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Video call from my phone HD
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These stories are all true, and I am one of the luckiest guys on the earth to experience them. The conversations are mostly accurate. I have a great memory.

Plus, these are situations most people would not forget. My apologies in advance for their length and great detail. I do much writing at my job, so it comes naturally. However, I am not taking too much time to proof read them for errors.

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I apologize in advance if there is bad grammar. Please comment, and I will write more. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them! They really are bringing back great memories.

I have always been a fairly sexual person. From grade school, until now, I have had a curiosity about the female body paired with an uncontrollable need for sexual release.

As you can imagine, I jerked off a lot. I still do! I am not really sure when all of this all started exactly? It just did since I can remember.

Along with this, I have gained some harmless fetishes along the way. Most of which, many can relate. Some of them include: • Having sex while girls keep their panties on. .Thongs especially!


• Sexy panties in general. I am a sucker for a girl's accidental exposures. • Older women. I will get to this… • Pussy eating. I will get to this as well… • Spanking • Tattoos (Especially tramp stamps) • Dirty Talk • Cumming on a girl's ass/back • Yoga Pants/stretch pants/leggings. This is very recent.

I cannot get enough. I am a fairly normal guy. Average job, average house, normal wife, and normal life… However, when it comes to sex and release, I have this desire, urge, or extreme obsession.

I call it my "Red Passenger". Any of you, who are familiar with the TV show, Dexter, you will appreciate this. In Dexter, the Main character had his "Dark Passenger", in which this "Passenger" is forever haunting him. Basically, it is his uncontrollable desire to Kill. RELAX! I do not want to kill or hurt anyone! I have a hard time yelling at my dog. I am not one of those creepy guys sitting alone in a bar, waiting for my next victim. That is why I call it my Red Passenger.

It is not a dark or deadly obsession. It is actually quite a healthy obsession, in my opinion. I also call it Red because when it builds up in me, I get red in the face. I just related to the metaphor in the show is all. My Red Passenger brings out the sexual individual in me. It also turns me into someone else in a good way.

I become a willing servant to it. When turned on, my passenger takes over. It is something that I believe has built up over the course of my life. Now that I am settled in my life (Married, with a child on the way) I miss the excitement.

Maybe by writing my adventures down, I can live them all over. I am actually quite content, but do sometimes miss the excitement. I had to change the names to protect the innocent. Well, as you will read, none of us are really innocent. Anyways, enough with the background on me. On to the fun! Below is the first part. It only gets better from here… I have always had mostly good luck with women.

I was the shy, but funny guy that all females went after because of my personality. I was not too aggressive. I am not that guy who has had sex with hundreds of people, but I did ok. I lost my virginity early (age 15), and have had good fortune since.

I had one time where there was a dry spell for me. It was in College, and I did not have sex for a year. Mostly, I was always in a relationship from the time I was 16 until about age 23. I had a few one-night-stands, back seat finger bangs/hand jobs, and no-strings-attached blowjobs. For the most part however, all of my sex has been with partners. Most of it was good, but you know, not the kind of sex to write stories about… ha ha ha.

Plus, I was shy and most of the people I were with were not adventurous or were just plain inexperienced. I never just "went for it" and told my partners what I wanted! I was contently looking for that girl that would lead me down a path of sexual bliss. That is, of course, until I reached aged 28 and my whole world changed.

I met someone who would change the way my sexual encounters would go. It is a preamble to what was to come. It was when the first person, to introduce my passenger into existence, came into my life an enlightened me. It was very brief, but it made an impression. From my early 20's until age 27, I had a series of girlfriends.

None, lasting more than 1 year. Most cheated on me. It was frustrating! Sex was bad too. I will say, I was a very moral person.

I never cheated on anyone. I expected to be treated the same. I was always the nice guy. …never wanting to displease anyone. I guess the times had changed? No longer was a "stable" guy the guy to go to, but it was the obnoxious meat head type. Jersey shore types… I was just naïve. It was the winter of 2005. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and was in a gloomy mood. Plus, winters in Pittsburgh, PA (Where I grew up and was living) are gloomy in and of themselves.

I needed a good release. I got a call from my friend, Frank, letting me know that he was going to go out on the town, then head back to his parents (Where he lived in his own apartment above their garage).

His parents were not there, so he was going to get people to come back and party a little. We could spread out and not be cramped in his place. "Well ok". I thought. Something different than getting loaded at the local watering hole by my house, walking home and passing out.

At least I could socialize with other people. I told him I would skip the bar, but would meet him at his parent's place afterwards. I waited patiently out back of the house. He was late, and would be another hour. So, I decided to start without him.

I drank a six pack on the back porch, smoked cigarettes, and got a little tipsy. Man, did that make me horny. I have no idea why. My passenger was sleeping, but was waking I guess. Everyone showed up. It was my friend Frank, and our other friends Drew, Brian, Jason, and Chad. Yes, a lot of sausage! They all had girlfriends, and/or relationships of some sort. Ugh… I almost left right then. Well, then the second round came in. All girls… That was good, since I was about to leave.

It was Monica, Stacie, and Melissa. Melissa I knew, but I did not know the other two. Actually, Melissa and I had been flirting with each other for quite some time, but nothing ever came of it.

Mainly, it was because she was a little snooty. I hate that. My parents were well off, but I much rather hang out with interesting, less fortunate people than rich, snobby, and boring types.

I was willing to try it with her though. I was just not going to take her shit. Melissa's other friends, Monica and Stacie, I had never met.

I instantly did not like them though. They were hot, but had their noses so high in the air, they would hit airplanes. Plus, they were both married. I was thinking, "Well no luck with Melissa tonight".

"Her damn friends, will I am sure, cock block me. Melissa was tall. She was 5'11", long, straight dark hair, and big pouty red lips.

Picture Demi Moore when she was young. Well, besides the 80's hair. Melissa was hot in all the ways! D size tits, small waist, and a nice ass that she wore well. Man, did she look hot this night! She was dressed in these skin tight jeans, and tight sweater that seemed to hug her firm tits.

As soon as the girls got there, we commenced with the drinking games. However, I was flat out bored! The beer was not doing it, and Melissa was basically ignoring me. I really wanted to leave and expressed it to Frank. He said to me with a wicked grin "Give it two more hours". Do not be a sourpuss. "Ok Ok", I said. He just replied, "Good! You will not be sorry".

Puzzled about what he said, I returned to the festivities. About an hour later, we heard a knock on the door. When Frank opened the door, two older ladies walked in. I said older, because we were all in our late 20's, and they were in their early 40's. To us, they were "older". The first one, Mary, was short, a little on the pudgy side (Not fat), had long blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. She was pretty, but wore too much makeup.

She had big tits and wore them well. She was wearing jeans and a red blouse. The second one, Karla, was tallish (5'09"), skinny, had reddish brown hair which was cut short above the ears, and just had an average face. She was not overtly beautiful, but was just, cute. I do not know how else to describe her.

Her body was tight though. Not an ounce of fat on her. She had small tits from what I could see at that time.

She was wearing tight black jeans and a sweater. The sweater was hiding her from the waist up. Frank introduced them to everyone there. "Everyone, this is my friend Mary, who I used to work with, and her friend Karla." As if he was setting up the situation "Mary is recently divorced and looking to get laid, and it is Karla's birthday. Karla is Married though. Hands off guys" Mary gave him a jab in the ribs, but it was all in fun.

Karla just gave a nervous laugh.

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"Great" I thought. "Our moms are here to babysit". The games continued. We were playing a game (I forget which), where you had to change seats. During the last time we changed, I ended up with Karla, immediately on my right, and next to her, Melissa.

Melissa was starting to come around with me, but I had given up at that point. I just wanted to get drunk, masturbate, and pass out in the guest room upstairs. Anyways, to be polite, I started to small talk with Karla. Karla was my partner and we had to work together on this game. She was super nice but quiet. She mentioned that she was married for 12 years, had an 11 year old son, was a hair stylist, and that she was out with her friend because her husband was working.

She seemed annoyed that her husband was away on her birthday. She had a quick wit, and loved to push back the alcohol. She also had an infectious laugh. It was a nervous laugh though. When something sexual or dirty came up, out came that laugh.

There was something about her though. I could not put my finger on it. There was something in the background that was hiding. As I said, it was just polite small talk. I figured she was just doing the same, and just did not want to be rude. I did not think too much of it. After that round, we all just stayed where we were sitting. We then started to play poker. This was usually my cue to go to bed, but we were betting with shots.

Sounded fun! After a few rounds, we all started to get a little loose. Maybe Melissa would loosen up and we could hang out more. We were all feeling it, and having a good time. I leaned back in my chair. I had a clear view of the right side of Karla, and Melissa's left. I had to do a double take! Did I just see Karla's hand rubbing Melissa's left thigh? Well, that was exactly the case!

Without being obvious, I continued to stare out of the corner of my eye. Karla was rubbing away on Melissa's thigh! I mean rubbing! It was then my turn, and got back to the game. I purposely, lost that round. I was not going to miss this! I then looked at Melissa's face. She was loving it! She had this pre-orgasmic look on her face. She was not quite there, but she was loving every minute. I thought maybe she was just drunk, but then I saw her mouth the words "That feels so good." Karla was just talking away like nothing was going on.

Why did no one see this? I mean, we were at a table, but come on! Were they all that drunk? I guess they were. No one said one word. After about 2-3 minutes, either Melissa got sober or realized what was going on. I saw her quickly get up and walk away. Monica and Stacie followed to where I assume was the bathroom. Karla just sat there and chatted. It was now super late, and everyone started to either get going or find their place to sleep.

My friend Frank, was suddenly absent. So was Mary. Hmmmm… Chad, Drew, and Jason were sprawled out on the couches and along the floor. Melissa's friends were getting ready to leave and Melissa was heading to the downstairs bedroom. I had just returned from the Men's room, and said "Hey everyone, I am going to go outside for one last smoke and beer".

Can I get anything for anyone? Karla: "Sure, I will have one more beer". Melissa: "I will come out with you". Melissa and I went outside, lit up our cigs, and opened our beer. We were small chatting when all of a sudden, she said: "You know that Karla lady? I think she is hitting on me" Of course, I was not going to lead her on. I acted surprised and said: "Huh? No way. How do you know?" She said: "Karla has been saying very personal things and asking if I was interested in women.

She said how hot I was too". Me: "She did not do anything else?" Melissa: "No. Just being weird with me. I mean, she is married. That is creepy". Me: "Yeah. That is weird".

Smiling to myself. I am thinking: "Yeah, ok. You seemed to be enjoying it." I was also wondering why she had not said anything about Karla rubbing her leg? Oh well. Melissa: "Hey. You and I need to hang out more. I wanted to talk to you more, but I was with Monica and Stacie." Me: "Yeah. I do not think they like me" Melissa just gave me a nervous smile.

Whatever… I was annoyed at this point. Time to go masturbate and pass out in the upstairs bathroom. Melissa gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight James. Want to hang next weekend?" Me: "Sure. I will call you Thursday". We both walked in while she held my hand. Melissa smiled again, and gave me a peck on the lips. She then went to the spare bedroom downstairs, smiling at me while she did so. I walked into the living room, where the remainder of the people were.

I thought to myself: "Did I just screw that up? Did she want me to come with her? I am too nice of a guy. Idiot!" Everyone was out, or just about asleep, sprawled out on the floor or couches. It was just Karla that remained, sitting on the smaller couch. Me: "Shit! Karla, I am sorry. I forgot your beer.

I will go get another." Karla: "James, wait. Do not worry about it. I have had enough already. Do you mind if I had a few sips of yours?" Me: "Sure.

I want to finish this and hit the hay anyway." I sat down beside her on the smaller couch. We commenced with our small talk, while we sipped my beer, and watched the tube. There was some stupid movie on, but honestly, I was starting to get too drunk to stand.

I had a feeling, so was she. Karla: "You get the last little bit. I will hold it for you." I just laughed, and told her to go for it.

She got closer to me, held the can above my head, and tilted it into my mouth. There was not much, so it went down quickly. However, it did spill out of the corners of my mouth. I just laughed, and coughed, and tried to wipe away the spillage. After I was done, Karla's face was two inches from my face.

The next thing I know, her tongue was down my throat. At first, it was more of a passionate, loving kiss, to next, it was a tongue down my throat, suck out the life in me kiss.

What in the hell was happening? I was thinking: "Ok. I will finish this, then politely, let her down. I do not want to get caught fooling around with a married lady." Well, she did stop. Karla: "Yum yum. I can still taste the beer." I thought that was kind of gross, but was too drunk to care. Plus, I was still flabbergasted she did that.

So, NOW was the time to make my escape. Mind you, she now had her arm around me, and was just about sitting on my lap, with her face mere centimeters away from mine. I had this feeling starting to grow. It was like I was hearing a voice say: "You need this!

Go for it" Me: "Where are you sleeping? Do you want to take my small bed upstairs, and I will sleep here. You do not want to be down here with all the guys snoring away do you?" Karla, with a grin on her face: "God no.

I will sleep in your bed… …But will you take care of me? I am really drunk." Me: "You bet. What do you need?" Like some dumb dope… Karla: "Can I give you a quick suck?" It was probably two seconds, but it felt like an hour before I responded.

My inner passenger took over. Me: "God yes." She quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick. Yes. I was rock hard. She immediately started to blow away. And I mean she sucked hard. It was like I was face fucking her, but she was doing all of the work. I put my hand on her head and helped her along.

Every once in a while, she would come up for air, lick the tip of my dick, and go back down. After a few, I looked up and realized what was going on. I have this married, 42 year old, giving me head on a couch, in a living room, where three other guys are sleeping.

What would they have done if they woke up. Ha ha ha… I was loving it! "Well…" I thought, I will cum and that will be it. We will both go to bed, and that will be that." The next thing I knew, I was rubbing her ass through her jeans. I was rubbing and rubbing. Every once in a while, sliding my left fingers over her ass and pussy through her jeans. She was on the couch, bending over me so much, I could start to see her ass crack. I wanted to put my hand down there. She was so warm and was getting warmer by the second.

I just wanted to cum. Like she was reading my mind, she stopped. She turned up to me and said: "Whew! You ok? Are you going to cum soon?" Me: "So close!" Karla: "Well that is no good." She said laughing. "I will have to stop." Me: "Huh? Why?" Karla: "When I said I wanted you to take care of me, what I meant was that I want you to fuck me. My husband is away and I need to fuck bad! It is my birthday and I deserve it! Don't worry, he will not know.

Plus, I am sure he is doing the same right now." I was dumbfounded, but honestly, I was all for it. Why not? I have been too good in my life. Now "my passenger" had totally taken over. Fuck it! I am in.

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Me: "Let's go upstairs. This is a little awkward down here." Karla: "Um yeah. If one of them wake up, I will have to blow them too. I just want you all to myself." Whispering: "Are you going to fuck the shit out of me?" Who was this chick?

Ha ha ha Me laughing: "Whatever you like." I zipped up and we headed upstairs. We found my room. We walked in, and noticed a small twin bed in the center. "this is going to be interesting". I thought. She started to undress quickly. When she pulled off that sweater she had a white t-shirt on underneath, hiding her awesome body. Not too big in the chest area, but, MAN, did she have a tight body.

Good skin too. Not saggy or wrinkled. She really took care of herself. She pulled off her bra, then her pants. She still had her panties on. They were black, boy-short variety, were lace, and hugged her ass nicely.

In fact, the bottom of her ass cheeks poked out some. So fucking hot! She got on the bed, on her knees, and pulled down my pants.

She started to suck away again. This time, a little more slowly. She guided both of my hands to her head. I gripped both sides of her head and pushed while she did. I just enjoyed the moment. Staring at her panty covered ass high in the air.

"Ok", she said, "Now I want you to fuck me". I bent over, pulled a condom from my pocket, and started to open it. I put it on as fast as I could. Karla, was busy pulling off her undies. After they were off, she jokingly put them on my head and pulled. It was exhilarating! She laughed and laughed. Karla: "you do not need to wear a condom, but thank you" "Do you want me to eat you out first?" I asked, thinking to return the favor. I also noticed she was completely shaved. "NO!" Karla yelled. "We can do all of that later.

Just stick your cock in me." She turned around, bent over the bed, and spread her ass cheeks. "Stick it in baby. Slap my ass too. Fuck me like I am your little whore" I was not going to argue. I did not even have my pants off, but I complied. My cock glided in smoothly into her pussy.

For an experienced lady, she was tight. Her pussy pulled me in like a suction cup. It felt so good! I took it slow at first, hanging on to her hip bones, and pushing. I started to speed up then, all the while, giving her ass spankings.

Thrust, spank, thrust, spank, thrust spank! All the while she was moaning, and saying: "Fuck me Baby, fuck me baby, fuck me baby! Slap my ass. Like that slap it! Harder! Fuck me harder!" About five minutes of this went by. I slowed down a little, because I thought I was going to cum any second. She sensed this and started to thrust herself back on me. The next thing I know, her face was down, biting on the pillow.

She was making a "Grrrrrrrrr" type of sound. Almost like she was crying. But she was not. She was having an intense orgasm. She was thrusting her ass so fast and hard too! It was almost knocking me over.

After about 30 seconds of this, I let loose myself. I had an INTENSE orgasm. I came so hard! I looked down and she was a mess down there. Her juices were just pouring out and getting everywhere. It was wet wet wet! It was so hot.

She did not squirt, but it was close enough. She did her thing for another couple of seconds or so. Usually I have to pull out after I cum, but I just let it go. She finally eased up and stopped.

I pulled my dick out, and she laid on the bed. She looked up and me and asked: "you came right?" "Oh yeah!" I said. She looked down and grabbed a hold of my still raging dick. "Wow!" She said out of breath. "I am surprised the condom did not break.

It is a shame. I would have love to have had that on my tits." She sat up, put her hand down there, rubbed and looked back up at me. "Holy fuck! That is just what I needed. "Yeah, no shit". I thought. "Me too!" I sat down next to her while she got her composure.

We just kind of laid there. Laughing at what just happened. I still had a raging hard on. "Well." She said. "I need a cigarette and some more drinks. You game? Then we can go to bed." "Sure!" I replied. "I may need a stiff shot of something too". We both laughed. We got dressed. Well, I got dressed. All she did was put on her t-shirt and panties. All I had to do was pull up my pants. When I pulled off the condom, she just said: "Wow wow wow." What a freak!

I loved It! We headed downstairs. As I thought, everyone was still passed out. I quickly went out, fetched some booze, and came back in. As promised, I made both of us a stiff drink. Bourbon and coke. We sat at the table this time. We smoked a few cigs and sipped our drinks. After a few minutes, Karla go off her chair and sat on my lap. Her back was facing me as we sat there and watched tv. There was some music on. Karla started to bounce… Then bounce harder… then grind… She was basically giving me a lapdance.

She then leaned back and stuck her chest out, putting her arm around my neck. Karla bent her neck back toward to my right ear She kept saying: "Ewe, I want your cock again.

I love your cock. Give it to me right now" Over and over again as she was grinding her ass on my dick and licking my ear. She was saying it in such a seductive way too. It was a pouty, begging sort of way. …barely above a whisper. As she was doing this, I stuck my hands down her panties. I started to finger away.

She was so wet still. Karla was ready for another round. I did the "come here" method with my finger. Getting deeper into her wetness. It started to make a loud suction cup sound. She grinded harder and harder. Now I was getting close again.

I fingered and fingered, she grinded and grinded. After some time, she leaned forward, grabbed my knees, and started to cum. She let out small, tight lipped, little screams. I thought for sure everyone was going to wake up. When she was done, she leaned back and caught her breath. *Note I am very good with my fingers in a pussy. It is something that I have always had a talent for.

Karla got up and looked down between her legs. It had looked like she peed herself. She was laughing so hard. We both were. She started to stare at me, long and hard. Then, like lightening she was on her knees, trying to get my jeans off. "Wow wow" I said. Let's go back up stairs." "Yes!" She exclaimed. "Follow me". Karla actually grabbed my dick, which at this point was sticking straight up, and yanked me up. She held onto it, leading the way, all the way up the stairs, into the room.

We got inside, and shut the door. I turned around from the door and she jumped on me. Literally! She wrapped her legs around me and started to bite my ear. "I want to fuck you till the daylight comes, or until you pass out" she said while biting my ear.

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"Whatever comes first" She got down. That is when I realized I did not have any condoms. I told her as much. She laughed and said: "Baby, I have had my tubes tied for two years now. No more kids for me. I am disease free. Are you?" She winked and I said: "yes". "Good!" She said. "Now fuck me like a whore". She went to pull down her panties.

I stopped her. "Wait". I said. My "passenger" completely took over. I pushed her onto the bed. Karla: "Oh baby! What do you have in mind?" I told her to spread her legs. She did. Then reached down and pulled her panties to one side.

There, before me, she lay with her beautiful pussy spread. I got down and just stared at it. It was beautiful. I would describe it as a "Butterfly" type lips. They were spread out on both ends, without being too sloppy. Here lips did not hang. Her clit was cute, just nestled in the middle.

I started to lick away. Starting from the bottom of her hole, up and to her clit. I started slow, then began to go more aggressive. She started to moan, then the dirty talk started. "Do you like my pussy baby? How does it taste? Fuck yeah! Keep licking me like a lollipop.

Suck my clit! Bite it!" Then she closed her legs on my head. I continued to lick and lick. As I was doing this, I was pinching her nipples hard. Speaking of which, her nipples were rock hard. She was loving it! "I cannot stand it anymore!" She nearly yelled. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me" she was grunting through gritted teeth.

It was like she was possessed. I had to tease. "Are you going to moan like my whore?" "Yes. I want you to fuck me hard though." I pulled my pants all the way off, and she her shirt. I was standing there with just my shirt and my dick in my hand. She was laying there, panties still on, and legs spread apart. I started to slap her pussy with my cock, rubbing it into her clit. I stroked a little bit more.

"You are a fucking asshole." She grunted. "Quit teasing me and put your dick in me!" I complied. I entered her with some force. She gave a high-pitched yelp, but then smiled away.

I started to pump away with some vigor. Thrust thrust thrust thrust thrust… With her following up with a throaty "AH AH AH AH." Karla was looking straight into my eyes as I was banging her.

Once again, I felt myself getting close to cumming. I briefly pulled out. With both hands, I pressed her legs to the bed. She was even spread wider now.

Her butterfly lips looked glorius. Karla was all grins. God! Was this girl flexible. I pushed my dick back into her hole and I started to pump away again. Thrust thrust thrust thrust… "Fuck fuck fuck fuck." responded Karla. After a short time, she stopped the talking. Instead, she developed this look on her face that resembled what could be described as an "O-Face". Her lips were not making an "O" but were almost moving up and down.

It was like she was trying to tell me something, but could not. This went on for another minute or two until I could not take it anymore. That look on her face was the final straw. I pulled out and came in her pussy, on her pussy, and all around her pubic area. Yes. You guessed it. Her panties were a wreck. I let go of her legs. She relaxed them, but still had them spread open. Karla was staring at me so intensely, it could have melted ice.

Not that it was a bad stare, just intense. She had sweat dripping down her cheeks, and was breathing in a slow, calculated way. After a minute, she started to laugh in between breaths. I joined in… I think it was more of nervous laughter than anything. I looked down between her legs and her pussy, lips, and panties were still covered.

Karla reached her hand down there, as if surveying the situation. "Wow Baby." She said, in a cat-like purr. "You really made a mess." "Sorry!" I said. Half laughing "Oh don't be sorry." She said. "My pussy needed a drink." I thought this was an odd thing to say, but I kind of thought it was hot. She was still looking at me seductively.

Not keeping her eyes off of mine. Then Karla reached down, lifted her ass off the bed, and removed her panties. She then started to wipe her pussy with them. I could not help but watch this. When she was all "cleaned up", she threw the panties on the ground. There she was. Naked Naked Naked… I remember thinking how good her body looked. She had no tits, but who cares! I hate to keep mentioning it, but her body was tight tight tight!

I took off the rest of my clothes, and collapsed on the bed. I was staring straight up at the ceiling, thinking about what just went on.

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I was flat out exhausted though. I could have fallen asleep right there. Well, Karla was not about to let that happen. She rolled over, and put her right leg over my torso, and put her head on my shoulder.

She started to rub my chest. With her thigh on my dick, and her wet pussy rubbing against my pubic bone, I was starting to get rock hard again. My passenger was starting to get ready. "Can I have your Dick in me again?" Karla asked.

"yes." I replied. "Of course. I just need a minute or two" "So do I baby." She said. "I just want to make sure you were still up for it. We have awhile until the sun comes up." This freaky chick was not kidding! She was planning on fucking until the break of dawn! As long as I stayed conscious, I was game. I just hoped my Dick was. For some reason, I started with the small talk again. "So, What do you like to do for fun?" I asked.

"I like to work out." She answered. "Do you know **** Park Lake?" She asked. "Yes. Of course". I replied. (My parents lived less than a mile from it) "I love to jog that every day" She said.

No wonder she was so fit. However, she drank like a fish, and I saw her smoke at least 10 cigarettes. She was too much! "Do you know what else the park is good for?" She asked. I shook my head. "Blowjobs and fucking" She blurted. "There is nothing I like more than giving a guy head on the benches that are there. There are so many hidden areas you can go. In general, I like to give head and fuck. I love to lick a guy's balls too." "Ok Freako." I thought.

Enough with the small talk. I had a feeling that anything I were to ask her would involve her telling me she like to give blowjobs and fuck. She was obsessed! Note By no means am I complaining! It was just unexpected, and blew me away. …Excuse the pun… Everything about Karla was surprising.

Was I in a dream? All of the dirty talk got my passenger going again. In no time, I was rock hard. On cue, Karla sat up, reached over, grabbed my dick and started to stroke. "Mmmm" She moaned"I love your dick! I want it all the way, up in me." She was, again, saying in a purring, begging sort of way. She then leaned over and licked the tip of my Cock. Just one swift lick.


…Fast and to the point! "I saw some cum leaking out. I had to get some." She purred again. "Get on top of it" I forcefully said. "Ride it!" Karla smiled, winked at me, and got up.

She was standing right above me, straight above my waist, facing down at me. She then started to slowly squat. I was just staring at her pussy, slowly coming closer. While still squatting, she started to rub her pussy on the tip of my dick. She just smiled away at me with a shit-eating grin. It was almost like an evil grin. She was up to no good. "Mmmm. I love your dick. Mmmm. I love your dick." She moaned over and over as she rubbed her pussy lips on my head.

All of a sudden, Karla squatted further, enveloping my whole shaft. "Eeek" She gave a small whimper when she was all the way down. She was just on her feet, knees still not touching the bed, squatting away. She then put both of her hands on my chest, and started to bounce away.

I mean, she bounced! It was borderline painful for me. By no means was I going to stop her though. Ha ha ha… Boom boom boom boom… on my dick she bounced. All the while saying, "Fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes." I just cupped her ass as she did this, enjoying my view. After a little bit, she got on her knees, and started to rock back and forth. She grabbed both of my hands, and continued to rock. …almost like a slow grind. She was obviously catching her breath.

"Do you like fucking me baby?" She asked between breaths. She was panting like a dog. "I love fucking you" I replied. "Are you going to cum for me?" I know, lame, but I could not think of anything else.

Without answering, she got off of her knees, put her hands on my chests, and started to "squat pound" me again. Boom boom boom boom… she was at it again. This time her cadence was "Fuck your dick fuck your dick fuck your dick…" over and over again through gritted teeth.

As before, she was just staring at me with those intense eyes while she was bouncing away. After a few minutes of this, she got quiet, but still was going at it rapidly. She started to whisper, "Here we go here we go here we go…" I could barely hear her.

Slowly, her hands started to grip my chests. She got that look on her face. The "O" face with no sound… Eyes bulging out of her head… Never missing a beat with the squat pounding. Her knees came down to the bed, but she still bounced away. She now had my chest in a death grip. She closed her eyes and let loose a loud and throaty "UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH".

She lost her rhythm, and was now slowly, but violently, grinding my cock. She squeezed harder on my chest. I thought her nails were going rip off my skin. She then relaxed her hands on my chest, and opened one eye, looking down at me. She said, "Oh. I love your dick."and gave me a smile and giggled. She was still grinding away though. It was slow and soft, but she was still doing it.

Karla leaned down and put her head on my shoulder, chest on mine, and put her hands around my neck. I put my hands on her ass, rubbing, and ever so softly pushing to the rhythm of her grinds on my cock.

She then did something odd. She started to kiss me. It was not the aggressive behavior I was expecting from her. This was passionate. Karla then started to lightly lick my ear, almost teasing it. "You have not cum yet baby." She said "I want to make you cum" This was almost in her normal voice.

The one she had when I first met and started to talk to her. Then as soon as this talk started, it was time for Karla to get back into freak mode.

"Can I suck on your dick some more? I love your dick. It feels sooooo good inside me." Switching back over to her seductive purring.

Without waiting for my answer, she dismounted, move to in between my legs, and started to suck me off. This time, she started off slow, licking everything from my balls to my head. …All and in between. She then stuck my balls in her mouth, swirled her tongue, and stroked me at the same time. After a few minutes of that, she started to circle my tip with her tongue, every once in a while, swallowing the shaft quickly. She then looked up at me. "I taste my pussy on your dick." She purred.

"I love the taste of my pussy. Do you love the taste?" "I love the taste of your pussy." I groaned back. She then started to really suck it aggressively. Once again, it was like I was fucking her mouth. I told her to stop briefly, come over, and suck me from the side. I wanted to rub her ass and finger her while she sucked away. She naturally, complied. I sat up on the bed so I was more or less sitting, instead of laying on my back.

She came over to my right side and started to suck away again. I started to rub and caress her ass. Every once in a while, I would insert my finger into her pussy. …just to tease. I then started to finger her and spank her more. I was reaching over her ass with my fingers deep inside her, spanking her cheeks with my other hand. She was moaning and moaning as she slurped on me. I pulled my two fingers out. "Karla?" I asked. "Do you want to taste your pussy again?" "Ewwee Baby." She deeply purred.

"I do!" I put my right index and middle finger in her mouth. She sucked them gently, murmuring "Mmmmm mmmm". She then resumed her sucking. I then resumed playing with her ass. I decided to test the waters. I started to rub her asshole. Karla squirmed a little, but did not seem to mind. I then slowly stuck my middle finger in her asshole just a little.

She squirmed forward, and looked up at me. "No baby" She said with a startle. "Not tonight. I just want my pussy played with tonight. Okay?" She then winked at me, and started to suck some more. I just smiled, and said: "Well, then let's get down to me cumming." She smiled while circling her lips and teeth around my cock. "Where do you want me to cum" I asked her "Fuck me doggy, and cum on my ass" She replied.

(I was hoping for this) We both got up and moved. As before, she got down on her knees, then lowered her head on the bed. Face down, ass up. I remember admiring her back side. She had a nice ass!

It was a petite ass, nice and round, firm and athletic. It was a nice heart shaped backside. This time, I spread her ass cheeks. Again, her beautiful pussy amazed me. If I would not have came twice already in the night, I might have then. What a site! I spread her pussy lips a little. She was wet and getting wetter. I shoved my cock into her pussy.

As before, she gave a quick chirp, then commenced her moaning. "Yes. Fuck me hard! Fuck me fuck me fuck me… Your cock feels soooooo good." In her signature purring.

I started to pump away fast, while spanking her ass cheeks. "oooohhhh oooohhh oooohhh…" Karla was moaning. However, what was turning me on more is that her voice was vibrating from me pushing on her ass as I fucked the shit out of her. It was the fastest I ever pumped in my life! I eased up a little, and was giving her deep, and forceful thrusts.

"I love your dick I love your dick I love your dick." She kept repeating. She then started with… "Do you like my pussy… do you like fucking my pussy. Tell me how much you like to fuck me. Spank me Spank me… Slap my ass. Tell me I am your whore.

Fuck me hard… Fuck me fuck me fuck me." Near yelling through gritted teeth. Note I am not much of a talker during sex. I just like to have my actions do all the talking. However, I started to dirty talk back. "You like my cock in you?" Thrust thrust thrust… "Are you my little whore?" thrust thrust thrust… "I am going to cum all over your ass" Thrust thrust thrust… Well, it worked! She started her "o" face without sound" maneuver.

I could feel her tense up as she was having an orgasm.

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I swear her pussy got tighter. A few seconds later and she collapsed onto the bed, knees giving out. I did not miss a beat. My dick was out of her for only a second.

I followed her ass to the bed, and re-entered her. I laid down on top of her, put my arms under her shoulders, and started to pump away again, pulling her into me as I thrusted.

All Karla did was keep her "o" face going. After a minute of fast fucking, I announced I was going to cum. Karla quickly brought her hands back and spread her ass cheeks. A few more thrusts and I pulled out and came all over her beautiful ass. Thank god I still had some left. It was not as much as the first two times, but it did the trick. My cum was dripping from the crack of her ass, over her asshole, and down through her pussy lips. It was then my turn to pass out.

I hit the bed next to her like a ton of bricks. My head was towards hers and I noticed she was still pretty much face down. Karla tilted her head over and gave me a quick smile. We lay like that for a few minutes more.

Karla never once attempted to clean up the cum out of her ass crack. I finally turned over on my back. She immediately followed me by coming over, and spooning with me.

I could feel all of the warm spunk dripping from her. I had a feeling, not all of it was my cum. Karla was just naturally wet/ She had her head on my left shoulder and left leg wrapped around me. She did not say anything, but just laid there. Maybe we could sleep now? To make a long story short, we did not. However, we did lay there for quite a while. Karla mostly dominated the conversation, talking about fucking, sucking, and how much she loves cum.

She kept saying how she was going to miss my dick. .but maybe we could do it again? I said, "Maybe", but really did not want to get involved with a married lady. We even got into that she also likes girls.

So I had to ask "Karla, were you hitting on Melissa?" She looked up at me with those seductive eyes, smiled, giggled, and said "Ha ha ha. Yes! Was I that obvious?" I told her how I noticed her rubbing Melissa's thigh. She laughed again, and said "Yeah. She was loving it. I just think she got freaked out. Hey, it was my birthday and I wanted to get laid.

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So be it, if it was a girl. I mean, I prefer dick, but I would have settled for a little pussy. I thought all the guys had wives. Then I asked Mary, and she said, that Frank said, you were single." "Frank, you beautiful bastard!" I thought. No wonder he was pushing for me to stick around. Karla and I laid there for a little while longer. The night was not over. I still had a raging hard on. It was hard from the first time Karla put her lips on my dick, until now.

It was like someone slipped a Viagra in my drink. Karla even made that joke. No one had, but it was funny to think about. For the next three hours more, we repeated what we had been doing all night.

Mainly she rode and rode me. Her favorite position was, as before, squatting on my cock and bouncing away on it. I loved watching her pussy sucking my cock up in her. All in all, she came a bunch more and I came two more times. Once on her tits, which was not much, and once more inside her pussy as she rode me. I am sure that the last time I came, I shot blanks.

There was not much left in me. We were both a sticky mess! There was cum everywhere! On the bed, floor, pillows, and on us. I was too tired to care. In a sick kind of way, it turned me on.

Plus, my cock hurt bad! I was so sore! I was convinced my dick was going to fall off. She was hurting too.


She told me to look at her pussy, and I saw that it was swollen… She said it felt like her pussy expanded twice its size and that it throbbed. The next thing we knew, we heard birds chirping. It was perfect timing. It was right after I came for the last time. We both got up, looked out the window, and it was getting light out.

I made it! Karla was true to her word. She fucked me until the sun came out. We got back down in the bed, and I held her how she liked head on my shoulder with her leg crossing my waist. We talked about different things. She just went on and on about how she was going to miss my dick. She was incapable of talking normal. Ha ha ha… no matter how hard I tried. Finally I started to talk about what turns me on. Sexy panties, dirty talking to me, and my favorite sex positions.

We even talked about my urge (what I would later call my red passenger). She seemed intrigued about this, but seemed to be falling asleep. It was all that I could think to talk about. The next thing I knew, Karla was asleep. I did not sleep much. I kept obsessing about what just happened to me. About 9am, her friend Mary knocked on the door. Karla told her to come in. I was a little freaked, because not only was this a married woman I was with, but we were both stark naked.

We were under the covers, but still. Mary came in and told Karla she was ready to go. They had plans to go watch a game at a bar up the street. I guess they wanted the party to continue. Mary just talked to us like it was nothing. After Mary left, We both got up and got dressed.

She picked up her panties and shoved them into her pocket. We both laughed and joked how no one better try to pick her pocket, or the will get a surprise.

She gave me a long and passionate kiss, hugged me, and said how she would miss me. I said the same, even though at the time, I did not mean it. "I will go down first". She said. "I know you do not want to make it obvious". "I agree." I replied. Even though I was thiking, "how could not the whole house have heard us?' Oh well… I waited about 10 minutes, and headed down stairs.

All of the guys were in the kitchen eating some breakfast and drinking coffee. Melissa was nowhere to be found. Hmmm… I asked "Anyone know what time Melissa left?" Frank answered me with a grin on his face "About 5am.

Mary and I were up smoking a cigarette, and we saw her storm out of the house." OOPS! I sat down with the guys, and drank my coffee. They were laughing about the antics the got into the night before. They did not let on that they knew about Karla and me having Porn Star sex for six hours. Mary and Karla came in and said their goodbyes.

All Karla said to me was it was, "Nice to meet you. Goodbye!" However, she turned and gave me a wink as she was leaving. Finally, it was just Frank and myself. He turned to me and said, "Spill it! I am not stupid". Well, I told him all about it, but purposely left some details out. I also mentioned that I would clean his sheets upstairs. Which, I did. He just laughed and laughed. "You know what her nickname is don't you?" He asked.

"Crazy Karla." He finished without me answering. That would make sense! She was a little off. A sex freak to be sure. Frank did not know if she fucked around on her husband, but Mary seemed to think they had an open marriage, and they both saw other people. She could not prove it though. I still felt shitty though. I had sex with a married woman! Maybe it was a lack of sleep, my dick hurting, or possibly a hangover, but I was not in a good mood.

My passenger had left me high and dry. Frank then went on how he hooked up with Mary. It was pretty non-eventful. He joked how he should have went after Karla. I explained how he could definitely have her and laughed. It was time for me to go home. I put the washed sheets in the dryer, helped Frank clean up a bit, and said goodbye.

I wobbled out to my car. The lower part of my body felt that bad. I opened the door, and was going to start it to warm up. I sat inside, but then noticed something under my windshield wiper. It was a piece of paper folded up in a Ziploc bag.

I thought for sure it was from Melissa, ripping me a new one! I picked it up and read it. It was not Melissa's hand writing… Well that is enough to keep you in suspense for now.

Until the next chapter in this story! It is only the beginning. Please leave comments. I would love to hear what you all think. Be patient with me. This took me a good 5 days to write. I am still getting used to the formatting here too. I like paragraphs!