My brunette girlfriend is a slut

My brunette girlfriend is a slut
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I was finishing up her peace sign tattoo. Emilie was still stifling moans, because as I was tattooing her I had the heel of my left hand applying pressure directly to her clit.

Her tattoo is on her hip so, so whereas my right hand, holding the tattoo gun, was hovering over her left hip, my left hand was resting between her legs. Emilie is eighteen with a petite frame. No defining curves but tight nonetheless. Long brunette hair. Brown eyes that you could see through. Boobs, if I had to guess, were a size B, and she probably weighed 120 pounds soaking wet. . and wet she was. I was getting her worked up as I worked. The mix of stimulation from my palm, and pain from the needle was getting her extremely excited.

I leaned down, as if concentrating on the tattoo, but as I got closer I was rewarded by what I'd hoped to find.


I inhaled as her musky, feminine odor reached my nostrils. Such a sweet smell. I had noticed from the way she had to pull her panties down across one hip, that she hadn't shaved in a day or two, for she had stubble growing all around her mound.

Aside from not taking the time to shave during her last shower, she had used the extra time to clean herself. I could smell lilacs mixed in there. Although the flowery scent was strong, there was no denying the pungent smell of her pussy soaking itself.

I finished the final leg in her peace sign, now a completed tattoo. I began to wipe it down with disinfectant spray. As I wiped I slyly hooked the waistband of her panties for just a microsecond, and pulled downward, millimeter by millimeter. Each time I ran the cool cloth across her fresh ink, she winced and pulled away, exposing herself even more inadvertently. The last time I did this, she jerked so bad her panties tried to ride up, but being as rolled down as they were, and the direction she had flinched, they just went sideways and suddenly her nearly bald pussy was in the open.

Her clit was swollen and her lips were parted slightly, but tight. She looked so soft, and delicious in that extremely exposed state, with the shocked look on her face. Yet not once yet has she made a move to correct the wardrobe malfunction. I looked her in the eyes, as they widened. I had reached out and touched her hard clit with the end of my finger.

Emilie just began breathing faster as I sat back down in the artist's chair, my finger rubbing very slow circles around clit as I looked her in the face to find a negative reaction. Not one came. She just shuddered, her lip quivering, looking down at her body.

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She had her panties, that were now pulled to the side on. These cute little black lace things with a small bow right beneath her navel, and a tie dyed t shirt. I leaned my head in, kissing her fresh tattoo, causing a sigh to escape her lips.

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I kissed down her hip bone. Upon reaching her hood, I gave her engorged clit a quick kiss, moving my hand up her belly under her shirt. My left hand snaking it's way up her torso, I gave her slit a tentative lick as I found her nipple. She wasn't even wearing a bra. I pinched her right nipple lightly, as I licked from the bottom of her opening to her clit, causing her to draw in a sharp inhale, moaning upon the breath's release.

Her whole body shuddered after that and I brought my hands back up from her. I pulled my T-shirt off as I scooted my chair slightly back. Puzzled by my moving backward, she began to turn toward me, sideways in the reclining chair. As she did this, I grasped her ankles, pulling her feet above my head. I leaned forward resting her calves on either of my shoulders, spreading her legs around me.

I spread her lips with either of my now free hands, and licked her tight fuck hole.

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Pushing my tongue inside her, I could feel her pussy walls contracting and spreading ever so slightly. Emilie was tight, but she was wet. My finger slid in easily under my tongue.

I pressed it upward against the underside of my tongue, pushing my tongue into finding her g-spot. I moved my tongue up and down as I pumped my finger in like that up and down, occasionally twisting my hands.

Emilie was breathing hard now, her chest rising and falling slightly, but quickly. She was getting close, and I knew it. "Oh, Will." She spoke the first words since I had told her she was almost finished. "Don't worry," I replied, winking at her, "you're almost finished again." She laid her head back, and let out a moan at the stimulation, and the low growling voice I had suddenly developed.


I put my right hand back up her shirt, and focused my tongue on her clit. She was ready. I bit down on her clit slightly, and pinched her left nipple, causing an overwhelming release. She moaned loudly. "William." I kissed her belly, and up it, as I ran my other hand up her shirt, riding it upward, as she sat up. I now have both her breasts exposed, with her hard pink nipples being kneaded between my fingers. She reached across herself, blocking my view, to grab the hem of her shirt.

Pulling it up and over her head she tossed it in the floor. I reached down and tugged her panties up, and she used my shoulders to lift her butt with her legs, then put them above my head closing them, allowing me an amazing view, and the ability to pull her underwear completely off.

I kissed the back of her left calf, before she put her feet on the floor. Emilie proceeds to drop to her knees, undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my shorts. Pulling them and my underwear down in one motion, Emilie let out a surprised squeak as my 9 inch cock hit her in the cheek.

She immediately grabbed hold of the shaft looking up at me with those brown eyes. She begins to stroke me off, and then fondles my balls, which surprises me, because I thought all girls had forgotten about them.

Emilie hadn't forgotten them though. She also did not wait any longer to taste me. She slid my cock all the way to the back of her throat, where she choked up a bit. She began to bob up and down, licking my shaft, paying attention to the underside right beneath my sensitive head. She pulled my dick out of her mouth with a loud popping sound, then slid her tongue back under it.

Wrapping just the head with her lips she begins to suck, licking the head, tonguing my pisshole, moaning on my cock. All that combined with the sight of her lips stretching around my dick head pushed me over the edge.

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I grabbed two handfuls of her hair, pulled her close, and came in her throat, as she moaned through. I lifted her off her knees, kissing her passionately, turning her toward the only blank wall in the shop. I slowly pushed Emilie toward the wall, my cock growing back to full hardness as she gropes me. I get her pinned to the wall with my body. I lift her legs, and she catches on quickly wrapping her slender legs around my waist as I slide my hard dick inside of her dripping cunt.

She gasps and shudders as I slowly slide all the way into her. I wait just a moment to let her adjust to being full. Emilie gets used to her pussy walls stretching as far as they are now, and begins to grind on me, kissing me back. I run my hands up her sides, over her boobs, and up her arms, pinning her wrists to the wall behind her.

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She continues gyrating her hips, impaling herself with me. I begin to pump back, matching her thrusts.


Wet slapping sounds fill the air. As I'm fucking her Emilie is moaning and sighing out loud. Trying to get me deeper in her still. My balls are slapping her tight ass.

I release her wrists, grabbing her around the waist with my left arm, and pinching her clit with my right hand. That shoots her to the point of no return, and her eyes rolled back in her head, crying out, "William, ohh oh.

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" She's panting and covered in a sheen of sweat, and her screaming my name sends me over the edge, and I bury my cock as deep into her as I can. Still extremely sensitive and coming down from her high, she dug her fingernails into my back, clawing me down, as I unload cumshot after cumshot deep inside her.

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I slide down to my knees, with her still on my lap, impaled by my cock. I lean forward resting on her, with her back still against the wall. We are both panting, with my dick still sheathed inside her, cum and her juices running down my balls dripping on to the floor. She kisses me one last time and raises herself. "Does this mean I get a discount?" I just grin at her.