Dazzling latina chick sucks a big dick and rides it

Dazzling latina chick sucks a big dick and rides it
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I woke up early the next morning and was hoping that Chris would be too, but it didn't turn out to be the case. Instead, he was the last one up, waking up around 10:30 to get some food in the kitchen while I was washing dishes.

His sister, like most Saturday mornings, was watching TV in the living room and my husband was on the recliner next to her, reading the newspaper. Chris came into the kitchen and glanced at where they were sitting, and after seeing that both were busy, ran over to kiss me by the sink. I kissed him back, but kept my eyes on the other two in the living room. My daughter was facing the TV and wouldn't be able to see us unless she turned all the way around, but my husband was sitting at an angle that if he looked to his left, towards the kitchen, he would've easily seen us kissing.

The idea of getting caught only excited me more! "Mom, could you stand behind the kitchen table?" Chris whispered.

I saw what he was getting out and dried my hands off hastily and then moved to where he wanted me. I was now facing the living room, but the table in front of me covered everything below the waist. Chris instantly got behind me and started playing with my ass. I grabbed a random magazine on the counter and pretended to read. Now if my husband did look up, it would look like I was just showing Chris something interesting from the magazine.

As his hands continued to work, I thanked myself for still staying in my pajamas instead of changing. "Honey, you should hurry!" I whispered to him. With that, Chris began rubbing his cock against my ass, grinding against it.

"Mom, could I pull your pajamas down a bit?" "You do yours and I'll do mine, but be quick! Your father could see us any second!" In one motion, I dropped my pajamas to my knees and scooted my ass out further for him. Chris was just as fast and in no time I felt his cock rubbing on my ass. He started by grinding against both my bare cheeks, but quickly found more pleasure by keeping his cock nestled between my ass crack.

I complimented him by squatting up and done on it.


Both of our breathing got really fast and I was so turned on that if Chris were to have pulled my panties aside to fuck me, I probably would've screamed out loud from pleasure! This time I didn't even bother asking, within a few seconds I felt Chris' weight collapse over me as he shot his load on my ass. I reached my hand around and grabbed his cock, milking the last few drops out. When I pulled it back, I saw that my fingers were coated in his cum, and it got my heart racing.

"Sorry about the mess mom, let me get you a napkin" he whispered. But, with my clean hand, I grabbed his wrist before he could leave, turned back to look at him, and shamelessly took the fingers in my mouth, loudly sucking them clean. Chris looked on stunned. "Mhmm. you taste so good honey!" I whispered, sucking my index finger for emphasis.

"That's so hot mom!" he whispered. "Would you be so kind and feed mommy with some more?!" I asked innocently. Doing as I said, Chris took his fingers and scooped up some of his cum from my ass and brought it to my mouth. I sucked it off cleanly, making sure to twirl my tongue around each finger. "Is there more honey? Mommy didn't eat much for breakfast" I teased further.

For the next minute, Chris made another two or three trips until he had cleaned it all off. We were so lost in the act that my husband could've been watching the whole thing and neither one of us would've known. "Mom, that was so hot! You look so sexy eating my cum!" he said, pulling my pajamas back up. "You like it when mommy eats your cum?!" I exclaimed.

Chris' face lighted up from my words. But before he could respond, the house phone rang, snapping us both back into the kitchen. We separated ourselves just as my husband got up from the seat to answer the phone. Once he got off the phone, Chris and I began to put our plan into action. "Hey mom, would you be able to drop me off at my friend's place?" he said, loud enough to attract his dad's attention.

"What time are you planning on going?" "Probably after lunch" he said nonchalantly. "Oh that's great timing! I'm going to the spa, I'll just drop you off on the way." "Okay, that sounds good then, mom!" "What time do you think you're gonna come back?" my husband interjected, listening to our exchange. "Uhh I don't know yet, but probably before dinner." "Dear, will you be able to pick him up after your spa?" my husband asked.

"I should be able to." "Okay. Well, it looks like it's just you and me this afternoon" my husband said, smiling over at my daughter. Lunchtime couldn't have come any slower; minutes felt like hours. And when we did sit down to eat, Chris and I both finished much faster than usual, both dying to get out the house. We both glanced at each other, understanding the mutual frustration the other one felt.

Finally, not being able to hold it any longer, I stood up and started to head for my purse. "I think I'm going to go a bit early dear, they might be busy on a Saturday" I lied. "Chris, is it okay if I drop you off early?" Chris raced to stand up, almost tripping over his chair. "No, no. We can leave now!" he said, almost too excitedly. "Uh…okay. Enjoy your spa day dear! Have fun with your friends Chris" my husband shouted, as we left for the garage. "Oh mom, I'm so hard right now!" he said, kissing me before we even got in the car.

I went to hug him and felt his cock on my leg, fighting to be free of his pants. "I know honey! I know! Let's just drive out and find somewhere to park, then mommy will take care of it, okay?!" For the first time, he actually protested.

"Mom, it'll take forever to find a safe place to park! I'm really close anyways, could you jack me off here?!" he pleaded. How could I say no when my son needed me! I checked to see that the door from the garage into the house was closed. "Ok honey! Lean against the car!" Before I even had the words out, Chris was already unbuckling his jeans.

I quickly spat in my hand for lubrication and then wrapped it around his cock, pumping furiously. Seeing that he was about to moan, I smacked my lips into him, preventing him from making any noise. Unlike before when I wanted him to last, this time I needed him to cum as fast as he could.

We literally had a minute before my husband would wander out to the garage wondering why we hadn't left yet! But true to his words, Chris was already on edge before we even started.

"Mom…I'm going to cum…soon" he mumbled against my lips. Knowing there was no time to clean him up, I instantly dropped to my knees and took the head of his cock in my mouth.

"UUUUNNGHHH" Chris moaned loudly from the contact of my mouth. I gave his shaft another pump or two and was met with the delicious taste of his cum. I'm pretty sure I moaned loudly myself when the first shot hit my tongue!

I then slowly squeezed him until his cock gave me all it could offer.

I looked up to see Chris' exhausted face and smiled devilishly at him as I swallowed all of his cum. 'Yum!" I said, still on my knees. "Mom! I.I-" "Tell me later! Right now get your pants back up, we have to leave now!" I said urgently.

The two of us got in the car and left as fast as we could, with adrenaline pumping through both of us. "Ahh! I can't believe we made it!" I exclaimed. "I know! But I wish we had more time…" he half-joked. "Oh, don't worry honey! Did you like mommy's mouth around you?" "It felt so good! It was so warm and wet!" I giggled at his blushing face.

"Well how about next time, mommy only uses her mouth?!" "Could we pull over now?!" he joked, making us both laugh. "So, did you think about what you wanted mommy to get?" "Well Halloween's coming up, maybe we can check out some costume ideas first?" "Ooh, sounds naughty! Did you want to see mommy dressed us as a sexy nurse or " "Harley Quinn!

Mom, I want to see you do a Harley Quinn cosplay! You'd look so hot!" "Who's that?" I asked, genuinely interested. "She's a villain in the Batman world and works with the Joker, She's a little crazy, but so sexy too and she's a total badass!" "Yeah?" "Mom, you'd look so sexy as her! You've got the right figure, and the legs to pull her off, and you can tie your hair into double ponytails as well! Here I'll show you what she looks like!" he said, digging for his phone.

I took the opportunity at a red light to see what Chris was talking about. He got the crazy part right for sure, I thought. "And you think we'll be able to find all this at the mall?" "We should be. I know there's at least one large costumes store there, so they should have it." "Ok, honey! We can go look for them! So what else?" "Umm…I'm afraid to say…" he said, with a shy smile.

Now things were getting interesting! "C'mon, spit it out!" "Well…you know how I said you'd look amazing in pantyhose?

I think you'd look even sexier in fishnets!" "Yeah?" I teased. "Yeah! And some sexy lingerie to go with it!" "Sounds hot!" I giggled.

"What color?" "Red! No…Black! Black! It'll look really good against your skin!" "My my, haven't you been busy with your imagination!" I giggled, "Well hopefully after today, it won't be just in your head anymore!" "Also high heels!

It'll make your ass look even better!" "Mhm, and what else?" I asked, barely keeping in my laughter. In a twisted way, it was adorable how much thought he had put into today!

"A dress that shows your ass off when you bend over!" "Well I'm glad we left early then since it looks like there's a long list of things you'd like to see mommy in!" The mall was already crowded when we arrived and we had to settle for parking on the second floor.

In the darkness and quiet of the parking garage, we took the chance to make out, satisfying ourselves, for the time being. "You think you're gonna be able to make it through the afternoon?" "Probably not" Chris chuckled.

"But I'll be fine for now." "Okay, let's go then!" I said excitedly. "So, where to first?" I asked, entering the mall. "Let's look for the Harley Quinn costume first. It's what I want to see you in the most!" We checked the directory at the entrance and quickly found the location of the store Chris had suggested.

It was a decently sized shop that was definitely geared towards teenagers and adults; instead of little costumes of princesses and superheroes, the walls and racks were covered with scary masks, fake blood, and other darker Halloween themed decorations.

There were a decent amount of other customers as well, but they mostly kept to themselves. While I was busy just browsing casually around the shop, Chris had already quickly located the costume section for woman. "Mom, here!" he almost shouted. "It should be here somewhere, help me look!" he said.

We slowly scanned the aisle, starting at opposite ends. And the more costumes I passed, the more turned I got! It seemed there was a sexy costume for everything; from police officer, to nurse, to pirate. "Mom! I found it!" Chris exclaimed. "Let me see!" I answered, just as excited. "You think mommy would look hot in this?" I asked, noticing the short skirt that came with the set.

"You'll look amazing mom! Please get it! Please!" he pleaded. I turned the set over to look at the pricing of the costume and was startled that it was almost a hundred dollars, but looking at Chris' face, there was no way I could turn him down! 'How do you suppose I wear this in front of the family?" I giggled. "Forget everyone else, mom. Wear it for me" Chris answered, holding my hand. His directness was such a turn on!

I took one glance around the area and pulled him into me, kissing him hard on the mouth. "Mom! Someone will " "Fuck everyone else! Now kiss me!" I said, doing my best to sound crazy.

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If my son wanted to see me as a batshit crazy Batman villain, then I better deliver more than just the looks! Chris' face look stunned, but it only got me going more! As I continued to kiss him, I pushed Chris up against the collection of costumes and brought his hand to my ass. "Don't you want to see if mommy can at least pull off a Harley Quinn first?" I said teasingly, glaring my eyes wildly at him. "Oh fuck, mom!" he exclaimed, his smile returning.

Chris kissed me back with the same intensity and we stood there making out, with me feeling his hard cock through his jeans while Chris snuck his hands down mine to play with my ass. It felt so ridiculously hot! I think this Halloween is going to be extra fun! After another few minutes of pure ecstasy, both of our libidos' cooled enough for us to remember where we were.

"Mom, the set doesn't have everything. We still need to get a few ribbons for your hair and boots as well." "I have some ribbons at home, but I don't think we'll be able to find boots here so let's leave that for later. How about we go look for that dress you wanted to see mommy in?!" We quickly paid and left in search of the bigger clothing department store. The women's section had a huge selection of dresses and skirts; from sundresses, to business, to formal, etc.

While browsing, there were a few that caught my eye, but most of them were what I would wear on a nice night out with my husband, not what I would wear in order to seduce my son!

I did however pick out a few pairs of yoga pants. "Mom, how about this one!" he said, holding up a red dress. I walked closer to examine it. It was a sleeveless silk dress with just one shoulder strap and was really short at the bottom.

I could tell just from the length that it would barely cover my ass! "Oh, this one too!" my son added, already moving onto another one. The second dress was a black backless dress with criss-cross designed straps on the front. I could tell that this one was going to leave almost all of my back completely bare. "Mom! I think you'll look really hot in both of them! Can you go try them on?" "Sure thing honey! Let me just find one in my size." I took both dresses to the fitting room and quickly stripped myself into just my bra and underwear.

I first tried on the black dress, wanting to save the other one for last. I could tell it wasn't as short as the red one, but it made up for it by being very low cut up top, showing a decent amount of my cleave. I knew that if I changed into a push up bra, it would look even sexier! "Well?" I said, stepping out to show Chris. "Mom, your boobs!" he said, staring openly.

"What about them?!" I giggled. "They look awesome!" he said "And your back looks so sexy with nothing covering it!" "It does, doesn't it!" "I just wish it was a little shorter, but still, mom, get this one!" he exclaimed. "I want to see you in the red one!" "Me too!" I said, returning to the fitting room. When I got it on, I knew Chris wouldn't be disappointed; it hugged perfectly to my ass and ended very high up on my legs. I turned my ass to the mirror and bent over to see what the view was like from behind.

And as expected, I could easily see my panties in the mirror. I felt so slutty seeing my ass half falling out! I took a peak outside to make sure no one else was there before stepping out. "You look so sexy!" Chris said, grabbing my hand and circling around me.

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"It shows off your legs so well!" I know, right?! It shows this off pretty well too!" I said, bending over. "Yes! This is what I wanted to see!" he said, groping it. His touch instinctively made me back my ass into him. "Should mommy get an even smaller size?!" I teased. "Could you?!" "This one only shows my ass if I bend completely over. Let's get one short enough that if I bent forward even a little, my ass will be hanging out!" I said, grinding back against him. Between the dress and our conversation, I was so hot that without even thinking, I grabbed Chris' hand and dragged him into the changing room.

I aggressively pushed him up against the wall and shoved my tongue deep into his mouth. I could feel him struggling, trying to push me off to say something, but I wasn't having any of it. I pinned against him even harder, pressing my body into his as my tongue gave him no chance to speak. Still, Chris fought me and eventually managed to sneak away to get a word out. "Mom, at least lock it!" he chuckled, pointing at the wide open stall door.

"Oops!" I giggled, turning around to close it shut before turning back to Chris. This time, Chris returned my affection by sliding the dress up until it was over my ass. "Mom, your ass looks so sexy!" he exclaimed, looking at the full length mirror in front of him. I turned my head back to look for myself, catching his eyes scanning me from my ass to my feet.

His staring reminded me of what he said yesterday. "Do you like mommy's feet?" I asked innocently, staring into his eyes through the mirror. Chris just nodded. I replied by smiling back at him, and then turned back around to face him, pushing him to the small seat by his right.

With just my socks on, I seductively moved my left leg until my foot was resting on his cock, stroking it slowly from the outside of his jeans. I watched as Chris' face became increasingly flustered with small beads of sweat visible on his forehead.

"Take mommy's sock off" I instructed. Chris reached for my foot, but I pulled it away instantly. "With your mouth" I clarified, knowing he would love it. Chris did as he was told and pulled my sock off before grabbing my foot and bringing it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, taking in the aroma of my toes.

"Uuuugghh" Chris moaned softly. "Do you want a taste honey?" I teased. Chris didn't even bother looking up at me before devouring my big toe in his mouth, sucking loudly on it. The look on his face was pure lust! He greedily moved from toe to toe, slurping loudly on each one, with his tongue also making sure to explore the crevices between each one as well.

When he was satisfied with that, he moved on to my soles, licking it softly from my heel to my toes. The feeling I had from it was exhilarating, especially watching how turned on he was! "Get your cock out honey!" I said, moving my foot from his mouth to his cock. Chris reluctantly took his hands away and began unbuckling his jeans.

"Do you want to sit next to me?" he asked, expecting a handjob. For a few seconds, I didn't respond, instead just casually rubbing my toes on his cock, enjoying the feeling of it. "Mommy prefers to be on her knees this time" I finally answered, smiling brightly at him. I didn't give him much time to react before my lips were around the head of his cock, twisting my tongue around it.

"Oh Fuck!" Chris nearly yelled. Knowing there was no way he was going to be quiet for his first blowjob; I took my undressed sock and stuffed it gently into his mouth. "Quiet honey, mommy wants to taste your cock right now." I dropped back to my knees and again took him in my mouth, this time much deeper.

While my lips were near the base of his shaft, the head was poking at the opening of my throat, demanding to be let in. I decided to tease him a bit first and just worked my mouth on the first few inches of him, but still never taking my eyes away from his face.

Chris was biting down hard on my sock, trying his best to suppress his screams. Finally, I couldn't resist it myself anymore and slid the head into my throat, squeezing around it tightly.

I was just about to start bobbing myself on his cock, but it seemed the deepthroating was too much. "UUuughhh" Chris moaned hard, as he shot a few loads into my mouth. His orgasm came a little quicker than I anticipated and to my huge disappointment, most of it slid down my throat. The only taste I got of him was from the extra few drops his cock leaked out when I continued to blow him even after he came. "Fuck, mom!" Chris panted, with my sock gag now in his hand.

"Did you like mommy's mouth?" I teased, still licking his cock. Chris nodded. "I like your feet too mom, they're so sexy!" "One last kiss then?" I asked, standing back up and presenting my foot to him.

Chris smiled back at me and accepted my offer, kissing and sucking on each toe before letting it go and returning it to me. "Ok, I'm going to change back and then we can go pay for the dresses. Go outside and wait for me!" I said, pointing towards the door. Chris looked like he was about to object, but decided against it. He quickly pulled his pants back up and left the room for me to change.

With only one sock on now, I decided to just ditch it as well and just wear my flats barefoot. After I changed back into my own clothe, I went to find a smaller size of the red dress and then headed for the cashier to leave. The total again came out a little higher than I expected, but I knew we were going to put it to good use!

"Okay, boots now." I said, looking over the mall directory again. "Ah, hear it is" I said, pointing at a shoe store I knew well. We took our time walking there, enjoying one another's company when a huge lingerie store caught both our attention. "I have an idea, honey!

How about, mommy goes in there and pick out some sexy underwear and you go find the boots!" I asked. "But I wanted to pick it out for you!" he protested. "Oh, I'm afraid too many people will look at us weird if I brought you in there. But don't worry, I promise mommy won't disappoint you!" "Uh…okay.

But, don't forget the fishnets!" "I would never! I'm a size 7, just text me when you've found them!" I said. The selection in the store was daunting to say the least. The darker lighting of the store combined with the music overplaying the room already created a semi romantic/erotic mood. Luckily, before I was overwhelmed completely, a sales assistant came over to help.

"Excuse me miss! Would I be able to help you out?" she asked politely. "Picking out something for your husband?" she added, before I could respond. "Uh yeah. Just something to spice it up in the bedroom" I lied. In my head, I wondered how she would've reacted if I had just said the truth.

"Yeah, I'd like some really revealing underwear to wear for my teenage son before I fuck him. Oh, do you also have fishnets? He has a thing for fishnets." "Well where would you like to start; bras, underwear, lingerie, corsets " "How about underwear first" I said, cutting off her long list.

She led me over to a section that had more variety than I knew existed. Some of them were very much like the panties and the few pairs of thongs I had at home, but there were also a lot of pairs that I would've never thought of wearing before Chris and I started. "My personal suggestion…" she said, holding up a pair "get this one. Your husband will love it!" The pair she was holding up was a lace g-string that covered my hips fine, but showed my entire ass.

"It comes with the matching bra" she said, holding it up. The bra was practically see-through, covering just the nipple area. But I had to admit, the set did look incredibly hot! "Oooh! It does look nice!" I said, holding it up in front of my tits and looking at a mirror. "Do you have it in black? My husband likes the color black." "Of course ma'am. And I must say you'll look great in it!" she said excitedly.

"Thanks, I think so too! Is there anything else you suggest?" She gave my body a quick glance over before her eyes widened. "I have just the thing, come with me!" "This! You will look amazing in this! You have a slender frame, but still an hourglass figure at the hips. This will look so sexy on you!" She held up a black and red lingerie corset with matching pantyhose. "You think so?" "Yes! Trust me! I've seen a lot of woman come in here that I have to lie to, but you are not one of them!

Your husband will love it!" she exclaimed. "Ok, I trust you then!" I said, playfully slapping at her. She was really friendly and definitely acted like she knew what she was saying. "Oh, do you think I'd be able to get fishnets instead of the pantyhose?" "Oh, your husband is going to be really happy after today!

Come with me!" she said, guiding me to another area. "You have two main selections, thigh-high or waist high. For the corset, I suggest the thigh high ones, but the waist-high ones work much better with skirts and dresses." I thought about both and pictured how I would look in the outfits she had described and concluded that she was right.

"I'll take both then!" "Great! Is there anything else?" "Heels! High heels!" I said, remembering what Chris had said. "I had just the pair in mind!" she replied. "I know there a bit high, but let's be honest; you're not going to be doing a lot of walking in these!" She held up a pair of black high heel pumps.

The first thought was there's no way I'd be able to even stand in those without falling; they were at least four of five inch heels! "Try them! You have to try them on and you'll love them!" she said, seeing my hesitation. She helped me put them on and I was surprised at how little discomfort I felt, at least while sitting down.

"I got you" she said calmly, helping me stand. I was very wobbly standing in heels that high and was at first a little dizzy just from the perception change. But as I got used to it, I began walking around more comfortably. I looked in the mirror and saw why she had insisted so much on trying them. "Wow" I stuttered. My feet looked incredibly sexy because of the arching position it was in.

I could also feel the muscles in my legs being used and knew that it would do an incredible job of showcasing them as well. But the main attraction was how much it lifted my ass, tightening it as I walked. Even through the jeans, I could see the noticeable difference it made compared to being flat on the ground. "I know!" she said, leaning in. "You are going to give your husband a heart attack!" "Is there anything else?" she said, helping me take the shoes off. "Not that I can think of.

But, if I come back, I'll be sure to look for you!" I said. "Oh please, if your husband sees you in these, it won't be an if, it'll be a when!" she joked. Before I could respond, my phone buzzed with a text message from Chris. "Mom, I found the boots. Since you bought everything, I just paid for them." "Oh you didn't have to honey! Where are you now?" "I just left the store, are you almost done?" "Almost!

I think you'll be happy! Let's meet at the food court in 5 minutes." "Okay, see you there!" "My husband, checking up on me. He's excited!" I lied. "He should be!" After paying for everything, I thanked her generously before leaving for the food court. It was only about halfway through the afternoon and we were pretty much done with the shopping, finding everything we came out looking for. We sat down for some ice cream to relax and chat some more.

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"Mom, you're gonna look so sexy as Harley Quinn! Especially with your body!" "Ahhh, thank you honey! I hope I don't disappoint!" "No way! Not with what we did earlier! I'm hard just thinking about it!" "Again?!" I asked, reaching for him. "You weren't kidding!" I exclaimed, rubbing his cock outside of his pants. "Do you want mommy to take care of it again?" "Really mom?" "Mommy loves the way you taste!" I teased, licking at his ice cream. We were sitting relatively isolated, so feeling safe, I leaned in to give him a kiss, only catching that someone else was watching after my lips made contact with Chris'.

But instead of stopping, I only smiled and kissed Chris more passionately, staring right at my voyeur. I could see that that the woman who was watching us was dumbfounded, her mouth wide open, not knowing what to make of it. What a turn on! Chris' back was to her and he had no idea, so I continued to kiss him while making sure that the lady could see what I was doing below the table! Her hand instantly went up to her mouth, covering her gasp. I giggled audibly from her reaction, and took Chris' hand and placed it on my hips, letting him explore on his own.

"Mom, what if someone-" "Just a little bit longer honey!" I said, cutting him off. Making sure that she was still watching me, I slowly closed my eyes and poured in as much passion on my face as possible while I made out with Chris.

When I opened them again, she had barely moved, still sitting there stunned at what she was watching!

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It felt so hot, especially considering that she was around my age. I wonder if she's thinking about her own son now! I wanted to stay a little longer, but my desire to get Chris' cock back in my mouth was too overwhelming. "Well, we still have a few hours. How about we go catch a movie?" I said, rubbing Chris even more erotically. As we left our seats, I made sure to flash my smile at the woman, as she continued to look on mortified.

The only showing at the time was to some cheesy romantic comedy. After we bought the tickets, we got a few weird glances from both the cashier and ticket usher when they saw mother and son heading in to see a rom-com together. Chris was noticeably nervous, but it only turned me on even more. The theatre wasn't as empty as we had hoped and we had no choice but to walk to the top of the seating. There was already one young couple taking up one corner so we hurriedly grabbed the other before someone else could.

As soon as we sat down, my hands went back to Chris' crotch. "Once the previews start, I want you take it out" I whispered to him. I slowly played with him outside of his pants while we watched the other customers walk in and take their seats. Luckily, the area near us was left empty, save for one middle aged couple sitting 2 rows directly below us. When the previews finally did start, my mouth found Chris' instantly. It was too dark for anyone to really see, and even if they did, they wouldn't be able to tell we were mother and son; at least not right away!

When we sat down, I made sure Chris had the inside seat so that my body could cover up what I was doing with my hands below. I hastily unbuckled his belt and had his bare cock in my hands in no time. "Oh mom…that feels so.good" he said, through heavy breaths. My hand was working fairly fast on his cock, knowing that he would be able to last longer than usual after already cumming three times earlier in the day.

"Mom, could I feel your tits? I don't think I can wait!" I laughed a little, now knowing why he had hesitated earlier about leaving the changing room. "Sure honey! It's too dark for you to get a good view anyways, so it won't ruin the lingerie later!" I said, taking off my fleece to give his hands better access. With my agreement, Chris immediately began fondling my tits over my t shirt, grabbing them firmly. "Mom, your tits feel so nice!" "Really?!

But you're not even getting a proper feel yet!" I teased, flinging my hands behind my back to remove my bra. "Now go for it!" I said, handing it to him. Chris responded by pushing my shirt up to my shoulders and plunging his mouth on my right nipple, forgetting completely where we actually were. "I can't believe I didn't ask earlier! Your tits taste so good!" he whispered, looking up at me smiling. "I think you're sucking on them harder now than when you were still being breastfed!" I giggled.

While his tongue continued to explore, my hand picked up pace on his cock. Chris' breathing picked up accordingly and he began sucking with even more enthusiasm. But as I felt him getting close, I gradually slowed down until I stopped altogether. "Mommy needs you in her mouth again" I said, pushing Chris off my tits. I pulled my shirt back down and moved the armrest between us into an upright position to make it easier for me to reach him.

I didn't even consider the possibility of anyone else watching; I was too transfixed on getting Chris' cock in my mouth as soon as I could to satisfy my own appetite.

Chris might've gotten off a few times already, but I still had all my built up sexual desire. So when I finally did wrap my lips around him, I couldn't help but moan softly from the contact. My tongue danced across the head of his cock exploring every inch it could reach. When I felt satisfied with that, I dug my mouth deeper into his cock, taking more and more of him in.

Chris reacted instinctively and placed his hand on my head, gently pushing me down further as he muffled his moans into his free hand. I complimented him by opening my throat up until I had his entire cock in me. The feeling of my own son's cock completely down my throat, in a public place, was incredible! I hungrily bobbed my head up and down on his cock; pulling my mouth all the way out, before engulfing him entirely again.

Each time I came up, I made sure to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, slurping loudly and completely ignoring where we were. In that moment, I didn't care. I was way too lost to have any care in the world if anyone saw. "AHHH! Mom! I'm…gonna cum!" he whispered, pushing me down further. Chris' words sent me into a sexual frenzy and I began furiously sucking his shaft and head even harder, making sure that this time, I would be able to taste my prize instead of just letting it slide down my throat.

My efforts were rewarded when Chris violently shot three more loads onto my waiting tongue. And even after his body relaxed, I continued to greedily sucked his cock, trying to extract as much of his jizz s as possible. When I had milked him for all he had, I pulled myself off of his cock and sat upright. "Did mommy do a good job?!" I asked rhetorically, opening my mouth to show him his cum before swallowing it all.

"Mom, this was the better than the first time!" he finally stammered out. "Good, honey! Besides, mommy really likes the way you taste!" I teased, sucking on my left index finger.

We spent the rest of the movie doing our best to actually enjoy the rom com, but every ten minutes or so, my hand would inevitably move over to Chris' groin, softly squeezing it throughout the movie. He was semi hard, but it wasn't until the movie was almost over again before he recovered fully. Unfortunately, by then, we both agreed that it was too risky to try anything and would have to wait until later; even my boldness had a limit!

"Mom, today was so awesome! I can't wait to see what you bought!" he said, on our drive home. "I'm so glad you thought it was fun too! What did you like most?" "The movie. Or, I should say, what you did during the movie!" "You mean when mommy deepthroat you?" Chris looked at me, startled a bit from my words. "Yes, that blowjob was the best thing we did today. Like…by far!" he emphasized, with his hand motions.

I giggled even more from his energy. "Well, the day's not over yet, so hopefully that's not the case!" "I'm sure you're going to look amazing in the sexy underwear, but I don't think it's going to top the blowjob from earlier" he said. "Well, that's not quite what I was referring to…" I said, joking with him. "What do you mean?" "Well usually, the next step after a blowjob…"I said, looking at Chris and giving him a chance to finish.

Chris looked blankly at me, either shocked at what I had suggested or afraid to answer truthfully. Seeing his silence, I decided to take him off the hot seat. "Well, mommy gave you your first handjob, and your first blowjob.

So how about if mommy is your first time as well?" As soon as the words left my mouth, I could feel the anxiety build up inside me in anticipation of his answer. "Really! Mom?! I was afraid to bring it up!" he exclaimed.

Mouthful of cock and vagina

"Awwww! You were afraid to bring it up, that's so cute! Have you wanted to ask for a while?" "I guess. I mean when you started kissing me, I started to have some of those thoughts. But, I was fine with just making out. Even that was already unbelievable" he said nervously, checking my reaction.

"So when did you want to?" I asked, with a huge smile. "It was probably when I got to feel your ass. I don't think there was any turning back after that!" he chuckled. "But I was too scared to ask so I was just really, really hoping it would somehow… just happen" he said, laughing at his own uncharacteristic thoughtlessness.

I laughed a little too at his straightforward response. "Well, just to let you know. If you had asked mommy that afternoon, I probably would've said yes!" I teased. "What?! Really?! Dammit! I knew I should've just asked!" he said, with a real sense of anger overcoming his face. "And If my friends hadn't asked to go to the movies, I was going to make a move that day!" "Oh, yeah?


What type of move?" "I was going to rub my dick against you from the front so that it was against…your. " "My pussy?" I said, finishing his sentence. "And it's cock honey! You wanted to rub your cock against mommy's pussy!" "Yeah, your pussy! I was going to rub my cock against your pussy!" "And then what?" I asked, getting even more turned on from his story. "Then I was going to sneak my hands inside your pants so that I could feel your ass without your panties blocking it." Seeing my smile, Chris continued his story with more confidence.

"Then, I was going to go for a feel of your tits and ask to see you naked. And then…and then… I'd have no idea what to do from there" he said with a laugh. "Well, hopefully we change that after tonight!" "That reminds me, how is it going to work?" "Well, your father's had an entire day trying to keep up with your sister. So I imagine by nighttime, he's gonna be lights out.

So, once I'm sure he's been sleeping long enough, I'll sneak into your room. Sound good?" "Could you wear some of the stuff you brought?" "Since you asked, of course I will" I said teasing him. We flirted the rest of the way home; both of us getting more and more excited.

Negra culiona vino por mas

As we parked inside the garage, I took the last remaining minute or so to make out with Chris one last time. "I can't believe my first time is gonna be with someone as hot as you!" Chris said, breaking off our kiss. "Awww! You really think mommy's that hot?" "Are you kidding, mom?! You're so fucking sexy! I just can't believe I never realized it sooner! I mean what the hell was wrong with me looking at porn when I'm living under the same roof as you!" he said, lunging forward to kiss me before I could reply.

We kissed passionately for another few seconds, and it took all the self-control I could muster to break it off and move back into the house. "Well, how was your spa day, dear?" my husband asked.

"Great! I got my hair done, see?" I asked, knowing it was exactly the same as before. "Ah yeah! It looks great" he forced out. Charles had never been a man of detail and for once, it worked in my favor. "So where's our little monster?" "I can hear you mom!" Jessie yelled from the living room. "I didn't mean you sweetie!" I bantered, opening my arms to embrace my daughter. "How was your day son, relaxing?" "Yeah. I just hung out with some friends." "Hungry?" my husband asked, offering us up a plate of leftover pizza.

"No thanks, dear. I ate something earlier" I said, glancing over at my son. Chris noticed my words and smiled back shyly at me. "I'm good too dad. I'll just get something to eat later" he said. The rest of the evening was devoted as family time as the four of us sat down and enjoyed some standard card and board games. In those short few hours, our lives returned to what they always had been.

And despite the fact that Chris and I both were looking forward to events at night, we both thoroughly enjoyed our time together laughing and playing around the coffee table. When we finally called it a night, I could tell that Charles was exhausted and I'd have no trouble slipping out later. Still I lied next to him, playing with myself softly, patiently waiting for the right time to leave. It was so tough to not just go to town on myself, especially after everything I had done during the day.

But I resisted, instead slowly working my fingers in my pussy, getting me even more heated. And after hearing the confirmation of my husband's snoring, I decided that now was the time to make my move. I scurried over to my closet and pulled out the bags from earlier in the day and slowly changed into the lace g-string and bra.

I took my time ensuring that Chris would be even more worked up waiting for me. Next, I unpacked the fishnet and gently slid them up each leg, loving the feeling against my skin. When that was done, I finished my outfit by carefully getting into the high heels.

I took a couple of practice steps by walking my way to the full length mirror to see how I looked. After fixing my hair a little, I felt satisfied with everything and began heading for Chris' room; my heart beating as fast as it did on my own wedding night. There would be no turning back now. Seeing the glowing light underneath his door, I didn't bother knocking and just opened it. "Wow" Chris said, sitting on the end of his bed. He took another few seconds to glance over my body.

"Do you like it? I had it " Before I could finish, Chris rushed towards me and had his hands on my tits and his lips on my mouth before I could say another word. His kiss was hard; pressing himself passionately against my own lips. His breathing was heavier than I had ever heard it, yet his hands were surprisingly gentle. "Mom, you look so sexy! From your legs, to your tits, to your ass" he said, playfully slapping it. "I'm glad you like it honey! Now help mommy to your bed, it's hard to walk in these!" Chris held me, step by step to his bed, all the while marveling at my body.

His left hand supported my ass, while his right hand held my arm and we kissed our way to his bed. Upon reaching it, we collapsed with Chris pinning me down. Still, we continued to kiss, while Chris' left hand worked its way toward my tits. His right hand was playing with my leg through the fishnets, but I grabbed it and guided it towards my pussy.

He understood what I intended and began playing with it, but still with the front of the g-string in the way. So, I had to push the material aside on my own before I finally felt his bare fingers against my pussy. Upon making contact, Chris instinctively stopped our kiss to look down at what he was doing. "Did you want to repay mommy back? Do you want to eat mommy's pussy?" I asked, removing the g string without waiting for a response.

Chris just nodded and began sliding towards the end of his bed until his mouth approached my pussy. I was just about to give instructions in case he was confused, but before I could, I felt his tongue on my clit. "Uuuhhh" I moaned in surprise. Chris took it as a sign of approval and continued to work.

Unlike his kissing earlier, he was extremely patient. His tongue explored my pussy slowly, from my clit all the way to the bottom of my opening. I could see the pure joy and excitement on his face, he was trying his best to savor every second of it! He curiously inserted two fingers inside me and finger fucked me slowly, admiring the texture of my wet pussy.

Gradually, he began picking up speed and the louder my breathing became, the faster his fingers moved. And through my body's reactions, Chris noticed very quickly that I found extreme pleasure whenever he used his hands to open my pussy up and bury his tongue as deep as he could inside me. "Uhhh! Yes.YES!" I said, muffling my mouth with my own hand to stop myself from screaming. With my other hand, I pushed Chris' face into my pussy.

The more I pushed him, the more intense Chris' tongue became, slithering wildly inside me. And whether he realized it or not, his nose was also rubbing against my clit, giving me even more pleasure. Finally, I couldn't hold in my screams anymore and was forced to grab Chris' pillow and shove it over my own face to silence my screams.

As my orgasm came closer, I pushed Chris' face even deeper into my pussy, enough to actually feel him giving slight resistance. Within a few seconds, I climaxed hard, drenching my son's face with my juices. My legs shook uncontrollably while my upper body went limp from the sensation. Chris seemed to pick up on what had happened and slowed down his licking as my breathing returned back to normal.

When I came back down from my sexual high, I looked down at Chris and was greeted by his approving smile. His face also looked like he just came out of a shower! "I'm guessing I did a good job!" he chuckled. I giggled back at his comment. "Are you sure this is your first time?" "Yeah" he laughed. "And it was just as amazing for me as it was for you. Mom, your pussy tastes so good!" he said, lapping his tongue across it again for added emphasis.

"Honey, you were so good at it though!" "I just spent the last half hour or so researching it on the internet! Glad it paid off!" he chuckled. "Well, what about the next part?" "Mom, you are way too sexy for the next part to last any length of time. I didn't even bother researching because I know I'm going to cum quickly!" "Oh don't you worry, honey. Mommy is going to make sure it lasts!" I said, crawling towards him to kiss his waiting lips.

As we embraced over the taste of my own pussy juices, my hands worked steadily to take off Chris' jeans. "Are you ready honey?" After taking a deep breath, Chris nodded his head. I moved myself back towards his bed frame until my head was lying on his pillow again.

Chris slowly scooted himself closer to me until his cock had aligned itself with my opening. "Just take your time. Go at whatever speed you feel comfortable, honey" I said encouragingly. This was my son's first time and I sure as hell was going to make sure it wasn't a dud. I also didn't want to just take charge like I did earlier at the mall; there would be plenty of time for that later on between us! It took Chris a few seconds before he finally worked up enough courage to penetrate me.

As soon as his cock made contact against my pussy, we both moaned accordingly. Inch by inch, Chris slowly slid himself into my hungry pussy. But, it wasn't until he was all the way in that he tried to slowly fuck me. "Mom, your pussy feels so good!

It's squeezing my dick every time I move. I don't think I can last long." "Try to relax honey. Get use to the feeling of mommy's pussy" I answered. "Come here and kiss me, it'll help distract you. " Chris lowered himself towards me until our lips were able to meet. As we kissed in the missionary position, I did my best to relax my own pussy to reduce the sensation on Chris' cock. After a few minutes, I could feel Chris getting more comfortable. "Ok, mom.

I think I'm ready to try moving again." "Whatever you want. Go at your own pace and let mommy know if she can help." Chris remained on top of me, but elevated himself in a push up position. Slowly, I felt his cock move in and out of my pussy.

I did my best to stay still, just enjoying the feeling while I let Chris experiment on his own. His pacing was extremely poor and he had difficulty maintaining any type of rhythm, but over the next few minutes, it improved. Still, from my position, I could also see that Chris' arms were tiring from holding the weight of his own body and because of it, he was having difficulty. "One sec honey. Let's try an easier position!

Sit up on the side of your bed." Chris quickly followed my directions and pulled himself out of me and sat upright. I got off his bed and, with his help, took off my high heels.

I then, with my back facing towards him, positioned myself over his lap, ready to ride him. "Spread your legs a bit." Seeing that he was relaxed, I slowly lowered myself onto his cock, making sure as not to go too fast and overexcite him.

When I was all the way in, I squirmed my ass slightly against him, getting his cock use to this position. Chris moaned from my movement, but before his mind could wander, I leaned back again his chest and turned my head to kiss him. We made out for a minute or so until I felt safe enough to really start riding him. I turned my head back to facing forwards and slowly started raising my pussy up and down on his cock.

This time it was Chris who sat back to enjoy the feeling. "Oh, mom, go slower! Go slower" he said with a moan. I immediately followed his request and reduced my speed, easing myself on and off him as gently as I could. As I did so, Chris' hands moved to the front of my chest and began playing with my tits.

"Undo my bra honey, that way you get a better feel." Once my bra was off, Chris' hands went to my nipples, twisting and pinching them while I worked on his cock. With the dual sensation on my tits and pussy, my mouth began feeling a little neglected, so I took hold of Chris' right hand and slid his index finger into my mouth.

I sucked loudly on it, wishing it was actually his cock. With everything else going on, Chris' attention on his cocked lessened, allowing me to pick up speed. Soon, I was riding him fully, bouncing against the entire length of his cock. Every time I came down on his lap, I made sure to grind myself into him. "Oh god, mom! That feels so good!" "Yeah? Do you like mommy riding you?" "Mom, your pussy feels amazing!

It's so tight!" he said, moving his hands to my ass. "Grab mommy's hips." Chris followed my instructions and within another few seconds, he had gotten the hang of what I meant. His hands helped propel me up and down on his cock, and every time it was too much, he made sure to just hold me inside him until he recovered.

As I rode him, I noticed that Chris was trying to push my back flat, so that his cock was able to reach as deep as possible. "Honey, let's do doggy!" I said, turning back to smile at him. "Do you want me completely on your bed, or just bent over like this?" I asked, lying my stomach and chest on his bed while my feet were still on the ground, allowing me to present my pussy outwards for him. "Like that! Mom, your ass looks so hot like this!" he said, slapping it.

"Ahh!" I shrieked excitedly. "Do you like that mom?" he said, slapping it again. 'Yes! But I like it even more if your cock was in me at the same time!" I said, reaching back to stretch my pussy lips open for him.

"Fuck! Mom, you sound so sexy talking dirty!" "Shut up and fuck me!" I teased looking back at him, gritting my teeth in anticipation. Chris didn't have to be asked twice and sharply mounted me from behind. I don't know if it was my words or his newfound experience, but there wasn't much buildup time like our previous positions. Instead, Chris went straight to thrusting himself as fast as he could inside me. The unexpected speed floored me as I was completely caught off guard from the intensity.

"Damn, your pussy feels good!" he said, slapping my ass between thrusts. "Yes! Give me that cock! Slap mommy harder!" I shouted, fucking him back as best I could to increase my pleasure. *Smack! "Harder!" *Smack! "YES! YES! Pull mommy's hair!" "What?!" "Pull mommy's hair so you can fuck me harder!" "Oh!" Chris responded, by grabbing my hair. Using it for leverage, Chris and I fucked each other even faster. The sound from each one of our thrusts filled the room, and it only seemed to cheer us on even more.

'Uuugh! That's it, honey! Fuck mommy's pussy!" I shouted. "Fuck!Fuck!Fuck! Oh, Gooodddd! YESSSSS!" I panted loudly, with my hand rubbing my clit, desperately trying to get off. "Fuck! Mom…I'm gonna cum soon!" "So am I honey! Cum in mommy! I want you to cum in mommy's pussy!" My words brought him over the edge and after another two thrusts, Chris collapsed on top of me. Even through my own orgasm, I could feel the warm feeling of his cum filling my pussy.

The two of us laid there, exhausted from our first time. "Holy Shit, mom! That was amazing! It was better than I could have ever imagined!" he said, peeling himself off me to sit on his bed. I turned myself around and sat next to him. "You did pretty well for your first time honey!" I said, kissing him innocently on the cheek. "Mom, you are so hot when you talk dirty! It really got me going when you told me to just fuck you!" I giggled at his excitement. "I hoped it would!

You caught me by surprise yourself at the end!" "What, you told me to cum in you?!" he shrieked. "Not that! I mean when you just grabbed me and started to fuck me at full speed!" I answered, relieving his stress.

"And don't worry about cumming in mommy! I had my tubes tied a few years ago after experiencing raising your sister." We both laughed loudly at the comment, mutually acknowledging what a handful Jessie was.

"Ok, I've learned my lesson and I'm just going to ask. Mom, can we fuck again, like tomorrow?! I don't think I could wait more than 24 hours." "I hope so!" I answered kissing him.

"It'll depend on your father and sister." "Ah Shit! It's Sunday tomorrow! Damn, I wish it was the weekday!" "Me too! But I'm sure we'll find some time." With my comment, I looked over at Chris' alarm clock and noticed that it was already 2:30. "Honey, we should go to sleep soon.

It's getting really late." "Oh, wow. I didn't even realize. Thanks for everything mom!" he said, kissing me. "I'm never going to forget this.

Today was amazing!" "Neither will I honey!" I said, getting up to pick up my clothes. "Okay, good night!" "Night mom!" he said, kissing me goodbye by his door and giving my ass one last pinch. I quietly snuck back into my bedroom and changed into my pajamas, all with my husband's loud snoring providing proof that he had no idea what just happened. And for the first night in a long time, I went to sleep completely satisfied, with my son's cum still deep in my own pussy.

Author's Note: I had originally planned to add the foot fetish scenes in chapter 4, but since there were multiple requests for it, I felt compelled to add one in this chapter. So, it will only serve as a little preview as the next chapter has a bigger focus on foot fetish. Again, feel free to leave comments and suggestions you would like to see. No promises, but if it fits well, I have no problem adding it in future chapters!

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