Hot blonde Finger fickt jüngere Mädchen fast so viele Finger Fisting

Hot blonde Finger fickt jüngere Mädchen fast so viele Finger Fisting
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I came up with a plan, and decided to bring my friends along.

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Our school had very lax security, and a ridiculous number of hidden spaces inside walls. I snuck into the building late at night around 1:00 am. With a backpack full of goodies. Mainly, a drill. Through an entrance to the crawlspace in the school basement, I climbed up into a space right next to the girl's locker room. I drilled a few holes in the bottom of the wall that was parallel to the girls showers. I measured carefully and managed to make the holes pop out in the middle of cracks between the tiles.

I attached some of the remaining stone to small string I bought from the dollar store, and plugged the end of the holes with the stone. This way, I could pull the stone out easily to look, but when I left, I could plug it back up, so nobody could find what I had done.

I layed out a bunch of snacks (chips, cookies, and the like) in the space by the holes, and left some comics and notebook paper in there as well. But nothing that could be used to identify me if someone came across it.

My little voyeur den was complete. Our school has PE for the girls around 12:30 pm, so I got together with my friends, and told them what I had done. Our parents all worked regularly, so we would normally just walk to school and back.

So if we skipped school, they would be none the wiser. We planned to all go into the building before any of the employees arrived, and hide in the voyeur den. There we would simply hang-out eating our snacks and packed lunches all day, and reading comics until it was PE time. (Oh, and peeing in bottles) We all arrived at the school around 4:30 am, by friends told me that was way earlier than we needed to arrive, but I have always been a bit paranoid. So we snuck into the voyeur den and showed them the holes, to their amusement and excitement.


One of my friends, Chris, short blonde hair, and had freckles and green eyes. A bit taller than me, and wore black shorts and a teal shirt that day. Another friend, Colin, also had short blonde hair, but his hair was actually slightly spikey (I think it was natural), he was a bit shorter than us, but acted like he was the oldest of us.

He had blue eyes and wore red and black shorts, and a grey T-shirt that day. There was Blake, had longer black hair, wore glasses and was quite timid.

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He also had green eyes and wore long black pants and an orange shirt that day. That just leaves me, Liam. I had short but thick brown hair, freckles, and greenish-blue eyes. I was wearing blue jeans and a black long-sleeve shirt that day.

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So here is the juicy part: At 12:22 pm, we heard the girls arrive in the locker room, we looked through the holes and couldn't really get a good view of the changing area from the showers, but did still see a bit of nudity. A few breasts, I saw one vulva. By the time they left we all had noticeable tents in our pants but nobody but Colin really acknowledged them. After that, we were all antsy waiting for the girls to come back and shower.

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And were talking alot about sexual things. Which girls we would fuck, blowjobs, etc. Personally ever since I had heard about it, I have fantasized about going down on a girl. When we heard the girls get back, we immediately jumped to the holes and watched. Our little hard-ons totally diamonds at this point. The girls began to strip down totally nude and head towards the showers.

Pretty much every girl in school was there too, because showering after PE is mandatory here.

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The girls started stepping into the showers one by one, talking as if nothing was going on. It felt so surreal to me that my plan actually worked, we really are seeing nude girls of many ages showering right in front of us.

But more importantly, IT WAS HOT AS HELL! At this point, we really couldn't contain ourselves. It was Colin who got the ball rolling by just whipping his penis out and going to town on it.

Chris and Blake were too nervous to do that, but did still stick their hands down their pants to jack off. At first, I was doing the same as Chris and Blake, but after a bit, I was just like "fuck it!" and whipped by penis right out like Colin.

You can't imagine how it feels to see so many girls up close completely nude and lathering their bodies up with soap and scrubbing all over.

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One red-headed girl was showering right above my hole, and her little vagina was so close to my face. I imagined licking that thing until she came all over my face. We had to nudge Blake a few times because he kept letting out low grunts as he jerked off so fast his hand was a blur. Colin was gritting his teeth. Having no shame at this point, I just let my pants and underwear fall to by feet and kept jerking off like I never had in my entire life. Colin took it even further, stripping his pants and underwear off completely.

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Eventually Blake and Chris got over their shyness and just drop whipped their penises out. There we were, all exposed and jerking off watching a bunch of girls shower. Surprisingly, most of the girls were completely hairless down there. I assume our school must have had a shaving trend or something. But it made it even hotter.

I saw a few girls start scrubbing their crotches and that tipped me over the edge, I stifled a scream and arched by back, letting loose a splash of cum onto the wall in my orgasm. Next up Blake did the same.

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Shortly followed by Chris. Colin lasted until the girls started to get dressed again, but when he did he busted a huge load all over the side of the wall. We sat in that sex-smelly room for the rest of the day, until around 10:00 pm when we figured it was safe to leave. In the mean time we all jerked off at least two more times.

So much semen in that room man. So much. We came back and used the room a few more times in the year. Did the same thing until the school was shut down.


There were a couple close calls with Blake's moaning though where one of the girls would glance around or say "did you hear that?" before shrugging it off. But nobody ever figured out what we were doing. So, the moral of the story, if you're start about it, you can have a really sexy time.