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Real teen fucked in limo
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This is a story that deals in boy on boy sex. If you the reader are offended by such material then please do not read any further. Hi, my name is Charles and this story's about when I went on holiday with one of my friends. "how far away are we?" Harry asked. Harry had been asking the same question for the last hour. "About 5 minutes away" Harrys father replied.

We finally arrived at the house. It was an old cottage beside the railway line. It had been painted recently but was dirty due to the trains going past. I grabbed my bags out of the car and took them inside. "Which bedroom are we in?" I asked Harry. "First room on the right, I think." Harry said.

I went into the room and put my bags beside one of the two single beds. I looked out the window over looking the railway tracks. Harry then came into the room and said. "Pretty small beds but I think we will cope." "Yeah. Can't have a threesome with those chicks down the road." I said We laughed at the joke and we went back to the car to get the rest of the bags.

Now I haven't told you much about myself. I am 5'4" and I am rather skinny. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. I am 14 years old and straight but I have always been bi-curious (curious about other guys but will always be straight). Now back to the story.

After dinner Harrys father Got out his guitar. Harry and I are quite musical so I started playing a song and Harry sang along. After swapping between singing and playing the guitar, Harrys father suggested we go to bed.

We went and brushed our teeth and got into our pajamas.


It was about 9:30pm by now. We hopped into bed and snuggled under our blankets. "You have to turn out the light cause you're closer" I exclaimed. "Fine then" Harry replied. He pulled his blankets back and stood up. He was wearing a shirt a tight undies. Harry is an attractive boy with dark brown hair, blue eyes and he is about 5'3".

His body has only recently started to develop. He is skinny and is almost 14 years old. His bum was pushed tight against the fabric. He flicked the switch and he went back to bed.

There was still quite light in the small room because of the track lights outside. Let's go back 6 months. "And remember that time when Harry Potter flys to Hogwarts in the car with Ron Weasly." Jack said excitedly. It is camp and we are camping out tonight. I'm camping with Harry and Jack. Jack is a weird boy and is very nerdy.


The only reason he is in our tent is cause the instructors chose our groups instead of us. Luckily I got put with Harry. Harry and Jack have been talking about Harry Potter for over an hour now and I'm getting bored as I am not a fan of Harry Potter. I start twirling my finger in a circular motion on a sleeping bag.

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After a while Harry says. "Is that you" "Oh sorry," I say, "Should I stop?" "No, it feels nice." Harry replied. It turns out i was twirling my finger on his knee.I then subtly look over at Harrys crotch and I see a small bulge. I start to feel horny and I slowly move my hand up his thigh. I feel Harrys hand moving it's way to my crotch. By now I have a raging hard on. I move hand into Harrys crotch and feel his dick through the sleeping bag. I grab I and start rubbing it up and down.

His dick feels smaller than mine but it is as hard as a rock. Harry continues talking to Jack, about Harry Potter, who is oblivious to what Harry and I are doing.

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Harry then grabs my dick and starts to rub up and down. We continue to do this for about ten minutes until Harry suddenly stopped and turned away. He left me hanging. We have never talked of this experience since but I have been wanting to do it again.

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Back to the present. We start talking about stuff and girls. I finally sum up the courage and ask him "You know the thing that we did on camp in the tent. Do you want to do it again?" "Um," Harry said and then paused.

"Okay" I looked across at him and he stared back at me.

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"Whose bed should we do it in?" Harry asked. "lets do it in mine." I replied. Harry got out of bed and walked over. By now we both had boners.

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I pulled up my blankets to let him in. He climbed in and lay beside me. We were both breathing heavily. I reached down and grabbed his boner through his undies and he did the same. We both started to rub each others dick slowly. Harrys dick was only about 3" long and about as thick as a pinky but I still rubbed it.

After a while I looked Harry in the eye and said. "Do you want to do it with our pants off?" "Yeah" he replied nervously. I put my fingers under the elastic and pulled his undies completely off.

My head was now hovering over his crotch. There in front was a 3" hard on that had no pubic hair around and a tight ball sack that was in the stage dropping so it was small and slightly saggy. I grabbed his dick in my hand and started to pump. I lay back down and that was when Harry pulled my undies off to reveal my 5" boner with an untidy bunch of pubic hair above it. My balls had dropped and were noticeably bigger than Harry's.

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The thickness of my cock was also noticeably bigger than Harrys. He lay back down and started to pump my cock.It felt so good. My heart was racing. His little cock in my hand was throbbing. I looked Harry in the eye and then without me knowing it, we were kissing. His soft lips were locked onto mine and I could feel his tongue in my mouth. We explored each others mouths with our tongues while stroking each others cocks.

He started to breathe quickly and I realized he was about to cum. I bent down and plunged his cock into my mouth. His dick tasted wonderful and I sucked it harder. I felt his dick swell in my mouth and his balls tighten.

He then came in my mouth. Not much came out but what did come out I swallowed. While he was cumming he had stopped stroking my cock. Harry, after he had a second to recover, plunged my duck into his mouth. I could feel his tongue twirling around my dick.

My breaths started to quicken and i grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down so that Harrys nose was brushing against my pubes. I then came. It was the most I had ever cummed. I shot six times into his mouth and he swallowed all of it.

We started kissing again sharing our cum with each other. I finally broke away and told that we should probably get some sleep. He agreed and got out of my bed and hopped back into his. We said good night to each other and we both went straight to sleep. The end. Please give feedback as it can be very helpful. Thanks