Male gay porn older guys Nathan Stratus ordered a large package and

Male gay porn older guys Nathan Stratus ordered a large package and
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Well, there he was. He was pulling up to my apartment like he did every Friday evening to come visit me and my children for the weekend. His name was Skot. He stood a strong 6 feet tall with shoulders as broad and tough as a brick wall. In his hands, he held a handfull of carnations that he picks up for me every time he comes to see me.

This week, he drove up on his usual 3 hour trip straight after work, so he was still in his field Army uniform. What a sight to behold. No woman can resist a man in uniform. At just a quick glance, I was at his mercy, weak-knees and all. I could smell his heavenly scent before he even made it into my front door. I can't remember the name of his cologne, but one whiff was all it ever took to make me fall unto his spell.

As he wrapped his strong arms around my waist, I wrapped mine around his neck and we greeted eachother with a kiss. It was very passionate. It always was. I never, ever had a problem giving anything and everything I was to that man, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

I watched his from behind as he sauntered his fit physique up the stairs to change out of his work uniform. The thought of him in that uniform made me very moist between my juicy cunt lips, but the thought of him out of that uniform made me want to cream all over myself. A few minutes later, he came back down the stairs wearing another weakness of mine- a pair of tight Wrangler jeans with a tee shirt and his favorite cowboy hat. Was he trying to kill me? I have quite a weakness for country boys, and he knew that.

On top of that, he drives a huge, loud, obnoxious truck, and I could ride in that thing for hours until my ass went numb, and I wouldn't even care. I love big trucks. I like a lot of things big, but I will save that for another story :) We decided to take my two kids out to get a bite to eat and rent a couple of movies to take back home.

After arguing over which movies to get, we finally went back home and Skot got the kids to bed as I changed out of my jeans and sweater and put on a tight white tank top and a little pair of girls' boxers. I needed to be comfortable. Being 6 feet two inches tall is not easy for a female such as myself. Also, after having two children, my breasts sprouted from a 36C to a 44DD. You can thank my son for that one; everyone else does. I must say I do have a nice set of tits, if I do say so myself.


I have a slim waist, as do most females my height, and a nice, round backside, set under a set of somewhat wide hips that make grinding and riding much easier, as you hold on to them. I went downstairs after I finished getting dressed and I greeted Skot in the kitchen where he was preparing some steaks on the grill out back.

I love it when a man cooks for me. It is kind of a turn-on, too. I was never really used to a man going out of his way to do anything for me. He stood tall over the flames, with eyes like fire. I can look at him for just a second and my body quakes with a burning desire for our bodies to unite as one. And in that instant, I did. He walked up my patio into the back door of my apartment and grabbed me and held me close to him and started to nibble on my neck, obviously noticing that I had changed into something a little more comfortable to run around the house in.

Knowing that dinner would NEVER get done if I let him continue easing his warm breath onto the nape of my neck, I pulled away and headed towards the livingroom, only after making a quick feel down the waist of his boxer shorts to make sure he brought EVERYTHING with him on this trip. You gotta keep your man on his toes, you know.

In just a few minutes the steaks were done and Skot brought me my plate. He said "Here you go babydoll. You want to put a movie in?" I said "Sure." He went to grab his plate and I put the movie in the dvd player as we sat down and ate our dinner while the movie started.

I couldn't even tell you what the movie was. Neither one of us was worried about watching it. After we had finished out dinner and smoked a ciggarette, we didn't watch the movie five minutes before heading upstairs to the bedroom.

We never make plans for such things as this. We just do them. Neither one of us had planned to do much of anything our first night together for that weekend. We had plenty of time to do what our bodies wanted us to.

Skot said, "Oh, wait a minute- I forgot something downstairs. I'll be right back." I laughed and nodded as he smiled like a kid in a candy store. I knew he had something up his sleeve. Apparently Skot had made another pit-stop before coming to see me.

He dropped in at a local adult store on the way to visit me, and he had spent more than most people do that day, I believe.


He had a whole bag of goodies for us to play with. Before he got to take a single thing out of the bag, I pulled him down onto the bed on top of me and rolled over on top of him.


I pinned his arms down over his head and ran my warm luscious lips accross his and pulled away just as he started to open his mouth. He loves it when I do that. I slid down a bit and starting slowly kissing his neck with full lips, and every once in a while I would slip my tongue around his neck, almost as if I was licking on something else.

I moved back up a bit to his ears and lightly licked and nibbled each one as he squirmed under me. Though he was hard before I got him on the bed, I could feel the tightness underneath me, as he grew and grew. Licking his lips and finally letting him return the favor, I felt the head of his very nicely-sized rod poking at the very top of my clitoris.

It was in such a perfect spot. I had to grind against him. It had felt too good to just leave it there without any attention. There I was above him, kissing him softly at first and grinding on his cock, and then I started moving faster and kissing harder as I rode against him. In no time, I moved down his chest and reached under him to help him to get his shirt off.

I tossed his shirt accross the room. Where it landed, I have no clue; I still can't find it. I started to kiss his chest and massage my fingers through his chest hair and I lightly licked and nibbled on his nipples down his belly towards his waist.

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The bulge in his pants grew and my head got closer and closer to it. Once I was close enough to let my warm breath roam over his denim jeans, I knew he was wearing too much clothing, and decided it was my job to make sure I helped him out of it.

While kissing his chest, with one hand I massaged the back of his neck and rubbing my hand through his short Army hair-cut, my other hand unbuttoned his Wranglers and helped the zipper down so I could get closer to my pot of gold.

I rose up and helped him out of his restrictiive jeans and started kissing his stomach as they hit the floor. Now he was wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and his socks. I wasn't too worried about the socks, but the boxer shorts had to go. They were very tight, and you could make out every little vein on his long, extremely hard shaft in the dim blue light from my cd player in the bedroom.

I positioned my head just above his waistband on his boxers, and ran my chin down the length of his shaft as it jumped under me. I went back up, but this time, with my tongue instead of my chin, breathing every warm breath within me onto his rock hard member.

I did this a couple more times while I massaged his legs behind me, and then while catching him off-guard, i bit the waistband of his shorts right above his penis and pulled them down to reveal the glory I had been waiting for all week long.

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I stopped and stared for a minute before I regained reality and pulled his boxers off the rest of the way. My warm hands made their way under him to hold his ass as my warm lips made a meeting with his succulant balls. I ran my tongue from behind them all the way up to the front, right up the middle and kept on going right up the underside of his hard shaft until I reached the very tip. His cock jumped with pleasure. I took his hard cock in my hand and started to suck his balls into my mouth and I stroked on his dick.

There was a little friction. Perhaps I needed to help him with a little lubrication. I raised up and spat on my hand and rubbed it onto his hard dick so I could glide my hand easier accross him. A dry dick is a shy dick, I always say. The wetter, the better! I let go of his cock and ran my tongue back up the underside to the very tip of the head again, but this time I opened my mouth wider and guided my tongue to pull his dick to my mouth.

I put one hand on his balls to massage them and the other hand at the base of his member to hold him steady as I sucked on him. Though I have quite a gag reflex, I never had too much of a problem with Skot. I was always too turned on to give a damn what I was doing.

His cock tickled the back of my throat as it went in and out of my mouth. Every so often, I would slide my mouth off of it just to lick him, around his balls, on his head, up his shaft. He was so delicious. I could suck on his dick all day. Today, though, I would not do it for that long. As I started to pull my lips away from him and grabbed his dick with both hands, he lifted my tank top over my head and started to massage my breasts through my slinky black bra that I was wearing.

It wasn't long before my bra was off, and flying accross the room into oblivion, along with the rest of Skot's clothes. He grabbed my face to kiss me and pulled me towards him and kept pulling me up until my breasts were being tickled by his stubble on his face. The sensation of his warm, wet tongue on my nipples still gives me a chill straight down to my ass. He rolled his tongue around my nipples until they could almost cut through glass and then he slipped his hands down to my waistband on my shorts.

I was not wearing any underwear, so the sensation of his hand near my warm, wet pussy was making me very moist in anticipation of what might happen next. His hands are bigger than mine, and very masculine, and there is almost no better feeling than to have him press them against the soft folds of skin that were hising in my shorts.

It never mattered what that man did. He was always able to satisfy me beyond my wildest fantasies, and very easily, at that. He started to rub two fingers at the very top of my pussy, right above my clit. He knows this drives me crazy. He's such a tease. He grabbed my left breast and started flicking my nipple as he used his other hand to help me out of my shorts.

He rolled me over onto my back and positioned himself between my legs, on his knees. I knew what was about to happen. There must have been a huge wet spot on the bed, because I was soaking wet. To make matters a little worse, he knelt closer towards me and was over top of me with the head of his penis about two inches away from my clit.

he stooped down to kiss me as his hard cock gently brushed the very top of my slit, and he continued kissing me while his cock continued rubbing against me and this continued to make me VERY horny.

He pulled back a little bit and started to suckle on my breasts for a minute, until I grabbed his face and I said "please give it to me, baby. I want you so bad. Please, baby. You know I want it so bad." With a devilish smile on his face, he positioned the head of his dick right at the entrance to my very juicy, very moist pussy hole.

He leaned up and kissed me, and stuck his tongue in my mouth, not expecting me to lean up and suck his tongue even more into my mouth, like I had sucked his cock just a little while before. He also didn't expect me to wrap my legs around him and pull him into me.

He was positioned so perfectly. Our faces let go of each other as he entered me. We both let out a groan. You know that groan. The groan of the feeling you get when you first start penetration. He pulled out again, to tease me, and I just pulled him into me even harder, until his balls slapped me right on the ass. There was no saving him now. The teasing was over. He grabbed my legs and put them over my head, and almost in a push-up position starting bobbing up and down on me until the headboard on my bed detached from the frame.

He pushed deeper and deeper into me, and this is the one of the easiest positions for me to have an orgasm, and this time I certainly had no problem. He slowed down and pulled back until the head was barely inside me, and thrust it back in so quick it only took about 6 strokes before I came all over his cock and my juices overflowed and ran down the crack of my ass and onto the bed. Knowing that we had all weekend, I wasn't worried about having a marathon the first go-round of our visit. I said "Now it's your turn, big boy." He pulled my legs down onto his shoulders and positioned them so they were spread enough for him and I both to see what we were enjoying.

I just love watching a cock going inside of me. I can get off just looking at that. He leaned forward and took hold of both of my breasts as he slid in and out of me slowly. The whole length of his shaft moving slowly made me cum all over him, which was very visible as he watched his shaft get covered in my white and creamy love juices. This sent him over the edge. His pace picked up qutie a bit and as my tits bounced up and down with his motions. I grabbed his legs for better grip as he pulled more and more into my soakjng-wet hole.

"Harder Baby! Harder! Fuck me! That's it!

RIght there! Oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss," I screamed as we both moaned and groaned and climaxed together. His cock throbbing inside of me made my tight cunt pulsate even more around him. There is no feeling in the world like a man shooting a huge load into your tight pussy, either. What an orgasm! "Come on, babydoll. Let's go take a shower." We always take a shower together when he is here to visit, and after what had just happened, there was a very good reason for us to take a shower that night.

He ran the water as I sat down to pee after our romp in the sheets. He got in the shower and I got in behind him and watched him as he cleaned himself off in the warm shower streams. I knew it wouldn't be long before we would have another round. We were almost predictable, and being in the hot water in the shower always added to it.

We both love water. He finished washing off and I slid in front of him to wash my hair out, as he kindly helped me by washing off our juices from under my pussy and down the crack of my round, firm ass. "Mmmm, thank you, baby," I said. Still swollen from our moment of ecstasy, his warm, wet hands running accross my lips was making my pussy throb. He slipped his middle finger into my pussy and before I knew what had happened he made me cum all over his hand, as I leaned on the front wall of the shower.

He grinned at me and got out of the shower and started to dry off. I finished rinsing off and got out, and he towel-dried me, like he always does when we shower together. This time was different, however.

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I looked at him and he looked at me with hunger in his eyes. Before I knew it, he sat me down on the toilet lid and had my legs spread and his head between them, licking up and down and up and down on my still moist pussy.

The bathroom was still foggy from our hot shower, but I could see what he was doing, plain as day. He started sucking on my clit and eased a finger into my pussy once more, grinding against my g-spot, which he had found recently while licking and nibbling on my clit. Once more, I was at his mercy as I came on his hand and face, and he licked every drop of it up, all the way from my asshole to the very top of my pussy.

He loved eating me out. I kept my hair shaved off completely, just as he kept his, and I love the feel of skin on skin. I don't know what was hotter- the hot water in the shower or what he was doing to me at that moment.

I don't know what came over me as I stood up, but something drew me close to Skot and I pushed him up against the wall in the corner of the bathroom. I pushed myself onto him, kissing and grinding and nibbling on anything that got in my face, and he did the same. We did this for about ten minutes. We were grinding and kissing and licking and grinding and touching and teasing until our bodies wanted to burst. We continued this, and I reached for the handle of the bathroom door to open it so we could get more comfortable, all the while, never stopping what we were doing.

We kissed eachother and touched each other all the way accross the hall at the top of the stairs to the bedroom. We knocked a few things down the stairs and ran into the door frame and everything, but we didn't care. We were still holding on to eachother, and I moved against him and backed him up to the bed. I pushed him down onto the bed and climbed right on top of him.

Both of us were still naked from being in the shower. Body parts were touching body parts and we were kissing all over eachother and panting like dogs in heat. I teased his once-again hard cock with the slight entrance to my pussy until he excreted his own juices of pre-cum onto me.

"That's it," I said. I positioned him at the head of the bed and put his hands into the rope that was tied to the now un-attached headboard.

i raised up off of him, licked the head of his cock, and got up to get something out of the closet. That made him nervous. He didn't have a clue what I was getting. I reached up for a blindfold and proceeded to put it on him. He had never had anyone do this to him before, so he was a bit anxious. I hovered over him, kneeling, just to kind of let him kow I was there, but gave him no indication of what I was going to be doing.

Hell, I didn't know what I was going to do either, really. I just did whatever I wanted to at the moment. I decided to straddle one of his arms that were hanging at the head of the bed, and started to slowly touch myself and I lunged closer and closer to his arm so he would know what I was doing. I rubbed my very hard clit for a minute or two, until my pussy was nice and wet, while he softly groaned.

Then I slid my middle finger inside of my pussy and started to wiggle around on his arm and go in and out of my pussy at the same time. He was oozing pre-cum with the sensation of me playing with myself over-top of him. Then I started to finger myself even faster, and slipped another finger inside my tight hole, pumping until the palm of my hand was rubbing the outer skin of my pussy every time I went in even more.

Finally, I felt the sensation getting closer to me; it was such a turn on to be over-top of this strong man and playing with myself, while he doesn't see me. I started pumping even faster as my pussy walls moistened even more and got tighter with every stroke of my fingers, until finally I lost all control of my balance and fell over on his chest while I was squirting my warm pussy juices all over his arm.

It was so warm, and wet and juicy. It felt so good I couldn't even take my fingers out of my even tighter pussy. After a couple of minutes, I was able to regain my composure and pulled my fingers out and rubbed my clit at the same time that i rubbed my love juices into his skin. I then sat up, and bent over and started licking the juices off of his arms, and if I do say so myself, I taste pretty good! I put my face about an inch from his penis so he would feel where I was, since he couldn't see.

His body jerked as well as his dick, not knowing what I was up to. I gave it one big lick right up the middle, and I kept going right up his belly, straight up the center of his chest and neck, straight to his lips. I ran my tongue accross his mouth and then sucked his bottom lip away from him, in and out of my mouth. I flicked my tongue on his neck, right under his ear. He moaned in pleasure. I move my tonge very fast.

Some people say I would make a good lesbian. I don't know if that is true or not. With hands tied down and eyes virtually shut, Skot didn't know what to expect. He surely didn't expect me to grab his dick and climb on top of him and take all 9 inches of his hard cock into my already-tightened pussy hole. I held his chest and rode up and down, but I almost couldn't control my movements or my pace since it was such a good feeling and made me want to let myself go.

Indeed, I did. Skot moaned even louder as he felt my juices run down the length of his hard shaft, and on top of his balls as they hit my ass hole. That one nut almost put me out of commission. When Skot makes me cum, I get weak in the knees and it is hard for me to move around, but I wasn't going to let that one stop me.

I got up off of him and turned around, and waited a minute before I sat back down on his pulsating pussy-pounder. I sat down again, this time holding his knees for balance, and instead of up and down, I moved forward and backword this time.

It is a good way to rub my g-spot without a lot of excess work, and Skot loves this position because it really rubs the underside of his cock more, and I love feeling him throb even harder inside of me.

Feeling that he was close to peaking, I rose up and turned back around to face him. I took off his blindfold and released his arms from the ropes on the bed, and told him that it was his turn to decide what position he wanted to get into. I turned my head and as soon as I looked back around, he had pulled out his bag of goodies that he had picked up at the adult store.

In his bag, he had a silver bullet vibrator, anal beads, 3 or 4 cock rings of different types, and a pair of nipple clamps with a chain connecting each clamp. First came the nipple clamps. As he put them on me, they squeezed very hard and were a lot stronger than what I had expected them to be.

My nipples are VERY sensitive, so I couldn't take much of that pain and had to take them off. Next were the beads. Even though they are ANAL beads, that is NOT where he put them.

To my suprise, he snuck the tip of the first one to the opening of my tight little cunt and I squirmed around and then he kept pushing it in, along with the other 4 on the strand of beads, along the inner walls of my luscious hole.

No sooner than he got them inside of me, he slowly pulled them right back out, one by one, and my pussy clenched around each one as it came out. "MMMMMmmmmmm, baby, that felt good," I moaned. Suddenly the beads went flying accross the floor. Skot was wasting no time sampling all of his goodies on me. Next came the silver bullet. I love those, and this particular one was much much stronger than any others I had ever used.

He places it on the very top of my clit and turned it on to the first setting, and it wasn't 10 seconds and my body was sent into raging convulsions of passion and pleasure. Chills went up my spine as my warms juices ran out of my swollen pussy and down the crevice of my nicely shapened ass. He quickly put the bullet inside of my tight hole right as my body started to shake, which made me lose total body control as I grabbed my nipples and squeezed them as my body clenched with the throbs of my pussy.

I couldn't even speak. My mouth was open, but I couldn't say a word.

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I was in pure ecstasy. Then the bullet hit the floor. He took one of the cock rings into his hand and slid it down the hard length of his shaft all the way to the very base of his well-moistened cock. What do you think was going to happen next? He didn't even speak. He didn't have to, really.

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He got up and pulled me up and had me get on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed as he stood behind me. "Oh my God," I thought to myself.

I love this position and I knew if this position was how he wanted to come that I would explode. My favorite position is doggy-style like this, while I am getting my hair pulled. He grabbed a hold of a handful of my long blonde hair before he did ANYTHING else.

He then pulled me towards him and didn't even have to use a hand to guide his throbbing cock into me. I don't know which one of us was thrusting harder- him into me, or me against him, but it didn't take long for him to have me screaming into my pillow at the top of my lungs from pleasure.

His balls slapped my clit and threw me into a huge orgasm which had me twitching all over the place and Skot, during all of that, did not lose his pace at all. I felt his cock grow bigger and tighter and it filled me even more, if that was possible. He rammed into me as my tits boucned around everywhere.

He leaned forward a bit and took my left breast in his hand as he grabbed my hip with his right hand, letting go of my hair. There is no better feeling than having your breasts rubbed during penetration. It is one of the best feelings in the world, and this night, it was even better. He started to peak and let go of my breats and grabbed my other hip and plunger so deep inside me that I thought if he were any bigger he would tickle my tonsils from the bottom instead of the top.

I almost lost my voice screaming into my pillow and then our bodies clenched together at the same time as Skot and I burst into orgasm together, while all of our juices ran every which way possible, all over us and all over the bed. Out genitals clammored together, throbbing, pumping our warm body juices everywhere. He shot such a load into me, I thought I could almost spit it out without having swallowed it. Finally, our bodies slumped over, after it seemed that every drop of our body liquids was gone.

We both passed out right where we fell over, in our juices and sweat and all, and neither one of us cared. We didn't budge until the next morning, after my kids woke up. We jumped in the shower together and I still remember Skot saying "so, babydoll, what do you want to do today?" Please tell me what you think, good or bad. Like I said this is my first one, so your input would be helpful.

This one is a true story, so I can;t make it any more than what it was, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it anyway!