Woman hot and squirt in dildo

Woman hot and squirt in dildo
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Watching My Sister Teens, unsafe, voyeur, incest? If you do not like stories about teens having unprotected sex then go elsewhere. Remember it's only a story; no one was harmed in the writing of it. It's about a brother watching his sister getting it on with her boyfriend.

I went looking for my fishing pole; it was usually in the utility room just off the central part of the basement.

Dad had started to fix over the basement last year but it had come to a crawl as of late. The walls had sheetrock but hadn't been finished off leaving gaps at the seams, the floor had a rug with nice dense padding and the ceiling was almost finished.

The utility room was dark as I fumbled around piles of crap trying to find the tackle box when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Not thinking much about it figuring it was only my bratty sister I continued on.

When I heard another voice, a boy, only then did I take notice. Sure enough it was Sandra and a friend, Billy who she sometimes hung out with. They were both whispering which took my curiosity.

Quietly I stepped back as not to be seen and waited to see what was up. There they stood about a foot apart gazing into each other's eyes before grasping each other around the waist. "You sure it's OK down here Sandra? Maybe your bedroom would be better?

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We won't get caught will we?" "No silly, no one's home you saw the note Rob left about fishing, we have at least an hour before my Mom gets home." Now they had my full attention, to Hell with fishing, I was going to see what they were up to; it's always good to have a little dirt on your sibling. As they swapped spit I delicately pushed the door shut as to not be seen. Dad had left a horizontal seam next to the door with a large enough crack to allow someone like me to view the surroundings in the main room without being detected.

Billy's hands had traveled onto my sister's ass where his fingers were nudging into her ass crack.


As he worked them downward I was speechless when they disappeared into the leg band of her short-shorts. This guy knew exactly what he wanted and was getting it. Within a few minutes they slouched downward ending up in a pile on the forest green rug in a tangle of twisted arms and legs as their persistent kissing seemed to advance a tad too quickly.

After all she was only fourteen, a little young to be behaving in such a manner. Never once did she make an objection to Tommy's headway when removing her shirt. One button at a time came open until he pulled the sides apart exposing the white skimpy bra covering the flesh mounds of her chest. Her breaths commenced into sudden gasps after pulling the scanty elastic over her tits brushing his lips over the enlarged nipple.

Her eyes were clamped shut but her hands held Billy's head firmly in place as he sucked in a nipple, guessing from his expression he had his tongue swirling around the nugget. I had an extraordinary view from my advantage point, they were so close that if the wall wasn't there I could have almost reached out and touched them. Here was my sister, a year younger than I; she has her friend attempting to drain her breast of any non-existence milk!

I had to wonder how long this activity had been taking place, but what happened next I assumed it unquestionably wasn't the first time. He had a concealed hand that came into sight as it unbuttoned the top snap of the blue shorts and disappeared into them.

"Don't break the zipper Billy" as his hand stretched the fabric to its limit. And he obliged un-zippering them entirely exposing a white pair of underwear that covered his other hand as Sandra wiggled around on the floor. It was when she reached between their bodies that I noticed it, there it was, hard and confined; my own dick was at full staff. My own flesh and blood, my sister was causing this.

I was torn between stepping out into the room and stopping them or continue with my soiled thoughts of maybe seeing considerably more. Sexual desire always wins. Cautiously his belt was unfastened followed by his pants button and then the zipper came down.

She didn't stop there either, distorting his body relinquishing to her desires, his pants ended up at his ankles in less than a mere minute. His body was in the identical condition as mine, the front of his briefs was bulging out while covering his erect dick. In the mayhem I never saw it happen but Sandra had dispersed of her shorts completely, tangled up around her foot while Billy was busy working his fingers around her pussy zone.

In all of ten minutes the only clothing left on the two teens was their under garments, and they weren't on for an extended span either. Sandra's hand planted firmly on Billy's dick caressing the length of if as it strained to be set free. Moving first, yanking the front of them downward followed by him pulling the panties over her hips leaving both of them nude. My mind compared his dick to mine, realizing I had at least an inch maybe an inch and one half greater but the girth, maybe a year in age did something but without doubt I had an enormous dick compared to his.

What happened next came as a surprise, Billy's kisses trailed down her torso over her belly then into the fine downy black hairs of her bush prompting Sandra's legs to instantaneously widen. "Ohhh Billy that tickles, but it feels so good at the same time." Bodies distorting again until Billy was now on his back, Sandra crawling on top of him still grasping his dick when I let out a small gasp when she raised her ass up giving me an eyeful of her cunt.

OMG what a sight, her slit wet from Billy nibbling, barely any hair on it was just plain beautiful. Lowering her ass into Billy's face as she stroked his dick, "Don't even think about cumming in my mouth!" then her mouth descended over the helmet shaped tip immediately making slurping sounds as they sixty-nined each other.

Just too much for me, I had been rubbing my own hard-on since the clothes were shed, to Hell with it, my pants fell to my knees, out came my hog, my hand clutched it tightly as it slid up and down the length of it. For the next few minutes I was treated to the best gratification a guy could have, the two ravaged at each other's sexes gobbling and devouring.

Definitely wasn't their first rodeo, who knows how long they have been doing this for, in reality I was jealous, why couldn't I find a girl willing as my sister. At that point I didn't give a shit if she was my sister, I was horny and was tempted to bust into the playroom kick the crap out of Billy and then fuck Sandra, that's how hot and bothered I was.

Lucky guy he was. I had never considered an asshole to be erotic but looking at her brown-eye pucker up as Billy's tongue slithered into her cunt I began to ponder it. But as quickly as they started the show was over, or I thought, Sandra scooted downward on his torso, still facing away from me she sat down on his dick and commenced to gyrate on it.


Shit they were going to fuck. Up came her ass grabbing his cock, positioning it at her hole then pushed her body downward sliding the full span of it up into her cunt in one swoop as her head went rearward.

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The room suddenly became alive with noise. "Holy shit Sandra, damn that feels good, you're still as tight as the first time we did it." "I keep it tight for you Billy; I know how much you like it. Now don't you go blowing off those balls of yours anytime too soon&hellip.

You always seem to do it too fast and today's special don't forget." "How could I possibly forget?" I wasn't sure what they were talking about but as Sandra started to raise up and down on his cock the talk became broken murmurs. Man, what a pussy she had, leaning forward both her boyfriend and I had a perfect view of her pussy and bum hole. With Billy's urging she fell forward, flat on her tummy causing his dick to pop out of her little hole.

Crawling onto his knees Billy pulled her rump upwards. Just my luck the show was over as he plowed into her as she came up onto all fours, just like two dogs fucking. It seemed as they couldn't be satisfied with one position.

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He plowed her pussy from behind for less than a minute before twisting her onto her back which was great, I couldn't see anything sign of her cunt in that position. There she lied, naked, beautiful, about to be fucked again, a sight to behold. That twerp Billy was violating my poor little sister, mixed emotions were scrambling across my brain, she really shouldn't be fucking at a young age, I didn't know what I should do, but I ended up erasing the thoughts away when Billy took her ankles, raised them upwards while lying onto her small frame.

His pecker searched for her waiting hole sliding past it several times before connecting with it. "Oh Billy stop teasing me, fuck me now will you, I need it bad, I've waited all week for this." His dick was gone from sight leaving his balls resting against her pooper. With her legs raised so high it was perfect viewing for me. Their bodies connected by his dick, her cunt snugly fitted around it I noticed how floppy his balls were, maybe from the warm temperature of the room, or the excitement, or from being full, not sure but I watched them as he withdrew slightly only to plunge hard into her cunt.

For the next minute I heard his balls slapping against her ass as they both grunted heavily. I had to halt beating my own meat, looking down at my dick it was almost too late, the skin stretched tight as it swelled, the tip expanded as it started a slight twitch, I held my breath and contracted every muscle I had below my waist trying to prevent it from spewing out any juice.

In a whisper: "Getting ready Sandra, I only have a minute left at most." "No don't say that, you promised, it's too soon, please Billy a little longer." The plea of desperation went unheard as his rhythm picked up.

Wordless compassion for my sister's unfortunate circumstances was of no benefit to her, Billy on a mission sawed even harder each time he impaled her teenage hole, slap-smack, slap-smack went Billy's balls against her pasty colored ass cheeks. "I love you. I do. Are you sure it's OK?" "For the last time Billy I've told you all week I would be in my safe period, we lost yesterday so it's either today or next month." Then it came together, she can't get knocked up since she will be bleeding soon, and he's going to fill her full of seed.

Son of a bitch that's what he is just a son of a bitch, first he's fucking my sister and he's going to finish her off by blowing off his cum inside her. I watched as his rhythm intensified, her legs flailing in the air pushing her body upwards each time he sank into her cunt. When he withdrew he was pulling her cunt lips outward as they attached themselves to his dick forming a taut seal around his dick.

"Billy, don't stop, I beg you, I'm starting get that funny feeling I told you about, something's going to happen, oh my god Billy don't stop!" "I'm close Sandra, too close" and with that he pushed relentlessly into her, his ball bag hanging down onto her asshole, firmly planted within her almost causing a rug burn on her backside as the cheeks of Billy's ass tightened like steel. I knew what was taking place. Unfortunately for both of us I guess, we were now spilling boy juice. Without question his dick was trying to reach the entrance of her cervix in an attempt to fill her uterus with sperm.

My eyes kept going between the two on the floor and my own dick. My first squirt bubbled out lethargically, an insignificant droplet forming at the tip then it happened, my fingers massaging the underside of my glans and out it came.

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A large gusher soaring through the air splattering against the sheetrock followed by another almost as powerful with the last few clinging onto my hand as it continued milking my dick. I was done, smearing the warm cum along my shaft as I regained my composure after almost falling backward. But the sight I took pleasure in was Billy filling my sister's cunt, not sure why I would take enjoyment in that.

He never withdrew, even an inch, forcing his dick further inside her girl crack as his hips continued to jerk forward in an attempt to impregnate her. "No Billy, not yet, noooo…" but it was too late he was spent as all his muscles seemed to go flabby as he relaxed them.

Not even a feeble movement to prolong their satisfaction, he was a goner, but from Sandra's action she wasn't, she wanted more. Her hips rose, hands massaging his back in hope of stimulating him hoping against odds he might revive his shrinking penis.

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As his was shrinking mine for some reason wasn't, at least not as much, sure it had softened almost to the flabby stage but there definitely was rigidity to it. A look of frustration emerged on Sandra's face, perhaps it was disappointment either way she wasn't happy when Billy rolled off her tiny frame, spent they lay side by side on the green rug. The performance was over. I made a gaffe, rearranging myself, pants caught around my ankles tripping slightly making a barely audible thud, enough to catch their attention.

"What was that?" "I don't know it came from the utility room." Billy grabbing his scattered clothes quickly while my humble sibling was still in dreary land with a look of frustration and dissatisfaction on her face. My pants buttoned, rearranging myself I decided I had to do something, either escape out the back bulkhead door or confront them. I was in a real dilemma, one more look out the crack, Billy had his pants back on and was trying to get the last sneaker on his foot as Sandra too was grasping for strewn clothes still in dream land.

The two lovebirds were noticeably startled and nervous. "I'm going home Sandra, I'll call you later." The ass was throwing my sister under the bus leaving her to defend herself from the noise they heard. I grasped the door knob pulling the door open to the surprise of both youngsters.

"Billy, I think you better leave right now before I do something we both will regret later." And I did mean it; I may just have busted him in the chops before beating the pulp out of him. For some reason I was now pissed-off where a few minutes prior I wasn't. With that said Billy was up the flight of stairs in seconds before we heard the back screen door slam shut. I was in a predicament now, what was I going to do? I had some serious dirt on my sister, how would I use it to my advantage? On the other hand she was living dangerously letting him cum deep in her cunt; what if she was late this month she could be knocked up by now, a sperm could already be attached to an egg.

Trying in vain to cover up with her blouse Sandra retreated back cowering towards the couch leaning against it. "Why were you in there Rob? How long have you been in there? You were spying on me weren't you? You are some kind of pervert." I quickly determined she was turning the facts around, against me.

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"No Sandra, no I'm not a pervert, I think your boyfriend might be taking benefit of your youth for his advantage. I think Mom and Dad need to know about this, it's for your own good and protection" trying to sound like the protector. "Please Rob, you can't go to them, they would kill me, please say you won't." "Sandra did he really cum in you, tell me did he pulled out in time?

You may well be pregnant right now if your period is late." "But Rob, I'm never late we did the same last month, it's OK, believe me I'm safe!" "Did he or did he not Sandra?" "No he pulled out Rob, please believe me, he didn't do it inside me he pulled out and did it on the rug." There she sat legs still securely closed trying to prevent me from seeing anything.

"OK spread your legs then, I want to check" I was playing my cards right. "If you don't I am going to Mom and Dad with the facts." With great reluctance her tanned legs began a slow but deliberate expansion. "Wider please, I want to see for myself." The air in the room was strong with the scent of sex, pussy, and sperm.

I breathed in deeply several times enjoying the aroma before coming back to my senses. There I stood the guardian of my sister or the pervert she accused me of, either way I stood there gawking at the sight I had never dreamed about.

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Starting at her feet traveling up her legs my eyes took in a display quite pleasing, past the tan lines into her crotch, the fine black hairs matted down to each side of her dark slit. The incision was swollen, lips reddened and puffy from being fucked minutes ago exposing a pinkish radiance from inside her.

Still traumatized from being caught her legs slightly bent at the knees giving me an excellent view, better than from the confines of the utility room. I closely examined her cunt from a few feet away, I knew she had lied to me, a thick white film had accumulated on the lips of her cunt but what happened next surprised me. With her legs stretched fully open her cunt muscles relaxed allowing a portion of Billy's orgasm to emerge from her depths.

In a tiny trickle it started, increasing slightly and then to my disbelieve a negligible coagulated glob flowed to the edges before drooling out flowing down towards her asshole. There she crouched, there I stood, both of us in a sticky situation literally, neither not sure of our next move. What should I do, as her brother what should I do? Sandra saw it first, I swear I didn't even know it was there, her eyes swirled around the room in an attempt to ignore it but they kept returning.


In my effort a few minutes ago to dress myself in the utility room I neglected to re-arrange my dick correctly, it had gotten caught on the outside of my underwear in the downward position. My shorts were tight but also short, I looked down to where her eyes had focused on. My dick hurt from being bent so badly but no denying it was hard with the bulbous head sticking past the hem of my shorts. Our eyes made contact; intently we watched each other's next move that would change our lives forever.