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Teacher likes tight schoolgirl pussysy
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The next morning . I approached Krystal again, saying we need to talk about where we are at in our relationship, she was adamant that nothing was wrong, that she just needs to sort herself out, that I had nothing to worry about.

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Krystal said she will try harder to be nice to me. I pushed and said that was not good enough, that we need to open and be up front with each other. Krystal merely laughed, saying nothing is wrong, that I was being silly, she pecked me on the cheek and quickly left saying she was late for work, stating she will be working late tonight.

True to form, she was late in - 8 p.m, I had my meal and was watching television, and I had left her a meal in the oven, which she reheated and ate. I asked did she get all her work done, Krystal replied she did. I brought up the need for me to have a subject to practice my hypnotism skills, could she help - Krystal said that might be fun, she would help, but first she wanted to clean up and shower, strangely her demeanor was friendly and jovial.

Naturally I wondered what had put her in such a good mood tonight - finished her work, fucked her lover or something else. I had practiced with some friends and even clients at work, with the doctors approval, and had successfully induced a hypnotized state into my subjects, having them do tasks and returning them back to reality/normal afterwards.

I really enjoyed doing this and achieved some good therapeutic results - helping them relax. Some people will not go into a hypnotic trance at all, others go into one - but come out of it easily, and others are deeply under the hypnotist's spell - until released.

I knew Krystal was in the third category, and I was feeling awkward, uneasy at the prospect of putting Krystal into a hypnotic trance. Dilemma. Do I go through with this or really force a confrontation and possibly lose Krystal for ever. Hopefully I can get some information and find a resolution to whatever is happening between us. As one of my readers said, I needed to grow balls, one way or another.

Krystal took my ambivalence out of my hands, bounding into the room in her dressing gown, carrying some wine glasses filled with red wine, handing me one, saying lets get started Mr Magician.

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I explained the process an informed her, that if at any time, I thought she was in any distress I would awaken her. Krystal's reply was, it's cool, that she felt great afterwards when hypnotized before - and maybe I could help her with her frequent headaches. Such a willing subject, well there was no turning back now - it was up to me now how I used this position. Krystal finished the wine and sat on the lounge in front of me saying - ready.


I immediately went through the suggestive routine, carefully choosing my words, speaking slowly, softly. Krystal was concentrating beautifully, and it wasn't long before she was under hypnosis.

I encouraged her to relax, her eyes getting droopy, to close her eyes and imagine the peace and calm of the waves rolling in on beautiful beach. I asked her name, and some other personal details at first, to test if she was fully in a trance, she answered them all correctly. I then got her to do some silly things, like picking her nose ( something she would not normally do as she found it revolting) and standing on one leg, clucking like a hen.

Satisfied I had her under totally, I allowed Krystal to lay down and rest on the lounge, going into a deep sleep. I looked at her asleep on the lounge, so beautiful and peaceful.

I took time to think what I should do next, as you can see, she was highly vulnerable at this point, and at any time in my presence from now on. I looked at her again, we had it so good for 4-5 years - then something changed, what, I had to know.

I decided, I was in the driver's seat right now, and there was no reason to rush, I had to do this right. It was late 11 p.m. and we both had to work in the morning.

I brought her out of her deep sleep, she remained in a trance, I suggested a "control" word (FANY), which she repeated, and I repeated, that whenever I said it to her, she would immediately fall under my hypnotic guidance, responding only to my voice, Krystal confirmed she understood.

I followed the correct procedure, prior to releasing her from the trance, telling her she will not remember what had happened, but will remember the "control" word, and that when she awakens she will feel really relaxed and happy. I snapped my fingers, and Krystal awoke with a smile on her face, saying wow I feel great, thanks. I had to test the " control", to satisfy all was well with my skills. I looked at her intently and said FANY. Krystal immediately fell into a trance - wow, I thought, she is so susceptible to hypnotic commands.

I guided her to sit on the lounge again, and reassured her that she was safe, for her to only listen to me always. On sitting her dressing gown, pulled open a little revealing her firm breasts - oh shit I thought - movement in my pants, Mr Penis had awakened - here's trouble I thought.

Dilemma. Do I allow Krystal to go to bed now to sleep ? Do I plant some raunchy suggestions and send her to bed and await me ? Do I play and some fun now, while here on the lounge?

Conscience - me nah !!! Krystal was still in her hypnotic state so I told her to close her eyes and open her dressing gown, which she did, her firm breasts protruding eagerly, awaiting some attention. I lightly touched her nipples, which resulted in an immediate hardening of her nipples and my cock. Mr Penis was interested. I asked Krystal did she like her nipples being touched, she replied yes. I tipped a small amount of essential oils on her nipples and told her use her fingers to massage her nipples with her finger tips, while I put some oils on Mr Penis and rubbed my hand up an down on his shaft.

Mr Penis was eager for some action. I asked Krystal how she felt, she said she was feeling horny, I told her that was how she should feel all the time. I told Krystal that I had a surprise for her, that when I allow her to open her eyes, she will see Mr Penis as a delicious ice cream, that she will hold him in both hands and lick and suck him, because he is the best ice cream she has ever seen.

I told her to open her eyes. Krystal's eyes lit up and she immediately grasped Mr Penis with both hands and commenced giving the most amazing head job, tickling, licking, sucking. Mr Penis was so sensitive he blew sweet cum into her mouth and down her throat. Mmmm that was great, but I knew I needed to be careful to cover what I was doing, so that Krystal would not be suspicious. I also had to be sure this was working and she had no clue as to what had just happened. I instructed her, that when she awoke from the trance, she would feel really good, that all she would remember was having eaten a delicious ice cream.

I also added that if she noticed she was feeling horny she was to tell me. I dressed myself and closed her dressing gown, then snapped my fingers, releasing Krystal from the hypnotic trance. Krystal looked at me and smiled. I said your in a good mood, I'm going to get some ice cream from the kitchen would she like one. Krystal said no, she had just had a really yummy one. On returning from the kitchen, I noticed Krystal had one hand inside her dressing gown on her breast and the other hand between her legs.

I asked whats up. Krystal gave me that look that only she can, Mr Penis sprang up. Krystal said, all of a sudden I'm so fucking horny, and I don't know why, she removed her hand from between her legs and licked her fingers, and smiled at me.

Krystal then stood up quickly and grabbed the ice cream from me, throwing it on the table. Then she kissed me passionately, I could smell the sweet heat of her natural pheromones - she was hot, she was horny, she was the aggressor, she wanted cock here and now. Her hand groped Mr Penis - he was busting to get out from confinement, he wanted cunt, her cunt. I pushed her dressing gown off her shoulders, aggressively kissing her neck, my hands fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples - she moaned loudly, her hands undoing and pushing my pants down, out sprang Mr penis, she held him and fondled my balls.

Krystal kissed me more amorously, my hand slid over her mound, over her clit and into her sea of love juices. Oh god she was so wet, so excited, her body exuded sex. No fucking foreplay here, Krystal,Mr Penis and I were on the same page. In one motion, Krystal pulled me closer, holding Mr Penis, she eased back onto the lounge, spreading her legs, and guided Mr Penis to her succulent cunt opening, it was oozing heat and welcoming juices.

What a wonderful sight, Mr Penis was thrust forcefully into Krystal's primed cunt, in and out, skin violently against skin, smashing all the erotic zones of her womb.

Krystal worked eagerly in unison, her cunt - my cock, the throws of passion over taking us. Krystal was moaningcalling out FUCK ME, Mr Penis was fucking her, I was fucking her and it was great. Krystal pulled me hard into her, her hands on my buttocks, I could sense the slight change in her breathing, her hips quivering, orgasm was imminent, I was sweating and tiring, I mustered all my remaining strength and pounded her pussy, our bodies arched and shook together - Mr Penis exploding into her wanting, waiting cunt.

I rested beside her. Wow, I said. Wow she said, and we both smiled. Krystal excused herself and went to have a shower, I offered to come and shower with her, she declined - saying she had to get to bed soon - as she had a big day at work tomorrow. Krystal did say thanks for the fuck, it was great she said, when I got to bed Krystal was asleep.

The next few days were uneventful at home, I was working late shifts - I saw very little of Krystal, so the use of the hypnotic trance, would have to wait. I was in no hurry - I told myself to plan and be careful.

I thought about my new found skills, being able to hypnotize people is powerful shit, it can be either good or bad. I decided to keep it quiet, a few people did know, but if I stop talking about, and do not mention my exploits, it will fade from their minds. My conscience is telling me I can get into a lot of trouble, possibly with the law for hypnotizing someone without their consent.

I have two really close friends that I can trust - Brad, whom I has been my best friend for most of my life, and Tracey, with whom I had formed a really close working relationship and now I am fucking her.

I did trust Krystal in the past, but no longer, what is she up to - I need to get the truth from her. Working the late shifts, limited my contact with Mary and Tracey, we had only brief contacts, some flirting, some suggestive notes being passed to each other. The weekend arrived, Saturday was uneventful - the usual house chores being done.

Krystal was at work. Sunday started slowly, Krystal sleeping in, I went out to visit Brad for a few hours. Upon returningI detected a strange smell in the lounge room, it wasn't a perfume but an odor I had encountered before - I just could not remember when or where. Krystal denied smelling anything, saying nobody had been in the house while I was away.

I didn't press the issue, but found it odd - as there was definitely an odour. I decided then and there, to utilize my new found skills, enough was enough.

It was 3 p.m. in the afternoon, I offered Krystal a glass of red wine - telling her it was relaxation time, Krystal accepted the wine, making her self comfortable on the lounge with a book. I sat in close proximity to Krystal and clearly spoke the word FANY, she just sat there, I wasn't sure if she was under or not, panic hit me, my thoughts racing - what the .

she's not responding . what do I do. telling myself, I mustn't panic. I finally settled and said you are getting tired close your eyes, relax - and to my relief Krystal did as asked. I took her glass and she relaxed closing her eyes. I continued making sure she settled fully into a deep hypnotic trance, planting pleasant thoughts in her mind, Krystal was ready for my questions.

I told Krystal there was no right or wrong answers to the questions I was about to ask her, that she is safe and I will take care of her - to which she replied - thank you. I took a deep breath and started. Here is a brief transcript of our session - Question . Krystal, did we have a visitor today while I was away? Answer .

Yes Q . Who was the visitor?

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A . Max Q . What did you and Max do? A . Talk Q . Did anything else happen? A . No Q . What is Max to you? A . My lover. I was really pissed off.angry . I took some time to calm down, then resumed my questions. Q . How long have you been seeing Max? A . 2 years Q . Do you love him? A . No Q . Do you love me? A . No Q . Has Max been fucking you for 2 years? A . Yes, more. Q . How long? A . 7 years Now I was really fucking pissed off, we have been in a relationship and living together for 5 years, I had thought we were great together, sharing and caring.

Obviously not, she's been fucking Max all the time we were together. I stopped questioning, because I had to gather my senses, to take in this revelation. I sent Krystal into a deep sleep, with my suggestions - she relaxed comfortably on the lounge. I wanted some revenge, I wanted to do something to her, that fucking bitch. I looked at Krystal sitting in front of me - looking so peaceful, so beautiful, so deceitful.

I finished the glass of red wine, and poured myself another. I had to talk to someone, to help me get my head straight, to run by them some of the devious thoughts I was having. I called Brad, he was unavailable, so I called Tracey, she answered on the first call - I briefly explained what had just happened, that I badly needed to talk to someone, and her advice would be appreciated.

Tracey said she was nearby, doing some shopping at the local shopping center.I asked if she could come over immediately. Tracey said - no way, Krystal is there. I explained that Krystal is still asleep under a hypnotic trance, under my spell, that it would not pose a problem. Tracey reluctantly agreed, saying she would arrive in 15 minutes.

I gave her my address, as she had not been here before. I had been pacing around the room, when Tracey knocked on the door, she could see I was stressed - giving me a huge cuddle, but nervously looking past me at Krystal sleeping on the lounge, she inquired is this really okay - I reaffirmed, perfectly safe. I explained that Krystal was a person that hypnotism really worked a treat on - the ideal subject.

Tracey was dubious at first, but then with my encouragement, she sat close to Krystal watching closely for any movement, I told her Krystal will only respond or awaken if a allow her to. I offered Tracey a red wine, having another myself and we chatted about my predicament.

I observed that she was sexily dressed in normal clothes which really accentuated her curvy body, Mr Penis was stirring, receiving alerts from me.

Tracey had been with me for about 30 minutes, and we discussed some interesting scenarios, and some really interesting plots and ideas. Tracey said she had to leave soon, but we agreed that I should keep a lid on what I knew for a while, so that I could do what is best for me.

My mind was really devious, I had an idea. I asked Tracey to stand, and I gave her a passionate kiss - to which she responded.


I said to her, I have a surprise for you, I want you to briefly be my helper with Krystal while she is in a trance. I told Tracey to stand still, and to be open to what I suggest, that she mustn't make sudden movements, to just co-operate for Krystal's safety. Tracey looked at me quizzically, but before she could object, I spoke to Krystal, encouraging her to awaken from her sleep, but to keep her eyes closed, Krystal obeyed still being hypnotized.

I told Krystal that she was a fashion designer, that when she opens her eyes, she will see a female mannequin in front of her, that she will remove the mannequin's clothes, and kiss the mannequin's lips passionatelythen redress the mannequin. Tracey's mouth dropped open.

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I instructed Krystal to open her eyes, she immediately began undressing Tracey whom was in a state of shock. Expertly removing Tracey's dress, bra and panties - then Krystal's lips entwined with Tracey, Tracey was reluctant at first, then fully responding amorously. While the passion was flowing between their lips, I fondled Tracey's succulent breasts and taut nipples, my fingers intruding into her hot cunt, she moaned not resisting. Krystal then eased her lips off Tracey's lips and began dressing her.

I instructed Krystal to sit and go into sleep mode again. Tracey sent a few expletives my way, saying she was so fucking horny now, but had to leave to pick up her kids.

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I pulled Tracey close and passionately kissed her, I rubbed her mound, feeling that her panties were soaked. Tracey responded to my amorous move, rubbing Mr Penis through my trousers. I smiled and said, surely you have time for a quickie - I quickly pulled my trousers to my ankles and sat next to a sleeping Krystal, Mr Penis was bolt upright begging for Tracey's soaked cunt to entertain him. Tracey looked at Mr Penis - sighed and removed her panties - straddling over my cock - easing herself down consuming Mr Penis into her raging hot cunt.

A delightful moan of pleasure left her lips as Mr Penis went in deeper and deeper into her womb of lust, she had forgotten Krystal was beside us. Tracey went wild, lifting her sweet ass up and down, and gyrated her hips over Mr Penis, he was swimming in her cum - she had multiple orgasms, gasping for breath with the effort she was putting in. Tracey took my head in her hands as she gazed into my eyes, I shuddered and thrust as hard as I could from my seated position, Mr Penis exploded into her womb.

Tracey kissed me with such warmth, I melted, she then eased of Mr Penis, our love juices pouring over my cock as she got upher cunt look great I wanted to eat her, but she acted first licking Mr Penis's head, teasing him - oh so fucking sensitive - too sensitive - she laughed and stood up, quickly putting on her panties. Tracey grabbed her purse and headed for the door saying - you fucking shit, I will be late picking up my kids, if I get a speeding fine your paying for it - she was gone.

Well the dilemma in life is what do I do from here. Take my time, evaluate things. I'm sure my handful of interested readers will offer up some suggestions.

I told Krystal that when she goes to bed, she will snuggle up to me and cuddle me, until sleep arrives, and in the morning she will do the same, when she awakens - cuddle up to me. I then released Krystal from the hypnotic state, telling her she will not remember what had happened, that she will carry on with her normal routines for the afternoon.

Krystal said she felt really good on coming out of the sleep/trance, that she will go and cook something for our evening meal. Dilemma.