Blonde Trading oral with Black Dude

Blonde Trading oral with Black Dude
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It was going on six in the evening as I stirred the pasta sauce one more time, making sure the cheese didn't stick to the bottom of the pan. Next I lowered the heat on the boiling rotini, making sure to cook it through, as I am no fan of al dente, as so many chefs seem to supply. It wasn't a fancy meal, but the chicken had been fried, and the Italian seasoning wafted up from the serving plate, the pasta sauce simmered on the burner, keeping it from congealing into a brick, and the noodles awaited their coating at a moments notice.

Soon the wife would pull into the drive, and slog her way into the house, weary from a long day at the office. It was always my hope a good meal would energize her for the rest of the evening, and give her a reason to always return for what new delicacies I could conjure for her. When the clock moved a few minutes passed the top of the hour, her vehicle rode up the incline, onto the parking pad, and I walked toward the door to greet her she walking in the door.

To my surprise, another car was coming in behind her, and I watched as she moved to the back of her car to greet the visitor. She disappeared around the corner of the house, and I hesitated for a moment with wonder of the goings on. I reached for the knob, unlatching the door, and headed toward the side of the house to ensure everything was okay. As I reached the edge of the back wall, and before I could make it around, my wife appeared again, this time with another woman in tow.

I looked at her and smiled. "Hello love! How are you?" She smiled back. "I'm alright. Looks like you have a friend?" I asked of her, wishing to know what was going on. Dana would typically give me a heads-up when she would be bringing home company, but today I had no warning of the pending visit. "Ah yes, this is Carol, from work. You remember me mentioning her before." She filled in the introduction. "I do actually!

Nice to meet you Carol. I'm Greg. I have heard a lot about you from my wife, I hope Leo has stopped being an ass to you." I held out my hand, giving hers a small squeeze when she lent it. "Bah, Leo's an ass, but I think that is most bosses.

So what can you really do?" She asked rhetorically. I waved the women passed, and toward the back door. Dana plopped her briefcase to the ground of the cubby next to the door, and kicked off her flats right next to them.

I waited patiently as Carol was polite, placing her shoes next to Dana's, and walked up the short flight of steps to the kitchen. I closed the door behind us, and leapt up the steps in a single bound, brushing by them as I made my way to the stovetop. "Excuse me ladies. I have to stir this sauce or we will end up with half stuck to the bottom, and a funky skin on top." I picked up the rubber spatula making swirls in the pan to ensure it hadn't stuck or filmed. "That smells wonderful!" Carol remarked, though I didn't know if she was just being polite.

"Well if you haven't been invited already, we have plenty of Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan. My own creation of course." I made the polite overture to her. "I have already invited her Greg. I knew you would make more than enough, so yes, she will be staying for dinner. I will set an extra place for her as soon as I get out of this skirt." Dana yelled back as she walked away, and up the stairs to the bedroom. "I'm sorry Greg.

I know she didn't tell you I was coming, but I couldn't say no, Dana was adamant I would enjoy your cooking more than the frozen dinner I had planned for myself. I really hope it's no bother." Carol was coy, not confident in the unexpected inclusion. "Well like I said, there is plenty for all. But, I will require you to work for it. If you don't mind, can you start tearing those greens up for the salad. I made a sweet vinegar and oil, but I haven't gotten to the lettuce yet." I ployed her into completing the task.

Carol agreed and went to the sink to wash up before handling the food. I stirred the sauce again, giving it one last taste test. Then I moved to the sink with the rotini, once Carol had moved to the cutting board.

I poured the pasta into the colander, removing the starched water, and steam rushed up, blanketing the window with a dense layer of fog. By then Dana returned to the kitchen, having freed herself from the confines of the work clothes, and she pulled down on the camisole shirt that replaced the synthetic fabric of her daily garb.

"Oh good, he got you to do the menial work so I didn't have to." Dana chuckled as she gathered the extra dishes needed for our guest. "Hurry with that dear, I am about ready to bring it all to the table." I informed her. Dana walked through the threshold of the archway, Carol followed behind with the bowl of salad greens, and I came last with the pasta and sauce pan. The two ladies took up seat across from one another while I returned to the kitchen for the chicken, and when finally set, I took my place at the head of the table, with a lady to each side.

I took a piece of the finely fried chicken, and passed the platter to the Carol, holding it so she could choose the one that best suited her.

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I watched as she studied it, and laughed to myself when she chose the smallest piece available. "Oh come on Carol, don't be shy!" I prodded her, making her take another piece to make up for the shortcoming.

Next we passed the pasta and sauce. This time Carol didn't hesitate to make a good showing of it, and when the salad was finally served we each picked up our utensils, ready to make an experience of the food. Carol cut into the chicken, taking a small piece to her mouth, testing the quality of the offerings. She chewed it for a moment, and the delight on her face came through, and she looked me in the eyes with a smile.

"Oh my goodness, that's fantastic!" "I'm glad you like it! I pride myself on my cooking. You have to be good at something." I chidded myself. "Oh don't listen to him, he knows he can cook, and he isn't humble about it either. He lords it over me since my cooking skills come from a box." Dana smiled too, knowing the dinner would be impressive.

"You have to try the Alfredo, that didn't come from a jar, he makes that from scratch. I hate him, he makes me so jealous." Carol did as she was told, and took a bite of the pasta with sauce, and she smiled once again, unable to comment with more than sounds as she pushed in another fork full. "I told you that would be better than some microwaved meal!" Dana quipped at her friend. We each ate our meal, enjoying the flavors and combinations of the presentation.

When we found the time to rest a moment from the excellent food, we would make small talk, asking each other about our day, things we like to do for fun, and gripe about what agitated our mostly uneventful lives. The conversations were pleasant, and the meal went by quickly as we devoured the different elements of the better than restaurant meal. When we had all finished, dusk was settling into the area, and the chirps and creeks of the nocturnal wildlife buzzed in through the open windows.

The ladies cleared away the table, and I moved into the living room, ready to sit back and enjoy the evening. As I sat in the easychair, facing the local news, Dana and Carol worked into the kitchen to return it to working order. Dana washed the dishes, and the ever polite guest dried them, and had to ask where each item should be returned.

I couldn't help but watch them, it was like watching two teenage girls doing their chores. They giggled about inside jokes, and took their time like there was nothing else going on in the world.

I had to chuckle to myself as my wife bounced in her position, the blue nylon shorts she had put on, rocking back and forth. Our relationship was nowhere near new, but I if we didn't have a guest, I would happily come up behind her and grind my hard cock against her to make her wiggle that ass. As I watched my wife, I scanned her friend.

Carol was quite a beautiful woman, long legs, a nice thick ass, but it was her tits that added so much curve to the figure. She had long hair, with streaks of blonde. The skirt she had worn to work laid over every contour, while the shine from the polyester blouse gave her contrasting shadows that gave away the true figure of her body.

If I were a single man, I would have no issue taking her to my bed. It might have been that notion that led me to my next play, but I figured it never hurts to give it the old college try. I bounced up from the chair, leaving a slight rock in the springs as I left, and I walked in toward the kitchen.

The ladies were nearly done with the cleaning. "Can I offer you ladies anything to drink?" Dana looked at Carol, not wanting to accept unless she did, and Carol seemed a little hesitant once again. "Well I am afraid I don't like wine or beer, so it would have to be some sort of spirit, if you don't mind.

But, not too much, I need to able to drive home tonight." I instantly liked her even more, I'm not a beer or wine man either, and I honestly had nothing to offer but liquor. "Well I tend bar just a well as I cook dinner, so if you don't mind, I will go make us up something, and I will be right back." I left the kitchen archway and made my way back to the hutch in the corner of the dining room.

We kept the liquor on the bottom row, and I slid the tray out that held all the glassware. The only thing missing from the set was the ice, since we rarely filled the container, unless entertaining.


Just when I thought I would need to head back to the kitchen, Dana came into the room carrying a small bowl of ice from the fridge dispenser. "Thank you dear!" I took the ice from her. "Make mine a double, Love." Dana commanded.

I looked over the contents of the bar, and with the wife wishing for something strong, I scrounged up the components for Long Island Iced Tea. In the large cocktail shaker I tossed in the ice, added generous amounts of gin, vodka, and Tequila. We seemed to be running low on the Triple Sec, but I made up for it a bit with the lemon juice, and rum. It was the syrup I found we were missing completely, but I figured an extra splash of Coke would have to suffice.

I put the topper on, and shook the contents until the outside of the container was sweating from the freeze of the ice. With the concoction ready, I broke the seal on the shaker, and poured the contents into two glasses. Surely enough, it looked like iced tea for a hot summer's day. Once I completed the fancy work, I poured a small shot of vodka in a glass, and overwhelmed it with water and ice, leaving myself with a much less potent cocktail.

The ladies had finished their work in the kitchen, and as they came through the archway, I handed them each their glass, and offered a tink of cheers with a tap against mine. Both of them took a sip, and neither complained about the taste or burn. I must have hidden the copious amounts of alcohol well. "Why don't we relax in the living room?" I spurred, and they both agreed. I sipped my drink, only getting a whisper of alcohol with each swallow, but the women carried on like they had in the kitchen.

They would politely take drinks while the other was talking, and soon the large glasses were swirling with nothing but ice. Dana took Carol's glass, and placed both on the end table next to her.

They both seemed to appreciate the volume of elixor, and their voice steadily rose, and Carol seemed to open up more as the she became increasingly intoxicated. Her face was flush by now, and she seemed to be affected by the indulgence.

------- Carol had taken the center seat on the couch when we first came to the living room, and Dana took the seat next to her on the far end. As I was ever the gentleman, I didn't presume to make them uncomfortable, and I took up the easychair so I could utilize the end table for my own glass. I watched the women chat, but I paid very little attention to the nature of the conversation. I did notice however, Dana had become quite flutatious.

As the chats progressed, she would stretch out her hand, then place it on Carol's shoulder, and it continued on, more often, then it moved to her knee. The situation in my mind become very erotic, and as they talked, I could only begin to undress them with my mind.

My wife wasn't helping things, as she became more and more comfortable placing her hands on this woman. This only helped to fuel my mind, and soon I found myself with a painful sensation of stiffness that I could not immediately relieve.

The flirtations became more obvious to me, but it was when Dana made a pass at the women, I could hardly hold back my excitement. She reached in, and in an instant said 'May I?' before she moved Carol's hair back around her ear, brushing her hand against Carol's face as she pulled away. The forwardness of it set Carol on edge, and she pulled back, not knowing how to react to the situation.

Carol flashed her eyes over to me, as if she were looking for anger, but she would get none from me. She attempted to lighten the mood with a witty remark, "Look at me, I'm all red. What did you put in those drinks?" She nervously chuckled, and I smiled back to her comment. Dana used the opportunity to her advantage, and when Carol changed her gaze to me, she moved her lips to Carol's neck, and kissed her ever so softly on the skin beneath her ear lobe.

Carol's eye closed at the touch, and she didn't jerk away, but melted as Dana's lips lay on her skin.

The sight of Dana's actions, the response from Carol, and the instant thoughts of what could be, took all my attention. I could feel my own skin flush as I watched it take place. Carol became instantly quiet, and the melting continued as she leaned back into the couch, never once protesting. Dana met eyes with hers, and the longest moment transpired as they seemed to agree. Once again Dana moved in to kiss her, this time directly on lips.

The cool pink of their mouths met, and Dana passed her passion into her. Carol responded in kind, and I could feel the heat between them as they began to find the pleasure in it. Carol opened her mouth, allowing her tongue to slide into Dana's, and I shuddered at the uncomfortable stiffness of my dick pressing outward. They kissed like lovers, and I felt no jealousy as the fire built between them. Dana moved like a raging goddess, and unexpectedly she swung herself into Carol's lap, pinning her to the back of the seat.

They began to make out, letting the world fade away around them. Their eyes were closed, their mouths locked in embrace, the longer they kissed, the more they melded into one, and it was nothing more than utterly erotic. This live pornography made me feel it through my body, and without much thought, my hand went to my cock, and I pressed the inside of my shorts against the tip, sending wanting shocks throughout my body.

The excitement I felt from the scene before me made me wish to be apart of it, but I didn't know how they would feel about male intervention, and I wanted nothing more than to see them enjoy one another.

Carol let out a low moan, she was obviously engrossed in the connection, but she finally made the move to have more than passion. She pushed her hands up Dana's back, first on the outside, then lower and lower, until she breached the bottom, and under she went. I paid so much attention, knowing how my wife loved to be touched on her back, and my prostate pulsed as she responded, raising up, bowing back with a low moan of her own. I could see her lust building, and now hands were on her skin, it was the approval she was hoping for.

Carol continued to move up her back, ever higher, and the movement of her hands only drove Dana more wild. She ground her hips hard into her lap, and it seemed to make them both that much hotter. Carol moved her hands up more, uncovering Dana's stomach, and with nothing else in reach, she kissed her above her navel, as soft as she could.

It was a tender press of her lips, but it made Dana moan once again, and she moved forward to be given more. Carol was delighted to oblige, and she kissed her even more, but Dana moved back now, and she slid her hands to the front. Dana was enthralled with the treatment, and she wasn't going to wait any longer. She pulled off the camisole, revealing her breasts, and she grabbed Carol's hands, placing them directly on them.

Dana moaned again, not low like before, and again my prostate pulsed as she seemed to gush in the hold. Carol didn't hesitate, and she squeezed her mams in her hands, pulling Dana into her, as she kissed on her belly even more.

Dana twerked her ass in her lap, like she wanted for the dollars to rain down, and Carol grunted with ecstasy at the response to her caress. Carol pulled her forward, slipping her tongue around her nipple. Dana moaned, this time deep, and she jolted as her hips swayed with every twist. She was swelling with want, and Carol was driving her toward explosion, but before she would let her bring it, she swung back to her seat, pulling Carol on top. They kissed again, bringing each other ever closer, and Dana slashed her nails across her back, but it only brought out Carol's tiger.

She roared at her fervor, jerking in the animalism, and she pulled off her blouse, revealing her gorgeous pale skin. Carol's breasts were cupped in black lace, and the sight of her radiant body was a glory. Her beautiful tits strained around their girth, stretching the elastic to it's bounds, and by now my cock pulsed with the increasing thump of my heart. Her skirt was encumbering, and it was stretched to the width of Dana's lap. Dana was pinned under this lovely creature, wrenching her hip up toward her missing prize, and Carol reached behind, unlatching the clasp of the bra.

Dana worked her hands around the straps of the brassiere, and she seductively slid the straps down her arms, her tits holding the cups in place. Carol over the tops of her mams, and as seductive as Dana had moved down her arms, she pulled the lace away, leaving her tits in her hands. Dana wanted to see them, touch them, and tease them, but Carol played coy, keeping them from view. Dana scootched closer, getting as close as she could, and she moved her hands away, giving up her textured areola.

She slid her hands over her chest, bumping over the sides of her bosom, then lower down her torso. Carol swayed her hips to the fondle, showing her thirst for the woman's touch, and finally Dana relented, taking in all of her mams. Carol was driven to the end, her urge pushed to completion, and without warning, she thrust her hips rapidly as she creamed in the pent anticipation. Dana could feel her rapture, unable to hold back from the delicate feminine touch, and she put her mouth around her nipple, lapping on it, completing her rush.

Carol sighed so deep, the intensity of the release flowed through her body, and she twerked as Dana wouldn't relent from sucking her breast. The show was spectacular, and I could hardly hold myself back, I too needed to release my penis from its painful trap.

As the women mauled each other, kissing and caressing their soft bodies, I unclasped the top of my shorts, and slid my hand down my pants. The influx of air only made me harder, and I flipped out my cock, finally freed from its border. I couldn't help but grab the shaft, my unencumbered cock swollen with excitement, and instinct made me pull it to the rhythm of their dance.

Dana looked over to me, greedy lust had taken over her actions, and the sight of my dick seemed to drive her even more wilder. She licked her nipple again, sliding her hands around her waist, and as she sucked on her tit, she slid down the zipper of Carol's binding skirt.

Now in tune with each other, Carol kept the scene moving, and she popped up from the couch, stepping out of her clothing. My prostate pulsed again, shaking my cock in my hand when I could see the match to her bra, and black lace enveloped her skin. Carol's ass was slightly obscured in black lace boyshorts, and her pasty white skin was only highlighted by her equally perfect cheeks.

Carol was standing now, and the view was ecstasy to behold. She looked over to me, she could see my cock in my hand, but she wasn't put off, and for the first time, she smiled at me.

It was all the encouragement I would need, and I could do nothing but pull on my dick even harder. Dana wasn't done having her fun with Carol, and she spun the woman back to her, ending up with a navel in her face. She kissed her stomach, soft again, giving her all the attention, and slowly she changed the placement, but making sure to move lower.

Carol moved her arms up, cupping her mams in her hands, and she squeezed them each time Dana's lips made contact with her body. Dana wouldn't miss an inch of the delicacy, and she kissed her with ease and purpose.

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As she reached the top of her panties, she stopped, and put down an long sucking grip. The move seemed agonizing from the look on Carol's face, and I could see she only wanted Dana to bury her face a little lower. Dana relished in her want, and she made her play every step, until unexpectedly she put her mouth on the wet.

Carol groaned at the attack, surprised and relieved in a instant. Dana jerked in her seat, and I could tell she could drip.

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The women squeaked and writhed at the anguish of the goal, but I was spellbound in erotics, and I jerked on my pole. Dana placed her hands on Carol's hips, pressing the panties into her face, and just as Carol seemed to wish to cum again, she slid them from her waist. She kissed on her pelvis, chasing the fabric away, until finally they gave up, and slid to the floor. Dana stopped for moment, taking in the sight of this glorious woman, now naked in our living room.

It was a sight to behold, gorgeous tits, and rounded ass. I couldn't blame her for taking the time to take a snapshot of her glory. Carol didn't wait for her to be satisfied with the view, and she dropped to her knees in front of Dana. It seemed like Carol was done with the foreplay, and she moved quickly to take a tit in her mouth. She sucked on one nipple, and ferociously pulled on the other. Dana reeled with pleasure as Carol seemed to swallow the entire tip. Dana moaned loudly this time, the sound of it sent a chill up my spine, and I watched as Carol's ass swung in the air, inviting me with it's slanted smile.

Soon Carol was licking and kissing downward, she nibbled every inch, and left a shimmering trail as the lamp light bounced off of her. Lower and lower she went until the band of the nylon shorts blocked her path.

She kissed on Dana's bend, and slipped her hands to the side, grasping at the unwanted hindrance. Dana flipped her legs in the air to slide them from under her, and the soaked synthetic mesh gave every indication she was ready for the love.

The shorts flew across the room, and they were no longer in the way. Dana's perfect pussy faced upward, swollen and aching for the lashing she craved. Carol wouldn't be tempted so easily, and she placed her lips into the fold of her thigh and waist. The pain on Dana's face told the longing story of want, and she strained to have the woman bury her face. Carol kissed and licked around her twat, being careful to deny her true pleasure. Dana's breathing ever increased, and she began to hiss with each touch, hoping it would finally be the one she wanted.

With just the slightest touch of the tip of her tongue, Carol gave in, and tasted her quivering folds, pressing in so slightly, and Dana heaved out a great sigh, I thought she would cum instantly. The only sound in the room was the labored breathing of a wife in lust, and the huffing of a woman tasting the nectar of the gods. Carol pressed her tongue into her clit, pulling up, and then excruciating back down, gliding over the her button, then down again, in an ever repeating refrain. Dana squeaked and squealed with each mouthful, and she began to shudder as though she hadn't been fucked for all time.

Carol lapped on her pussy, increasing her speed, and making sure to press in on her clitorus. Dana moaned with passion, and lusted for more, jerking her hips into Carol's face each time she went in for more.

You could hear the tension building, and soon Dana would gush all over her face. Dana's legs began to rise in the air, Carol could feel her muscles begin to work with each action.

Without needing guidance Carol pushed down on the back of her thighs, pressing her into the cushion of the couch. Dana's legs were spread wide, and they shook with each glancing blow. There was no doubt she was going to cum, I could hardly watch with such excitement, and I was forced to discontinue my strokes for fear of losing my load. Faster and faster she licked her clit, pulling and pushing the flaps of her cunt. Finally Carol focused on her clit, sucking and licking directly into the center, and Dana began to shake with every movement.

Her breathing began to hold, over and over, and she gave ample warning. Dana began to moan furiously, the longest of 'oh's' coming from her. Carol was bringing her to climax, and she calculated her timing.

As Dana gush, her stomach bracing with each pulse of her cervix against her insides, Carol rushed to her vagina, and licked her so deeply, stiffening her tongue to take the crushing blows as her pussy contracted over and over. It only made Dana cum harder, and she was washed over with pleasure as Carol attempted to keep her legs high in the air, and she rammed her tongue into her cunt until her twat could give no more. As Dana began to come around from the intensity, Carol delicately licked up the cum, sliding over her fully dilated cunt, puffed and stiff from the onslaught.

Carol eased her legs down, letting her get full breaths of air into her lungs as Dana moaned quietly, still shaking from the rapture. Carol moved up her bare chest, laying on top of the other woman, and the two kissed passionately again, this time Dana tasted her own cum from Carol's face. The two lay there for moment, composing themselves, both having the rush of soaked desire between their legs. Carol's heart shaped ass still waved in the air, and I could see her swollen lips pulsing with the beat of her heart.

The image was inviting me again, and my cock never once lost its fullness. What many men pay to see or experience, I was sitting across the room, salivating at the two gorgeous bodies, aching for the warmth of touch that was directly in front of me. Dana looked over to me, smiling, still exasperated from the pulsing of her clit. The two seemed to recover quicker than expected, I almost wished to forever gaze upon such a lovely sight.

These exquisite women had enjoyed each other, they had given each other bursting emotion, but the look in Dana's eye told me it was only the beginning.

Dana moved Carol from her chest, and they stroked each other as she joined her on the floor. The two women were now on all fours, and Dana moved in my direction, a wanting in her eyes that gets so rarely seen. Carol followed her, like two kittens, they prowled across the carpet, inching ever closer to me in the easychair.

When Dana was in reach, she slid her hand up my leg, slow and loving, just as she had touched Carol, but it was for me. She moved her hand to the side of my shorts, and like a trained puppy, Carol took the guidance, and she grabbed the other side. I lifted up, and the ladies stripped me down to nothing, my cock flopped in the air as I popped back down, causing Dana to give out a little giggle.

She grabbed ahold of it, bringing it to a sudden stop, and then she put her lips on the tip, but wouldn't take it inside. She dangled her tongue out, gliding it with a tease across the tip, and when it was fully moistened, she slid it into her mouth.

The warmth and tenderness was fantastic, and my dick yearned for attention as I had watched the most erotic porn I had ever seen. Dana took it all in, keeping her eyes locked to mine, and it was then I could feel Carol, hovering over, watching as if being taught the ropes. She caressed my thigh, her soft hands slipping up, and she squeezed as she reached my waist, then back down again she would go.

As Dana pushed my dick further into her throat, she arched her back, as if I had just rammed it in her cunt, and I could see she was once again brewing between her legs, ravenous like she had never been before. A few more pumps on my shaft, and she licked the tip once again. When she was ready to relinquish the position, she looked over to Carol, kissed her, and handed her the shaft of my dick for her own. Carol didn't hesitate to take advantage, and she slid her mouth around the tip, closing her lips around it, peering upward to see my reaction.

I let out a soft moan, she felt so good, the same as my wife, but she was not.


Carol pushed me further into her mouth, past the back of her throat, and she vigorously jammed my cock in and out, working the tip with her tonsils. I was deep in pleasure, lusting for this to be a never ending moment, it was like a wonderful gift to have her suck on my dick.

Dana could see she was well trained for the job, and she let her friend devour me completely. As she worked my dick in and out of her, Dana began to play with her tits, squeezing her mams, and lightly twisting on her nipples. This only made Carol more hot, and the combination of my dick in her mouth, and my wife stimulating her tits, she writhed, and groaned, vibrating my shaft until I could feel it in my balls.

She sucked on the tip, twisting her tongue around the helmet, and the sight of my wife trying to get her off, only made it that much harder to keep from cumming down her throat. It wasn't long as she stroked me more, I was ready to burst. Dana could see the need on my face and she took up position next to Carol, ready to receive.

The sight of these two vixens made it all too much, and they seemed to work like twins as I came.

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Carol was the first to feel me burst into her mouth, and Dana pushed her mouth to the tip for her share of the arrival. I groaned as the fighting tongues took what they could, and when one wasn't on the tip, she would slid her mouth along the shaft. I can't say that I have cum harder in my life. As they shared my load, they kissed each other repeatedly, licking more up for themselves, and then sharing it with the other.

Except for the copious amount of saliva on my dick, the women licked me clean, and I was more than happy to have been included in their fun. As the ladies made short work of draining my sack, the introduction of a dick only seemed to make them more veracious, and the foreplay was picking up again, and they frenched each other uncontrollably. Dana ravaged Carol, that much more ready to indulge in the nights fun, and the longer they kissed, the more they embraced, until the were entwined onto one another like battling snakes.

I can't say I had ever seen my wife so willing, or able, but the sight of it only made me more enticed, and before long, she was on top of Carol, grinding into her, and pushing the indentation of her body deeper into the plush carpeting. Dana again began to suck her nipples, first one, then the other, and I could only sit back and enjoy the most erotic show I could be given.

Down Carol's body she went, licking and rubbing, as if she were some nymphomaniac virgin. She relished every morsel, taking part in every offering of her carnal flesh. Carol lay there, powerless to resist such a delectable creature feasting on its prey. Lower she went, this time no skirt or panties to block her path, and she returned the favor of the tease Carol had given her. Dana kissed in the bend of her thigh, and sucked diligently on the soft sides of her leg, never getting too close to her pussy, and she made sure only to taunt her with the prospect of quivering absolution.

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When Dana could resist no more, she kissed the top of her slit, harassing her clitorius, but still not giving up her inescapable torture. She finally allowed the squirming woman a reprieve, and she stretched out her tongue, enveloping her labia with the whole of her mouth, sucking in the bloom of her ever increasing lubricant.

Carol cried out when she touched it, letting free the anguish of the relentless torment she so longed for. Dana let go of her soft suckling and pressed her tongue between the folds. Again Carol let go of a passionate moan, and you could see she enjoyed every moment, even though she winced at every sensation. Dana played with her clit, coursing the rough of her tongue over every ridge of the terrain. Ever steadily she became more aggressive, and Carol began to sigh and moan continuously as Dana gave her each lap.

She uttered sounds of passion, and slowly her muscles tensed in the motions. She was climbing ever closer to climax, and I could only sit back with my cock in my hand as I watched her raise up from the floor to beg for even more. Dana never gave into her, she kept her pace steady, and with a sudden burst, Carol's toes curled into her feet, and her stomach pulsed over and over.

She was far past moans, and she wailed as Dana brought her to conclusion, her cum squeezed down her cheeks as if it were the last of the tube. Dana rushed to take her flow, and work feverishly to consume every drop. The sight of my wife's ass in the air, glistening with uncontrolled wanting drove me crazy to watch, and as she brought Carol to complete orgasim, I took the opportunity to have some pussy of my own.

Her ass was high in the air, and she strained to get low enough to deeply tongue fuck Carol, and with that invitation, I placed the head of my dick on the edge of her cunt.

As I slid my dick inside, she let go of a deep moan, only to cause a chain reaction, and Carol jerked at the vocalization. Slowly I pushed into her, allowing her abundance of cum to lubricate my dick, and I didn't stop until my balls tapped against her slit. My wife was forced to retreat from her dessert, leaving with cream all over her face, so she could take the penetration. She let out a hard grunt as my tip pushed back on her cervix, and her back arched when I pulled away, almost to the tip again, until I pushed in again.

Her twat was glazed in wetness, and the heat of her lips gripped around my shaft like a volcano. The resistance of her contracting vagina made the sensation virginal, and I wanted to slam into her cunt, but found the tightening combative. As I pushed passed the hindrance, her insides were forced to concede to the girth of my meat, and reluctantly it seemed to accept the intrusion. Dana began to relax some, and she found it easier to accept when she moved up to all fours. With a steady increase in tempo, I began to push into her deeply, then back again, until I almost fell out.

I picked up the pace again, and bent at the knees to give her the entire length, pushing harder each time while working the depth like a speed bag. I put my hands on her hips, and rode into her repetitively, and soon my balls were slapping against her clit in the rhythmic motion of the fuck. Carol had recovered from her pussy tasting, and she lay back, wide-eyed at the spectacle of Dana taking dick. Soon she was back to softly kissing her on the lips, and cleaning away the slippery cum she had left on her face.

Carol moved to her knees, setting them under her ass, and she hung her gorgeous tits in her face.

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With each pump Dana rushed forward, and soon Carol was holding her nipple at her mouth, letting her suck and pull with each thrust of my cock. The view only made me pick up the stride, and as the rocking gained intensity and severity, Carol's tits jiggled, knocking the other back and forth. It was a seductive sight, and I feared I would bruise her pussy as I slammed more aggressively each time so her cervix was crushed, and Carol's tits bounced like jello. Carol seemed to enjoy the repetition, and she slid her hand between her legs, softly mimicking the slap of my balls against Dana.

Dana moaned with each pounding, ever harder and deeper, her grunting joined the chorus. Carol smiled the entire time, loving the pornographic scene on display, and soon she stood up, climbing over Dana to watch my dick slide into her.

Carol bent low, leaving a shining imprint of her cunt each time Dana took a thrust, and she began to use her to rub another climax from her slit. I could see Carol finding the pleasure in the voyeurism of the exhibit, and she moved to Dana's hips, stretching her ass apart, giving me ever better access to bang her pussy harder.

With all the attention Dana became more excited at the abuse, and suddenly she arched her back up, ramming into Carol's pussy. The walls of her cunt clamped down like a vise, and I slammed into her over and over as she gushed cum down my sack. Carol loved the sight, and as Dana came hard on my dick, she slapped her ass cheeks, leaving red hand imprints.

The exploitation only made Dana cum harder, and a wash of hot cum on my dick let me know she was filled with excitement. I finally relented and pulled out of her, inch by inch until I reached the tip, and her vagina closed slowly as it lost its plug.

I stared down as she continued to breath heavy, and her lips pulsed with the beat of her heart as she attempted to recover from the prodding.

Carol still stood over her back, Dana now melting into the carpet as she recuperated from the the fuck. I stood up, putting my dick in her face, and she preceded to clean the cum from cock, pushing the head deep into her neck. Carol seemed to love the taste, and she worked my shaft in an effort to bring me again to release. She worked my cock like a whore, and I could hardly stand the barrage, so I reached down and picked her up from the floor.

She pulled into me, rubbing her tits on my chest, and I pulled her into me, taking my first kiss. She kissed me back, deeply, twisting her tongue in my mouth, and the rush of emotion only made me ache to fuck her as well. I pulled up on her ass, and she hopped into my arms, never releasing her tongue from mine. I moved over to the couch, placing her down, and her natural tits slid down to the side. Her wide hips lay open as she uncurled from around me, and I wanted to ravish this beautiful goddess right then.

I leaned over her, bracing myself on the couch, and I slipped my mouth around her nipple, licking circles around her areola. Carol tensed with the tongue work, grinding her hips into me, and while I would love to taste her pussy as my wife had, I couldn't wait to be inside her. I looked down at her pussy, tumid and wanting, and I placed the tip of my dick on her clit. She squeaked at the sensation, already over stimulated by the constant lust, and I began to trib her pussy with the tip of my cock.

She let out a deep moan, twisting her head back in ecstacy, and her golden hair lay out like a breeze from the sea. She really was a stunning woman, no more so than my wife, but she was something different, and I relished the time to look upon her.

When she could take it no more, I slowed my stimulation, and place the tip of my dick between her engorged sheets. She was amply wet, there was little resistance, and I slipped it in slow, covetting every moment and sensation. Gently in I went, splitting her open with my girth, and her vagina clamped down ever so lightly with each little push.

She took every inch, and my balls lay on her ass, but I stayed there for a moment, and slid my hand under her back. Again I licked on her breast, then between, and the other. She push deeper onto me, and I could feel her shudder. She was so warm and wet, I thanked them for draining me before, because if I had to endure it, I would have already been done. I lay her back down, and began to slide my dick in and out. Carol groaned as I fucked her, keeping time with each push, and I flushed with excitement, making sure not to rush.

The lust was ever building, and I couldn't help but to pick up the pace. My cock slammed inside her as she sank into place. Over and over I thrust, ramming her cervix, and soon she was writhing each time I went inside. I pumped her pussy, pushing her legs to the side, and harder and faster I went, until the sound of slapping was all I could hear. Dana had recovered from her own pounding, and now she watched as I abused her friends pussy, but she only found pleasure in it, from what I could see in her eyes.

Unlike when I watched her make love to Carol, Dana couldn't be sated, and she moved over to the couch, hovering her cunt over her friend's face. She positioned herself accordingly, bringing down her slit to Carol's mouth, and Carol was all too happy to cooperate. She leaned up only slightly, and she began to lick her twat once again. Dana rode her tongue, and swung her hips back and forth, clearly using her nose to trib even deeper into her folds.

Both women began to moan in unison, and the sound of balls hitting ass set the tone and pace, as the beauties fucked their way to yet another explosive climax. Dana leaned in, kissing me with deep lustful eyes, and it only made me jirate even harder, smashing Carol's pussy into submission. I pushed harder into her thighs, bracing myself as I slid my dick into her over and over again. Carol's muscles started to tense, and she groaned as her vagina screamed for release.

Her pussy clamped down on my dick, like a vise, I feared it would pull it off, and like some tubular machine, her cunt work with intention to milk my dick. Her cervix rammed into the head of my dick, and like an anvil, she banged away at the tip. Dana never stopped riding her face, and to prolong the cum, and torture her dutiful companion, she pulled back the flaps of her twat, working her clit with a vigorous clip.

Carol gushed like a fountain, and it felt as though she had squeezed every drop from her pussy. The insides of my thighs were washed with her spray, and the chilling effect only gave me confirmation. The sudden release of her clamp made the pump so much smoother, and quickly I could feel the straining in my sack, and the tip of my dick grew even harder.

Dana could see I was ready to burst once again, and she reached around my ass, pulling me harder into Carol, both assisting my thrust,a giving me permission to cum inside her.

The approval was all I needed, and my cock shot deep inside, and Dana worked my hips until it felt like my dick was floating in the soup. Dana was the apparent leader in these final moments, and when the strain in my cheeks let loose, she pushed me out of her, gobbling up the drips as she gagged on my rod.

I worked my shaft deep down her throat, and she suckled every drop, leaving me with nothing but drool on my rock hard cock. She looked up at me, her eyes awash with tears from the onslaught, and she cupped my balls, as if I hadn't given a full load. I could hear Carol under my wife, lapping up every ounce of cum she would muster, and I could only fall back, and take my place on the couch.

Dana seemed to be unwilling to stop, and she twerked on her mouth as I watched her ass jiggle. Carol didn't mind, holding her pelvis in a full nelson, and I was simply spellbound. When Dana was done with me, she went back to Carol's pussy, and she lapped and sipped my cum from her cunt.

It was the most erotic sixty-nine in the history of my life, and I never wanted to stop watching her tongue fuck my wife. They began to slow down from the fucking, and they enjoyed kissing each others twat with devoted softness, and finally Dana moved so Carol could get up.

We all sat on the couch, naked, and drained. Our chests each heaved as we recovered from the strain. Dana moved to the corner of the couch, relaxed and fully flushed, and Carol laid between her legs, and played with her puss.

I could do nothing but stare, there was so little to say, and I was still rock hard as I watched her play. It took some time, but Carol broke the silence, "Now that was a meal to remember."