Sexy chizuru japanisch reifen Sex

Sexy chizuru japanisch reifen Sex
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I'm a 35 year old white man who lives in southern California. I'm 5'11, 180 pounds, and I keep in shape. I have long black hair that I keep in a pony tail, and a nicely trimmed goat-tee. About two months ago, my girlfriend and I broke up and I let another man move in with me. His name is "Mike", and he is the only man I have ever had sex with, but it is the best sex I have ever had. He is completely a top man who never touches my cock, but that is ok, I can jack off. The fact of the matter is, I love the way his cock makes me feel.

I love being his girlfriend and I'll do whatever he says. I met him at a bar one Friday night after I had a few drinks. I was standing by the pool table waiting on my turn, when I saw Mike walk into the bar. I was scared of him as soon as I saw him. He is a white man about my age or so who stands 6'2, 250 pounds, and all of it is muscle. No fat what so ever on his body.

He is a skinhead with a few tattoo's on his head, his entire upper torso and arms are covered in tattoo's. you can't see any of his skin, and it is obvious he is a white pride guy because he has white power tattoo's and swastika's all over him.

That night, he only had a muscle shirt on and you could see most of his tat's covering his huge muscle's. he looked like he was looking for trouble and I told myself to stay away from him. But somehow I knew that wasn't going to happen because he looked at me as soon as he came in the door and stared me down.

That is why I got so scared when I saw him. I decided to go to the other side of the bar but he walked right up to me and said, "Hi beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?" As soon as he said that, I became really scared.

I told him I was just leaving to go meet my girlfriend. He got real close to me and put his arm around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me against him. He was very strong and I couldn't break his hold. He put his head next to my ear and said, "don't worry about her anymore. Your going to become my girlfriend." I said, "I don't do that." he said, "I just got out of the joint this morning and you're the prettiest little thing I have seen today, and I love virgin's.

so don't worry baby, I'm going to take real good care of you." I was speechless and didn't say anything. I just looked at him as he took my hand and put it down his pants until I was holding his balls. Then he pulled my hair-tie off and let my hair down.

He began to rub my ass as he said, " you got a nice ass baby. Lets leave so I can take my fat cock and fuck your asshole long and hard. Do you live alone?" Although I was scared and knew he would hurt my butthole, something about being forced into sexual submission with him was making me excited. So I answered "yes".

He then said, "What are we waiting for? Lets go, I'm dying to fuck you in the ass." I was so scared, but excited at the same time. I knew if I took him home, he was going to do whatever he sexually wanted to me and I couldn't stop him.

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The thought of being completely helpless with a man that powerful taking charge of my body and aggressively making me his little sex slave, made me so horny and I had no idea why.

I always loved women, so why was this big racist skinhead and prison convict, who sole purpose was for me to pleasure his cock and was going to rape me if I said no, turning me on? We got into my car and we drove to my house and soon as we were in the door, he started taking all his clothes off and told me to get naked.

As soon as I was, he pinned me face first against the wall and slid his hand down in the crack of my ass and said, "Don't you quit on me girl.

Because I'm going to tear your asshole apart all night long and I need you to stay with me. You got that?" I said, "I'll do whatever you want".

He said, that's a good girl, and from now on, you call me, "Master"".

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I said, "Yes Master". Then he told me to get down on my knees and suck his dick and swallow. So I got down on my knees and stared at his huge cock. I was admiring how big and fat his cock was. After seeing how fat his cock was, I knew my butthole was going to feel pain from how much it was going to be stretched out. But his cock was so beautiful, I actually wanted it.

I gently grabbed his perfectly round ball sack and started caressing it as I took my other had and held his cock at the base and put it in my mouth. It seemed I knew what to do from all the blow jobs that my girlfriend of the time gave me.

I used my tongue as I suck his dick and found myself licking the head and licking his balls and kissing everything.

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I was enjoying it so much that I could feel the passion flowing through my body. I let him know from time to time how much I loved sucking his cock.

He just stood there enjoying his blow job and kept calling me, "his little bitch". I was too man. And I liked it.

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I liked feeling like his bitch, I like being called his bitch, I liked being treated like his bitch. I told him that I would suck his dick everyday as many times as he wanted. I was his dick sucking whore.


He told me that since I loved sucking dick so much, that whenever he brought any of his friends over, that I had to suck their dicks as well. I said, "I'll do anything you want master". After a good long while of sucking on his cock, he held my head nice and tight and began to fuck my mouth faster and faster. He said, "I'm coming bitch. Make sure you swallow every drop". Then I felt his dick swell up in my mouth and without warning, I felt hot cum beginning to shoot against the back of my mouth and down my throat.

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It tasted so good I began swallowing as much as I could. But he just kept coming and coming, squirt after squirt, I had trouble keeping up with him.

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But I managed to swallow it all. Shit! I wanted to eat more cum and in all the excitement of sucking his dick, I forgot about his main reason for being there, my butthole. He didn't forget however.

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As soon as he was done coming, he lifted me up and said, "do you wear tie's"? I said, "Yes". He then instructed me to go get two of them and to also find some kind of lube for my butthole unless I liked spit.

It was a good thing that I liked to jack off between fuck's with my girl, because I had some baby oil and it would go a lot smoother if I used it on my butthole.

I came back into the livingroom with the oil and two of my tie's, and saw that he pulled the couch out from the wall and turned it sideways.

He grabbed me and took me to the back of the sofa and used one tie to tie my hands together behind my back, and took the other tie and tied it around my neck. Then he pushed me over the back of the couch so that my butt was sticking up in the air. He squirted the baby oil over my butthole and then I felt him stick the tip of his dick a little way's in my butthole. I didn't know what to feel, but then all of a sudden, I felt a whole lot of pain as he shoved his cock deep all the way in my asshole.

I screamed as he ripped my asshole open.


Then, without tenderness, he began fucking my butthole really deep and hard. He grabbed the end of the tie that was around my neck and pulled my head up, choking me a little bit. I was screaming so load and all he said was, "Ya bitch! Scream. Let me know how much you like it. That's it". My asshole felt like it had a baseball bat shoved up it and it hurt really bad, but he didn't care, he just kept fucking the shit out it As he continued to pound my butthole, he told me to say things to him.

So there I was, getting the shit fucked out of me, while im saying to him, fuck my asshole master. Harder, harder. Ya, it feels good. He loved being in control. I was moaning and yelling so loud, that I didn't hear my girlfriend come in. When she did though, she saw me tied up and bent over the couch being butt-fuck by some huge skinhead man. And she herd me telling him how much I wanted him to fuck my butthole. She left and it wouldn't be until the next day that I found out she had caught me, when she called and broke up with me.

My butthole sort of became numb as he spent a good two hour's fucking it hard and deep. I began to enjoy the pain of anal sex and he was very horny.

By the time he came again, I couldn't walk. I could barely stand for that matter. He pounded my asshole hard. Then he was off to bed.

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The next morning I was so sore to even move. I was laying face down in the bed when he rolled over on top of me, and stuck his dick up my asshole again. I cried out, "please, it hurts so bad". But he fucked my asshole again anyway. While he was fucking my butthole, he told me he wanted to move in and that I had to blow him everyday. So I let him move in and now he fuck's my butthole all the time. For the last two months, he has had me walk around in woman g-string underwear and has had me bend over whenever he said so he could fuck my asshole.

I still call him master and I ask him everyday if he want's me to suck his dick.


When he brings his friends over, I have to suck all of them off. Nobody touches my butt except him, but I suck whoever dick he tells me to whether it is one guy or ten guy's.

I love this life style he has given me and I have had the best sex I have ever had even though I jack off when he is done with me. His cock still hurts when he fuck's me, but it also feels good. The more he fuck's my butthole, the more I enjoy it. And I always love to suck dick.