle of pea flowing, it slows down and I watch as she grabs some toilet paper, spreads her legs, and wipes her little sweet pussy.

She drops the paper in the toilet ,flushes and gets up and pulls her panties up. Thank goodness my daughter had rolled over on her back because now I had a raging hard on from watching Natalia go.

She heads back over to the left side of the bed, I feel the bed move a little and then I see Natalia head over to the right side.

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I wonder what she is doing when I realized that my daughter had taken up the left side when she had rolled over, and she was checking to see if there was room on the right. She moves over to the bed pulls the covers back a little and climbs in. She snuggles in and puts her head on my chest very lightly, put her right arm on my stomach, and her right leg on my thigh and leg.

Here I am with this raging hard on, my left arm by my side and my right arm stretched out straight above her head. Natalia starts to move around to get more comfortable when her knee hits my hard on. I realize that my flap was open and that her knee had just touched my bare hard dick. She jerks her knee away and just lays there. After about a minute or so, I feel her head move up to see if I am awake. I just lay there pretending to be still asleep.

Her head moves back down and I can feel her leg coming back up on my leg again. I feel like I could just burst and I could feel the precum dripping out of my dick.

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She takes her right hand and feels her way down to my raging member. She takes two of her fingers, touches the side and then moves up to the top sliding over the top and rubbing the precum into her hand. She goes back this time grabbing around the whole shaft. She can't quite get her whole hand around it, but god did it ever feel good! Natalia moves closer to me and starts grinding her pussy into my thigh. Her leg has moved over more and is touching my balls while she is still jacking me off.

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I could feel the heat on my side and realize how hot her pussy is. I started to imagine how hot that furnace would be clamped around my dick. She starts breathing harder and picks up her pace, when all of a sudden she tightens up, lets out a low muffled moan and realized she has had a orgasm.

That sends me over the edge and I start squirting over her hand. she had just cupped the head of my dick just I had let loose. My cum runs down my still stiff shaft and had filled her hand. She slowly moves her body away and slips out of bed.

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I watch her go to the bathroom and grab a wash cloth. She starts cleaning the cum off her hand, but puts a little up to her nose,then to her mouth where she taste it. she looks puzzled and tastes it again.


I couldn't believe it when she started to lick her fingers clean. I thought to myself how nice it would be if she tasted it straight from the source! I watched her now pay attention to the soaked panties between her legs as she took the wash cloth to clean her pussy with. She dropped her panties down,spread her legs, and shivered as she runs the cloth over swollen pink pussy. She grabs a towel, drys off her panties as best she can, puts them back on, and comes back to bed carrying a damp wash cloth and very slowly dries my pubic area off.

She gets up, hangs up the wash cloth and sneaks back to bed. This time though she is facing away from me on her side. My dick is back to full attention again thinking about what happened and watching her in the bathroom. I was about to roll over, thinking maybe it's my turn to play when my daughter rolls back on my left side again!

Guess who feels my bare dick with their knee this time?