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1 year earlier: May 27, 2013 It's been said the best family secrets are kept from hurting those around you. In my case the secrets were kept from me. My name is Nick Carrington 18, 6'2, 198 lbswith medium length red hair and blue eyes. It was three days until the last day of my senior year and to my surprise I was home alone.

I was out of smokes and thought I'd see if my parents had any in their room. I went to check around. Looking through their side tables by their bedthe dresser, even their closet, but never found what I was looking for.

I stood at the foot of the bed and thought for a moment. Knowing how sneaky they were it came to me to look under the bed. I went to my dad's side of the bed. I got down on my knees and lifted the cover that was draped on the side. I smiled when I noticed his carton, but what caught my eye was a metal cash box.

I took a pack of smokes along with the cash box. I sat Indian style on the floor by the bed and notice the lock on the metal box. I knew a little on how to pick locks from my best friend Dwight ( I will tell you about him later).

I had a paper clip that was always on me just incase I needed it. I pulled the paperclip from my back pocket and shaped it. I looked at the lock real well and started. It took awhile to open the safe box, but finally open I looked at all the paper work that was inside. There were documents about his business and some about his holdings in the stock market.

I knew he was loaded but damn he was overloaded. I came to a envelope that showed the words Department of Child Adoption. My eyes grew wide reading those four words. I checked the time to make sure I wouldn't get caught. Their clock showed 4 p.m. so I knew there was time for me to read what was in the envelope. Pulling the envelope open I took the document inside out and started reading. What I read hand me floored and in shock.

I found out that my real parents were none other then my Uncle Gray and my Aunt Tessa. I didn't know how to feel except upset.

I kept reading to find out there was a mutual understanding that I would never be told. I stopped reading and sat there in my thoughts wondering what the hell and why would they have me adopted. I went back to reading and seems I was adopted at the age of 3 months old.

I couldn't read anymore, but placed the paper back in the envelope and folded it up to put in my back pocket. I placed everything back in the box and locked it.

Placing it back under the build where it was. I left what now I knew wasn't my real parents room and went to mine. With my bedroom windows open I took a smoke out of the pack and lit it with my zippo. The same zippo that my Uncle or birth father Gray gave me two months ago on my birthday. With cigarette between my lips I sat on the edge of my bed thinking. All these years of knowing four people you loved to find out they hid a big secret from me.

Even my sister's were not of my blood. I knew my so called ' mom ' was a sister to my so called ' aunt '. I didn't know how to get the truth out of any of them at this moment. I took a puff off my cigarette and held it between my thumb and index finger on my right hand. I noticed the time on my clock on the side of my bed and it showed 5 p.m.

Shortly everyone would be home from their jobs. Let me describe who after all these years I thought was my family. Karl Carrington 50, 6'1 210 lbs, short blonde hair with blue eyes, Gail Carrington 45, 5'10, 167 lbs, long red hair with hazel eyes, Sasha Carrington 24, 5'9, 162 lbs, long blondish red hair with blue eyes, and then Lucy Carrington 23, 5'10, 159 lbs, long sandy blonde hair, with hazel blue eyes.

Like I said I thought they were my true familybut after what I found things felt different to me now. With my windows open I heard car doors open and shut. Voices were heard coming through my window.

My bedroom was over the living room so the windows faced the street. I got up to look out and saw all four of them walking up to the front door to come in the house. I still didn't know what to do with the information I held in my back pocket. I let out a deep sigh and went back to the edge of my bed and sat. I heard foot steps in the hallwaybut stayed where I was.

I didn't know if my eyes could look at them the same. What caused my birth parents to give me up. Let me describe the two I thought was my Uncle and Aunt. Gray Covington 75, 6'3, 215 lbs, long red hair and blues eyes, Tessa Covington 45, 5'10, 175 lbs, long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

They have two daughters Shelby 22, 5'8, 162 lbs, long auburn red hair, and Lisa 23, 5'9, 169 lbs, long blonde hair with red streaks, green eyes. Gray was leader and member of his own Biker club.

Tessa was a successful lawyer and never hardly lost a case. They were good people, but still never knew why they would give me away. I'm not saying Karl and Gail didn't take good care of me raising me like they did, but it's just the why that never left my mind. I guess being deep in thought I didn't hear the knock on my bedroom door, or the person that sat next to me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned my head to notice Gail ( Who is now my aunt to me god this was going to be confusing now) sitting by me.

She had her normal smile on her face looking at me. She asked how my day went and all I said was it was ok. I don't know if she picked up on the way it came outbut all she said was that is good.

She asked what would sound good for supper. My eyes met hers and I responded saying I wasn't all that hungry. She must of thought something was upbecause the next thing that came out of her mouth was of concern. She asked what was wrong all I could do was shrug my shoulders and tell her again my stomach just wasn't up for food. She gave me a motherly look which made me cringe inside for I knew she wasn't my real mother. She told me maybe I needed to lay down and take a nap.

My response was telling her no that maybe some air would be better. Gail said ok but not to be out to late since it was a school night. I replied saying ok and she gave me a hug in which I returned but not a hug my arms usually gave. She got up and left my room. After I heard her footsteps hit the stairs to go down I reached for my cell phone and texted my best from Dwight.

Dwight and I grew up together. In fact I stood up for him against a bully everyone called Eight Pack ( E.P. for short).

Dwight Andrews is 18 same age as me. 6'0, 185 lbs, short black hair and he is African american.

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He has a sister named Savannah she was 20, 5'10, 170 lbs, long black hair with blue eyes which was rare. She was my beautiful girlfriend and loving. I sent him a text. Me: Hey man you busy? It was a few minutes later he text me back. Dwight: Just working out with E.P.

and Jax. Why what's up bro?

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Me: Nothing much. Hey is it ok if I come over for awhile? Dwight: Bro you know you don't have to ask get over here. Me: Ok on my way. And coming on my bike. Dwight: Sweet see you soon. I grabbed my bike keys, walletcell phone and helmet. Went out of my room and down the stairs. Once in the living room Sasha and Lucy asked me where I was going. I told them over to Dwight's and be back later. They both gave me a odd look which I shrugged off and went out the front door.

On my bike which was a 92 kawasaki Vulcan. Gray helped me get it for my birthday. So I guess he was there for me at that time. Just wish I knew the truth I hate secrets all they do is hurt someone or the people around you. With my helmet on and the kickstand up I backed my bike out into the street and started it up.

I revved it up a few times and then kicked it in gear. I rode down the street and on my way to Dwight's. It was 5:45 p.m. when I left what has been my home for years. Which now only felt strange to be in. The ride felt refreshing as I pulled up in front of Dwight's 10 minutes later. With my bike parked and kickstand down I took my helmet off and placed it on the right handle bar and grabbed my keys getting off.

Dwight, E.P., and Jax were coming out of his garage and walking over to me. We shook hands and half hugged. E.P is 19 at 6'3, 225 lbs, short black hair also African american. Jax is 186'2, 205 lbs, short blonde curly hair. Us four have been best of friends for years. We train and work out together daily after supper, but today they wanted a early start as they told me. They walked me in the garage and we started our work out. After the day I stood up to E.P. he changed his out look on life.

He noticed it was better to help those smaller then him then bully them. So since then the past 5 years we work out and train together.

We spar in the yard getting our techniques to where no one can just take us down without a fight. Dwight was spotting me on the weights while E.P. held the punching bag for Jax.

We would switch after thirty minutes at a time so to keep our bodies going. Dwight asked me why I came over. There was a hint of concern in his voice that I stopped my work out. E.P. and Jax even stopped to listen. I sat up on the weight bench and lowered my head. Dwight stepped in front of me as my other two friends came over standing on either side of him.

I gave out a sigh and reached into my back pocket and pulled the envelope out. I just stared at it and handed it to Dwight. His Dad was a attorney also as Tessa wasso Dwight knew a little of the law. He pulled the paper in the envelope out and started to read it.

E.P. and Jax also read it over Dwight's shoulders. After a few moments all their eyes went wide and jaws dropped. E.P. and Jax gave me a shocked look and I nodded my head. Dwight read it over again then handed the envelope with document inside back to me. Dwight shook his head and sat in front of me.

I knew right then he was upset along with E.P. and Jax. " So Nick bro what you going to do?" Dwight asked very concerned " I have no earthly idea man. You three know I hate secrets shit us four don't keep any from each other." I exclaimed whole heartedly " You got that right why keep secrets they just hurt." Jax chimed in responding to my words " Nick that document is totally fucked up. I mean damn why does birth parents have their kid adopted to relatives at that age.

I would understand if your real parents were deadbut it seems their not." E.P. tells me irritated " I know E.P. brobut I have no clue how to bring it out in the open." I was telling them with a sad expression All three thought of how I could get the truth.

Sitting there on the bench watching my three best buddies thinking made me start thinking. It was a few minutes later Dwight spoke saying that the only thing he knew was wait until a moment shows it's self. He then added maybe catch them off guard or wait until everyone is in the same room.

I gave him a look that he saw and nodded. I thought about it and decided to go with what he said. Jax also exclaimed that if things come to worse I had a place to stay since all their parents cared for me like I was their son.

E.P. and Dwight agreed. I gave them a small grin in agreeing also. I asked Dwight where Savannah was and he answered telling me she was at Yvonne's staying the night. Yvonne was Dwight's girlfriendshe was 19, 5'9, 165 lbs, with long black hair and Asian.

We all four got back to our work out and training. it was awhile later my cell went off and I pulled it out of my front left pocket and seen it was a text. The text was from Gail and I let out a sigh. It read it was getting late and I had school tomorrow. I showed Dwight and he just shook his head.

I looked at the time on my cell and it showed 10 p.m. I gave My friends that were like brothers to me a hug and left for home after. Once home I was given the riot act by my so called parents that I should of been home for supper or I should of called home. I just agreed to get them off my back about it all. Once they let me go I was in my room in no time flat. I got comfortable taking my shirt and jeans off and got in bed.

With only my boxers on I covered up. I remembered my phone and reached over to get my phone out of my jeans. I text Savannah seeing how she was.

She responded saying she was ok and missed me. I told her I missed her to and wished she was here with me. She replied saying she wished she was to and that she deeply loved me. I answered back telling her I loved her more. We said our goodbyes and see you tomorrow's. I laid there looking at my phone looking at her picture. She was so beautiful to me and her smiles brightened my mood. I put my phone on my charger by the bed and closed my eyes after.

I dreamt of Savannah laying next to me telling me everything was going to be alright. I woke up the next day feeling a little refreshed and wide awake. Getting out of bed was oktaking my shower was good. I got dressed after my shower and grabbed what I needed. I noticed a text on my phone from Savannah. She said she heard from Dwight and told me that was total bullshit and if I needed to have someone to hold me to come over after school.

I thought about it and decided I would. I sent her a text saying be home after school and I would be there. After grabbing my bag pack and going down to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice I was stopped by Gail ( So called mom ).

She said Karl ( So called Dad ) was having a family meeting tomorrow on my last day of school. I asked what about and she said she couldn't tell except for me to get a good nights sleep tonight. I gave her a weird look to that and shrug my shoulders. I noticed Sasha and Lucy coming down the stairs in nighties and just glanced away. After I drunk all my juice, with bag in hand I left saying bye.

I went to my bike and strapped my bag pack down to my bike. I was down the street after my bike warmed up some. Once at school I met up with Dwight and Jax. I filled them in on the morning conversation with Gail and Dwight said that might be my moment.

I gave him a look and he nodded. Jax agreed the sooner it's out in the open the sooner I will know the truth. I sat on the bench outside of school and thought they were right. I knew things need to stop being a secret and decided what ever happens it was best.

The first bell ranged and we were going to our classes. The day went by pretty quick with me getting text messages from Savannah saying she wished I was in her arms and she wanted to kiss my lips.

I sent her one saying I wish I was there to and kissing her back. Next thing I knew she sent me a pic of her lips like kissing me. I sent her one back of the same with my lips. She sent a smiley face message with ' I love you baby '. I just smiled and sent one back saying ' I love you too '. The final classes went by and I was at my locker then out the front doors. I told Dwight I had a stop to make a stop at Gray and Tessa's and then I would be by his house.

He looked at me with concerned but understood. I took off down the road to a house that I hoped would give me the answer I needed. About 3:45 I pulled up in front of Gray and Tessa's house. They were my Uncle and Aunt for years, but after finding out the truth from a envelope I wanted a verbal confirmation. Walking up to the door and knocking the door opened with Tessa standing there smiling seeing me.

She gave me a hug that I returned and welcomed me inside. I stepped inside and she shut the front door.They had a big house with a nice living room. Tessa led me into the next room and I noticed Gray in a chair watching some Biker movie on his big flat screen t.v.

He noticed me and asked that I sat down on the couch. So I did as Tessa also sat on the couch. It was a awkward moment for me. They both asked what brought me over. I gave them a expression that I guess seemed odd to them. " Nick what's wrong you seem I don't know tense about something?" in a tone of concern she asked " Well I found something out that has made me disappointed with my family.

And hope I can get some answers from you both since it seems both of you are in on my disappointment." I exclaimed to Gray and Tessa At that moment Gray muted the t.v. and turned his attention to me. I pulled the envelope out of my back pocket and handed it to him since I sat close to his chair.

He took it from me and opened it to see what it contained. Tessa got up and moved over to him and sat on the arm rest to see what he held in his hand.

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They both gasped and gave me a look of nervousness. Gray went back to reading it and just folded it back and placed the document back in the envelope and handed it back to me. Both Gray and Tessa sat in and on that chair for a few moments then spoke to me. " Nick, please believe us when I say we are sorry for all these years." Gray says telling me in a apologetic voice " Yes Nick please believe us when we say the both of us didn't want to give you up." Tessa also in a apologetic voice says " That the thing I want to know why you both did.

There has to be a good reason for all this." I stated to them both They both look at me with sorry eyes and at that moment I knew there would be no real answer to be given. I give out a sigh and stand and just look at them with sad eyes. " I guess this was a bad idea hoping I would get some real truth out of this.

Eighteen years my life has been a lie. Me thinking Karl and Gail being my parents. Eighteen years of believing Sasha and Lucy as my sister's when in truth my family have been in this house." I stated my feeling with a hurt expression " Nick it's not like that. Gray and I love you so much and have tried to be there for you. We knew we couldn't tell you, but there were times I so much wanted to come to you and hold you as my son." Tessa tells me with a few tears " Tessa is right son, We both knew the truth would cause problems and hurt everyone." Gray says stating to me I stood up and just stared at them both.

My heart was beating fast. " That's the thing you all were worried about everyone else, but yet when it came to me no one thought of my feelings or my hurt. You two don't know the pain I am feeling right now." I tell them feeling my eyes start to water " Nick please listen we didn't want you feeling hurt, but if we told you or the girls both families would be hurt." Tessa says with tears down her face " So it's ok to keep others safebut hell with me.


Wow this was a big mistake." I say coldly to my birth mother and father " Nick." Gray starts to say " Don't I'm tired of being lied to and you all knew I hated secrets. I guess in all truth I have a family and they aren't even blood to me." I exclaimed with venom " Nick don't say that.

We are your family it's just." Tessa tries to say until I cut her off " It's just you can't tell the freaking truth. Well if I don't get the truth after Karl's meeting tomorrow I am so out of everyone's fucking lives." I say with hostility " WHAT!" Both Gray and Tessa yell in unison " You both heard me.

If this fucking secret is that important then I don't even want to be around any of you." I stated with anger " But Nick we always loved you, don't just leave over a piece of paper." Tessa says with tears " Well it seems a piece of paper knew all about it before I did.

Since there is no truth here I am leaving." I say starting for the door " NICK WAIT!" Gray yells at me I stop and turn he looks at a state of defeat, but stands and goes to a coat hanger and grabs a Leather Jacket.

Tessa let's out a gasp as Gray walks over to me. He hands the jacket to me and tells me to take it. I take the jacket and notice it has been worn, but still looks in good shape. Tessa is in Gray's chair with her face in her hands.

" I have had that jacket since I was your age. Before I met your Aunt.I mean your mother I rode with two good friends. One went to college and the other went to Vietnam. I lost track of them, but we made a pledge to give our jackets to our son's when they turned 18 or when they got married." He explains to me " Yeahbut I turned 18 two month's ago. Why do you give it to me now?" I asked in a cold tone " Nick I am sorry, and the reason now is because to me this moment is worth the reason." He tells me and looks in my eyes then adds " I love you as MY son.

Always know that." Tessa got up and came over to stand by Gray she looked up at me with sad eyes. " Well guess thats it then. Well you two have a nice life and don't worry about your NEPHEW for I will just be ok." Stated coldly that they both stood shocked I went out the front door and to my bike leaving them like that.

I looked at the patch on back of the jacket. It had a wolf and the moon. The top had Lone and bottom Wolf. I guess I was a lone wolf in the family. I put the leather jacket on and it fit. I was on my bike with my helmet on when I turned to look at the house and saw Gray and Tessa standing on the small porch.

Tessa was crying and Gray just looked sad. Neither one tried to stop me which made my heart feel worse. I started my bike and revved it up a few times then put it in gear. I rode down their street as I did in the right side mirror there was Tessa starting to run after me with Gray trying to catch her. I shook my head and kept going thinking they had their chance to tell me the truth. I was holding Savannah thirty minutes later. Sitting on the couch telling her, Dwight, and Yvonne what all was said.

They listened intently and all they could do was shake their heads. Savannah thought it was bull shit that a father and mother couldn't stand up to claim their son back. Dwight and Yvonne agreed whole heartedly. I told them tomorrow if I didn't get my answer that I was going to leave town and not be back for awhile.

That got a shock response from all three of them. Savannah asked what about her and I. I told her that she had a day to decide if she wanted to stay of take the risk of going with me on the road on my bike. She said she would and let me know tomorrow when I come over. We all talked and laughed a few times.

My phone went off and it was a text from Sasha saying supper was done. I rolled my eyes seeing it was 6:30 p.m. I held Savannah in my arms and kissed her until about ten minutes later my phone went off again. This time it was Gail saying I needed to get home for supper. I showed Savannah this time and she just rolled her eyes and sighing. Savannah walked me out after I said my goodbyes to Dwight and Yvonne. Once at my bike I gave my loving Savannah a big hug and passionate kiss.

She told me she would talk to her dad and mom about what might come tomorrow. I told her she would have to me totally ok with being with me on the road, because I didn't know when we would be coming back.

She said she would and also told me she would go anywhere with me that how much she loved me. I gave her another hug and kiss telling her I loved her also. After our good byes I put my helmet on and was down the street after. Supper was silent as everyone ate. Sasha and Lucy kept giving me odd looks that were freaking me out. Gail also was giving odd looks with small grins.

Karl seemed happy about something but never said a thing. After supper was over I went up to my room, but was reminded about the family meeting tomorrow. Karl told me they all took the day off tomorrow so they would be here when I got home. I just shrugged it off and went to my room. It was 8 p.m. when I text Savannah asking what she was doing. She responded saying laying in her bed thinking about me and a life she wants us to have.

I asked her what life that would be. She replied saying marriage, children, us growing old together and watching our grandchildren grow up. I thought as I read those words and smiled answering all that would be so cool.

She sent me a smiley face with ILU behind it. After we were done texting I went to bed at 10 p.m. dreading tomorrow. My night of sleep was roughbut the only thing that helped was my beautiful Savannah's face in my mind her eyes and her smile. The next day came and being the last day of school for good I didn't want it to end.

It was half day and it came quick. We had a assembly for us seniors with me sitting with Dwight, Jax and a few others in our little outfit. The principal was talking about graduation and what was expected of us.

I just listened and that was it. After the assembly Dwight and Jax wished me luck as they knew I had a family meeting to deal with.

I told Dwight I'd be over later for his party his parents okayed him to have. I sent a text to my girl telling her I'll be over later and spend time with her. Savannah sent me on back saying she couldn't wait and she was at work and see me later.

I let out a deep sigh and nodded to my friends and left. On the way home I thought of what this big family meeting could be about. I figured if things got to a point I'd bring it up. After taking my bag pack to my room and getting the one thing I would probably need. I was back downstairs and seated in my chair.

Karl was in his and Gail was between Sasha and Lucy. He started saying how I have grown into a fine young man. Which I noticed got a smile out of Gail, Sashaand Lucy. He kept talking about how his business was going. How it was a big responsibility to run and all. I kept thinking what the hell was he getting at.

Then when I thought of it he said something that caught me off guard. " Nick as my heir it's your responsibility to take over when something happens to me. So here is my proposition for you. The next year after you graduate you will go to learn everything about how to run all that I own." He was telling me with a smile then added " Plus you will not be alone your sister's will go with you and sleep in your bed every night until they are pregnant." I looked at him wide eyed and then Gail, Sasha, and Lucy who all had a smile on their faces.

I sat there shocked and stunned. He looked at me and noticed my expression and spoke again. " I know it's a lot to take in, but it's the family way and secret as well on my side." He explain still with a smile Once he said secret that was when I remembered Dwight's words about the right time. I reached in my back pocket and pulled the envelope out and stared at it and then looked at all of them.

I must of been grinning, because they seemed to be confused. I took a deep breath and spoke what I had to.

" Before I answer what you simply think is my responsibility. Is it true a heir has to be blood like born with your's running through them?" I asked with a smirk " Yes and you are son, you are my biological heir." Karl stated which I knew was a lie I stood up which again they had a confused expression.

I stepped close to the coffee table and threw the envelope in the middle. Karl and Gail looked at it wondering what it was. " Then explain to me how that envelope says different uh." I exclaimed sternly still standing He leaned over to reach it but couldn't that well have a little gut. He asked Gail to get it and see what it was. Gail nodded and went for it and once she had the envelope in hand she quickly gasped when she saw what was on the upper left corner.

Both Sasha and Lucy read it to and let out soft gasp. Karl asked what it was and Gail just stared at me then at him. That was when he got up and went over to see what was wrong with the three of them. Once he hand the envelope in his right hand and staring at the words he had a shocked look. He turned and looked at me with eyes wide opened. He threw it back on the coffee table and went back to his chair. I gave them all a stern cold look then spoke. " Yeah I thought so you can't all these years was a big fucking lie, a big secret just to take me away from my biological parents.

Why and what did you do to make them agree uh." I coldly asked sternly " Sasha, Lucy could you go some where for a few hours and let your mom and I talk to Nick alone." Karl answered with a half stern voice " Why this is a family meeting and what is in the envelope?" Sasha asked with a concern tone " Yeah let them stay since I will be leaving if I don't get the answer I am looking for." I stated to Karl He looked at me and then a moment later at them.

Sasha and Lucy I guess didn't know about any of what the last 18 years was. Gail looked up at me with concern at my words of leaving.

Karl on the other hand was a different story. His face showed anger which I didn't care. " Fine, They can staybut what makes you think were going to tell you anything. We did what we did to get you and that is all Gail and I are saying." Karl stated in a stern voice " Nick you may not be bloodbut you are our son it is on paper." Gail also stated to me " I didn't ask for a excuse, I asked for a answer why and what did you two do?" I again asked with a bit of anger " Like I said were not going to tell.

It was agreed that no one would tell you of all that was done." He answered trying to say sternly I just looked at the both of them and shook my head. I stepped over and picked up the envelope and stuck it in my pocket. Gail stood up and tried to comfort me and I shrugged her hand of my shoulder and stepped away from her. Karl noticed and started to speak, but I was already up the stairs and in my room.

I shut the door slamming it and stood there thinking with my back against the door. I was trying to figure out what next. Then it hit me Gray and Tessa if they didn't tell me the truth then I was just going to get the hell out of here and away from a family. A family that kept secrets from me is not a family. I decided to pack my bag pack with what clothes I needed.

I grabbed a few and got them in the pack as neatly as I could. I grabbed my phone charger and stuck it in the side of the bag pack. I got my stash of money from under the mattress and put my $700 dollars in my left front pocket. After checking for anything else I grabbed the bag and went into the hallway after opening the bedroom door. I got back downstairs to see Karl and Gail having some words and then stop when I walked off the last stair step.

They noticed my bag and Karl was quick to get in front of me to cut me off from the front door. " Where do you think your going?" Karl asked with a upset look " Getting away from a family that keeps secrets and the other thing your a sick fuck." I exclaimed with anger " What did you just say?" He asked with shock on his face " You heard me, there is no way I would sleep with my cousins, besides I already have a girlfriend." I proclaimed sternly Gail came over by Karl to help him to get me to stay.

I gave one look at them both and push right by them. Sasha and Lucy ran over and stood in front of the door. " What did you say about cousins?" Sasha asked me with confusion in her eyes " I said I won't sleep with my cousins.

Oh you didn't know my bad you and Lucy are my cousins. It seems your dear ole dad and mom decided to adopt me when I was 3 months old" I answered telling Sasha and Lucy Both of them looked at me and then their parents with confusion. I started passed them until I heard the sicko speak. " Where would you go uh. It's not like you have the money to live. Without us you are homeless, so if I was you I would rethink this.

You may not be our biological son, but we always cared for you." Karl says trying to get me to stay I turned and looked at them both with anger. " Cared, cared is that what you said. If you cared you wouldn't of some how took me from my biological parents. Cared is not hiding secrets from someone you loved as a son. And I have somewhere to stay and people that really care about me. And they don't keep secrets. More then I can say about you two." I proclaimed as I turned towards the door Both Sasha and Lucy saw my face and eyes and moved.

I opened the door and stepped outside towards my bike. I got my bag strapped to the seat behind mine and was about to get on it when I felt a fist to my back. It jolted me for a few seconds before I turned to see Karl behind me. He had a look of shock and stunned. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him to me.

I heard Gail yelling don't Nick. I looked over at her with coldness and then Karl. I thought for a moment and pushed him away from me and he went backward onto the ground. Gail came to him to check if he was ok. I got on my bike and put my helmet on. I started my bike hearing them yell at me. I just revved my bike up and eased out into the street. I went towards the one place where I knew where I was cared about and loved. Pulling up in front of Savannah's parents house was hard.

For I knew it was going to hurt when I left. I took my helmet off and like I always do put it on the right handle bar. I got off my bike and was walking up to the yard when Savannah came running out the front door and into me. She wrapped her arms around me as I did mine around her. Her head was on my chest and I could smell the scent of strawberries in her hair. I sighed as the embrace was everything to me. Sharing this moment was something to help me to return one day.

Savannah must of felt something was wrong for she broke the embrace and took a step back. She asked me if I was ok and I told her no and asked if we could go inside, She said sure and took my hand to lead me in. I noticed her parents were home. I took my cell out of my jean right pocket and noticed it was 3 p.m.

Wow I must of been so busy with all the talking with Karl and Gail that time slipped by. Once inside I noticed Dwight sitting in his chair with Yvonne in his lap. Then I noticed Mr. Andrews in his chair with Mrs. Andrews in his lap. Savannah took me to the couch and had me sit as she got in my lap.

She was comforting me to calm me down. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews was quiet for a few minutes until he asked me if I got my answer today.

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I looked at him and he told me Savannah told him and Mrs. Andrews what all that was going on. I took a breath and spoke. " Well Mr. Andrews to answer you.

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No I didn't they wouldn't tell me the reason they took me from Gray and Tessa. So I am going to leave and just go where my bike takes me." I stated to him and everyone else He looked in my eyes and saw my hurt I guess for he asked his wife to get up for a moment as he wanted to stand. He was the type that had to stand when he was serious about something. He stood as Mrs. Andrews sat back down. He paced back and forth for a few minutes then spoke.

" First off like I have told you in the pass call me Rick and my wife Kera ok jeez you are like our second son around here." He stated smiling then added " Second we don't blame you just wish you would stay here with us or let Kera and I find a house for you and Savannah." Rick was 53, 6'3215 lbs with short black hair. Kera was 45, 5'10, 167 lbs with long black hair. They have always been very kind to me and caring.

" Sorry Rick and Kera, I understand how you feel it's just if I stay here in this town or state Karl will keep trying to get his way." I stated to them both " What do you mean Nick?" Kera asked concerned to me I decided to tell them what he propositioned me. I expressed that I wasn't going to do what he asked of me. I even told them all I called Karl a sicko.

Both Rick and Kera got disgusted about the sleeping with my cousins. Savannah said hell no that she was the only one I was going to sleep with in bed.

Rick wanted the document and asked if I trusted him with it. I took it out of my back pocket and said I did, because he never kept secrets from me. Kera suggested he make a few copies for purposes.

He agreed he would and give me back the original. Then they both talked about Savannah and I. " Nick we know how much Savannah loves you and we are her parents, but you are her world. She told us her feelings last night and she knows of what could happen while on the road. And you have been trained in all I have taught you and Dwight." Rick was telling me then added " So with that said I trust you to protect my daughter. And when and if you both come back here one day.

I promise you that there will be a place for you as there always was." I gave him and Kera a caring expression. I couldn't believe they agreed to such a thought. " Nick, Savannah is 20 years old and knows what she wants and who she wants and that is you.

You have showed us you care for our family. You stood up for Dwight. You took in the bully as a friend. You have proven you can handle situations. And we know that this one is difficult." Kera exclaimed to me " Yes it isbut we will return one day. But for now it will give Savannah and I also time to grow stronger together.

To see if we can survive on our own. And I do promise to protect her with all that I am." I said whole heartedly They both smiled at what I said. Rick suggested that night would not be a good time to leave until early morning. He told Savannah and I to get some sleep while Dwight, Kera, Yvonne and himself get the necessary things that we would need.

Savannah smiled and agreed strongly at that suggestion. I tell them it's still early only 4 p.m. Rick tells me that it maybe early but 3 a.m. comes fast. Then he tells me if we want to escape from eyes that are wanting to stop me from leaving then early early would be better to leave. I sit there thinking and come to a decision he is right. I nod to him and feel Savannah get up and take my hands into hers to pull me up to my feet. I tell everyone good night and see them later. I am being dragged up the stairs to my ebony princess's room.

In Savannah's room she shuts and locks the door telling me she wanted us to be alone with no interruptions. I just nodded and sat on the edge of her bed. She went over to her cd player and pushed play. The song that started playing was one of our favorites. Savannah started dancing and stripping her clothes. I just watched in awe as my ebony woman was giving me a show of delight.


Her hips swayed to the song as Beyonce sung the words. Savannah was looking in my eyes smiling and licking her lips. She slowly took her bra off letting her D size breast show. Her nipples were hard and looked so ready to be kissed and sucked. She turned around and bent over.

She was wearing a red thong which was being pulled down and off. I noticed her labia lips were puffy and swollen. And her pubic hair glistened to the light. She turn back around to me and gave me a seductive smile. She stepped to me and got down on her knees. She started undoing my jeans and having them un zipped and pulling them down and off.

She leaned up to kiss my lips as she started rubbing my cock through my boxers. I gave her a moan which she took as a sign to keep going. She stopped to take my jacket off and then my shirt. She kissed my lips again and worked her way down. Once she was at my abs she slid her hands up under my boxers and started stroking my manhood and massaging my balls. I went backward on the bed as I was feeling her pleasuring me. My senses were in a erotic high. Savannah snaked my hard cock out of my boxers through the hole.

She was licking it up, down and back up to the head. She looked up into my eyes smiling and then took me into her wet, warm mouth. My 9 in 3 girth cock was disappearing slowly as she worked me in. She had one hand stroking me while the other reached up to massage my chest. her touches and twirling of her tongue was sending me into orbit. " Savannah." I said moaning her name "Mmhmm" She answered She kept up with her pleasuring me for now I felt the head of my cock at her throat.

Her tongue was going wild on me. My ebony angel ease off a little and started bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

I placed my hands on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her hair. " Savannah.I am.going." I moaned to her She pulled off me and smile. " Not yet baby, I want you to cum in me deep.

I'm so wet now get in the middle of the bed." She said telling me with a sexy smile I got up in the middle of the bed and watched as she crawled over and on top of me. She straddled me laying on me with her head on my chest.

Her hand went between us and she lined me up with her and eased her wet, tight, pussy onto my cock. We both moaned and she started to make love to me. She planted kisses on my chest as her hips grinded on me. I placed my hands on her sexy ass and enjoyed our love. She kept up with her pleasuring me as I spread her ass cheeks. She moaned as I thrusted up inside her canal or love. I knew soon I wasn't going to last, but held on until I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock.

Savannah pushed herself up placing her hands on my chest. Her eyes staring into mine with love and desire showing. " Oh baby.you .feel.sooooo.good." She moaned in between words " So.do.you.darlin." I moaned back to her She started to grind on me faster and harder. Her clit was rubbing against my abs. Her moans stayed as quiet as she could make them. With my hands still on her hips I held her down a bit. She had her eyes closed and moaned a little loud. I felt my build up coming.

Savannah started to shake a little. " Savannah.I." I started to say " Me.too.oh god baby.cum.please." Savannah responded moaning for me to cum I held her hips and thrusted upward deep inside her. At that moment I came, holding her down as I thrusted one more time deep up inside her and held it. Savannah dug her finger nails into my chest and moaned loudly. " HOLY FUCK.I'M.CUMMINGGG.BABYYYYY!" My beautiful ebony love moaned saying loudly And she came alright all over my cock, balls, and thighs.

She stayed like she was for a moment then collapsed down on my body. Her head on my chest and her breathing was heavy. I put my arms around her and we stayed like that for a few minutes. Holding her felt so wonderful she was all I needed in life.

After a few moments she suggested that we change the sheets so we didn't sleep on our mixed juices. So we got up naked and changed them. After that we laid back down and she pulled the cover over us.

Savannah cuddled up to me with her head on my shoulder and hand on my chest. We said our ' I love you's ' and went to sleep. I don't know what time it was but there was a knock on the door. It was Kera, Savannah's mother telling us to get up for something to eat before Savannah and I left. I woke my loving Savannah who slowly woke and said 'ok'. Both of us took a shower together not knowing when the next one would be.

The shower was fun her teasing me and I her back. We got dressed after we dried off and went down to the kitchen. I had my cell with me and it showed 2:30 a.m. There was eggs, bacon, and pancakes on the table ready to be ate. Rick, Kera, Dwight, and Yvonne were already eating when Savannah and I sat to join them.

Rick and Dwight told us all that they got for us. Head sets so Savannah and I could talk while riding down the road. A tent and some camping gear and a trailer to haul it on the back of my bike. Kera and Yvonne said they bought Savannah some comfortable clothes and a few warm clothes for chilly night's.

Both Savannah and I just smiled and said thanks. Then Rick slid a card across the table and for me to take it. I asked him what was on it. He just smiled and said when I ran out of what money I had to use it wisely. I gave him a confused look which Savannah noticed and told me to accept it for it was a early graduation gift I was getting.

I accepted it with a thanks and smiled. Savannah said we would have her money to and in times of need will use it. Kera stated that anytime we felt it was time to come home to do so. That her and Rick would think of a place for us to live. I said we would but it wouldn't be that soon. Rick accepted my answer saying he was going to work on his end to make it where Karl couldn't say shit about what I should do. Hell he didn't have the right anyway, but Rick wanted to make sure legally.

After a early breakfast Dwight and I went to my bike while Kera, Yvonne went to help Savannah pack a few things. Rick was waiting for his daughter to walk out to the porch so they could talk for a last time for awhile.

" Bro you take care of my sister man ok." Dwight says to me in a brotherly way " You know I will, she all I want in life man." I exclaimed to him " I know and she is the best thing in your life now." He proclaimed to me smiling " True, but your family and our friends are also.

Hey before I forget pick my diploma up for me ok." I stated to Dwight grinning " Sure well and you are family to us.

You both better come back someday and keep in touch with us ok. And if you need anything call and The guys and I will show up fast." He tells me whole heartedly " I will and always man." I said pulling him into a brotherly hug After all the goodbyes were said and hugs done. Savannah got behind me on my bike with her helmet on. We checked our head set's and they worked. I thought for a second then asked. " You ready darlin?" I asked my loving Savannah " Yep baby, get this bike going." She replied smiling I am sure I smiled and did as she said.

Savannah and I were down the road with her arms around me and the talking we made I felt this was right and it gave her and I a chance to be a couple together and enjoy the wind in our hair. Present Day: May 27, 2014 All that happened a year ago. Savannah and I are still enjoying the open road and each other. We haven't fought or argued even once. I asked if she noticed and she said she did. Her explanation was that we belong to one another and that our love as grown stronger in a years time.

We kept her family up to date on all we have done and all that we have scene. My hair grew out and she keeps it braided. As she has me do to hers. We have been to the west coast and working our way to the east coast. We have helped a few people along the way. It's been a wonderful time in a year and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Savannah and I were riding into a town in Missouri. It wasn't real big and it wasn't that small just a average town. " Baby I am so hungry." My ebony love said in her head set " Where do you want to eat darlin?" I asked her into mine We got closer to what looked like the main strip.

I could see dine in places and fast food spot's. " Can.dy's Di.ner How about there." Savannah said pointing to the building in the distance " How the hell can you see that sign all the way from here?" I asked her stunned " Perfect eye sight baby, working at dad's law firm I needed it to help him catch stuff him or his people didn't catch." She explains to me " Ok hang on sexy.Candy's Diner here we come." I said into my head set smiling Going down the street to our destination.

Knowing Savannah and I haven't and a soft bed for a few days.I thought it would be nice to get a motel room tonight in this town we entered. It looked like a nice town, but being on the road the last year we have found sometimes looks can be deceiving.