Gay guy sucks big cock

Gay guy sucks big cock
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After finding Sandy through an online personal ad, we had a meeting quickly that was supposed to play out a rape fantasy.

In the heat of the moment I took things a little too far and ended up assaulting her after she begged me to stop. Once I had left her house, I prayed nothing would come of it and I hoped never to see her again.

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Shortly after the encounter, I received an e-mail from Sandy actually asking to meet up again. She wanted to do some more experimentation, and after a few interactions we had our next experience set in motion. This time she wanted a little role play, and was hoping to try some exhibitionism.

I had the perfect place in mind. I set up the meeting to take place in an open meadow that was surrounded by forest. I gave Sandy directions to a trail that would lead her there, and I went there early to set up a camping tent.

The walls of the tent were just mesh screen, so if I left the tarp off of it, any passer bys would be able to see right through. That took care of the exhibition while keeping the bugs at bay. As for the role play, Sandy wanted to be a stranded motorist that I met on the side of the road. After setting up the tent, I made my way back to the road and right on cue, Sandy was parked on the side of the road ready to go. I made my way up to her car and fell right into my role. "Is there a problem miss?" "Yes, I think I ran out of gas.

Do you know how far it is to the nearest station?" "Well, the nearest one is actually on the next road over, you can get to it on the trail over there." "You know where it is?

Would you mind showing me?" "Sure, that's not a problem, ma'am." We made our way to the trail and started along.

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We chatted back and forth as we walked down the trail, mixing the role play talk and real chatter. When the trail made it to the meadow, Sandy noticed the tent and jumped back into her role. "Gosh, I must be out of shape, I think I need a little break. I could sure use a drink." "Well I have camp set up right over there, and I've got a cooler too." "Oh, that sounds great!" We made out way out into the meadow and when we got to the tent, I opened it up and got out a bottle of water for her.

She took a drink and turned back to me. "Oh thank you so much for your help, you are being so kind." "Well of course I am going to help a pretty, young damsel in distress." "Oh, so you are kind AND flirtatious." "Now who could blame me for seeing if I could win over such a sexy woman." "Are you trying to get me out on a date or something?" "That would be terrific, but unfortunately I am traveling across the country, and I am getting ready to head out tonight." "Well then I guess I'll just have to repay your kindness now." With that, Sandy lifted her top off up over her head and tossed it away.

She reached for my belt and undid my shorts. Sandy dropped to her knees as my shorts dropped to the ground. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my dick, immediately inhaling it.

Her lips went to work bringing my cock to life. I didn't get to experience her oral expertise on out last meeting, so I was pleasantly surprised at the skill that Sandy was applying to my member.

I grabbed on to the back of her head and kept her sliding down my shaft. She worked on my knob for what must have been twenty minutes. I was having trouble staying standing, and I could feel my semen boiling up.

"I'm there." Sandy took the cue and released me from her mouth. I reached and gave my sack a bit of a squeeze to hold myself off and come back down a little. I turned around and lifted the door to the tent, motioning for Sandy to go inside.


She crawled in and I hopped in right after her, zipping it closed behind me. I pulled my shirt off over my head as I turned back to Sandy, who was releasing the buttons on her shorts. She flopped onto her back and peeled off the tight shorts along with her panties in one quick movement. Now that she was fully nude, I moved in for a feast. I grabbed her feet while they were still in the air and spun her legs towards me.

I then pulled them apart and lowered them to the ground as I dove in. I shoved my hands in under he big, soft butt cheeks, and used my thumbs to pull apart her labia. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick, using a wide flat stroke. I pressed my nose into her clitoris when I moved down to start another lick. It was driving Sandy crazy, as she started to drain some of her sweet nectar onto my tongue. I switched up my technique, narrowing my tongue to slide in between her lips.

I was curling it and poking a little way into her pussy, and then sliding up and swirling around her clitoris. I brought a thumb in to start fingering her pussy, while I brought my mouth down to her anus. I started with flat strokes again, sweeping across her rose bud. Then I used the tip to tease it, but it was far too tight to penetrate with my tongue. After a few minutes, I brought my head up to see how Sandy was doing. She was drenched in sweat, breathing heavily.

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I watched as her chest rose and fell, while he breasts had flopped off to either side. Getting up to my knees, I reached in with my right hand, slipping two fingers into her tight, but very wet snatch. I pressed on her clit with my thumb, and started to masturbate her. I reached up with my other hand and played with her tits, flopping them around and pinching her nipples, rolling them between my fingers. I was thrusting my fingers into her quickly, and working her love button just as fast.

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I had her shivering in short order, and before long Sandy was clearing birds out of the nearby woods with her screams of ecstasy. I let her come down slowly, continuing to work my finger in her cunt, but leaving her clit alone. After a minute of two, when she had regained her breath, I got back down between her legs before she could stop me.

I inserted a third finger into her pussy, and put the thumb from my other hand into her asshole. I brought my lips to her clitoris and sucked hard, while I moved my fingers at a blinding pace, curling them to get more friction on the front of her tunnel.

Sandy had just come off the peak of the mountain and I had her climbing right back up. In a matter of seconds I had her arched up, screaming like I was cutting her, and she was leaving my hands a dripping mess. This time I let her come all the way down. I withdrew my lips and hands, and with the little energy she had left, Sandy was able to sit up. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me over, falling with me. I was only semi-hard at the time, but Sandy straddled me, grabbing my cock and positioning it at her still dripping pussy and just sat down, plowing me all of the way inside of her on the first stroke.

She got her legs out from under herself, and just collapsed forward, laying flat on top of me. I guess it was her way of making me take a break under her.

Sandy was still breathing hard, as it blew across my shoulder. Her sweat was now rolling onto me, and all I was supposed to do was lay there. Unfortunately for her, I had other plans.


I grabbed hold of her big, round ass and started to pull her up on me. Then I pushed her back down as I rotated my pelvis to thrust up into her. I started a rhythm easily as her breasts and little belly bulge rolled over my torso. I started using my thighs on hers to help lift her and get the movements going faster.

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I was getting pretty deep penetration, and before long I was at full strength. Once I had gotten my cock strong again, I stopped shaking Sandy up and down and let her take over. She pulled her legs underneath her once again, and left her breasts pressed into my chest. Slowly she started to rotate her ass up and down effectively pulling my penis almost all of the way out and gliding it back in, in a slow sensual motion. Sandy wasn't strong enough to go yet, but it felt good, so I had no complaints.

Eventually she started to slide her body down, moving her pussy down past my dick while she twisted her ass out, and would slide back up while twisting in, planting me far enough inside of her to feel her cervix.

She lay there twisting for fifteen minutes before she finally lifted the rest of her body up off of me. Sandy was back and ready to go. She lifted herself up just a bit and slid back down. Gradually she would lift herself higher and higher, until she had my cock all or the way out and would slam back down onto me. Luckily my cock stayed lined up with her love hole for quite a while. Sandy started to tense up again with the approach of her climax and her aim started to fail.

Finally my dick missed her hole and ended up punishing her clitoris as she came slamming down. She collapsed down onto me again as she quaked with her clit pressed against my rock hard member.

Rolling off of me Sandy said: "Babe, I'm sorry to do this to you, but I think I am done. You can do whatever you need to finish yourself off, but I have nothing left." "That's fine, I'm almost there." I got up and rolled her onto her stomach. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and leaned in, spitting on her rosebud. I smeared it around a bit with my thumb and push it inside just enough to get some in there too.

I sat back on my heels and dropped some more saliva onto my already slick dick. With Sandy laying flat and her legs closed, I straddled her and poked my penis between her butt cheeks. Once I had it pressed against her anus, I slowly entered, continuing to move forward until I was tight against her butt. Luckily I was still quite hard, and her tight ring felt awesome pinching on my shaft. I hovered over her as I drilled into her anus, popping the head of my penis in and out past her sphincter.

I guess the good feelings were mutual, because Sandy started to twist and moan beneath me. She bent her legs out and slid them under her body, moving to her knees. Once she sat back onto her heels, I had complete access to her exit. I continued to thrust, now reaching much deeper into her bowels. Quickly I was at the point of no return. I gave her hips a firm grip and Sandy figured I was ready to cum.

She asked me to wait for her, but it was too late. I blew load after load deep into her ass as I continued to thrust. The added lubricant lowered the friction on my shaft, allowing me to hold out and keep pumping. From the motions Sandy was performing, I could tell that she was ready to explode again, but had not broken through yet. I reached underneath and pressed hard on her enormous button, triggering her biggest climax yet.

Once my ejaculating stopped, I pulled out of Sandy's asshole and released her hips. When I did, she simply collapsed onto her side. I could tell that she was really done now, and needed to rest before she would be ready to walk back to her car. I laid down behind her and threw my arm over her, playing with her breast. She quickly drifted off to sleep, and I was close behind her. We luckily awoke before all of the sunlight had left, and I walked her back to her car, and got one more quick blow job for being a good Samaritan.