Slutty teen and big boobs milf amazing threeway session

Slutty teen and big boobs milf amazing threeway session
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Before i went to sleep that night mum had told me he and dad would be out for most of the day and only 4 of the guys would be working tomorrow.

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When i woke up the next morning i was home alone for most of the day and since the builders wouldn't be here till about 8am i got up and had breakfast and then had a shower, i decided to have some fun with the guys when they got here so i decided to be naked when they arrived so i took off my nighty and panties and went up to the attic and bent over the back of a chair as soon as i heard them pull up out the front, 5 minutes later they walked up the stairs and saw me naked and bent over for them, Dan Dave Mark and Paul all looked at me naked and then Dan said Jessie how long are we alone for and i replied most of the day, Dave said well guys lets have some fun then get to work.

Dave Dan Paul and Mark all got naked and were all hard as rocks, Paul walked over to me and felt my pussy then said guys she is soaking wet so who is first?


Dave: well Paul since you are already over there you can go first. So Paul lines his cock up with my wet pussy and plunges in deep and i moan, the others are slowly stroking their cocks while Paul fucks me harder, i can feel his cock hitting my womb and i remember how deep Dave was yesterday.

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Mark walks over and pushes his cock into my mouth and Dave and Dan put their cocks in my hands i begin to wank them off, after about 40 minutes fucking Paul starts to cum deep inside me as Mark begins to come in my mouth Dave and Dan pull the cocks from my hands and begin to cum on my body.

After the sex the guys get to work while 3 are busy one isn't so soon i am impaled onto another cock while they work and this continues to happen till lunch time by then i am exhausted and leave to have a shower and sleep, i sleep for 3 hours and the guys continue to work i wake up around 3pm and by then they have finished building the attic so all that is left is the electrical work that none of them do the are sad to leave but i promise to find them when i am next on school holiday Dave writes down his address and contact number on a piece of paper and hands it to Dan who does the same then Mark and Paul write down theirs as well.


When 3 of the men leave Dave is getting ready to leave he looks at me and says i know the electrician who is coming to do the work can i tell him about you?

I smile and say yes.


The Contractors part 3 By Adam At 7am the next day i woke up and got out of bed and put on my smallest nighty and took off my little panties as i knew the electrician was coming today and i wanted to be ready for him so i went down stairs and saw mum she told me she was heading out again for the day and that the electrician would be here around 8am so with that she left and i got myself some breakfast then went and cleaned my teeth and went up stairs to the new attic that was almost complete the chair had been moved back down stairs the day before so the electrician would have room to move around and put up his ladder to put the lights in thankfully the builders had built a wall that blocked off half of the wall which would be used for when my friends stayed over so dad had put a king size mattress in there and mum had put the sheets and pillows on the mattress on the floor.

At 8am i heard the electrician pull up so i went down stairs to let him in and led him up the stairs to the room as we went up the stairs i knew he could see my bald pussy underneath my nighty and i could feel myself getting wet at the thought of what was going to happen soon as it was another hot day i went down stairs and got a pitcher of lemonade that mum had made the night before so i grabbed it out of the fridge and got two glasses and started back up the stairs the electrician had been busy he had installed 4 power points that i would use for the TV and stereo we had an air conditioner that he would install also the fans to be installed when it wasn't hot enough for the air con to be used.

I set the pitcher on the floor and poured two glasses of lemonade and walked over to the electrician and handed him a glass which he took a big drink of before putting the glass on the floor i walked away and turned to go around the wall and took off my nighty as the electrician turned around and saw me i called him to follow me with a curling finger he put down all his tools and took off all his clothes then walked around behind the wall and saw me standing there naked he walked over to me and gave me a kiss as we sank down onto the bed one hand played with my nipples as the other touched my wet pussy he continued to kiss me as he pushed a finger into me i grabbed hold of his 10 inch cock and began to stroke it up and down as we kissed.

We stopped kissing and he rolled me on top of him and told me to sit on him so i sat up and grabbed his cock and lined it up and sat down on it we both groaned as all 10 inches went deep into my pussy, i rode him for a good 30 minutes before he came and i had climaxed at least 6 times, then he rolled me over onto my hands and knees then he licked my pussy making me cum again just as he lined his cock up with my asshole and he pushed slowly in till all 10 inches was in he was balls deep in my ass as he fucked my ass i played with my clit and he fucked my ass for a good 20 minutes before he came again.

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He pulled out of me and we kissed again before he went back to work i laid on the bed catching my breath from suck a fucking while he dressed and continued to work, he finished about 3pm and i knew we had another 2 hours so we went back to bed for another fuck and he filled my pussy and ass again before he left leaving me his number now i had all their numbers for the future The contactors a revisit By Adam Just my parents went to sleep i had asked to sleep in the new attic and both said yes i could whenever i wanted to so that night i went up stairs and closed the door i pulled out my mobile and wrote a text to Dave "Hi its Jessica Im wet and waiting come over now" and i pressed send, a few seconds later Dave replied b there in 10 mins and i replied need a ladder to get into me he replied ok see u soon.

I was watching out the window and i saw Dave's ute pull up and he got out and grabbed his ladder and quietly set it up and then he climbed up to the open window and came into the room.

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"Glad to see you remembered me Jessica" "how could i forget you and your huge cock" "take off your nighty" I took off my nighty and slipped it over my head " now your Panties" I slipped my panties down my legs and took them off so i was standing in front of Dave naked. Dave walked over to me and kissed me as he pinched my nipples "Now take off my shirt and pants" so i undid the buttons on his shirt then slipped it off his shoulders and saw his ripped chest and arms then i undid his pants and pulled them down he wore no under wear so i grabbed his cock and started to suck it and get him hard.

Once he was hard i led him by his cock over to the bed and lay him down on it, as he lay down i moved over him and moved myself into position over his cock and slowly sat down on it slipping 6 inches in i slowly humped him up and down as i was going down he slipped another 4 inches into me and finally the last 2 inches now he had all 12 inches deep inside me damn i loved how deep he was inside me so i continued to fuck him a bit faster and harder i lent down to kiss him and he kissed me back i sat up a bit and he sucked my nipples one then the other i continued to fuck him for the next hour and then he finally came and filled me with his hot cum, i fell off of him and lay next to him and he said "Damn Jessica that was the best fuck yet i hope to be able to enjoy you again soon" i smiled and said "Sure" he got up and went to clean himself off and got dressed Just before he climbed out of the window he asked if i had tried anal sex yet and if i would be interested in a threesome with him and Dan and i said im not sure but i would let him know soon he kissed me again and pinched my nipples sending a shock to my clit and he left.

I went and had a shower to wash his cum out of me and got dressed again then i went to the bed and lay down thinking of what he asked me i fell asleep not long after.

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The next day I needed to find a way to continue with the guys The END for Now. if you can think of any idea for a new part let me know and nothing vulgar thanks

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