Hot Sisters Give There Nerdy Stepbrother More Than Just a Makeover

Hot Sisters Give There Nerdy Stepbrother More Than Just a Makeover
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Thinkers meet doer "Do you ever think about fucking your sister? " Jan asked George, in a mater-of-fact tone, as though it were the most natural thing in the world for a young lady to ask a near-stranger as they sat together in a kitchen drinking coffee. For Jan, her new college room-mate Linda, and Linda's older brother George, it was early in the evening of their first of three nights together at a rented cabin, and Jan was alone with George and trying to figure him out.

He was a shy, intellectual sort of guy, not at all the alpha-male kind of guy she had fallen for repeatedly between puberty and her freshman year in college; years of wanton fucking. George almost choked on his coffee. He had just decided to open a conversation with his sister's new friend about the weather, though he was occupied mostly with trying not to stare at her ample c-cup sized tits.

They rode high and firm in the tight white tee-shirt that she wore, perfect rounded globes with dark nipples clearly showing through the thin nearly translucent fabric, her nipple tips obviously hard and inviting. Christ, didn't women wear underwear anymore? He felt his half-hard cock twitch and push further down along his left leg, encased only by loose silk boxers and knee-length, ultra-thin jogging shorts.

What would it feel like to wrap those soft smooth tits around his prick, he had to wonder? "I try not to," he finally managed to reply.

Of course he occasionally thought about fucking his younger sister Linda; how could he avoid it? Women and even young girls drove him crazy, with the delicious body parts they flaunted around. Linda was his sister, but she was damned attractive; that couldn't be helped.

Linda was maybe five foot seven, with terrific b-cup sized tits that matched her slim but nicely curved body, and incredible legs and ass, though she kept most of herself well hidden most of the time.

How the hell could any guy with normal gene sequences and hormones not think about fucking Linda? What a dumb question! But Jan was openly smoking hot. At least as they sat across from each other at the small kitchen table he couldn't see Jan's incredible legs and hot ass, which had driven him insane during the three hour drive to the cabin, and she couldn't see the growing bulge in his shorts.

Jan wasn't at all the usual sort friend for Linda. Linda's friends tended to be shy nerd-types like herself and her brother. Meeting Jan was a big shock for George. Linda had mentioned that her new dorm partner was sexy and uninhibited, but Jan was totally a smoking hot slut, so far as he could tell.

Her every look and move screamed "fuck me" to every male in her vicinity between thirteen and a hundred and thirteen years of age. Since Jan walked with Linda from the dorm to his truck, wiggling her cute little ass with each step and bouncing her obviously braless tits, tossed her duffel bag into the back, and slid in to sit on the bench-seat between himself and Linda, George had an almost constant hard-on. Jan's thin shorts were super short, and barely covered her ass cheeks, and so tight that they pushed deep into her ass and cunt cracks.

He didn't see any evidence at all of panties. She had pressed her warm hip deliciously against his for the entire drive to the cabin, and he caught her looking at the resulting bulge in his shorts and smiling. He also caught her looking into his eyes and smiling, winking, and licking her luscious lips as he repeatedly glanced at her legs and cunt and tits while driving.

What the hell! "But you have to think about fucking Linda anyway, right?" Jan insisted. "I mean, beneath those terrible clothes she usually wears she is a really attractive, sexy girl.

Have you seen her naked lately? I have, since we moved in together two weeks ago. Your little sister is hot. She needs to be fucked, and fucked hard. You've seen her naked body, right?" George' head spun. Sure, he and Linda had seen each other naked, when they were little kids, but they had been careful not to expose themselves to each other in recent years. She was eighteen now, though she looked younger, and he was twenty three.

He had gone off to college just as her body was ripening into womanhood, and now it was her turn to go off to college, so they only tended to see each other on holidays spent at home with their parents.

This was their first weekend together in years, without parents around.

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"Not lately," he admitted. "That's too bad. Wait until you see her in the new bikini that I helped her pick out. Your huge cock will be hard as a board." OK, he knew his cock was much bigger than average. Was it that obvious? "How would you know I have a big cock?" Jan laughed. "I've seen the outline of it in your shorts, silly. It's absolutely huge. You've had a hard-on since you met me, right?" "OK, it seems to be out of control." "Out of your control, you mean.

It's definitely under my control." George suddenly felt something lightly touch the calf of his left leg. It was Jan's bare foot, he soon realized, moving up his leg steadily under the table as she sat staring and grinning at him with those incredible big eyes and hungry lips. She ran her tongue along her lips, and gave her head a little toss that caused her cascading brown hair to flop back and away from her perfect face, and caused her big firm tits to jiggle.

She could be a model, he speculated, especially a skin magazine model. She was jaw-dropping, prick hardening gorgeous. "Jesus," he muttered, as the foot moved between his open legs and immediately zeroed in on his now fully erect cock. Through the thin fabric of his shorts and under-shorts her toes curled around his prick, almost like fingers, and moved up and down the turgid length of it, focusing briefly on his balls and then more intensely on his sensitive prick-head, before finally grasping his cock in the middle with her toes, and pushing back and forth on it, sliding soft silk boxer shorts against it and slowly jerking him off.

All the while her eyes were locked with his, watching as his at first steady breathing became open-mouthed panting. Coffee was put aside and forgotten. "Do you like that, George?

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Do you like the feel of my foot on your big hard prick?" "Ahhhhh," George moaned. "Linda says she's a virgin, and she thinks you are too. Is that right George? You've never plunged that big hard prick of yours into a slick tight pussy like mine or your sister's?" George managed to nod his head.

Christ yes, he was a virgin. Why was it so hard to get along with girls anyway, he wondered. Sure he was a nerd, but that only meant that he thought and cared more about sex than the more Neanderthal type guys he knew. They seemed to think more about sports and cars than they did about girls, something that George couldn't fathom at all.


In the university where he studied for his PhD he saw hundreds of sexy girls every day, girls that caused his cock to harden until he got the chance to beat-off in a men's room and get himself back under control. He had awkwardly tried to approach several girls but been rebuffed painfully, until the hurt was so much that he feared trying. They all seemed to be playing some kind of game for which he had no idea what the rules were.

It was a lot easier to simply jerk off several times a day; that was a sure thing that resulted in a mind blowing orgasm every single time. Then he could get back to his studies. Very practical. Now this incredibly sexy young girl was massaging his hard prick with her foot. He reached under the table with both hands and ran his fingers over her smooth calf. She was short, maybe five and a half feet tall compared to his thin six-foot-two-inches, and to reach his cock all that way under the table couldn't be easy.

He sensed that she was straining to do what she was doing to him. Would she tire quickly and quit? He slouched down further in his chair to grasp her foot firmly with one hand and help her jerk-off his cock.

He didn't want her get tired and stop. With his other hand he massaged her calf. He was desperate to see and touch more of her. "I like the feel of your hands on me, George," she said.

"I want you to feel good too," he said lamely, but he meant it with all sincerity. There was so, so much he wanted to do to this girl, so much that he had fantasized about for many lonely years as he jerked-off his big hard prick several times daily. She pulled her foot away from him for a moment and he feared that she was stopping, but instead he felt her foot push deliciously under his loose shorts along his inner leg, where her soft reaching toes quickly met the bare swollen head of his hard cock.

"Ohhhh," he moaned, at her touch. He grabbed her ankle and helped her regain a steady jerk-off rhythm. "Don't stop!" he urged. "I won't, George.

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I want to feel your big hard prick pump hot cum juice onto my foot. But I want to cum too, George. Let me have one of your feet," she said. It was more than a request.

George raised his right leg and placed his foot onto her lap, resting his bare calf on her smooth, bare left thigh. The touching of their legs was electrifying, and he almost came, but instead eased up on the pace he was using to jerk himself off.

She quickly removed his shoe and sock, than slowly moved his foot over her sensitive inner leg from her knee to her cunt mound. Her skin was impossibly smooth and soft.

She helped his big toe push aside the narrow band of thin material that covered her cunt, and rubbed his toes and the ball of his foot over her bare cunt mound. He could feel no pubic hair; she must shave her pubic hair off completely, he realized. She moved his foot more and he felt something incredibly soft and wet and knew that it had to be her pussy lips that suddenly engulfed his big toe.

"Mmmm, that feels so good George, your toe in my cunt," Jan gasped, as she worked his toe deeper. "Don't you wish it was your cock inside me though? Do you want that George? Do you want to fuck my tight pussy with your big hard cock? " All the while she stared deep into his eyes, holding his mind and soul as tightly as she held his foot in one small hand, while unzipping and reaching down the front of her shorts with the other hand so she could work her sensitive clit with her fingers. She never wore panties.

George could see her arm move and knew that she was jerking herself off with her hand as well as with his toe. "Yeah! Ohhhhh yeah!" George jerked off his cock with Jan's foot, harder and faster, imagining that his prick was buried deep in her tight cunt the way his toe was.

"Oh, oh, oh, agggggh!" His ass tightened and his prick shot wads of cum onto her toes and foot and into his already sticky shorts. He held her foot tightly against his cock as he came, savoring the feel of her warm skin against his pumping prick. Jan loved the feel of his hard pumping cock and the sticky jiz on her foot, but her main focus was on his squirming big toe inside her cunt, and on her own fingers as she rubbed her clit as fast as she could.

"That's it baby, that's what I want! Oh, oh, oh, ugh!" Her convulsing cunt squeezed his toe and squirted warm slippery cum juice all over his foot. It was her first orgasm since morning, when she lay naked and jerked herself off on the bed of her dorm room while Linda pretended to still be sleeping.

"Was that good for you George? It was good for me too but we can do better, much better." With her fingers she spread her cunt juice over his calf, all the while still holding his foot so that his toe was still inside her drenched pussy lips. George couldn't say anything.


He had just fucked a girl with his toe, or, more accurately, she had fucked herself with his toe, and he had masturbated himself with her foot. He was feeling confused at the moment, but content. "Hey you guys," said Linda, as she stepped into the kitchen wearing only her tiny new bikini bathing suit. "Let's try out the pool before it gets too late." She thought it strange that George and Jan were just sitting there in the kitchen, doing nothing, when they had this great vacation cabin to explore and use.

Maybe they were tired from the trip. George, dazed, reluctantly released Jan's foot, pulled his foot away from her, sat up straighter and tried to look normal. That was close; if Linda had arrived only a minute earlier she would have caught him and Jan frigging themselves silly as got off. As it was, he was sure that due to the table she had seen nothing. He turned to reply to her and saw that she was wearing an impossibly tiny yellow string-bikini that only covered the very tips of her smallish tits and her pussy triangle.

Her legs and ass were indeed incredible. "Good idea sis, I just have to change into my suit," he managed to mumble. He glanced up at her face and saw that she was watching his reactions intently. Her big brother hadn't complained about the suit, and he could sense her relief.

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She smiled. "Oh why bother?" said Jan. Under the table she pushed her foot up his leg and put her cum-soaked toes on George's cock again. It had started to soften after its recent eruption but now was beginning to harden again, she noticed. "George and I can wear what we have on now, can't we George?" She gently teased his balls with her toes. "Whatever you want is OK with me," he said. He shakily stood up and turned away from Linda so that she wouldn't see his wet, cum filled shorts, but she was already walking towards the back door that led to the deck, pool, and Jacuzzi.

Her micro-thong bikini showed off her amazing bare ass, as it flexed deliciously with every step. From behind she looked almost naked, and her body was damn near as hot as Jan's. "Holly shit!" he whispered, as the door closed and his sister stepped from sight. "Yummy, isn't she," said Jan. She had walked around the table to join him, and casually rested her hand on his ass through his thin shorts as she spoke. "I get to sleep with her tonight; are you jealous?" She gave his ass-cheek a playful squeeze before following Linda through the door.

Cum ran down both of her shapely legs, George noticed, and the smell of cunt juice and prick juice filled the summer air in the kitchen. Had Linda noticed? Before joining the girls he soaked up as much jiz as he could from his sticky shorts using paper towels, sprayed air freshener in the room, and applied more paper towels and spray to the floor under the table where Jan had left a puddle of girl-cum. Then he grabbed several bath-towels and stepped outside. The pool was small, maybe thirty by twenty feet, and no more than five-feet deep.

Linda was floating on her back in the middle of the pool, her enticing tits above water, her nipples clearly visible though the tiny triangles of wet translucent yellow fabric that left most of her tits completely bare. George held towels in front of himself to hide his reviving boner, but the girls weren't looking at him anyway; they were staring at each other.

Jan sat smiling along the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water as she watched Linda watch her. There was attraction there, Jan knew. When they shopped together for Linda's swim suit, Linda let her pick out the skimpiest, sexiest suit in the store, and had her join her in the changing room when she tried it on.

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Linda tried to be casual about it, but it was obvious that it turned her on to strip naked in front of another girl. "That's the sexy kind of thing you should wear all the time," she had told Linda.

"You have a fabulous body; you should show it off." "You think so?" Linda had replied. "Thanks!" "Come on in, you guys, the water is great," Linda now urged, as she gently kicked her fabulous bare legs.

Jan pushed herself over the edge and slid feet-first into the pool with hardly a splash. She soon stood in water that came up to the bottom of her tits.

Her wet tee-shirt was soaked through and almost transparent and was doing almost nothing to hide her large rounded tits with their herd dark nipple tips. "Well, this isn't doing much; I might as well take it off," she said, and pulled her wet tea-shirt off over her head.

Her big bare tits shook free and hung just above the water. "Jesus, Jan! What about George!" Linda asked. She had expected something like this from Jan, but things were moving even faster than she ever imagined. She and Jan had talked about her seducing George this weekend, and about how flashing her own hot body would help turn him on.

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She had thought it would happen more discretely though, with Jan perhaps sneaking into his room at night or something. "Oh, I'm sure he doesn't mind. Besides, your boobs are showing almost as much as mine." She turned around to face George. George could only stare at Jan's twin magnificent orbs. "You don't mind my bare tits, do you George?" she asked. "I'll get by," George managed to reply, as he felt his cock push harder against the two thin layers of sticky wet fabric that confined it.

"Would you put my shirt over a chair to dry?" Jan said, as she handed George her wet tea-shirt. "For sure," George said, as his eyes followed every bounce of her wonderful bare boobs. "Do you like my tits George?" Jan asked him. "Which tits do you like best, mine or Linda's?" "I like all of them," he said honestly and diplomatically. The statement shocked Linda a little, but turned her on. The fact that a man, even if it was only George, liked her tits, caused a stir in her pussy, as did the sight of Jan's bare tits.

"But you're a leg man, am I right?" "I guess so." Legs and asses, he thought, including her and Linda's legs and asses for sure. "Well then, get in here in the pool with the girl legs, leg man." George stood frozen. If he put down the towels Linda and Jan would see the bulge of his boner through his cum-soaked shorts.

Both girls were now watching him. "Don't be shy, big guy" said Jan. "Linda has already seen your big cock a few times, right Linda?" "By accident," Linda noted. Both their parents were out and she had caught him jerking off as he watched internet porn a couple of weeks before she moved to collage.

She hadn't realized cucks could get that big. She quickly withdrew before he noticed her. She had masturbated for years with her own small fingers. What would it feel like to fill her cunt with a huge cock like her brother's? The sight had inspired her to go to her room and jerk herself off repeatedly. George turned his back to the girls and dropped the towels, slipped off his tea-shirt, then backed his way into the pool.

He was pale and slim but well-muscled, both girls noticed. George felt relieved when tis stiff prick was safely hidden under the water of the pool. The water was slightly cool, but not uncomfortably cold, and the depth was half way up his chest. He reached into his shorts and arranged his prick so that it pushed out and up in the loose shorts, instead of being confined uncomfortably along his left leg. "Chicken!" Jan laughed.

George swam a few strokes freestyle, and quickly ran out of pool. He stood up again and turned his head towards where Jan stood, but she had disappeared.

Suddenly he felt his shorts and underwear being pulled down over his hips and past his knees. He could feel his cock and balls floating wonderfully free in the slightly cool water. "Hey," he shouted, as Jan's grinning face surfaced next to him. "You don't need those, big boy," Jan said. "Look, I'm taking mine off too." In her hand she was holding her own wet shorts. With a flick of her wrist she flung them out of the pool. She was completely naked. As George stood stunned, Jan ducked under the water again.

He saw her head move under the water towards him and suddenly felt her soft fingers encircle his prick and grab his ass, followed immediately by a soft warm lips and mouth that engulfed his sensitive cock-head.

Her tongue and lips assaulted his sensitive cock tip as almost unnoticed, she pushed his shorts down with her foot and past his feet, so that he was as naked as she was, and his prick was hard as a fence-post. This couldn't be happening, he thought, this was just crazy! Crazy, but beyond his wildest fantasies wonderful, and he didn't want it to stop, he wanted Jan to keep sucking his hard prick forever.

To his great disappointment she released him after only a few seconds, but then he felt her hands grab both his ass cheeks, pull her nakedness against him, and slide her complete naked body against his, face and tits, cunt and legs, as she moved slowly, deliciously up towards the pool surface, inch by inch.

Her arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling her to him tightly, sliding against him, wet slick skin against skin. "Ohhhh," she moaned softly, as she surfaced and they found themselves in each other's arms, warm and soft against each other in the cool pool water. She reached down between them and shifted slightly, and he felt her warm cunt embrace his cock, inch by inch, until every inch of his huge ten-inch boner has inside her tightly grasping pussy.

His cock was big, probably the biggest prick she ever had, and she loved the feel of the huge hard cock inside her. He cupped her ass cheeks in his big hands and pulled her against him even tighter, pubic bone against pubic bone, skin to skin, nerve to nerve. He wanted to fuck her hard and fast now, he wanted to feel his prick moving inside her until he shot hot cum deep into her, but he resisted the urge. He had to make this last forever, if he could, this feeling of being against her and inside her.

He had to have all of her, every part of her. He kissed her willing lips with his, tongues embraced, until they had to break apart to breathe, to pant, to fuck.

She slid up a couple of inches, then down again, sliding skin against skin, cunt walls against cock, and they moaned together in ecstasy. "Do you like fucking me George?" she asked, but George could only moan in reply.

"I like your big cock inside me. It's huge, Linda, just like you told me. It's stretching me full, Linda, full of hard hot prick." George suddenly remembered that Linda was with them.

He saw that she had pulled herself out of the pool to sit along its edge next to Jan. She sat with legs spread wide and one hand grasping and rubbing her pubic mound through the thin material of her tiny thong, while the other hand had pushed aside her top and was rubbing one of her now bare tits.

Her mouth was open and panting, and her eyes had a glazed look as they watched her roommate and brother fucking. "That's it George, move closer to her," said Jan. George had without meaning to turned towards Linda. Now he watched in amazement as Jan leaned back and reached up to untie Linda's bottoms, twist herself around, and push her face into Linda's bare pussy, while still moving herself slowly up and down on his cock.

"Ughhh," Linda moaned, as he felt Jan's lips and tongue assault her clit, and two of Jan's fingers plunge into her pussy. It was the best thing she ever felt; not even her new vibrating sex toy felt this good. "Yah, yah, hah," she babbled as she pulled Jan's head harder against herself and flexed her ass muscles to match the rhythm of Jan's clit-licking tongue and cunt filling fingers.

Meanwhile as George watched his naked sister squirm and buck he drove his big cock into Jan's tight pussy faster and faster. His faster, more urgent rhythm had replaced hers, his hips moving as fast as they could in the too-thick water, and his big hands tightly grasping her ass as he unrelatedly slammed deep into her again and again, each stroke better than the last.

He felt her legs around him, pulling him into her with each stroke, urging him on, ever faster and harder. Nothing mattered anymore except shooting his spunk deep into Jan's wonderful tight pussy. He felt the entrance to her little ass hole and pushed his middle finger deep into her tight ass, and finger-fucked her ass in rhythm with his plunging prick.

He found that his panting mouth was only inches from one of her jiggling tits and he sucked on it, swirling his tongue over the hardened tip.

"UMMMMM," Jan moaned, as she came to orgasm, her cunt and ass convulsing around George's cock and finger. She screamed into Linda's pussy as George slammed into her again and again, hard and deep and fast.

George felt Jan convulse in orgasm and plunged into her harder and faster for a few more desperate, wondrous strokes, in rhythm with her convulsing cunt, then pulled her tight against him as he shot his hot cum deep into her still quaking pussy. "Uhhh'" he moaned with her. Linda knew that Jan and her brother had come, but she hadn't yet, and she desperately needed to now. When Jan finished coming she had stopped licking her clit and removed her fingers from her cunt.

Linda used her own hand to rub her clit, but it wasn't as good as Jan's sucking lips and squirming tongue. George could feel himself start to soften inside Jan's cunt, but wanted to stay inside her until he was hard again, and could fuck her more, again and again. He was disappointed and concerned when she unwrapped her legs from around his waist and pushed away from him.

Emerging from the pool Jan grabbed a folded towel and placed it under Linda's head as she pushed her down onto her back, spread her legs far apart, and knelt between them. Linda wasn't sure what was happening, but she sensed Jan's lust and trusted in her greater experience. She hoped that Jan would resume sucking her cunt, but wasn't disappointed when she instead positioned herself above her, and gently kissed her on the mouth.

Jan lips were soft, so soft compared with those of the few boys she had kissed, and tasted deliciously of her own cunt juices. She felt Jan's big soft tits rest on her own, and felt their pubic mounds meet, as smooth damp girl-skin met smooth girl skin from head to crouch. Linda eagerly received Jan's probing tongue with her own as Jan's body pressed against hers. Her arms reached around Jan's back and her legs reached around Jan's ass and legs to pull the two girls tighter together.

When she felt Jan's smooth pubic mound move against hers rhythmically, she matched her stroke for stroke. It felt great, but they both knew that they needed more. "Fuck me Jan; fuck me more," Linda pleaded. Jan sat up and straddled one of Linda's legs with her own, and held her other leg up high, while pushing her cunt down firmly into Linda's.

Juicy cunt lips and clits converged and began rubbing together, as Jan leaned forward and her hips came to life, ass and thigh muscles rippling under damp glistening skin. "Oh my God," Linda said, between moans and grunts, "what are you doing to me now?" She turned her head towards the pool and saw her brother watching them as he climbed out of the water and stepped towards them, naked.

His long dangling cock was already half hard again,and as thick as her wrists already, and she watched it twitch and grow even larger as Jan reached out and grabbed it, then pulled it towards her waiting open mouth.

"Damn," she muttered in admiration as the whole length of her brother's magnificent cock disappeared between Jan's sucking lips. "Fuck me harder, Jan," she urged, as she flexed her ass muscles to meet every delicious stroke of Jan's hard-rubbing cunt. "Har-der, har-der, har-der," she urged, as clit against clit they rubbed each other. Linda was close to orgasm now, and nothing in the universe seemed to matter except her cunt rubbing against Jan's cunt, fast and firm, again and again, never-ending.

Suddenly Jan stopped and lifted away from her, leaving her confused and desperate for a few moments. But she soon felt Jan's fingers on her cunt mound, expertly rubbing her clit, while with her other hand she pulled George by his big hard cock, down to kneel and straddle his sister's luscious body and dangle his hard cock in front of her face. "Lick the tip," Jan said, as Linda felt the big round cock-head against her open, panting lips.

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That wouldn't be enough, Linda knew, as she hungrily grabbed her brother's big prick with both hands and engulfed the entire cock-head with her lips, and swirled her tongue over it. He tasted salty and musky, and the cock-head was surprisingly soft compared to the hard shaft. Sister and brother moaned together in delight.

All too soon, Jan was again repositioning George to kneel between his sister's widely spread legs, until the tip of his cock lay between Linda's open pussy lips. Jan had withdrawn her fingers from Linda's clit.

Linda desperately needed an orgasm, and desperately wanted to feel a big hard man-cock in her wet hot pussy for the first time. "Fuck me," she urged her brother. "Fuck me with your big cock!" George had to fuck her, had to feel a warm cunt around his prick again. He knew it was wrong, but didn't resist when Jan grasped his ass and firmly pushed him down and he felt the tip of his cock enter Linda's tight, grasping pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes," Linda exclaimed, as inch after inch of her brother's huge cock pushed into her virgin pussy steadily. It was so huge and firm!

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It stretched her grasping cunt, filling her emptiness. She wrapped her legs around his firm ass and pulled him down into herself, and pulled herself up hungrily to grasp every inch of him into her cunt.

"Ahhhhh," she moaned, when she felt his hairy pubic mound firmly press against her own mound, felt his balls against her, and knew he was fully inside her, stretching her like never before with his huge hard cock. The hardness, warmth, and hugeness of it was overwhelming. It felt so good, so impossibly good to George, that he could have almost stayed like that forever, but he couldn't. He needed more.

He flexed his ass and legs to pull out of her a few inches, then plunged into her fully again, hard. Then he did it again. Soon he was slamming his prick into her again and again, as she pulled herself up to meet each of his thrusts. With each thrust she pulled him down on her with her legs, and then pushed him up with her hands. Sweat, not pool water, covered both of them. Desperate pants and grunts replaced moans.

Her cunt felt so good to George, soft and wet and grasping, as good as Jan's cunt had felt around his prick in the pool, and so much better than jerking himself off. This would be his third orgasm within an hour, he noted, and his second time shooting his cum deep into a girl's cunt. So this was what fucking was like, Linda marveled. No wonder Jan was so interested in sex all the time!

She didn't think much about anything now though, except for the big prick that was inside her now, fucking her and fucking her. Then time seemed to stop, as the shock of her orgasm overwhelmed her. She squirmed and convulsed and screamed. George wondered if she was alright, but she was still pushing and pulling on his hips, urging the continued fucking plunges of his hard prick into her.

After several seconds she stopped moaning and convulsing and pulling him into her, and her cunt loosened its grip on his cock. He slowed his fucking, but didn't stop. "Are you alright?" he asked her. "More than alright," she answered, smiling. "Can you do that again?" "You mean keep fucking you until you orgasm again?" "Yes. One more time for me, I think." "And one more for me too, please," added Jan, "with either one or both of you." She sat nearby the cock-joined siblings, slowly rubbing her cunt with one hand, and her tits with the other.

"I'll do my best," said George, as he resumed fucking his sister in earnest. Doing it, he decided, was much better than thinking about it. The Beginning