Monster dildo in ass

Monster dildo in ass
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This story is about a guy who has the ability to stop time. If you don't like the concept, don't read it. I suggest you read prior parts before reading this. For those of you that read and enjoy this, I'm not sure where the story is going.

If you have ideas about where the story should go or things that should happen, send me a message (I read comments, but I don't take them too seriously, I find PMs to be a better form of communication).

Thanks goes out to the several people who already wrote me with ideas most sex scenes in this installment came directly or indirectly from reader ideas, though there is more of my own ideas in this one than the last (impressive considering it's half the size). I apologize to those whose ideas I still haven't fit in I promise I'll keep trying to work them into future installments. A lot of those ideas will be coming when Warren heads back to school on Monday.

Day 5 Sunday Warren woke up to the sound of someone yelling. Just waking up, he couldn't make out what was said, but it was more than enough to wake him up. Looking over at his clock, Warren saw that it was just before noon. He pulled himself up into a sitting position and dropped his head to his hands, his head pulsing from having drank the night before.

For awhile Warren just sat there. Then his head shot up as he remembered having woken up to the sound of yelling, which had to be his sister, who had to be talking to their mom. Curious about what they might be talking about, Warren cringed in anger, setting off the sting in his forehead that stopped time.

He then stood up and walked out of his room. It wasn't long after standing up that Warren realized how badly he had to piss. Leaving his room, he went to the bathroom, pulled the seat up, then closed his eyes as he leaned his head back and relieved himself. It wasn't until he was done that Warren realized he had forgotten to start time up again, and somehow had missed the fact that while pissing his stream made no sound of hitting the toilet water.

The reason for that, he quickly discovered, was that shortly after leaving his body, his piss froze in midair, creating a floating piss puddle above the toilet. Not wanting the puddle to make a big splash as he started time, Warren grabbed a paper towel and carefully pushed his piss puddle down towards the toilet.

Then he started time long enough to led it fall in and stopped it again soon after. Warren left the bathroom, closing the door behind him, planning to go back to the bathroom to flush the toilet when he was done listening in on his mom and sister's conversation. Leaving his room, Warren noticed his sister's door was open. Walking into her room, he found it empty. However, he noticed a halfway open drawer in her dresser.

Remembering which drawer it was, Warren walked over. Sure enough, just in the front of it was her long pink dildo and the small silver dildo her mom had given her. Both looked recently used, which was a disappointment to Warren as that probably meant Julie had gotten off without him there to force her to think she was imagining him while doing it.

Moving on, Warren left Julie's room and headed towards his mother's room. The door was closed, leading Warren to guess that was where his mom and sister were. Warren opened the door and saw his sister sitting on their mom's bed in the same shorts and T-shirt that she had worn the day before. She was staring into the attached bathroom, but Warren couldn't see in there from where he was. Assuming his mother was in there, Warren walked up until he could see in. As he got to where he could see though, Warren stopped short.

His mom was standing in front of the bathroom counter and mirror, but was turned to face Julie. Her hair was wet, obviously having just showered, and she was completely naked. She was turned to face her daughter, her mouth partially open in mid-speak while she rubbed lotion on her arms. This was the first time Warren could ever remember seeing his mother naked.

His eyes first went to her large boobs. Seeing them bare, they were definitely bigger than his sister's, but also definitely not as perky. While Julie's tits practically floated out from her chest, his mom's hung down. Surprisingly though, they didn't hang down as much as he had expected. They hung down less than a lot of women in the online porn he had watched, and probably hung down less than Margaret's, though he couldn't say that for sure.

Of course, Margaret had freakishly big tits, so that was kind of to be expected. Atop each tit, Warren noticed his mother's hard nipples.

They were the same dark color as his sister's, though maybe just a shade darker. They weren't sticking out as far as his sister's, but they looked wider, like a thick nub sticking out from her areola. Her areolas were also wider than Julie's, easily over an inch and a half in diameter. Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but big compared to Julie's. Warren's eyes drifted down from his mom's tits down her stomach, which looked flatter standing than it had when she was straddling her daughter the day before, to her pussy.

The V-shape of pubic hair he barely saw the day before was now on full display. Warren was surprised at how sexy he found that shape. He decided he liked it better than a fully shaved pussy, and wished he could see it on girls his own age. Below that, his mom had very prominent pussy lips pushed outwards from her mound.

While her lips were large, they weren't quite large enough to hide the slight hint of her inner folds sticking out between them. For several moments, Warren stood staring and debating what to do next. On the one hand he wanted to take a closer look at his mother. On the other, he felt guilty being aroused by her and thought it was disgusting to want to do that. However, deciding he may not have the opportunity to do so again, Warren finally walked forward to his mother.

Squatting down in front of her, Warren very lightly pulled his mother's outer lips apart. Looking inside, he saw that she had much bigger inner lips than his sister did, who barely had any. However, the inner lips weren't so big that they were disgusting and hung out freakishly far from the outer lips. Warren also noted while staring that his mother's clit was indeed quite large, like he thought it had been when he had reached into her panties to rub it the day before.

It didn't stick out quite as far as her inner lips, but was pretty close. And as he pressed her outer lips back together, he noted that her clit did in fact stick out the tiniest bit between them. Warren stopped, not wanting to disturb his mother too much as he still wanted to know what she and Julie were talking about.

There was an open closet across the bedroom from where he was standing by the bathroom. He couldn't hide in it and close the door, but he could stand behind the door and hear, and maybe catch a glance between the door hinges at his mother and sister.

Getting in position there, Warren started time. "not let it bother you. It's totally natural." His mother continued to rub lotion on her arms while she spoke, naked, to her daughter, seeming totally natural in the situation. "How is it not supposed to bother me? It's disgusting, not to mention disturbing and uncomfortable.


And I don't know how you can call it natural!" Julie had a tone of disgust in her voice. Warren's mind had of course related this conversation to what had happened the day before between them. He briefly wondered what she considered disgusting. For a moment he thought it might have been her mom having gotten her off, but having just come from her room and having seen the used dildos, Warren was guessing that it was her mom's suggestion to use one in her butt that she found disgusting.

"It's not like you're really doing it," his mom replied, "so it shouldn't be disgusting. Just accept it, use it to get off, and move on. Like I said last night, you may find it to be better and faster that way." There was a brief silence.

"I don't think I can. It's disgusting. Can't you just help me again?" Warren could hear the hope in his sister's voice. He ignored it though, wondering if his sister was asking their mother to get her off again, which is how it seemed to him.

"No!" The response from his mother was fast and harsh. "We talked about this already, Julie." Warren knew his mother was serious if she was calling her 'Julie' instead of 'Jules.' "I did what I did yesterday because you were obviously in pain and I felt I needed to help.

I probably shouldn't have done it. In fact, the way you keep talking about it, I know I shouldn't have done it." "Come on!

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Why is it such a big deal mom? I mean, it's not like I'm falling in love with you or taking advantage of you, you'd just be helping me out again." There was an exasperated sigh from their mother. "Look, Jules. I want to help you out. I do. But not like that." She paused briefly before adding, "Besides, how is that any different from what you want to get away from?

I would actually think it is worse." This last question confused Warren, but he kept listening. "It's different mom. It's not like I'm sexually attracted to you. I didn't even think about you when you got me off yesterday, I just got lost in the feeling." There was a long pause here before Julie added, "Come on mom!" "No.

That was my answer last night, it was my answer earlier this morning, and it is going to stay my answer. Nothing you say will change it." Warren was shocked. He had never heard his mother talk to Julie like this. Then again, he never heard his sister beg her to get her off either. "Damn it mom!" Julie's exclamation was quick as she cut herself off. Then she added, "Okay." Warren recognized the tone of the last word. It was how she said something when she knew she was about to get her way and tried to hide it.

Perking his ears, Warren heard a light ruffling sound. He strained to see through the crack in the hinges of the door, but couldn't see anything. Then all of the sudden he heard his mother exclaim, "Oh!" Warren couldn't take not knowing and stopped time as soon as he heard his mother. Stepping out from behind the door, Warren immediately saw what had happened. Looking over the bed across the room, he saw his sister, now naked, standing behind her mother, one arm reached around her at chest level, the other looking like it was reaching between her mom's legs.

Warren practically ran over to take a closer look. His mother had jerked her body straight up, a tube of something having fallen on the floor from her hand. Moving in front of his mother, he saw that Julie did indeed have a hand on one of her mom's tits and the other already with a couple of fingers between her mom's pussy lips. Warren was in shock that Julie would be this forward with her own mother. However, he really wanted to see how this would play out, so he quickly went back to the closet.

Taking the chance that either his sister or mother would notice the closet door moved, he closed it slightly until he could see his mom and sister through the crack between the hinges. Then he started up time. After a brief pause, his mom obviously still in shock, Warren saw her slap Julie's hands away from her and turned to face her.

"How dare you try and grab me like that?" "Oh mom, you know you want to get off, and I can help with that if you'll help me." Warren was shocked to hear his sister offer to finger her mother if she would finger her back. "Julie, you've got to stop. I get off on my own quite well, thank you very much. You should too." "You may get off on your own, but I bet you're dying to feel someone else touching you, rubbing you, pleasing you." "You're wrong, Julie.

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I'm not dying for that. And unlike you, I take care of my needs. What do you think I was doing when I was out Friday night?" Warren saw his sister move, her hands coming up to her chest. "Tell me you don't want to feel these." Her hands drifted down between her legs. "Or touch this." Warren was shocked his sister was trying to seduce their mother. Apparently their mother wasn't too happy about it either. "I am not some teenage boy you can control with your body!" The anger in her voice was obvious.

"You need to stop right now. Put your clothes on and go masturbate in your own room. Stop worrying that you are picturing your brother and just get yourself off! You really need to." Warren stopped thinking. Did his mother just tell his sister to go rub one off while thinking of him? Was that what they had been talking about before?

"I can't!" He could hear his sister in tears now. "I can't do it! It's disgusting!" "How is thinking about your brother naked more disgusting than touching your mother naked?" "It's not the same thing.

Like I said, when you fingered me yesterday I didn't think of you, or him, or anything. But when I tried to do it myself after our talk last night, I couldn't stop picturing Warren naked and climbing on top of me. It seemed too real!

The same thing happened this morning when I tried. I just can't do it." As a silence came over the room, several thoughts ran through Warren's head. First, his plan to torment his sister had worked better and faster than he had expected it to. This was only the fourth day since he had put the plan in motion and already Julie couldn't masturbate without thinking of him. Even when he was not around, as he had just discovered.

When she was talking about trying to masturbate the night before, that must have been while he had been at the party, and yet she still pictured him. Warren smiled to himself as he realized how well everything he had done had worked. However, he was also shocked that his sister had told their mom about it. It must have been really bad for her to go that far. Or maybe she was just using it as an excuse to try and get her mom to finger her again.

Either way, judging from the way the conversation had gone, his mom was actually encouraging Julie to hit her orgasm while thinking about Warren. Why his mom would do that, he wasn't sure, but it definitely helped with his plan to torture his sister.

"Jules." Warren jumped out of his thoughts and refocused on his mother and sister. "You've got an attractive brother. He's the male body you see most often in your life. It is only natural to develop sexual urges about him. There is nothing wrong with masturbating while thinking about him." She paused and took a deep breath here. "It's the same for me. He's the male I see most so I see him the same way you do. I'd be lying if I said I had never masturbated to thoughts of him." "Ew, mom!

That's even more disgusting!" Julie turned away and walked out of Warren's line of sight towards the door. Going after Julie, his mother defensively replied, "No it's not. It's natural.

I did the same thing with my brother when I was your age younger even." His mother stopped just within Warren's line of sight, leading him to believe his sister had stopped moving too. The thought barely crossed his mind before he heard his sister exclaim, "You masturbated to thoughts of Uncle Bill?" Warren saw his mother take a step back, though he wasn't sure why.

Her response came out slow and sounding almost ashamed. "Well, you know, like I said, he was the male that was around me most so of course I thought of him while I.

masturbated. It was a totally natural reaction." Warren saw a small smile cross his mother's face. "Of course, we got along better than you and Warren, so that made things easier, but" "'Things'? You did 'things' with him?" Warren could hear from her voice that Julie was aghast.

"No! Well" "Oh my god you did! You're sick!" "No we didn't do anything together really! We just masturbated in front of each other. It helped both of us. relieve our sexual tension. We didn't do more than that." There was a short silence after his mother stopped talking. Then out of nowhere she defensively announced, "I'm not saying you should masturbate with Warren! That was just what we did.

And nothing bad came of it. So I don't see why it's such a big deal to masturbate to simple thoughts of your brother." Warren couldn't see what happened next, but he heard the bedroom door open then slam shut as his sister left without saying another word. His mother continued staring at the door for awhile before she began muttering. "I can't believe I just told her that." Pause.

"Shit." Pause. "I wonder where this is going to go." Pause. "Oh well, too late now." Pause. "Oh Bill." And then his mother turned back towards the bathroom. Warren froze in his mother's closet, his mind trying to wrap around the conversation he had just overheard.

Julie could not reach an orgasm because she refused to do so while thinking about him and couldn't seem to masturbate without thinking of him. His mother revealed that she had masturbated to thoughts of Warren and encouraged her daughter to do so also if it helped her get off. She also revealed that she not only used to masturbate to thoughts of her own brother, but even did so in front of him. Warren was glad his plan to torment his sister had worked better and faster than expected, but he never would've guessed any of the stuff his mom had just revealed.

He wondered if she had only masturbated to thoughts of him recently, since he started getting her to shut up by making himself momentarily naked in front of her or if she had been doing that before then. "Oh Bill!" The sound pulled Warren out of his thoughts. Looking out through the crack between the hinges of the door he was behind, Warren could clearly see his mother on her bed, still naked, knees bent up, one arm repeatedly thrusting the blue vibrator he had seen the night before into her while the other worked furiously on her clit.

Her tits were jiggling slightly but quickly as she went to work on herself. Warren stopped time. He had never expected to catch his mother masturbating. He walked over to the foot of her bed and looked up at her.

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His mom was frozen with one hand pulling the vibrator out of her and the other pressed down over her clit. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open mid moan. Thinking there was no harm in doing so, Warren dropped his boxers to his ankles and started jerking his hard dick off at the foot of the bed.

He decided not to open her eyes though. If she opened her eyes on her own and saw him, he figured it wouldn't be a problem since she said she sometimes thought of him while masturbating.

If she didn't, he still got to watch her get off. And so he started time again. The moans began instantly, as did the rapid movements of his mother's hands.

But she didn't open her eyes. She just kept thrusting into herself and rubbing herself. This went on for a couple minutes, with his mom occasionally moaning out Bill's name. Then with no warning his mom stopped. She thrust the blue vibrator as deep into her as possible so the little branch on top was pressed against her clit and brought the hand that had been rubbing her clit to the bottom of the vibrator and turned something, causing a sound to begin from rapid vibrating.

Warren had been so busy watching her cunt that he had ignored his mother's face. He suddenly looked up as he heard her lightly moan his name. Looking up, Warren saw her looking at him, her eyes roaming over his body. Then she closed her eyes and started working the vibrator in circles inside her. Moments later, she quietly moaned out, "Oh yes! Fuck me Warren!" Warren cringed and set off the sting in his forehead stopping time.

This was too much for him. His mother had just moaned out for him to fuck her while she was masturbating, which he wasn't even sure he wanted to see. Quickly deciding not to finish watching her, Warren pulled up his boxers and left his mother's room, his dick still rock hard, but his mind confused.

His plan had been to go back to his room, but with his dick still hard, Warren suddenly wondered what his sister was doing after her conversation with their mother and walked down to her room.

He found her standing naked in front of her dresser looking in the mirror. The shorts, panties, and shirt she had taken off in their mom's room were now on the dresser in front of her. Warren wondered whether she had just grabbed them and ran back to her room naked or if she had actually put them back on there then took them off when she got here.

Warren took up his usual position in his sister's closet and stared out at his sister while he started up time. For several minutes, Warren just waited while his sister stared at herself in the mirror, barely blinking. The sound of their mother's footsteps going down the stairs must have knocked her out of her trance finally as she whispered out to herself, "I can't believe I couldn't get her to do it." This was followed by another minute or so of silence.

Then she muttered out, "Maybe she is right." After that statement, Julie closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Warren saw this as the perfect opportunity to mess with her mind some more and stopped time. Coming out of the closet, he pulled his boxers off and dropped them on the opposite side of Julie's bed so she couldn't see them.

Then he went up and stood beside Julie, facing the mirror naked. The dresser was just low enough, and the mirror just long enough, that Warren could see down to Julie's mid-thigh in the reflection. He guessed she could see about the same amount on him, though he was a bit taller. Warren jerked his dick a few times to make sure he was fully hard, then dropped his arms to his sides and started time.

It was nearly ten seconds before Julie finally opened her eyes. And though her eyes immediately roamed over to look at Warren and his naked body, Warren was shocked that there was absolutely no surprise in them, as if she had been expecting this. He tried to hide his reaction, just smiling into the reflection at his naked sister. They stayed just like this, looking at each other in the mirror, for well over a minute. Julie was the one who finally moved.

She lifted her arm out in front of her and to the side, just in front of Warren's body. Then she pulled it backwards. As it reached Warren's body, he stopped time, went back to the closet, started and stopped time, went back to where he had been, moving her hand slightly backwards so he could get exactly in the right spot, and then started time up again.

Julie moved her arm back and forth 'through' him several more times, with Warren doing the same thing every time. He hoped this gave off the effect of him being an illusion in Julie's mind. Eventually, Julie stopped, dropping her arm back to her side, her eyes still locked on her brother and his naked body.

However, she wasn't like this for long as her hand slowly moved to the side again. Only this time, it wasn't moving very high, instead tracing a clear path to Warren's dick. This Warren hadn't expected. But he decided to let it play out and see where it would go. Soon, Julie's hand was right at the level of his dick, her fingers wrapped around the space around it, but not touching it. Then, without warning, she closed her hand.

It took all of Warren's effort to not moan out as he felt someone besides him touch his dick in real time for the first time in his life. He tried to keep his eyes open and stare at Julie, but every now and then he had to close his eyes for a few seconds to hold back from moaning as his sister held his dick. Julie, on the other hand, seemed to have no reaction to the fact that she was grabbing a hard dick on what he guessed she thought was an illusion. She just stood staring at him in the mirror, her eyes roaming back and forth between his face and his dick.

Then, with no hint at it coming, Julie started moving her hand slowly up and down the full length of Warren's dick. Warren had to close his eyes now, forcing his lips closed so as to not moan out in pleasure. While Julie jerked him off though, she began speeding up her hand. Warren, having already overheard the conversation between Julie and their mother that morning, as well as having watched his mother masturbate and then stare at Julie's hot naked body, was incredibly horny and was quickly approaching his orgasm.

He fought to keep his body rigid as he forced his eyes open so he could see what would happen as he felt his first spurt coming up. Warren held off as long as he could, but couldn't hold it forever. His first spurt shot out onto the mirror, hitting, from his angle, the tit of his sister's reflection. The next few landed on the top of Julie's dresser before another strong spurt hit the lower mirror, what from his angle was the hip of his sister's reflection.

Several more then shot out onto the top of the dresser before the remainder just leaked out and down his sister's hand and his dick before his sister finally stopped moving her hand, just resting it around his dick.

Warren had held back from moaning the whole time, though he let out several quick gasps. He also kept his eyes open most of the time and watched the whole scene unfold. He was amazed how good his first handjob had felt.

When he watched porn, he always thought handjobs were pointless, that it would feel the same as jerking off. Having now experienced his first one, and from his sister no less, he had changed his opinion of them.

Looking at his sister, she seemed to have no facial reaction to what she had just done. She was still just staring at him. She didn't even seem to notice his cum on the mirror or her dresser.

However, it wasn't too long before he felt her hand let go of his dick. Warren stopped time as soon as that happened. For awhile, he just stood where he was, staring at his cum on the mirror, Julie's dresser, and her hand. He was shocked that his sister had just jerked him off even if she didn't think it was really happening, she had definitely been the initiator.

After he was done looking over the scene, Warren finally left for the bathroom to get some tissues to clean it up. When he got back with a handful of tissues, he first wiped off his sister's hand, making sure he didn't miss a single spot. Then he moved up to her dresser, wiping his cum off of the surface of the dresser as well as the few bottles he had hit. Then, he moved to the mirror, which he expected to be a challenge to get his cum cleanly off of.

However, after pushing his hand flat against the mirror with the tissue in between, he found that there was nothing left behind when he wiped his cum off of it.

He assumed it only came off cleanly and didn't leave a streaky mess because time was stopped, but he couldn't quite figure out why that had worked the way it had.

He didn't worry about it for too long though as he grabbed his boxers and put them back on, then went back to his room to throw the tissues out. Then he went back to Julie's closet and started time. Julie pulled the hand she had just jerked Warren off with up in front of her face. She twisted it several times, examining every inch of it. Then, her hand still in front of her face, she turned her eyes towards the mirror, looking at herself through her hand.

"I just wanked a hallucination." The comment came out emotionlessly, as if she was informing herself of what she just did. Following the comment, there was a period of silence as Julie just stared at herself through her hand in the mirror. "Fuck!" As the sudden yell erupted from his sister, Warren watched her slam her arm down into her side. She then abruptly turned and stormed towards her door.

She opened her door, held it there for a moment, then slammed it. She turned and walked back towards her bed, grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Then picking up her shorts, she pulled her panties out and tossed them onto her bed before stepping into her shorts. As she did this, Warren's eyes happened to lock on to his sister's pussy.

As she pulled up her shorts, Warren was shocked to see that Julie was so wet that her pussy lips glistened and there was even a trail of her juices down her left leg.

He only got a quick glimpse of this though as Julie quickly pulled her shorts up and stormed out of her room and, as he could hear, down the stairs. Warren stayed in the closet for awhile, thoughts running through his mind. Not paying as much attention to the fact that his sister had just jerked him off, Warren instead focused on how stubborn she really was to not even attempt to masturbate despite how obviously horny she was.

Her juices were dripping down her leg, yet she didn't even try to touch herself because she apparently refused to do so while thinking of her brother. But somehow while she didn't want to get herself off to thoughts of Warren, she had no problem jerking off what she thought was an hallucination of Warren until he came. And then, despite the juices dripping down her leg, she avoided putting on her panties, instead going commando under her shorts, which Warren guessed would make her juices more easily and obviously drip down her leg.

After contemplating all that for awhile, Warren left her closet. Knowing both his mom and sister were downstairs, Warren didn't even bother stopping time as he left Julie's closet. He went to the bathroom and finally flushed the toilet from when he had first pissed after waking up, then headed back to his room.

Warren laid back on his bed as he replayed his interesting morning. Warren jerked awake. He didn't remember falling asleep. Looking at his clock, he saw it was just before two in the afternoon. He had no frame of reference for time since he had first woken up just before noon. He had no clue how long he had spent listening to his mom and sister talk, watching his mom masturbate, watching his sister stand in front of her dresser, getting jerked off by his sister, and finally standing around in her closet afterwards before coming back to his room and falling asleep.

Yet Warren's thoughts didn't dwell on that for long, instead drifting back to the party the night before, remembering all of his friends getting laid and he himself walking away with a phone number, despite not getting laid. Remembering the phone number, Warren felt sudden inspiration and reached next to his clock to grab his cell phone and called Sandy.

The conversation lasted nearly forty-five minutes. Sandy sounded excited to hear from him, beginning by saying how happy she was he called. She then asked how Warren's friends were doing, but Warren responded that he hadn't talked to them yet, that he had called her first. Sandy seemed impressed by this, but quickly moved the conversation on. They talked about the party the night before, covering everything from their own conversation to the sexual experiences of Frank, Pat, and Bob.

Warren was still shocked by how open Sandy seemed to be regarding talking about sex, especially given how anti-having sex she had been the night before.

The conversation turned to school for awhile before Sandy told Warren she was sick of waiting for Warren to ask and instead asked him if he wanted to go to a movie that night, to which Warren of course readily agreed. The conversation ended shortly thereafter. As Warren hung up the phone, he thought about calling his friends, but quickly realized how hungry and thirsty he was. Standing up, Warren threw on a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt, put his phone in his pocket, and left the room.

He hit the bathroom before heading down to the kitchen. After chugging two glasses of OJ, Warren poured himself a bowl of cereal. He sat down at the empty kitchen table and ate his bowl of cereal. He then rinsed the bowl, leaving it in the sink, grabbed a bagel and headed towards the living room. In the living room, Warren found his sister lying on the couch staring at some movie on TV. As he went to sit down in the recliner, Warren asked, "Where's mom?" "Out," Julie replied, not looking towards him.

Worrying that she might not be back in time to drive him to the movie, Warren asked, "Do you know when she's going to be back?" "No." Warren thought about asking more, but his eyes drifted down his sister, and he noticed that the way she was lying he could see up her shorts and make out a single pussy lip.

Distracted, he forgot about his line of questioning. He instead tried to focus on the TV while eating his bagel, though his eyes often drifted back to his sister's partially exposed crotch. While glancing over at his sister out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed her looking over at him occasionally.

She actually had to turn her head a bit to do it, making her more obvious about it than he was. Warren hoped his sister didn't notice his glances, but had no way of knowing. If she did notice though, she wasn't acting like she did nor yelling at him for it.

After finishing his bagel, Warren decide to mess with his sister a little more.


The next time he caught her glancing over at him, he stopped time. Then he stripped off all his clothes and dropped them behind the chair. He sat back down, his hard on already strong from glancing at his sister's pussy, and started time. Warren pretended to keep watching TV, but out of the corner of his eyes he was staring at his sister. She continued looking at him for a few seconds before turning back towards the TV, making no comment about her brother being naked.

Warren smiled, knowing his sister must think she was imagining him naked, not knowing he really was. He kept sitting there naked as his sister continued lying on the couch, glancing over at him every now and then. Nearly half an hour passed like this before Warren decided to take things a little farther. Keeping his head turned towards the TV but his eyes on his sister's exposed pussy lip, Warren reached down and began jerking off.

His dick had gone partially limp while he had just been sitting around, but it quickly grew to full strength again. It wasn't long before Julie glanced over at Warren again, only to find him masturbating in front of her. Instead of looking away though, her head stayed turned towards Warren, staring at him jerking off. As she stared, Warren continued to jerk off, slowly speeding up his hand.

It was several minutes later when Julie suddenly asked, "Warren?" Hearing it, Warren immediately stopped time. He put his clothes back on and sat back in the chair normally. He started time, then turned to look at his sister, replying, "What?" Julie just stared for a few moments. Then she finally said back, "Nothing," as she turned back towards the TV.

Warren, smiling on the inside, put on an annoyed look and in a similar tone replied, "Whatever." Nothing happened for the rest of the movie. At the end of the movie, Julie got up and went to the bathroom. Warren saw another opportunity and, after hearing the door closed for a bit, stopped time. He planned to go to the bathroom and jerk off mere feet in front of his sitting sister as she peed. However, upon opening the bathroom door, Warren found Julie with her shorts off, her legs spread wide while sitting on the toilet, and her hand with two outstretched fingers just a little below her cunt as if she was about to finger herself.

Seeing this, Warren changed his plan. Instead of jerking off in front of his sister again, which she had seen many times by now, he decided to piss in front of her. After all, the way she was sitting left plenty of room for him to piss into the toilet, he would just have to be careful not to hit her hand while she masturbated. Plus, he could only imagine what his sister would think of herself as she 'imagined' her brother peeing in front of her while she tried to get off.

Warren left the bathroom and sat on the floor for several minutes, letting his dick go limp and the urge to pee build up, which didn't take long after all the OJ he drank that morning. Going back in, Warren aimed his dick so that his stream would go just to the side of his sister's hand. Then, just as he started to pee, he started up time. Warren had been wrong. Not about his aim, which indeed went just to the side of his sister's hand.

No, he was wrong about what she was doing. For as soon as he started peeing, she did too, her stream splashing out onto her fingers just like when she did the same thing in the shower. Warren chanced a few brief glances up at his sister's face, but mostly stared where his stream was going, trying really hard not to move it or splash her with it. Julie's face, though, showed no reaction. She simply stared at his dick shooting out pee.

After several seconds, she pulled her hand up and sucked on the two fingers that she had peed on. With her hand out of the way, Warren moved his stream so that it hit hers.

He watched as Julie looked down at the intersecting streams. Then she brought her hand back down and, coming from the side instead of the front this time, stuck her fingers in right where the two streams met. She left them there for awhile before bringing those fingers up to her mouth and sucking on them again. Warren chanced looking away from his stream to watch his sister suck on her finger that both she and he had just peed on. As she was sucking on it though, Warren heard her pee stream lighten up.

He looked back down and tried to force the rest of his pee out, but knew he had a lot left. As he heard her stream break off into short spurts of pee, Warren stopped time again, but continued peeing. He again created a floating puddle of pee as he pissed while time was stopped.

When he was finally finished, Warren went to the kitchen and grabbed a cup. He scooped his pee out of the air, brought it back to the kitchen, then carefully turned the cup upside down and pulled it off of the pee, leaving a floating cup-shaped puddle of pee.

He did this twice more before he got it all out of the air in the bathroom. Then he went back to the bathroom, stood just outside and closed the door as he started time. He heard the puddles of pee splash down in the kitchen sink, but heard nothing from the bathroom. Then he heard a flush, and the sink start. Assuming he wasn't going to hear any more from the bathroom, Warren went to the kitchen and did the dishes, which he felt compelled to do since he had essentially just peed on them.

While doing the dishes, Warren heard his sister leave the bathroom and go back to the living room. Shortly after that, he heard the front door open. His mother was soon standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "Warren! You decided to do the dishes?" "Uhhh, yeah. There was a bunch and I thought I would help out." "Well, thank you, Warren!" His mother was extremely happy, obvious by both her tone and the smile on her face.

"Hey mom," Warren continued, "You think you could drive me to the movies tonight?" His mother crossed her arms.

"Oh, I see your scheme. You do the dishes for me and you think I'll do something for you?" There was a strange tone in his mother's voice that he couldn't quite place. He could tell that she was joking, but there seemed to be more to it. "Ummm, is that a no?" His mom laughed. "No, it's not a no. Of course, I'll drive you to the movies. What time do you need to be there?" "Around seven." "Alright, I can do that.

Do you want dinner first?" "Sure." "Okay. Well, now that that is set, I'm going to put my feet up and read in the den. I'll have dinner ready by six." Though he had resisted up until this point, Warren couldn't hold back from stopping time, stripping in front of his mom, starting time, stopping time, reclothing himself, then starting time again.

"Thanks mom." Warren's mom just smiled at him for a bit, then walked off while he finished doing the dishes. After finishing the dishes, Warren walked back to the living room.

He saw his sister laying down and watching another movie. Standing in the doorway, Warren decided the movie looked like crap and went up to his room instead. He spent the next couple of hours playing video games, talking to Frank, Pat, or Bob, or doing both. His friends spent a lot of time talking about the party and losing their virginity and were very impressed that Warren had already gotten a date with Sandy. However, like always, their conversation eventually faded back into video game talk.

At about 5:30, Warren got off the phone and off his video games and went to take a shower and get ready for his date. He got down to the kitchen shortly after six and found his mother and sister already eating, though they were not talking.

As Warren sat down, he announced, "It's quiet in here." "Sorry," his mother said, "I'm just tired." His sister just made a grunt as a reply. Warren noticed his sister looked completely disheveled. He knew she hadn't showered in the afternoon, and from the look of her was guessing she never showered that morning before he woke up. It was very unlike Julie to go a day without showering, but he just ignored it. He shrugged off both his mother's and sister's responses and began to eat.

After they finished, Julie again went back to the living room while their mother went to do the dishes. Warren went up to his room and finished getting ready before coming down. His mom was ready and waiting by the door. When Warren got there, they headed out to the car. The ride over was pretty bland. Warren's mom made small talk most the way, but not really discussing anything important. A few times Warren stopped time and stripped his clothes off, hiding them behind his seat, then started and stopped time, got dressed, and started time again.

Yet his mother didn't react in the least, not even stopping their conversation, which had been Warren's goal. He just wanted to enjoy his ride in silence. His mom dropped him off at the theater, told him to enjoy his movie, then turned and left. Warren had purposefully gotten to the theater very early, making sure he got there before Sandy.

While waiting, he watched several people walk by and head to the theater. At one point, a man in a suit walked by with his family, all dressed very nicely, flipping through his wallet. An idea that Warren was shocked he had not thought of earlier crossed his mind. Shortly after they walked by, Warren stopped time.

He went over to the man, who still had his wallet out, and flipped through it. Warren had figured the guy would have several twenties in his wallet and that he might be able to take a couple without the guy noticing. Judging by how he and his family were dressed, they weren't hurting for cash. Warren found out just how much they weren't hurting as he looked through the guys wallet. The guy had three hundred dollar bills, six fifties, and several more twenties.

Warren pulled out one hundred and a couple fifties, put them in his pocket, then went back to where he was standing when he had stopped time and restarted it, pleased with the two hundred dollars he had just acquired. A few minutes later, Sandy showed up. She very happily grabbed his hand and started talking while practically pulling him into the movie theater. As they got to the booth, Sandy pulled out some money, but Warren, after a bit of arguing, convinced her to put it away and let him buy the tickets.

He pulled out one of the fifties he had just gotten and paid for the tickets with it. They skipped the concession stand and went straight back to their movie.

They talked while some commercials ran prior to the start of the trailers. The theater was mostly empty when they had entered, and only a few more groups of people came in after them, Sundays apparently not being a big night for movie watching. As the lights dimmed and the previews began, Sandy put her arm on the arm rest between them and grabbed his hand in hers.

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They stopped talking save for occasional comments at the end of the previews. When the actual movie began, Sandy leaned towards Warren, and he leaned towards her, until their shoulders were pressing against each other. It was about this time that Warren realized he had never been on a date before. He wasn't sure how it had not hit him before, probably because he really wasn't worrying about it.

However, he suddenly was wondering what he was supposed to do on a date. Was he supposed to talk to her while the movie played? Was he just supposed to sit there and hold her hand and lean against her? Was he supposed to put his arm around her? The first half hour was spent in the same position the movie had started in before Warren worked up the courage to put his arm around Sandy. However, being inexperienced at putting his arm around a girl, Warren found that his arm was too long and let his hand drop onto Sandy's tit on the other side of her.

He felt himself blush and whispered, "Sorry," as he moved his hand over the side of her shoulder. Sandy just giggled in response, saying nothing. Warren wasn't sure whether that was a good or bad sign. He found out about ten minutes later though. With no words and with no apparent cause, Sandy reached over and pulled Warren's hand from the side of her shoulder back on top of her breast and held it tightly against it for awhile.

When she dropped her hand, Warren worked up the courage to rub her boob through her shirt. He gently cupped it and lightly pressed against it. He ran his finger over the cup of her bra, which he could feel through her shirt, and traced his fingers over where he guessed her nipple was. Warren was in heaven. This was the first boob he had ever touched in real time, even if it was through a bra and shirt. He was enjoying how the boob moved with him, moving around as he moved it and returning to its normal position afterwards.

He especially enjoyed cupping her breast and feeling the weight of it in his hand, something he could never experience while time was stopped. Though he still stared in the direction of the movie, Warren paid no attention and lost track of what was going on in it. His entire mind was focused on his hand and Sandy's boob.

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After several minutes of feeling Sandy's boob, Warren felt her hand on his leg. As he continued to play with her boob, her hand slid slowly up his leg until it was over his hard dick. She began lightly running her hand along the outline of his dick through his jeans while he continued rubbing her tit. About a minute later, Warren felt Sandy's hand slide further up and start unbuckling his belt. He was in shock, never expecting Sandy to go this far after being almost violently anti-sex the night before.

Beyond that, he was more shocked that Sandy was able to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants with one hand. As she pulled down his zipper, Warren quickly looked to his left and right to make sure their row was still as empty as it had been when the movie started, which it was. While looking though, he noticed Sandy still looking at the movie, acting as if nothing was going on while she pulled his boxers down below his hard dick and exposed it to the open movie theater air.

Warren kept his head facing the movie, but closed his eyes as he felt Sandy's hand wrap around his dick. First, she just ran her hand over his dick, feeling his shaft, running her fingers over the head, and tracing her fingers around where the two met.

Then, she started pumping his dick, starting slow, but gaining a little more speed with every pump she made. It wasn't too long before she was jerking him off as rapidly as she could. Warren's mind may have gotten lost in the feeling, but he never stopped rubbing Sandy's boob while she gave him a handjob.

It briefly ran through his mind how amazing it was, getting his second handjob that day while having never gotten one before in his life. He tried to compare the two in his mind, and while his sister may have had better technique and was more comfortable possibly due to the fact that he was standing, naked, and in an easy position for her to do it to him he had to say that it was far better with Sandy.

Something about the fact that he liked Sandy and that she actually wanted to give him a handjob made it that much more erotic. He hadn't realized until now how much the facts that he didn't really like his sister and that she had thought he was an hallucination had really taken away from that experience. Warren worked hard to keep his moans to himself and not make a sound. As he felt himself getting close though, he couldn't hold out from letting out a gasp.

"Let me know when you're about to cum." Warren opened his eyes at the sound of the whisper and saw Sandy's head slightly leaned in towards him, but still facing the movie. Leaning in towards her, Warren whispered back, "I'm almost there." "Raise your shirt," Sandy responded quietly. Dutifully following his instructions, Warren pulled the front of his shirt up to his chest. Sandy immediately pressed her hand with his dick up against his stomach as she continued jerking him off.

The sound of her hand rubbing against his stomach while she wanked his dick was too much for Warren. He bit down on his upper lip as his cum splashed out all over his stomach. As he started cumming, Sandy slowed her hand down, but she didn't stop until she had milked every last drop out of him. When she felt he was done, Sandy lowered her hand and pushed it under Warren's boxers, wiping the cum off of her hand on the insides of his boxers.

When she felt her hand was dry, she pulled her hand out, grabbed the top of Warren's boxers and stretched them out over his stomach, wiping off all his cum with his boxers. When she was satisfied, she gently placed his boxers back at a normal level.

She then ran her hand over his stomach. Finding a little more cum, she wiped it off with her hand then rubbed her hand on his boxers. Done with that, she zipped Warren's jeans, redid his button, and buckled his belt. Then she pulled Warren's shirt from his hands and lowered it back over his stomach.

Finally finished, she placed her hand back on Warren's thigh, gently rubbing his leg. Warren spent the next several minutes recovering from what he thought was the most intense orgasm of his life.

He knew it wasn't the biggest or longest he had ever had he had certainly lasted longer and shot larger loads but something about it, perhaps it being in real time or coming from the girl he liked or being in a movie theater where they could get caught, something about it had made it feel more powerful than any he had ever experienced.

Finally recovered, at least enough to start moving again, Warren pulled his arm back from around Sandy's shoulders, removing his hand from her breast for the first time since she had put it there. He thought he heard a very quiet moan of disappointment from Sandy.

However, he was treated to a quiet, "Ooh," from her as he placed his hand on her upper thigh and gently started rubbing. Warren took his time working his way up Sandy's thigh, always moving his hand in circles as he slowly inched it up and inside her thigh. As he reached her upper inner thigh, Sandy spread her legs a bit to give Warren more room to work with.

He accepted the invitation and let his fingers lightly brush over Sandy's jean-covered pussy while his palm still pressed against her inner thigh.

As he continued this motion, Warren slid his palm from her thigh to the mound above where he imagined her slit was, pressing down with his palm as he ran his fingers up and down her slit through her jeans.

A couple of minutes after he started this, Warren decided to move forward, and slid his hand up to unbutton her jeans. He was very surprised at how easily he got her button undone and quickly pulled her zipper down.

Instead of going under her panties though, Warren decided to tease her a little more by sliding his hand down inside the front of her jeans, but over her panties. He slowly worked his hand down, feeling the patch of pubic hair she had before getting to her pussy lips, which were shaven, just like they had been when he had fucked her while time was stopped a few days earlier. At first, Warren just let his fingers run up and down Sandy's slit, occasionally brushing to one side or the other and rubbing a single pussy lip.

But after doing that for awhile, he decided to push her pussy lips apart through her panties and run his fingers over her clit, which he could easily feel through her panties, and her inner lips and pussy hole, which were harder to find.

He didn't spend too much time on the rest of her pussy though as he got entranced with the feel of her clit flipping back and forth under his fingers through her panties. He lost all track of time as he did this.


In fact, the only reason he knew time was moving forward at all was the growing wet spot on Sandy's panties. "Under." The request came out as a moaned whisper directly into Warren's ear.

He felt Sandy lean her head forcefully against the side of his after she finished the single word. Warren smiled, and not wanting to disappoint, obeyed the request, sliding his hand up to the top of her panties and slowly sliding his hand under her panties, one finger tip at a time.

Once all of his finger tips were under, he slid his hand slowly down, inching his way through her pubic hair, gently rubbing it and brushing his fingers through it as he went. After he got past her pubic hair and reached her clit again, though, he went straight back to work. Warren ran his fingers in circles over her clit. Despite how slowly he started, he felt Sandy push her hips up into his hand. As he sped up, Sandy pushed harder. This went on for a few minutes, Sandy pushing her hips up harder and harder and Warren gently increasing the speed of his fingers on and around her clit.

Sandy was the one who finally changed it. She began pulling her hips back and then pushing forward, thrusting up into Warren's hand. Though the first couple thrusts were slow, Sandy was soon humping quick and hard into his hand.

Warren did the best he could to keep his speed up while keeping his hand with her clit and never letting it slip away, despite her thrusts. This went on for awhile, with Warren feeling his unpracticed hand and fingers quickly growing sore and tired in the position they were in under Sandy's panties.

Then, with no warning that he noticed, Sandy thrust her hips up hard, keeping them up, and bit into Warren's shoulder through his shirt while Warren felt a sudden wetness surround his fingers. At first, Warren tried to keep his hand and fingers going as fast as he could, trying to keep Sandy's orgasm up, but he quickly faded, his hand slowing down until he was just brushing his fingers over her clit at a very slow pace.

Sandy let go of Warren's shoulder with her mouth when his fingers slowed down, but her hips didn't drop for quite some time. Even when they did, she still jerked them up slightly a few times as she slowly lowered herself fully back into her seat.

The whole time, Warren kept lightly brushing his fingers over her clit. As Sandy finally settled into her seat, she grabbed Warren's arm to stop him and whispered breathlessly, "I can't take anymore!" Warren smiled, but said nothing. He stopped brushing her clit and gently pulled his hand up and out of her panties. He tried to pull Sandy's zipper up with his hand, but couldn't quite get it. After several attempts, Sandy pulled his hand to the side and whispered, "I got it." Warren turned slightly to watch as Sandy lifted her hips, pulled her jeans up a bit, and after a bit of effort pulled the zipper up and redid the button.

Watching this, Warren realized how tight her jeans were and didn't feel as bad about not being able to get them zipped on his own, especially after the effort he saw Sandy put into it. Upon getting her pants done up and shifting them around a bit, Sandy leaned over and kissed Warren on the cheek while grabbing his hand in hers. She left her lips on his cheeks long enough for Warren to put together that she was holding his hand that was still wet with her juices with her hand that had just jerked him off.

That thought, added to the lengthy kiss he received on the cheek, made his dick jump again in his pants. After several seconds, Sandy pulled her lips away and turned towards the movie.

They watched the rest of the movie without speaking and barely moving, though holding each others' hands the whole time. As the credits began to roll and others in the theater began to leave, Sandy stayed seated, though she did lift her hips up and adjust her pants quite a bit.

Not wanting to be the first to get up, Warren sat and waited for her, not sure of what to say. When there were no other people around them, Sandy turned to Warren smiling and said, "You're not going to be the only one going home with wet underwear." They both laughed and finally got up to leave, still laughing and trying to figure out what had happened in the movie they had just watched, as both had missed most of the middle of the movie.

Warren wanted to ask about what made Sandy so forward sexually in the theater after being so anti-sex at the party the night before, but he thought it best to let that drop. However, there was something else he needed to know. Right before the exit to the cinema, Warren stopped and turned towards Sandy.

She did likewise. "So, I was wondering, and I'm not sure how to ask this as I've never done it before, but will you be my girlfriend?" The question came out sounding horribly insecure and scared.

Sandy raised her hand to Warren's face and responded soothingly, "Of course!" Then Warren experienced his first French kiss. It didn't last too long though as Sandy pulled back and added, "After what happened in there, I don't think you had to ask!" Warren laughed, responding, "Well, you know, I don't know how these relationship things work. I just wanted to make sure." Sandy laughed in response. "I would say you made sure of it nearly an hour ago, but if you wanted to make it formal, I will now say you are my boyfriend!" Warren beamed in response as Sandy continued, "So what are your plans for tomorrow?" "Besides school, I don't really have any.

I was just going to go home and chill." "Me too! We should hang out at one of our houses!" "Okay, my mom doesn't get back from work until close to six and my sister is usually out until then too, making my house empty. So if you want to go to yours" "Let's go to yours," Sandy announced interrupting him, and surprising him a bit that she wanted to be alone in a house with him. Then again, after what had happened in the theater, maybe it shouldn't surprise him.

As they walked out of the cinema, both Warren's and Sandy's moms were waiting in their cars at the curb. Sandy turned and gave Warren a quick peck on the lips, then announced, "See you tomorrow," as she turned and headed to her mom's car.

"Yup," Warren responded, not able to think of something better to say. After watching Sandy walk away for a little bit, his eyes not failing to notice her ass, Warren turned and walked towards his mom's car as well.

Warren's mom questioned him about his new girlfriend his first girlfriend the whole ride home after seeing them kiss outside the theater. After answering her questions for awhile "How'd you meet her? Do you like her? What's she like? Describe her for me." Warren got sick of it and tried to shut his mom up. Several times he stopped time and made himself appear naked to his mother momentarily.

That didn't seem to work as far as shutting his mother up anymore. So he tried what he did with his sister earlier that day, stripping his clothes off and just starting up time naked. He ended up answering his mother's constant questions while naked for about two minutes.

The whole time, his mom made no comment about it and acted like nothing was different, though she did turn to look over at Warren more than usual.

When it was obvious he was not shutting her up, Warren stopped time, put his clothes back on, and started time, not trying anything else for the rest of the ride home. When they were pulling into their driveway, Warren requested, "Please don't tell Julie about Sandy.

I don't want to deal with her bullshit." "Fine," his mother responded, "but I think you'd find she wouldn't be as bad as you expect." They both then got out and went into the house. Soon after entering the house, Warren's mom said, "Well, I'm going to head up for bed. Good night." She said this loud enough for his sister to hear from the living room, whom Warren heard grunt in response.

"Alright, good night mom," Warren replied. Lowering her voice to a whisper, his mother smiled at him and added, "Congratulations!" Then she turned and walked down the hall. Warren simply shook his head and headed for the bathroom. He had to wait a bit and coax his dick to get a little more limp, but eventually it was limp enough to pee with.

After finishing in the bathroom, Warren decided to go back to the living room for a bit to check on his sister. Julie said nothing as he entered. Warren didn't either, simply going over to sit on the recliner. While he again kept his head in the direction of the TV, Warren moved his eyes over to look at his sister. She was in almost the exact same position she had been in when he had been in the living room with her earlier in the day, her head leaning on a pillow against the arm of the couch furthest away from him with her knees bent and pointed at the TV.

However, whereas her shorts had exposed a single pussy lip before, they now looked like they had been purposefully pulled aside and exposed her entire slit pressed together between her legs. Warren guessed that his sister wouldn't have actually pulled the crotch of her shorts aside for him though, assuming she either had been fingering herself earlier and had forgotten to put her shorts back in place or that they had simply gotten pulled that far aside on their own without her knowledge somehow.

As he continued to watch out of the corner of his eyes, Warren noticed that his sister was again casting glances over at him occasionally. Deciding to mess with her some more, Warren stopped time, pulled his clothes off, and left them all behind the chair as he sat down and started time up again.

Warren acted like he was watching TV but he kept the corner of his eyes on his sister. Initially, she looked away. But she kept glancing back, ever more often now than before he had been naked.

The combination of Julie looking at him, her fully exposed pussy, and thoughts of what he had done with Sandy earlier in the evening actually led to Warren getting hornier and his dick getting harder as he sat around naked, as opposed to when he had done it earlier in the day and his dick had started to go limp.

At one point, his sister looked down at him, staring obviously at his dick, and didn't bother to look back at the TV. After a few seconds of this, she pushed her legs together tightly which pushed her exposed pussy lips together and out between her legs more. Unable to take it anymore, Warren stopped time. He quickly moved over to the end of the couch just beyond his sister's feet. He brought one hand down to his dick and started lightly pumping it as his other hand reached for Julie's pussy.

At first he ran his hands over her pussy lips, feeling the light stubble he could just barely see as she hadn't shaved in a couple days. Then he pressed a finger inside her slit, gently pulling her lips apart. With her legs pressed together as they were, Warren could just barely see his sister's tiny inner lips, and couldn't at all make out the hole between them.

However he could clearly see her clit. At first he ran his fingers along the pink insides of his sister's outer lips, slowly working his way towards the center.

As he got to her clit, he traced circles around it for a little bit before finally dragging his finger over it from top to bottom several times, then gently pushed it side to side.

Unable to take it anymore, Warren pulled his hands away from both her cunt and his dick. After some effort, he maneuvered himself so that his knees were in the cushion near the arm of the couch, one arm on the back of the couch behind his sister, the other on the edge of the couch just in front of her. He lowered himself until his dick touched the ass of her shorts.

By way of a balancing act, leaning his body against the back of the couch, he freed up that hand so he could grab and aim his dick. He ran it up and down the length of the inside of his sister's slit, spending extra time pushing her clit around with the head of his dick. However, when he tried to push inside her, her found he couldn't get it in at the angle he was at. After several minutes of trying, mixed with rubbing his dick back up to her clit, Warren felt almost ready to explode, but didn't want to just shoot all over her cunt.

"Fuck it!" After his exclamation, Warren got up, put all his clothes back on, then returned to his seated position in the chair. He noticed he hadn't pushed his sister's pussy lips back together. He almost got up to fix that, but decided against it, thinking it would be interesting to watch. Warren turned his head back towards the TV, kept his eyes glued on his sister, and started time.

There was a short yet audible slapping sound as Warren watched his sister's pussy lips slap together. He didn't get much of a show though as she quickly sat up. Warren took this as a sign that he could look over at her and did just that. He noticed his sister's face was flushed incredibly red. She quickly stood up and started walking away, adjusting the crotch of her shorts as she did. "Not going to watch the rest of the movie?" "No." Julie's response had been meek and quiet as she turned out of the living room.

Warren had actually stopped molesting his sister so that he could leave and go upstairs. He hadn't been expecting his sister to get up and leave. Feeling like it would seem weird if he got up now and followed his sister out, Warren waited until he heard his sister's footsteps end at the top of the stairs. Then he turned off the TV along with all the downstairs lights and went upstairs himself. At the top of the stairs, Warren heard what sounded like a squeal coming from his mother's room.

He would've guessed his mom would've been asleep by now, but decided to check on it. Cringing and focusing his anger at not getting off downstairs on the inside of his forehead, Warren felt the familiar sting that stopped time.

He then walked over to his mom's room and opened the door. The sight in front of him shocked him. Warren's mother was on her bed, which faced the door, completely naked with her legs back and over her shoulders. Her arms were around her legs, one holding a black dildo deep inside her cunt while the other was pressed over her clit. Through her legs, Warren could see the look of pleasure on her face, her mouth wide open, her eyebrows lifted high with her eyes closed.

He could see a flush of pink and red covering almost his mother's entire body. Her face was a dark pink, almost red, with beads of sweat around it. The color faded to a lighter pink down her neck and shoulders with just the slightest tint of pink covering the top of her tits. Her nipples were rock hard, looking much stiffer than when he had seen them that morning. Her pussy lips were redder than her face was, with pink extending a little bit up her stomach and out to the sides of her thighs.

Warren quickly stripped his clothes and stood at the foot of her bed. He figured if it had worked that morning, he could get away with it for a bit again. Lightly jerking his dick, he started time. For several seconds, his mother didn't move. Then with no warning her body collapsed down onto the bed, her arms at her sides, her legs slightly spread, the dildo still deep inside her, and her eyes still closed. She laid like this for several moments, not moving, not even seeming to breathe.

Warren caught on that he must have caught her just after she orgasmed, which must've been what that short squeal he had just barely heard from the hallway was.

"Damn, Sandy is lucky!" The comment pulled Warren out of his thoughts. As he ran his brain around it, he realized that his mom had just masturbated to thoughts of him!

Not only that, she was jealous of his girlfriend, apparently thinking more was going on between them then there actually was. However, this wasn't like that morning, when he had stood at the foot of her bed and she had seen him naked before she started thinking of him while she got off.

No, this time she did it all on her own. She hadn't even opened her eyes yet to see him! Realizing that, Warren stopped time again. He pulled his clothes back on and left his mother's room before she had ever opened her eyes. Walking back to his room, Warren noticed the bathroom door was closed. Passing his room, he went to the bathroom and opened the door. Inside, his sister was sitting on the toilet, her shorts around her ankles, leaning forwards with her mouth open in relief as she pissed.

Warren saw this and knew it was time for him to get off. Stripping off the clothes he had just put on, Warren stepped into the bathroom naked. He stood directly in front of his sister, his extremely hard dick just an inch from her face. He thought about putting it in her mouth, but decided he would rather jerk off on her while she watched, thinking it would torture her more. So grabbing his dick, he started time.

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Warren had to immediately let go of his dick as his sister leaned forward and took nearly his entire length in her mouth. He wasn't sure whether his sister had meant to put his dick in her mouth or if she had just been in the process of leaning forwards when he started time, which given his dick position would have led to the same outcome.

Whatever the case, she didn't seem to mind as Warren simply stared at his sister as she bobbed her head on his dick, her eyes open and looking up at him. Having been as close as he had been downstairs and again while watching his mother come down from her orgasm, it was only a matter of seconds before Warren began shooting his cum into his sister's mouth. Warren tried to hold back from moaning or touching her, holding his arms stiffly at his side and forcing his mouth closed as his sister began swallowing immediately following his first shot.

Warren could feel her continuously swallowing around his dick as he kept shooting his load into her. Even after he finished, his sister continued to suck his dick for a bit while she finished peeing.

When she finished, Julie pulled her head back off of Warren's dick. The second his dick got out of her mouth, Warren stopped time.

He left the bathroom, closed the door, threw his clothes in his room and closed his own door, then waited just outside the door hoping to hear what she was going to say to herself about what just happened.

And so he started time. Warren heard nothing for a few seconds. The first thing he heard was the toilet flush. Then he heard the sink running. Confused, Warren stopped time. Opening the door, he saw his sister holding a washcloth under a frozen stream of water coming out of the sink.

Julie was standing in front of the sink looking at herself in the mirror. There was no look of disgust on her face. She just looked. normal. As if nothing had just happened. Slightly disappointed, Warren closed the bathroom door. He started to head back to his room, but changed his mind and went to his sister's closet and started time. Warren was waiting for several minutes as his sister apparently ran through her nightly routine in the bathroom before going to sleep.

When she finally got back to her room and closed her door, the first thing she did was pull her shirt and shorts off and toss them on the floor. Warren thought she might get changed into new clothes before going to sleep, but instead watched as Julie went over to her bed, grabbed the panties she passed on wearing all day and tossed them onto the floor too, then climbed in under her sheets, her hands above the sheets and to her sides.

At first she laid down on her back. After a minute or so on her back, she clearly thrust her hips up against the sheets a few times. As she stopped, Warren watched her roll over onto her stomach with her hands still above the sheets at her sides. Then she began humping her hips down into the bed. This went on for a couple minutes before Julie shook out her entire body and stopped. It didn't look like a shake from an orgasm. Rather it looked like she was shaking her body to stop it from moving.

There certainly was no moaning or gasping as if she had reached her orgasm, plus Warren thought it would've been really impressive if she had managed to have an orgasm just from humping a bed, given that her hands were above the sheets and obviously not touching herself. After a couple more minutes passed and Julie didn't move, Warren decided to go to bed.

He stopped time and got out of his sister's closet. Before leaving her room though, he went over to his sister's bed and looked at her face. She had a small smile on her face, as if she was happy. Not ecstatic, just happy. For some reason, that smile angered Warren, but he tried not to think of it as he left and went to his own bedroom.

Starting up time, Warren pulled his boxers on and got into his own bed. In an attempt not to think of the small smile on his sister's face, Warren thought back to his date with Sandy. Then he thought about school tomorrow. He fell asleep to thoughts of what he could do then, looking forward to a Monday for the first time in ages.

Warren's cell phone alarm woke him up. He grabbed his phone and shut the alarm off. Thinking he probably didn't need to wake up at two in the morning to mess with his sister any more, given how much he had already messed with her and how it was obviously affecting her, Warren started to go into his phone to turn off the daily setting. However, just as he was about to change it, the memory of the smile on his sister's face hit him as she was going to sleep.

Deciding against changing it, he closed his phone, put it back down next to his alarm clock, and got up. He stopped time, pulled his boxers off, and headed to his sister's room. Warren found his sister sleeping on the far end of her bed on her side facing away from him.

He walked over to that side of the bed. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, obviously in a deep sleep. The sheets were low enough to expose just the tops of her tits. Fixing that problem, Warren pulled the sheets down to fully expose her sideways-hanging tits. Seeing her mouth open, Warren knew he wanted another blowjob, hopefully a longer one than he had gotten just before she went to sleep. He smacked Julie's foot to wake her up, then moved to the head of her bed, bending his knees and leaning over slightly into her to line his hard dick up with her mouth.

With his dick just outside her mouth, he started time. Julie's eyes opened and locked onto the dick in front of her. Though it took a little more time than when she had been on the toilet, she soon had her brother's dick in her mouth and was dutifully sucking it. Warren watched as his sister closed her eyes as she ran her tongue along his dick in her mouth while she continued to suck and bob her head on it.

Loving the feeling, but wanting more, Warren held himself in place with one hand on the headboard of her bed while he brought his other hand down to feel his sister's tits. At first he just ran his hand over them, but soon he was cupping and kneading her tits. He felt the weight of them in his hands, pushed them into her chest, pulled them away, anything he could think of. He couldn't deny that they felt better than Sandy's tits, but he justified that thought by telling himself that he had only gotten to feel Sandy's tits through her shirt and bra.

Well, that wasn't entirely true, he had felt them naked before, but time was stopped then, so that wasn't the same either. He tried not to think about the fact that Julie's tits were definitely bigger and probably were the nicer set of tits. While he had been thinking about this, Julie had sped up on her brother's dick. Warren was getting harder and hornier by the second as she sucked him while he felt up her tits.

He soon began pinching and twisting her nipples and lightly thrusting his hips into his sister's mouth as she bobbed on him. A couple minutes like that was all it took.

Warren thrust hard into his sister's mouth and squeezed her tit as he shot his load into her mouth. He felt her again swallow around his dick, which only made him cum harder. It took about a minute to finishing shooting off in her mouth. He let go of Julie's tit to better balance himself, but left his dick in her mouth while she continued lightly sucking on it as it slowly went limp.

Finally, Warren pulled himself out. The second his dick got out of his sister's mouth, he stopped time and hid in her closet, waiting to hear what she would say about this 'dream,' as she had had a comment for every other night he came in and messed with her. Upon starting time though, Warren was disappointed. His sister simply laid where she was. She didn't even move. And soon enough, he could hear her breathing as she was obviously asleep again.

Disappointed and slightly angry that his sister didn't say anything or even seem disturbed by sucking his dick, he stopped time and headed back to his own room. Warren started up time back in his room, pulled his boxers on, and got back in bed. He again hid his disappointment in his mind by thinking about school on Monday and all the things he could do.

In no time, he was out again.