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Cute tennis babe brianna love banging penis
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KATHRYN We stayed in a three-story townhouse in a neighborhood called Carriage Mill. When you came in the front door, you were immediately greeted by two staircases, one leading down to a restroom, the laundry room, my office and the garage, and the other leading up to the dining room, restroom, living room, kitchen, den and patio.

But at the top of those stairs, another set of stairs awaited, leading to the three bedrooms and two baths. It was a small, quaint home that I'd grown accustomed to, but I was used to better. I washed my vibrator off, washed my hands, and went downstairs to my office to attempt to do some work. Married life sucked. If I had known I'd be using a vibrator three times a day, I would have stayed single.

It was October and I hadn't had sex since June, not 'cause he won't give it to me, but because he was so eager to. Confusing? I know; let me explain.

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After marriage, sex is not just sex to me. It should be used to express love from a male to a female. So my husband came home every night and expected sex, but he did nothing to get it. He didn't cuddle first or do foreplay. He just hopped into bed, stared at the wall for a bit, and then asked, "You horny?" Please! I know B.O.B., my Battery Operated Boyfriend, doesn't fondle me either, but I expect B.O.B. not to do it. I didn't expect my human husband to not do it.

And I actually felt that if I withdrew sex from him, he would get the hint. Please! He tried every night as if the message wasn't delivered and then just went to sleep like nothing happened! Our marriage was not perfect; in fact, it stinks! He says it's because I'm worrisome and I treat him like a child and don't give him sex. Excuse me? Our marriage shouldn't be built on sex anyway, and how am I worrisome? I think he's annoying too, but of course, what do I know?

My Latino husband worked as a barber, so he was gone from the time he woke up in the morning 'til seven at night - eight or nine on the weekends. He preached on Sunday, so he was home by two thirty, but he was so exhausted he'd sleep 'til three in the morning. Then he went downstairs and watched a movie, usually Transformers - on surround sound. And I was worrisome? Hmm! But he was the breadwinner, so I tried to keep my complaining to a minimum.

I was trying to start a business from home, but I didn't bring in as much money as I would have liked to. My kids were all doing their own thing, so at times this house was as loud as a graveyard. Perfect example: it was Saturday. José was busy at work and I didn't exactly have friends like that. Jen was with Fish and I was in the house staring blankly at my computer screen. I called José, but it went straight to voicemail.

His phone never stayed charged. I called Fish, but there was no answer. Knowing she and my daughter were together, I called Jen, but no answer there either. They must have been having fun shopping. I knew they had to be because I loved hanging out with Fish back in college. Even when she was a freshman, she was always the life of the party. And she was an alcoholic. She didn't believe it then and still didn't believe it now.

She didn't have to have a drink, but she never knew when to stop. I'll never forget the first time I met her. I stayed off campus and I was driving back to the campus to visit a friend. As I drove past my old dorm, there was a thin black girl sitting in a lawn chair in front of the building, fanning herself and drinking out of a wine glass.

She was completely naked in thirty degree weather at one a.m. I pulled up, took a picture, and was about to back out when something told me to talk to her. I put the car in park, got out, and walked up to her.

"Hey." "Hey, Sarah." "I'm sorry, I'm not Sarah. My name is Kathryn." She looked at me with glassy eyes and took a sip from her glass. "Hmm, you look like a Sarah." "Nobody's ever told me that before." She took a sip. "Well, I don't know any other white name. You like the name Matilda?" "No, Kathryn is fine." She knocked back the last of the contents of her glass, took out a vodka bottle, filled the glass a little over halfway, and poured just enough cranberry juice in the glass to turn the clear liquid red.

"It's thirty degrees out. Why are you out here naked?" She looked at me as if I was crazy.

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"Sweetie, it is scorching hot out here. Way too hot for clothes." She took another sip. "How about we go inside and put some clothes on?" "Lady, I don't know you! And I know what happens when white people take black people away!" She stood up and gulped down the beverage.

"Now you looka here, you white beast. You think you are better than me, but…" I couldn't understand anything else because her speech was slurred with booze.

She was three feet away from me and she had the air reeking of alcohol. "And another thing - I will whoop yo' white ass!" She bent down, picked up a Hennessey bottle, and began to chug. "Maybe you should slow down." I put my hand on her arm and she removed the bottle from her lips and looked at my hand as if it were a spider. "Bitch! Get ya light bright hands off me!" She screwed the top back on her drink.

"Okay, Marjorie, it's about to go down." She bent over to set the drink down and the weight of her body went with the bottle until she was in the grass. I just stared. So sad. I didn't know what to do.

If somebody found her, she would get kicked out of school for sure. I picked up her alcohol, gin and juice, Everclear, Hennessey, vodka, tequila, small shot bottles, and a bottle of cranberry juice and I threw them in the backseat. I picked up her light body and put her on the passenger side. I decided to leave the lawn chair. I took her back to my place and told my friend something had come up and I needed her to come to me instead.

She got there twenty minutes later and her heckling started as soon as the door was cracked. "You never want to come see me; I always have to come see you. What, you too good to come to a dorm now?" "Shhh!" "No! Don't shhh me.

I'm tired of making that walk, Kat." I pointed to the couch. "What are you pointing at? Ooooh, my God! Are you harboring colored fugitives?" "Marley, what are you talking about?" "Well…why is she here?" "She passed out trying to fight me." I covered her with a blanket, wondering why I hadn't done so sooner. "And you thought it was smart to bring her here? What if she wakes up and tries to kill you?" I didn't know what Marley thought of black people, but I had a feeling it wasn't how I felt about them.

I could tell her true feelings were certainly going to come out that night. "Marley, you're being ridiculous." "Is she on drugs?" Before I could answer, she said, "She stinks of booze." She was in her face as if the girl was the missing link and she had a front row seat to the show.

"Was her kid with her?" I just looked at her. This was getting better and better. "Well, you know they all breed babies." Breed? She looked back at the girl. "Poor girl probably doesn't even know who the father is." "Marley, get away from her. I invited you here to help me take care of her." Without moving, she said, "Take care of her?" Just then the thin girl started rocking from side to side on the couch.

"I told you she was on drugs!" Marley didn't move and stared in amazement. Her mouth dropped as if she expected something big to happen. And it did. The girl threw up all over Marley's face and green patent leather boots. I laughed so hard I had to rush to the bathroom. When I came back into the living room, Marley had finished screaming and was in the kitchen running water all over her face and hair. When all the vomit was gone and she was drenched from the top of her head to her shoulders, she shrieked, "It's not funny!" For some reason, that made me laugh more.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, Kathryn Heine, but I won't let you influence me and I will not help you take care of some nigger bitch!" She stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind her. I called her a few weeks later. "Hey, Marley." "I don't know who this is.

Is this the girl with the black friend?" I just hung up. Marley and I never spoke again after that day. The day after I "rescued" her, my houseguest did not wake up 'til two in the afternoon to use the bathroom.

She had straight hair that bent at the ends and stopped at her shoulders. She walked straight past me to the bathroom as if she wasn't in a foreign place - still naked. I heard her come out of the bathroom, but I didn't see her. After five minutes, I left my homework and went looking for her. And there she was, in my bed, holding my teddy bear, snoring loudly as ever.

I smiled, shut the door, and went back to my homework. The girl woke up two more times to pee and then one last time at 9:30 p.m. "Um…" I looked up and she was standing there, hands on her hips, with an angry and confused look on her face. "Hello." "Hello? Why am I here? And why am I naked?" As I told her what happened the night before, her face slowly softened.

"You tried to attack me, but you passed out before you could," I explained. She crossed her arms and legs and looked away, and under her breath she mumbled, "Sorry." "You're fine. I would have put some clothes on you, but…I don't know," "That's fine, you got me out of the cold.

That's more than anyone else would have done." Then she looked me in my eyes and said, "Thank you. Hey, I'm Charlotte." She stuck her hand out.

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"What's your name?" I shook it, laughing, and stood up. "Well, according to you, it's Sarah, Matilda, and um, what was the last one? Marjorie!" She smiled sheepishly. "But my name is Kathryn, Kathryn Heine. But let's see if you can fit any of my clothes." After that night, I went from being her protector to being her best friend. We had developed a system. She carried a card in her bra with my name, address, and number on it. And when things got kind of crazy at a party, she would have someone call me or drop her off at my house.

I think the last straw was when Charlotte got alcohol poisoning and was rushed to the hospital. As always, when I showed up, everyone was shocked to see a white girl coming to see a black girl. When I went in her room and saw her looking so pathetic, I made her promise to move in with me and stop drinking. "I'll never take another drink," she said that day. But the day when she moved in, my boyfriend brought over a case of beer to celebrate, and before we finished our one, she had knocked back six beers.

And that's when José started calling her Fish. Living with Charlotte, I noticed, it took plenty of bottles of anything before she got drunk. She woke up drinking Bailey's without coffee, she drank vodka like it was Sprite, and she'd go to bed nowhere near drunk.

Sometimes she might have had a small buzz, but she was functioning, and soon I didn't know the difference between a drunk Fish or a sober Fish. Fish was the best friend anybody could wish for and all the guys wanted her. She used that to her advantage. I never asked her to pay for anything, because I was handling it before I insisted that she move in. But she was very beautiful, and it got to the point where all she had to do was look sad and guys would give her money.

Then she would go out and buy groceries or pay a bill. A day I'd never forget is when José and I had broken up. She rushed into the house and lay across the foot of my bed with a goofy smile on her face. "What?" "Hello, friend." "No!" "No, what?!" "I don't know what you're going to ask for, but no." I went back to balancing my checkbook. "Kitty Kat!" I looked up at Fish's mini afro.

I remember when she had the bright idea to go natural. It actually looked good on her. "What, Charlotte?" I stopped what I was doing to look at her.

"Okay, I met a guy who wants to pay your rent for this month." This can't be good. "Where did you meet him?" "At the ABC store." "Jesus, Fish!" "Just hear me out…" "Let me guess: he wants to have a threesome?" She just smiled. "Really? Really?" I got up to go to the kitchen.

She followed, pleading. "Come on, Kat, let's have some fun tonight." "Tonight?" I looked her dead in the eye. "You already told him yes, didn't you?" "Sort of." "Sort of?

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Fish, you better start talking." "Well, I figured you wouldn't turn down an extra few hundred dollars." We argued for an hour, and then José called. "Look, I just left your stuff outside your door." I ran to my front door and opened it and there was a box of stuff. "Why didn't you just knock so I could get it?" I asked, but he just hung up. I looked at Fish.

"I'll do it." She smiled from ear to ear. I don't know why that pissed me off, but it did. That night, Mystery Man knocked on the door and Fish let him in. He came in and sat on the loveseat and the two of us sat on the couch.

He and Fish talked for a bit and then he said, "You guys ready? Your friend looks nervous." It was true, I was, but Fish said, "Yeah, we're ready." With one swift motion, Mystery Man pulled out his dick and started jerking off.

"Kiss her," he commanded. Fish grabbed the back of my head, turned me towards her, and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I was so scared that I didn't resist a bit. I aggressively kissed her back as I stared at the man's penis from the corner of my eye. Finally closing my eyes, I lost myself in her kiss. The man continued to jack off as he watched us kissing. He watched Fish get me as worked up as she was. Finally, the man stepped closer to us, slowly leaned forward on the balls of his feet, and slowly slid his dick in between our mouths.


My eyes popped open, but Fish's didn't. I looked at her, then up at him. They were both so into it that I went right back in.


We continued to kiss and lick each other's' lips as he gently rocked his hips and slid his cock in and out of our kiss. He finally left it there a bit longer and Fish took over. She started to lick the sides of his shaft in long strokes and started blowing him. I backed away and watched as Fish formed a tight ring with her lips and slid it up and down his shaft.

"Fuck," I whispered. He pulled back and started jerking off again and Fish went back to kissing me. He watched us kiss for a few minutes and then he watched as Fish slowly raised her hand and placed it over my breast.

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She lightly rubbed on it and I moaned softly into her mouth. My nipple rose to her touch and she found it with her fingertips and gave it a gentle tug. He stepped toward me and rubbed his cock against my cheek. Instinctively, like a baby when she feels her mother's nipple, I turned my head and wrapped my lips around his cock.

I drew him deeper into my mouth and I knew my guard was dropped. I lifted his big penis up and lapped at his testicles like a hungry dog. I sucked and licked with my tongue and with my hand I stroked. Then I spat on his dick and beat it with my hand.

He moaned and I knew that was my cue. I shoved him deep down in my mouth until he was playing patty cake with my tonsils. I gagged the first time, but the next few times I relaxed my throat and sucked him so deeply that my top lip was right above his pubic hair and my bottom lip quivered on his balls. Fish looked up at me and bit her lips as she raised her other hand to my breasts and began to deeply massage them through my robe.

Then she took the robe off of me and undid my bra. I was now sucking him in long deep strokes. My mouth was warm, wet, and very slow and gentle. Fish dropped down to her knees beside me and reached for the elastic waistband of my thong. She then slipped her fingers under the elastic and gently eased them down.

I never broke my rhythm on his cock as I pressed my feet against the floor and raised my ass off of the couch just enough for Fish to pull to pull off my thong. Once my thong was off and thrown across the room, I sat back down and spread my legs. Fish knelt down by my feet and placed her hands on my thighs as she leaned in and pressed her tongue against my clitoris.

I moaned onto the man's cock as a bolt of pure erotica shot through my body. Fish pressed her face harder into my dripping wet pussy as she licked me stupid. I felt her tongue lapping me in long strokes from my ass to my clit, and my body shivered with excitement. All at once, Mystery Man put his hand on the back of my head and I put my hand on the back of Fish's.

I caught her stealing glances of me sucking the penis and I knew she was being turned on. Finally, Fish pulled away from my pussy and looked up at us.

She sat down next to me on the couch and gave my pussy a few last rubs with her fingers before she said, "I want to watch him fuck you." He took a step back, leaned down, and kissed me hard.

He reached up and massaged my breasts as Fish took off her dress. She was completely naked underneath. Mystery Man laid me down on the couch and Fish sat on the floor and spread her legs, watching as the man guided his cock into me. "Fuck that pussy," Fish groaned. Then she licked two of her fingers and slipped them into her pussy while she watched me being fucked. I began to moan loader and loader as the man followed Fish's commands.

"Fuck her, fuck her harder." She was rolling her nipple between her fingers and pulling on it violently. "Bury that cock in her tight little pussy." He was pounding me furiously and I loved it, moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbors might hear us. My face tightened up as my breasts bounced with each thrust. I looked over at Fish and found her rubbing her clit faster than ever. Her face twisted in knots as she would occasionally slip two or three fingers deep inside of herself before pulling them out and licking them.

"Yeah! Yeah! Oh, fuck that pussy!" she was shouting.

Mystery Man rolled on the floor, pulling me with him so that I was on top. He turned me around so that I was forced to look at Fish in the backwards cowgirl position. I started to get into it and I was riding him vigorously. We both watched Fish as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster.

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The man reached up, wrapped his arms around me, and squeezed my nipples as I bounced on his cock. That totally did the job for Fish, and we watched as her body shook and tiny squirts of white fluid dripped from between her fingers and down her asshole. I had found my rhythm by then and I was getting close to coming too.

He flexed his hips upwards and pushed his cock forward as far as he could and quickly found my G- spot. I screamed and let my hot liquid gush out and surround his massive penis. I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. He felt so good inside, even better than before now that my pussy muscles were tight on him.

"I'm coming!" he shouted out loud. He threw me off of him, stood up, and used my juices as lubricant to jerk off. Fish crawled over to him and sat at his feet like a sad puppy. I stood next to him and used my hand to bring him to a raging orgasm. "Fuck. Fuck!" he yelled as the contents of his happy ending shot all over Fish's face and into her waiting mouth.

Once he was done, Fish opened her eyes and closed her mouth and we heard her swallow his saltiness. She then picked up her dress and wiped off her face before standing up and kissing me. Mystery Man dressed, handed me six hundred dollars, and said, "You guys rock!" We never knew his name.

I washed my hands and my dildo. That story always got me hot in the pants. I combed my hair, threw a nightgown on, and went back to my office.