Sexy marley brinx in a hot erotic foreplay in the couch threesome hardcore pornstar

Sexy marley brinx in a hot erotic foreplay in the couch threesome hardcore pornstar
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I went to the beach on Friday knowing a little sun and skin would feel good. It was nice, some beautiful woman, a little conversation, and a nude swim. Nude is not allowed, but I have a nice spot and simply waiting for the few to pass I leave my suit with my stuff on the shore.

And into the water. I am on the FL gulf so very little surf, well none. It works well. I swam maybe a mile along shore.

Not one person around when I came out so I reclined in the sun on my chair. I thought the most intensely erotic reality in my life and masturbated. The fantasy, sun, my own skin, sounds of the beach&hellip. I was off to a good start. I made my way to my car to change. In Florida my truck, I race bikes, has very dark windows and I freely undress without fear of police. It is higher then cars and can see out well. Keeping cool with the AC, I sit nude, and have my computer to check my mail.


I have two from woman a far that love to share their sexual secrets. Next to my car is a mini van. As I am in a sexual trance behind one-way windows, I read and stroke. As a gift from heaven, a mom with three pubescent girls returns from the beach too. I do not know the age, but they are very pretty. With almost no other cars, they open the car door making a little area next to me between the cars only a few feet from me, but they do not know I am there. Mom removes her suit and is busy organizing their change.

It is a mini van with a lot of room.

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The youngest, or smallest, is nude sitting inside legs crossed and is playing with her young tender nipples. It must have been good because she did not care what was going on around, and they seemed to be growing. By now the other two were naked and not signs of being in a hurry.

Mom was beautiful and fit. Mom and the three were hairless, or seemed they were very light blond hair at most. The two older may have been non identical twins, as one sat on the car floor and door edge as her sister washed her virgin mound.

She lay half back, legs wide, as her sister kneeled tenderly washed each fold. Mom looked on without a word, smiled, with her nipples now hard. Her one hand gave herself a little attention, and sat on the drivers seat reaching for the radio. The youngest still playing with her nipples watched her sisters, learning I guess. They had now changed places and the other began helping her sister.

Mom had reclined her seat, was looking away, listening to the radio. Her hand out of sight of the girls was very busy. The second sister had her twin laying back and her eyes were shut.

Checked to see Mom not looking and then took her sisters little clit in her mouth. I was only feet away, nude, stroking my cock, with an insidious show like no other.

I wanted to cum and I wanted to keep watching. There was no question Mom was near ready, and the older daughters were not concerned about being caught. The two sat next to each other and arm over arm rubbed each other.

So natural and so comfortable. Mom's legs were wide, and the youngest now moved behind her mom's seat. She reached her little arms around her mom neck with her head next to her mom's ear and started playing with her moms nipples.

In a very short time moms back arched, and she climaxed. Daughter played on moms nipples, as her mom licked her fingers clean.

The two others were now heads next to each, one arm around the other in a hug, and the other hand was moving quickly on the others little mound. I do not think they penetrated. it was very rapid movement. No question this was not something new and they know what each other wanted. They finished without any great fanfare, but they were all smiles. Mom pulled over a loose sundress and the two older had the same matching.

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As they got ready to go the youngest never dressed, mom gave her a kiss bucked her in, and stood briefly touching her young nipples, and inspection. She also took her hand over her bottom checking there too. She smiled and gave her mom another kiss. They just shut the doors and drove off. I looked at myself still hard as can be and I have my own cum from chin to toe. All I know as I cam, I just kept going, I have never been so excited by young girls and a mother.

I was exhausted and feel asleep for about an hour. I did not have time to go home and shower, I just went straight to Beth's thinking I would clean up there. She was very excited to see me and we looked forward to dinner. Walking into her condo, I see she had our friend Erin; Erin is not tall, but fit, small breast, and very strong legs.

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Very nice to look at, as is Beth taller shaved from my instructions sometime ago, and a boyish butt. I gave her a friend kiss, and hug. She was overcome by my scent of cum. It was as if I just feed her the most powerful hormone. She turned towards Erin, and said Kurt and I are having dinner here and Erin you will join us. I was hoping I could get Beth to jack me off and play with my ass and in that Erin was not part of our past, thought we were just having dinner and Erin was the cock block.

Oh shit was I wrong. We talked for a while and I guess Erin picked up on my scent. They both were starting to give me visual attention. Beth walked over, stood in front of me, looking into my eyes and asked, Can I see and play with your cock, it has been a long time and I have missed it? I have told Erin how I would massage your prostate through your ass, she would like to learn.

My reply was in my mind very commanding, but might have been faint "YES" They stripped; they are beautiful my meat is again hard. Susan, I have cum twice writing you tonight and I am not done with the email.

I hope you are nude, and having fun. Erin helped me undress and out of no where starts licking my nipples. Standing she looks up at me and says I have found the source of what I smelled and it taste good. She seemed to like that I had left over dry cum on my chest.

I tell Beth I wanted Erin taught right, and it was her responsibility to tech her right. Erin said I don't know how to stimulate your prostate but I do love anal. Let's play doctor. We went into the bed room and I told Beth to show her how to inspect me and help her learn how mine felt.

To do so I lay over some pillows with my ass up. I tell Bet to lube me and loosen me up. I can feel her finger and Erin chin on my ass and her breath cooling my hole. One, two three, now Erin you try says Beth. I shut my eyes and let them go. They have a long lesson, and ask me to turn over.

I tell them first to use one of the toys, I really am liking this. My cock is very hard and it is now ready. I roll over and lay there. Each is masturbating me, Erin likes to lick the tip fro time to time.

Erin called me very early the next morning with lust in her voice. She is Beth and my friend from yesterday.

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I rise very early on the weekend; I'll go into the detail later. She said she wanted to continue on from our first meeting with Beth. Her compassion to be instructed was echoed in her voice.

Erin arrive at 12:05, I like this woman. I answered the door and Erin was there package in hand, a wonder pleasing smile on her face, and her two daughters. Surprise. There was no question they were related and stunning. Again, Erin is not tall, but fit, small breast, and very strong legs. I am 6'4". Her girls seem a little taller, but not as developed in fitness. All three were in light sun dresses, I learned she picked up after I told her of the young girls attire at the beach.

She asked how my wife was because she knew she was my committed mate, and that was all that needed to be said. Erin, learn she needs to treat my animal male, and she will be blessed with the power of a woman in return. She whispered in my ear she wanted her girls to learn too, and that they had been told to listen. I asked were they ready, and did they know what could NOT share outside our walls.

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Both girls immediately spoke and said, mom has let us before and we Know what's a secret. Sara was 10 months older then Jess but they were book-ends. We went inside, I do not drink nor would I give them, they did ask either as they were in to fitness, so we poured some tea and lemon aid. We stepped outside and the girls told me about themselves. They were so pretty young and sweet.

All three were without a bra, and small breasted. Jess almost nothing. I was just wearing shorts, and I watched as they checked everything out. I told them we were going to enjoy the afternoon together and learn how to please each other and by doing so we would be satisfied. The girls looked puzzled, but not fearful. I told them I was not going to breed them, that is to be their husband, but we were to be sexual.

Susan, I took some of your words and told them we were human animals with a purpose. To fulfill the purpose we needed to have sex, often, and with suited mates.

I was a male and a female must attract. That the most suited mates would care for the male, and by doing so would get rewarded with sexual pleasure. Jess looked very excited, Sara horny, and Erin had a beautiful smile. I told Erin I would like to see them. Jess was sitting next to me and already leaning forward listening intently. She quickly stood up and started lifting her dress up and over her head. She had just perk puff nipples, teen panties, and flip flops. She got a little shy, but did not cover, she was a doll.

Sara too stood, but with a gleam in her eyes. She slowly removed her dress, reveling a high cut panty without a need for shoes.


She was exquisite, succulent small young melons she exposed. Erin saw my gaze and had stripped behind me while I looked at my apprentices.

I felt her arms come around my neck and chest her face next to mine asking if I liked. No need to say the girls knelt by each leg, I reach back to feel Erin's smooth leg so she stepped along side so I could see. Her smooth pussy was right where I needed it to be, in my face, I could smell her scent as she was wet with anticipation. My servant maid motioned me to my feet and my su maids removed my shorts.

As they stood I had my arms around my three. It was gave me deep carnal feeling, you understand very hard to explain.

We have a large elevated outside mattress for lounging just perfect for us all. Erin was behind me and Jess and Sara along side.

The girls soon were playing with my cock as they learned how increase my pleasure. I told them how you, Susan, would use you ass as a womb when young.

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Erin wanted to show them how to save there hymen by using their ass. The only item we used that day from the list I had Erin fill. Was just the right lube to penetrate the two girls anal hole. Jess again was serious to be first in line and had her panties already gone. She was smooth as can be, she was not shaved but her hair was so light.

I laid her across my lap as if to spank. I rubbed her bum as she relaxed to my fatherly touch. Soon I ran a finger in her crack. She was in heaven as I felt her totally unwind. I licked my finger and touched her little ring.

I licked it again, for my taste. He sister placed a drop or two of lube. My finger slid in with no ill ease.


Shortly thereafter Jess was to climax I am sure much as you Susan learned at that age. Jess then curled next to me like a little kitten, as her sister laid on a stuffed pillow using her ass to attract, she learned well, as she looked over at me.

I follow the same with her as with Jess. But she was older and she got two, and almost three. She climax pushing her as to me. I finished my instruction with my tongue in her ass hole. The girls knew not to ask, as they proceeded to bring me home. The were well schooled and sucked me dry. To make it complete I enjoyed Erin treat. Before it ended, Erin licked Sara to a frenzy as I did Jess. The girls did not get penetrated, other then in the ass at my fingers. Their mom served as the example and they both were in touch with us as I used her ass.

This finished a part of my weekend, you helped me fill.

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The only thing missing was I would have loved you to be part of it.