Small tits teen is great at cock pleasing

Small tits teen is great at cock pleasing
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I waked up and i realisated i had a slight erection. In 30 minutes i had to leave home, but since my mother was on the computer in my room, i stood in the bed 10 minutes, but the erection wouldn't go away So i simply bent my torso so the erection is less visible and i dressed myself. I walked my way to school, not minding my erection after 10 minutes.

i arrived too early, so there was not a lot of persons, when i did my walk towards the school's door i realised that my penis was sticking out of my pants, and since i usually dont wear underwears, i was really shocked that i didnt noticed/felt it. But luckily, only grade 7 kids were watching it.atleast it was what i was thinking. I pushed it back in my pants and closed them and i went to the toilets to releash my angst. For no explainable reason, since no one was here, i decided to beat my meat.

I dont know, it might be the sexuality and the excitation caused by the event, i masturbated in the toilets during 15 minutes. then, nothing really interesting happened, i just had 200 minutes of school, then i made my way back to home to eat my dinner.


back to school after my 60 minutes of eating, i was back school and i still felt a bit embarassed. well after another 200 minutes of english then biology.funny coincidence, we had a class here about female and male reproductive genitals, wich gave me a slight boner that rised itself under one or two minutes.

i was paranoic about it, and i gave occasionnal views to my crotch, and i tried to bend over so the event that occured the morning wouldnt happen again.i was so scared if my penis ever popped up in this class i would've moved to another school. i was calmed down when my erection cooled down, then the bell ringed, then i moved very slowly, i was putting my books and pencils in case very slowly, so i am the last one to leave the classroom.

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i walk slowly, and i take a lot of time to change myself in the lockers, then i go to my english class, since i failed an exam and i had to re-do it to get a better grade. after about two hours and half, the school was almost clear, i think there was only janitors, so i could proceed to leave the school.

i opened the door, and i walked few steps without any worries. the door had two walls to each sides of it hiding the door from viewers, both walls were huge, so then i see a girl kicking her soccer ball on the wall, i could remember that person was a friend i had. i walked over her and she smiled at me, i was happy by the display of greetings, but something i would never have planned happened. she approached her lips towards my lips and i was rather confused and i asked myself if she loves me or what, since she never kissed me before, i decided to accept the kiss anyways.

i felt great, she wrapped her arms around me then i did the same. being possesive, she kept cuddling me, and i was doing the same, but i was mostly a receiver than a giver. after a relative eternity, she began to roll her hands under my shirt, cudding my torso, and she invited me to do the same.

at the moment of the invitation, i got embarassed and freezed, but she said me to dont worry, so i breaked the ice and started touching her forearms, then i slipped my hands under her shirt, sliding from front to rear of her torso, then i finally arrived to her rib cage, then the tip of her breasts. she seemed to be peaceful at this moment, and her body was seeming to tell me to continue.she was doing a slow movement, moving the torso but mainly the waist in a such movement that it would constantly get rubbed on my body.

she was seemingly acting excited, and i was wondering if i should continue, i asked her if she wanted to go in the toilets.she didnt accepted the request, so i told myself it's better than nothing, but i still made her move backwards few steps and turn left a little bit, so we're definitivly hard to see here, behind the door was a weird hallway leading to nothing, so we got there and continued our "dance". i slipped my hand to the back of her back with two fingers, i removed the bra, from behind to front.

underneath her shirt, she was bare naked just like me. next, i hesitated on what to do, the flowing was slow. she guided me by moving my hands towards her crotch. she was finding me easy to tame and somewhat confused and she probably got a bit charmed by those feelings. having minor knowledge, i simply dragged down her pants about half-way to her knees.we didnt wanted to get completly bare naked.and i dont understand how comes we knew that.

thinking about the fact she was simply my friend but that she apparantly got attracted towards me, i simply slipped my right hand in the beginning of her panties while having my body almost stickied to her.but then she was slightly arched towards the back, resting against the wall in the "hidden" hallway's dead end ( in front of her, there must've be about one meter before the huge pathway from where we began our dace was.

my fingers began to slip down her underwear, i began to feel her pubic hairs, i felt that they were slightly cut, but they weren't long anyway.

my hand then encountered a rather confusing area, but anyway, i sweeped the area to get a quite remembering of the structure, then i started to massage the top of her genital. she was seeming to fully accept the massage, so i decided to slip a finger or two. i was having the feeling that she would be quite dissapointing by only receiving a fingering and since her hands were starting to unbutton my pants, i started removing the front part of her shirt, so her splendid breasts can pop up and touch my toungue.

instinct merged with porn movies, i licked her nipples and removed my hand out of her panties so now my two fingers coud rest against the panties at the level of her genital, i kept rubbing here, and when my pant finished dropping, i grabbed, with each hands, the edge of her underwear and pulled it down. our waists were already rather close together.

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We were genital-to-genital, i couldnt imagine how such a thing would happen, i didnt imaginated touching her before a good 2 or 3 year. I couldnt understand how i could get such an enjoyable moment. my friend and her vagina seemed to be connected together, they both seeked my heat, and the same thing was happening for me.

ultimately excited, i insert the tip of my penis first, then the rim of it, i could feel her body, the exceptionnal texture, pressure and feeling. i was also feeling her enjoyament. i kept moving it farther, feeling the structure of her organic tunnel wrapping about my genital. mostly thinking about my partner, i had the initiative to continue the movements, i kept the ryhtm for half of a minute approximativly.

our bodies were completly sticked/stitched together, we were.merging together.

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we were both enjoying these sexual moments, but the worst that could've happened.happened. a gang of girl.about seven saw the action starting by the kiss and rubbing from a window, and they had the grotesque idea of getting a closer view.

the girls were blocking the light, and they approached towards me, then all i felt was a strong pain and my body numbed. i was on the ground, drowning in inconscience, in a small hallwayassaulted by seven girls.

i still had my conscience, about three, four or maybe everyone (i dont really remember what was going on) were playing with me. i remember that a girl.about 13.or 14 or maybe even 16 with brown hairs was sitting on my neck, her vagina and pubic hairs sweeping across my face.she also had some makeup i think, then i think she spitted on me.

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another one with blonde hairs if im correct was riding me, but she covered it with a condom that was too small, i was incomfortable, numbed and confused but betwen all those feeling i was enjoying her too. i think the face riding me kept changing.about 2 times.they made me have different positions, but i didnt had enough strenght to keep myself on legs or arms.

the one i could recall the best had a color of hair i dont remember, but i think i made her reach an orgasm, she was moving her waists faster and faster and she kept moaning, and possibly one of her friend was rubbing her breasts in the same time. i also recall, i dont know by who, someone grabbed my wrist, most specificly my fingers and had the idea to rub it against her vagina.

after a while, about half of an hour after their arrival, i believe i ejaculated.well atleast i felt i couldnt take anything anymore.they simply kept doing weird stuff, mainly putting their vagina and all around my face, sticking my toungue out, and since i was resting on my back most of the time, one or more deposited themselves on me, so our feets and face would be facing each other.

then they left me alone there, leaving a freshly used condom filled with some kind of liquid ( cum or lube i think ) on my was drenching in the condom containing the juice. then i looked under my belly and a phone number was written. i was afraid, mainly to report them, or to know what just happened. i lift myself after god knows how much time to see shards of glasses. i knew the night was coming, since the weather began to become less hot. i removed the condom, being sceptical about what the fluids might do.

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i didnt even knew if those girls have aids or diseases.i only knew that i didnt, since i made the smart move to check myself if i had aids few months ago. i pulled my pants and put back on my removed shirt and headed for home. later that day, i was alone, i called my friend that was with me and we discuted about it. she said she was scared and shocked when they saw the girls, she was blasted out the allay, half-naked and she got threatened to be hurt if she doesnt go away.

She told me how she felt, and i understood her, i havent put the blame on her for anything.


last week before i type this and 2 months and half after the event, she went to my house when, somehow, my parents told me they would be away for three days. she stood with me all the day, we smiled countless times, and the during the night, we were on the top of each other,enjoying ourselves, enjoying ourselves with biological and psychological attraction.

it was a wonderful night.i was wondering how comes that she could last that long in bed. during the night, while she was sleeping, naked with the soft blanket wrapping her smooth body, i had the crazy yet possible thought that after such an experience, we might stay long together, maybe even marry. the next day we simply played a game of soccer with her friends-- good friends.