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Porno small dick
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I just couldn't get enough of it. I stood in the kitchen, my mom's hands holding the counter as I stood behind her, fucking her ruthlessly, willing her hips to become a part of the counter at the rate and ferocity I was pounding into her. It was a Friday, and I was feeling a little extra horny and aggressive. Mom usually stayed naked, or easily accessible at home (and if we're being perfectly honest, most of the time in public too), and I just really wanted to fuck someone.

My thirteen year old sister Becca wasn't home yet, since Friday nights she was usually out till about 10pm, doing god knows what, and then coming home and going to sleep shortly after, so I decided to use my other favourite cum receptacle. My mom Britney comes home from work on Fridays feeling thoroughly fucked by her boss, and as a result, is really happy.

I took one look at her when I walked in from school as she was home early, and saw her glistening pussy from behind as she was doing the dishes from this morning. I dropped my bag in the foyer, unzipped my jeans, walked up behind mom, kicked her legs apart and just plunged right in. "Take my dick, you bitch. Tell me how much you want your own son's cock, you filthy, stupid, dirty little whore. You're a good for nothing incestuous cunt. You need dick so bad, you turned to your own, underage son for a good dicking.

And you can't get enough of it, can you, cunt?" I yelled into her ear while I fucked her with a fury I didn't even know I had. "OH FUCK yes! Yes, I'm a whore, a good-for-nothing cum bucket. All I want to do is drink cum all day, and if it's my son's, that's even better.

I'll do anything for your dick baby, give me your cock and cover me with your spunk!" She just doesn't quit. I pulled my dick out of her cunt and got a disappointed groan out of her, and just as quickly, placed my wet cock right up against my mom's asshole, and shoved right in, not taking care to go slowly at all.


"OH MY GOD! YES!!! YES BABY, OH GOD YES!!" What a whore. I jackhammered into her asshole, and the tightness of it got my balls bubbling up within seconds. I yanked her hips closer to me and came harder and more than I could remember. I could've sworn I blacked out for a few seconds there, too.

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My mom lay panting, hands in the sink, legs spread open lewdly, tits pressed against the counter while her 15 year old son had one hand in her hair, pulling her head up, one hand on her back keeping her chest down, and his hips pressed so tightly against her ass, she started losing feeling from the waist down.

I pulled my cock out of her ass, pulled her around by the hair, pushed her into a squat and she immediately stuffed my cock into her mouth. "You're so filthy. I can't believe you're my mother. a 29 year old whore. Look at you, sucking a cock that was just in your ass like it's the juiciest treat you can find. Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks open, bitch." She obeyed without hesitation, sitting in a squat, with her hands on her ass cheeks keeping her ass spread apart, while the anal creampie I left her oozed out of her ass and onto the floor slowly, all while she sucked my cock clean of her juices.

She moaned and hummed her assent to all the dirty things I called her, and the whole time while I degraded her. "Bitch, you're wasting cum. Isn't it your rule to never waste cum if you can help it?" I demanded of her.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I'll fix that right away," the 29 year old wanton slut said lustfully, after she took my cock out of her mouth and then turned around, put her face to the floor, and lapped up the cum that just spilled out of her ass. "Do you ever quit being a slut, even for a second?" I asked her.

"No baby, it's like being told to stop breathing. I love cock, I love cum, and I'll do anything to keep it up. I was born for this, and I'll do it till the day I die. I was born to lie on my back, legs spread, a cock in each hand, one in my mouth, one in my ass, and one in my pussy. That's my dream baby, to live every second like that, taking all comers and cummers, every inch of my body covered in cum, scooping it into my mouth, eating cum, bathing in it, living in it.

I want that forever. I love the taste of my ass, whether it's off your cock, off my finger, or from your cum out of my ass. You know that babe," my mom said while staring up at me from her place on the floor. "Hmm…alright then, I want you to come with me for a minute. I wanna go for a walk," I told her. She immediately got up, and walked over with me. She didn't ask to get any clothes on, and she knew I didn't expect her to have any clothes on. I opened up the front door and walked right out, at 4:30pm, broad daylight, right out onto my driveway, and my slut of a mother followed me out there, bare naked, with not a stitch of clothing.

The only things she wore were two huge hoop earrings that accentuated her sluttyness, and a few ropes of dried cum on her face and in her hair. I let her walk ahead of me, barefoot, to the edge of the driveway. I noticed a spot of my cum still on her ass. "Hey mom, you got some cum on your ass still.

You should probably get that," I pointed out to her. She smiled at me over her shoulder, reached over, scooped it up with her finger and popped it into her mouth. With that, she kept walking, right down the street, butt naked. Miraculously, there wasn't anyone outside to see or intercept her. Our neighbours all knew that my mom was promiscuous, and they all felt that my sister was dressing maybe a little provocatively for her age, but I swear they were all idiots since none of them seemed to figure out that my family was a breeding ground for whores.

I sped up, and walked next to my mom as we turned the bend and ended up by our neighbourhood park. As soon as we were off the pavement and on grass, I told her that I expected her on her knees while we remained at the park. "Yes sir," she replied obediently. She always called me sir, or master when I gave her a command. She was well trained like that.

For the next 15 minutes, I had her roll around in the grass, bark like a dog, lick my shoes, hang upside down from the monkey bars on the playset that was there for the kids, and I slapped her tits.

Then I told her to lie down in the grass again, while I pulled out my cock. "You have some cum on your face, and it's really bothering me bitch. You are just a bitch, aren't you? A female dog…you're even barking like one today," I told her evilly. She smiled when I said it. Then I opened up the floodgates, and just pissed all over her face. Usually, I pissed on Becca only, since she enjoyed piss games, but today, I felt like pissing on mom was called for.

Mom giggled, and opened up her mouth, trying to catch as much of the rainfall as possible. Once she had a decent sized mouthful, she swallowed it, and tried collecting some again. My piss stream ended, and my mom's hair was thoroughly soaked, and the cum was all gone, which was the whole goal from the start. I put my cock away and started walking away, telling my bitch to follow me.

She promptly got on all fours, and crawled to follow me. I walked down to the other end of the park where there was a fence with a way to get onto a different street. I walked through it, and since there was concrete on the other side, my mom stood up and continued following me.

We eventually reached the neighbourhood elementary school, which was where a lot of the kids in the neighbourhood went over the years, including myself. We walked through the field and the outdoor basketball courts, and ended up walking around the outside of the school till we reached the back. When we were there, I noticed a few backpacks cluttered around the back wall, and got curious. I walked over to them, and heard moaning from behind the dumpster. Curiosity again got the better of me, and I ended up taking a peek behind it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a bunch of the neighbourhood kids, aged around 10 to 12 standing around Becca, who was on her back, lying down on the pavement, with one kids cock in her mouth while another kid was fucking his tiny cock in and out of her hungry pussy over and over again, with another 3 kids standing around, cocks in hand, egging their friends on!

"Yea, keep fucking her!" "She wants it so bad, haha!" "Holy shit, my brother was right! She'll take it anywhere! He said her mom fucks better though, and she'll do anyone, too! I wonder if that's true?" I smiled when I heard that one.

I beckoned my mom over, but told her to be quiet and peek around the corner of the dumpster like I was doing. My mom leaned around and let out a soft sigh when she saw what was going on.

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"They wanna fuck you too, cunt," I whispered into her ear softly. She smiled and looked at me imploringly. "Give me a few seconds just to see how this plays out first," I told her. I looked back at my sister, and saw that she already had the telltale signs of cum on the corners of her mouth. Clearly, she'd been at it for a while before we arrived on the scene.

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Suddenly, the boy that was in her mouth pulled out. "I wanna paint her face. Let's see if she still looks pretty with cum on her face!!" he said excitedly. He started to jerk his tiny little pecker, and a few spurts of cum shot out jerkily, most of it missing her face and falling on the concrete she was lying down on.

"Oh shit, hang on Mikey," Becca said and turned herself around so that the kid who was fucking her had to stop and his cock came out of her pussy. She then proceeded to lick the dirty concrete floor till she got all the cum that had missed her face. After she was satisfied, she lay back down and spread her knees apart again, while Mikey went back to what he was doing, and Becca reached out and grabbed at two of the surrounding cocks, while one of the kids put his cock into her face.

"We should leave her alone.


It's her weekend ritual, and I think these are guys from her school. She probably doesn't want to scare them off. I'll get her to bring them around the house for a few rounds with you later on," I told mom in a whispered voice. We turned and left, mom somewhat reluctantly, but before we left, I went to the bags lying by the wall, and riffled through them till I found a skimpy halter top buried under the bags, and a pair of short shorts that were probably meant for a 6 year old. I took the two articles of clothing.

"We'll see if the bitch walks home naked and cum covered, or if one of her boys gives her something to wear," I chortled while walking away, back the way I came. I handed my mom the clothes. "You can wear them, if you want, and if they fit," I offered to her. My mom paused and put the halter top on, but found that if she tied it around her neck, it barely covered her, which came as no surprise since it was meant for kids, and barely fit my 13 year old sister, let alone my 29 year old fully developed mother with 36D tits.


The bottom corners couldn't reach both nipples if she kept the top tied around her neck, so my mom just left it, and her tits ended up on either side of the tiny top, lewdly hanging out while the little piece of cloth struggled to keep her cleavage covered. It was hilariously futile since she was still fully exposed, but it seemed like the humorous effect was the one my mom desired.

She took one look at the shorts, and realizing that she'd get maybe one leg through up to her thigh, she pulled at the crotch and snapped the little piece of fabric, making it more of a skirt and allowing her to get both legs through. She tugged it up to her ass, and did a little twirl to show me how it fit.

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It was absolutely laughable. The "skirt" couldn't come up past the curve of her ass, so her ass just hung out the top, and as a result, her pussy was still on full display at the front. "You look great," I said approvingly. We started walking back through the field, and we saw a couple kids playing on the jungle gym in the park.

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As we got closer, I saw that one of the people was one of Becca's friend's Alice, and Alice's little sister, Beth. Beth was around 7 years old, and Alice was Becca's age, and they went to the same class. Alice was a budding slut, and was learning a lot from Becca.

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They had a deadbeat dad, whose name was Rob, and whenever their mom didn't put out, Rob would come by our place and get his rocks off on my mom. At any rate, we saw them, and thankfully, Beth didn't see us and was too busy hanging off the monkey bars.

Alice saw us and told Beth to give her a minute and ran up to us. Alice looked pretty good, dressed in a tube top that fit her, unlike the females of my family, and she had some really tight jeans on, too. She was a willowy, flat girl who used an inexperienced hand at applying makeup. "Hey Jason, hey Ms. H. Nice outfit, you look hot," Alice said nonchalantly while staring at mom up and down.

"How many times do I gotta tell you not to call me that? I feel all old and shit. What are you up to Alice? Just playing with little Beth?" my mom said to Alice. "Yea, just got out of the house. Mom got all crazy about dad being useless, so I took Beth and left. Figured Beth didn't need to hear any of that," Alice said matter-of-factly.

"Hmm…Rob'll probably be around the house later on tonight then. Hun, when you get home, let your dad know to come by whenever, ok?

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I'm going home now, and could really use some cock. Tell the stud to come by though," mom said while readjusting her tits underneath her tiny halter.

She walked off in the direction of our house, and left me with Alice. "Well, she really knows how to get what she wants, eh?" Alice said jokingly. "Where'd she get the outfit anyway? It looks like one of Becs'." "Oh yea, we ran into Becca with a few of her friends back there. Didn't think she'd miss the clothes though, and my mom was in need of some clothes," I replied nonchalantly.

"Wow. You guys really don't kid around, do you? You know, it's funny, I really admired her since we were kids. I remember when we were in the 4th grade once, and she always dressed pretty showy, but back then, it was tough to look super slutty, but that was the first time she looked really slutty. I knew I wanted to be just like her. I still remember that she wore a tube top, a lot like the one I'm wearing now, and a tiny little skirt and no panties at all.

I also remember that was the first time I saw a guy fingering her. Since then, I've been talking to her and getting better at being like her. I'm still not nearly as brave as she is though. I think everyone in school has seen her naked, or been blown by her. She's actually not afraid of what anyone says about her, and everyone really likes her.

I want to be just like her someday," Alice just ranted out. "Wow, umm…awesome. Why don't you come around by the house once in a while and we'll go through some of the stuff that you want to work on, ok?" I offered her softly, while simultaneously putting my arm around her.

I decided to just go for it, and stuck my hand into her top, fondling her tiny nipple as it got hard under my touch. "Hey, who's that?" Alice suddenly asked. I turned to look around at what she was looking at, and saw a naked girl with raven black hair walking unsteadily towards us.

"Well, that looks like the girl you so look forward to being just like. I do believe that it's Becca, fresh from getting gangbanged by a bunch of kids," I replied proudly.

"Hey Alice, you enjoying my brother?" Becca asked with a smile on her face. She looked thoroughly fucked, with her hair all over the place, cum streaks on her face, tits, and all over her thighs. Her tits, knees, feet, and cheek were all dirty, showing the places where she was on the floor, getting her brains fucked out. "Yea, he's great. I'm gonna be coming by your place once in a while from now on, if that's cool with you," Alice said in awe while staring my sister up and down.

"Of course babe, come down anytime. We'll both be the sluttiest girls in school. It'll be awesome," Becca said while beaming. "Umm…Allie, why is there a naked girl standing there?" Oh shit, I forgot that Beth was still here. "Hey kiddo, I'm your sisters friend Becca. You can say I'm a 'slut', and I'm gonna make your sister just like me. She'll be naked sometimes too, and there's nothing wrong with it.

In a few years, if you wanna be like us, you can ask me all about it, and we'll make you into a slut too," Becca bent and said to Beth sweetly. My sister just doesn't quit being a positive influence to her peers, does she?