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Doubletroubleboys m west coast united states viewers
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The Cruise Chapter 1 Last year I decided to treat myself to a vacation I would remember, I work hard as a computer systems consultant and thought I deserved it, so after a little research into the different types of vacations available a cruise round Europe caught my eye, this was duly booked and preparations made.

I really need to describe myself, I'm 36 years old, six foot tall fairly well built blue eyes and short cropped fair hair I'm not too bad looking although I say it myself, I've never had any trouble with the lady's After a long tiring flight and coach journey I arrived at the port in Stockholm, which is in Sweden.

I boarded the Ship which was massive the whole thing was quite impressive, we set sail at 6pm, after a very nice dinner I had a wander around the ship I decided to have an early night as I was worn out The next morning we arrived in Helsinki in Finland, as I had previously worked for a large consortium in Helsinki, I chose to stay on board and just relax and familiarise myself with the ship, and getting to know where everything was.

Most of the passengers left the ship on organised day trips so the ship seemed very deserted, apart from the crew that was busy doing their thing. Just after lunch, I ended up at one of the small coffee bars dotted around the ship, ordering a Latte from a pretty young Russian girl called Natasha, we chatted for a while as it was very quiet on board, and she said that today was her last day as her contract was ending.

She was to leave for home before seven this evening when the ship was due to set sail. She spoke with a very sexy thick Russian accent, when she passed me the receipt to sign for the drink she had written 'Your cabin 30 minutes', I signed her part an pushed the other into my pocket, she gave me a sexy wink with a slight pout, I walked away a little exited and a little confused, I went straight to my cabin and tidied up just in case, I decided to freshen up I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard a light tap on the cabin door, I wrapped myself in a towel and opened the door.

Natasha was standing there holding a tray with a coffee on it "Your coffee sir" she said quite loudly for the benefit of anyone caring to listen, and brushed straight past me giving me a wicked smile, I closed the door she put the tray down on the table, she stood by the bed the bed and looked at me purring in her sexy accent "I don't have long, I only have an hour", as I looked at her I thought she must be twenty two or twenty three and about five foot one tall and very petite, she began removing her clip-on tie and unbuttoning her white blouse, which she threw on the chair, she wasn't wearing a bra her breasts now in full view and I would say they were the best I've ever seen, possibly a C cup they looked natural and firm against her slim frame, she sat on the edge of the bed, I reached down and cupped one with my right hand feeling it's firmness and her hardening nipple in my palm, with a smile she pulled away my towel leaving me standing naked before her, she started stroking my growing cock until it was at its full 8 inch, she looked up at me and with that wicked smile leaned forward and took the end of my hard cock into her mouth, her red lips closing round it.

I felt her tongue exploring the tip her right hand was still stroking the length her left hand now started fondling my heavy balls, I almost came when she opened her mouth and slid it the full length of my cock until I felt her lick my balls and the head of my cock press down the back of her throat, she held it there a few seconds and looked up into my eyes she then began to suck furiously whilst stroking the full length with a tight fist, I felt my excitement rising until I could hold on no more, I put my hands on her head and let out a long moan and said "I'm cumming" as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth, she kept her mouth tight on my pulsing cock until I had finished, she then let my rapidly deflating member slip from her mouth she looked up at me opened her mouth and showed me the content of cum, with a quick smile and a swallow it was gone she quickly stood and removed her tight pencil skirt and little knickers, she was now only wearing suspenders and sexy black stockings she sat on the bed leaned back onto her elbows and opened her legs.

Her pussy was completely clean shaven with a small tattoo of a heart to one side, I could see the sheen of dampness on her pouty pussy lips letting me know she was wet and getting excited too, I knelt down in front of her she sat up and kissed me passionately.

I started groping at her large breasts, I lowered my head and started sucking on her erect nipples, one after the other after a few minutes I worked my way lower kissing down her flat stomach to her waiting pussy.

She started moaning as my tongue traced round the outside of her very wet pussy lips, Natasha opened her legs wider and I used my thumbs to part her pussy, I then plunged my tongue deep inside her wet slit she gasped and let out a very primal groan.

I found her stiffening clit and began to suck on it, she was getting much wetter, I pushed two fingers into her sopping pussy and she squealed, she reached down and grabbed my hair forcing my face harder into her pussy, she let out a loud scream; her body went stiff as her first orgasm flooded through her, she trembled slightly and then went limp, I kept my fingers deep inside her and my lips clamped on her stiff clit, she used my hair to pull my head up she looked into my eyes and said in her sexy accent, "fook me fook me now" all the excitement of bringing her off had given me another massive hard on, I leaned over her until the tip of my cock touched her wet pussy lips, I looked at Natasha's face she was biting her bottom lip I stroked the end of my swollen erection up and down her wet slit, she looked into my eyes and nodded, with a single thrust I pushed all 8 inch of rock hard cock into her, I started sliding my full length in and out of her very wet pussy, she began to moan in time with my thrusting, she suddenly went ridged and squeezed the tops of my arms hard and her pussy muscles clamped tight on my cock, as another orgasm ripped through her body she reached down and pulled my cock out she shuffled around rolled over and got up onto all fours, I knelt on the bed behind her I entered her tight pussy again in a single deep stroke, I then started to bang it into her pussy quite hard my thighs were slapping against her perfect shaped buttocks, I reached around and started fingering her very wet clit and she had another orgasm and slumped, forward with her head on the bed gasping from its intensity.

I took my fingers which were wet with her pussy juice and started stroking her puckered anus between her tight firm buttocks, whilst I was still fucking her pussy with my hard cock. I pressed a little harder with my middle finger, and it slipped in her puckered little sphincter up to the first knuckle, I kept it there for a few seconds until I felt her relax then I pushed it in to the second knuckle, she tensed slightly, moaned more and then relaxed.

I then began to saw my finger in and out of her tight anus in the same rhythm as my cock in her pussy. She looked round at me and said, "Fook me in my tight ass. Hard!" I almost came there and then at her suggestion.

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I pulled my rampant cock from her pussy and wiped it all around her little puckered anus to try and lubricate it, I started to push it in and she pushed back, it went in about an inch and I stopped I waited until she relaxed as she got used to the size stretching her, I pushed again and felt it pop past her ass muscle, she gasped as I slid in my full 8 inch, I kept it there for a while until she was comfortable, then she started fucking my cock like a wild woman she built herself up to another intense orgasm calling out "Da da da", I felt her ass muscles tighten and she moaned, "Cum in my ass, fill me up with your seed" the sexy accent and her squeezing ass hole was too much.

I groaned and started shooting more hot cum deep in her bowels the sensation pushed her over the edge, and she had another quivering orgasm we both then collapsed forward onto the bed, my dwindling cock slipped from her tight ass hole with a slurp, after a minute or so she rolled over stared into my eyes and then gave me a passionate kiss she jumped up, went into the bathroom to clean up when she came out she quickly got dressed blew me a sexy kiss then said "good-bye", I thanked her and started to ask if we could keep in touch, but she stopped me by putting a finger over my lips, she gave me a kiss on the forehead, smiled and left closing the door behind her, I flopped back on the bed worn out from the hour of intense exercise then promptly fell asleep.

Chapter 2 The next day we arrived at Riga in Latvia I had booked a tour as it seemed a nice place to visit. On the coach trip I had a woman from California sat next to me she was on holiday with her daughter, She told me her name was Suzanne we chatted about this and that, her daughter who was called Joanne was sat behind us, next to an old German gentleman who only spoke a few words of English so Joanne was more interested in Sue and my conversation, we spent most of the day sightseeing together we had some lunch, and they insisted I call them Sue and Jo as all their friends did, at about 5:00pm as we arrived back at the port both Sue and Jo thanked me for chaperoning them all day, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Jo said "We'll see you around" and gave me a wicked wink. I freshened up and had a nice dinner in the restaurant the evening show was recommended by my waiter so after a nice meal I had a quick drink in one of the bars and made my way through to the theatre.


The stage show was some singers and dancers, a funny comedian and a man and woman doing acrobatics, he was a little shorter than her but he was very muscular and stocky, she was tall and elegant with long red hair and very, very supple she bent her well-proportioned sexy body into some amazing positions, and he threw her round like a rag doll all it was all very impressive.

The show finished about 10:30 and as it was going to be a full day at sea the following day (no early rise!) I decided to try the on board Night Club. It was only a small club room for about fifty or sixty people and a small dance floor. I stood near the bar with a drink watching the revellers, after a few moments a tall Red Head in a very short dress tapped me in the shoulder and said "hello", I replied with a smile and what must have been a very puzzled look, it took me a few seconds but then I recognised her as the acrobat from the stage show earlier, as she saw the realisation of who she was dawn on me, she leaned in and said "are you alone?" I replied that I was, "Good" she said with a smile.

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"My name is Helen and my husband over there is Peter" she said pointing to a table in a small alcove, sat on a sofa was the acrobat guy from the stage, She explained "we have been married and working on cruise ships for over six years, to add some fun we play a little game on each ship we work on, we alternately choose someone to come back to our cabin and join in a little group fun". "I'm very flattered as you are both quite beautiful people", I said "but I'm not really into men, no offence".

"Oh god!" She replied "nether is Peter but I'm bi-sexual, I think you miss-understood it's my turn to pick and I want two men tonight and you're it, that is, if your game for some no strings attached fun?" She continued "usually when it's Peter's turn to pick it's usually a big breasted bimbo type as we both enjoy that type." I'm not sure whether it was the booze or the thought of ménage à trios with these two random people but I said "yeah why not!" I joined them in their alcove for a few more drinks, and then Helen said "shall we retire to our cabin?" They lead me through a door marked 'Crew Only' then down a corridor to a cabin it was about the same size as mine only it had no port hole and was not quite as plush but it was nicely decorated it had family pictures and nick-knacks, Peter got a bottle of wine out of a small fridge and poured us all another drink.

Peter sat on the chair I sat on the edge of the bed, Helen started dancing to some music she had put on from her iPod, I watched her toned flexible body writhing under her tight short dress, she danced closer to me pulling up her dress slightly then sat on my lap facing me, then continued to writhe and dance as she unbuttoned my shirt and slowly and pushed it off my shoulders.

She ran her hands all over my bare chest her short dress had ridden up and I could see her small white knickers stretched tightly over her damp pussy she grabbed the edge of her dress and in one quick movement peeled it off over her head, her bare breasts now in full view, she had small perky breasts with the large erect nipples giving away her increasing excitement, I glanced over at Peter who was watching the show intently he nodded and gestured to me to continue.

Helen pushed me flat on the bed and started gyrating her gusseted wet pussy against the obvious lump appearing in my trousers, she shuffled back and started undoing my belt and trousers saying "let's have a look what we have in here." she pulled out my quickly hardening 8 inch cock started stroking it "nice" she said.

She slid to the floor pulled of my trousers and boxers, pushed my legs open and took my cock in her wet mouth she started sucking on it like she hadn't had a cock for months, I glanced over at Peter he had taken his hard cock out and was stroking it with long slow strokes, it looked thicker than mine but not as long, maybe only 6 inch, Helen was stroking, licking and sucking at my cock like a wild woman, after a few minutes I could feel my balls tingle and tighten I groaned "I'm about to cum" she removed my swelling cock from her warm wet mouth and said "Cum in my mouth baby", then she clamped her mouth back around my ridged swelling cock, she sucked hard while stroking my swollen ballsI couldn't hold back any longer, then with a moan and a shudder I shot a massive load of hot cum into her eager warm mouth, she kept sucking until she had every last drop from me, then she let my deflating well sucked cock slip from her mouth.

She looked at me, she then played with and then swallowed my load all in one go, with a very sultry smile. She then crawled onto the bed and paused with her perky breasts and diamond hard nipples over my face, as I sucked on each nipple she moaned and started rubbing her pussy through her very wet knickers; Peter stood up walked up behind her and pulled her knickers down, then off her shapely legs.


She crawled over me until her very wet shaved juicy pussy was over my face she lowered herself down slowly to sit on my mouth, I started probing her wet folds with my tongue I reached up and pulled her pussy lips apart, I rolled my tongue and darted it in and out of her, she started moaning and getting wetter.

I felt the bed bounce and was aware of another body on the bed with us, Peter was kneeling in front of her, Helen bent forward and took his erect cock in her mouth and started sucking him, because she bent forward I started pushing my fingers in and out of her very wet cunt, I sucked on her very hard clit and then pressed a wet finger against her tight ass hole, and started to move it round in small circles, she shuddered and tensed as an orgasm ripped through her, she started squirting copious amounts of sweet pussy juice into my mouth which I started to gulp down, once she stopped squirting and shaking I crawled out from under her.

I knelt behind her she stopped sucking on Peter's cock, looked round at me while still wanking his cock slowly with one hand. I stroked the head of my hard cock up and down her wet pussy, then as I pushed the full length in she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. she went back eagerly to Peter's cock, we all got into an energetic rhythm, with Peter holding her head and seriously skull fucking her, I continued pounding into her wet pussy, she made some muffled moans and screams then she had another loud hard wet orgasm squeezing tightly with her pussy on my hard cock as I felt her juices run down my thighs.

She then pulled herself off my hard cock, Peter laid on his back on the bed, Helen took my cock deeply all the way down her throat and started sucking and lapping her pussy juices off it eagerly with her tongue, after it was clean she then straddled Peter's throbbing erection letting his thick cock stretch her pussy, leaving me stroking my cock while watching the live porn show happening in front of me, she slid up and down his length a few times moaning with each stroke, then with him buried deep inside her pussy she looked round at me and said "Fuck me in my slutty tight arse".

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I didn't need telling twice I knelt behind her and pressed the head of my cock against her tight puckered wet ass hole it went in fully much easier than I thought, me and Peter were now buried deep inside Helen and she let out a long animal moan. We all started fucking I could feel Peter's cock pressing against mine in her pussy which I must admit was a very erotic feeling, one I could recommend if you get chance, she started screaming "Oh God!

Oh God!" As she was having orgasm after orgasm moaning and panting every time she came, she squeezed her stretched arse tight around my throbbing cock each time she came, I couldn't hold on any longer and said urgently "I'mmm cummmmming" and I started unloading deep in her ass and bowels, as Peter felt my cock pulsing through her virginal wall he moaned and came deep in her pussy, at the feeling of two hard cocks cumming deep inside her at the same time Helen came that hard, really hard, she nearly passed out shaking and panting uncontrollably.

I pulled my deflating cock from her ass and it came out with a loud slurping noise, I lay on the bed exhausted. Helen climbed off of Peter then gave me a passionate kiss and said thank you, she then slid down and licked all the remaining cum from my limp cock, then she cleaned Peter's limp cock eagerly with her mouth, once she had finished she stood in front of us using her fingers to fish out some cum from her pussy and her well fucked ass and lick it off her fingers, this erotic show got my dick stirring and it started to get hard again.

I stood up walked behind her, I bent her over at the waist she moaned and said "Take me as roughly as you can, I love it like that" I then shoved my hard cock deep into her cum filled pussy and started fucking her really roughly. Peter was getting hard watching me fuck her very roughly this got him fully ready as I fucked her from behind.

Peter stood up and stood in front of her taking her head in his hands and shoved his erect cock straight down her throat making her gag a little, he then started fucking her throat just as roughly as I was pounding her pussy, we swapped ends few times and eventually both came on her face and tits whilst she furiously rubbed her well fucked pussy, she loved getting fucked and cum, we spent the next couple of hours fucking and sucking every available hole and cumming all over her.

I had a quick shower with Helen, whilst Peter slept, which involved lots of stroking, petting and a few more orgasms, I then got dressed, kissed her and left it was about 4:30 am by the time I got back to my cabin, Feeling worn out I crawled into bed, I fell asleep straight away with a very big smile on my face.

Chapter 3 I awoke around 10am after my knight of exertion then showered, I put on some shorts and a t shirt I took a novel and decided to go for some breakfast and then to the indoor pool to relax and read for a while, on the way there after I'd eaten, I picked up a coffee and some snacks. The seats and loungers were arranged in threes and fours in small alcoves, I found an empty lounger in an alcove and made myself comfortable.

After about an hour of reading my book, I was suddenly aware someone was standing at the end of my lounger, I looked over my book and it was Sue and Jo from the coach trip, "can we join you?" Sue enquired.

"Yes feel free" I said, Sue enquired if I would like anything to drink or eat, I said "a latte would be nice" and off she went, Jo smiled at me and said she was going for a swim, she took off her top, turned around bending at the waist, wiggling she peeled off her tight denim shorts, with her very nice toned ass towards my face, she was wearing a tiny black micro bikini. Jo had a typical cheer leader look, she's about five foot four inches tall, tanned, long blonde hair very large firm boobs, I would say they were F or double F.

The tiny bikini top was very small just two small triangles of cloth covering her nipples, the bottoms were just a small triangle and some string that vanished between her perfect full buttocks, she caught me staring she raised her eyebrows, smiled and walked over to the pool, as she climbed in I tried hide my growing member and returned to my book.

A few minutes later Sue returned with some coffees, we sat and chatted for a while she then said she was going to have a swim with Jo. She took off her top and shorts; Sue was wearing a tight fitting swimming costume. Sue was five foot eight inches tall with blond hair she had a slim frame and also had massive boobs, I now knew where Jo got hers from, and again I couldn't take my eyes off them. A few hours later we were all sat talking, Sue was insisting she had a book that she'd read and I simply must read it, as it was near lunch she said we should eat together and on route we would call at her cabin to get the book, we gathered our belongings, Jo said she was staying for another swim and would meet us in the cabin or at lunch, so Sue and me set off, when we got to her cabin it was more of a suite than a cabin, it was massive in comparison to mine, it had a large balcony, a large bed, Chairs and a sofa, she asked me to take a seat as she found me the book.

Sue excused herself to get changed out of her damp costume, she went into the bathroom I sat on the sofa and read the back cover with some interest, a few minutes later Sue appeared wearing a short white dressing gown, and she then sat down next to me on the sofa. It was quite apparent from her massive plunging cleavage she was only wearing the dressing gown; I smiled and complemented her on such a nice cleavage. "Oh!

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These where a present from my first husband" she said, "He was a tit man in more ways than one!" We both laughed "would you like to see them?" she said quite proudly undoing her dressing gown. She cupped her breasts and held them towards me; I reached out and squeezed one with my hand. "They are 38 double J" she said.

"Wow, and nice and firm" I added, they can be a little awkward at times but most men seem to like them Sue continued, she then started rubbing my thigh with her hand.

Her hand worked its way up to the bulge appearing in my shorts. "I see you like my tits" she said "mmmm" was the only reply I could muster while still squeezing and rubbing the hardening nipples.


She then stood up took off her dressing gown, she was now completely naked she then knelt in front of me undid my shorts and pulled them off, releasing my now very stiff cock, she held it at the bottom with one hand and cupped my heavy balls in her other, pushing my thighs apart she took the tip in her mouth, she then slowly managed to get her lips all the way to the bottom, I could feel it slipping down her throat after a few sucks she took my cock out of her mouth and spit some saliva on the tip then rubbing it the full length with her fingers, she took my now glistening cock and trapped it between her huge boobs she squeezed them together and started wanking my 8 inch member between them, the tip of my rampant cock was just protruding out of the top at the bottom of each stroke, I leaned back and closed my eyes the sensation was magnificent, as I neared my orgasm she started licking the tip as it appeared, this drove me over the edge and I cried "I'mmm Cummming" I looked down as I came the first spurt hit her under the chin then more spurts showered down all over her huge tits.

I glanced over to the bed and saw Jo sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open watching the show; she was franticly rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. I panicked a little like a kid caught with his hand in the biscuit jar, I looked back at Sue and she looked at Jo she said, "You were right"; he has got a big cock.

She stood up and walked over to Jo who stood up reached out, using her fingers wiped up some of my cum from her mother's fake huge boobs. She then licked it from her fingers saying "mmmm, and very tasty" she then leaned in and licked it straight from her mother's neck and boobs, I thought the whole scene was very erotic and I started getting another erection, Jo saw this looked at her mum and said "my turn" she came over knelt down and took my quickly stiffening cock in her mouth, she wrapped her fist tightly round my member and started wanking it furiously until it was rock hard, I looked over at Sue who was now sitting and watching the action very intently whilst sliding two fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

Jo undid her bikini top and threw it to one side, and then slipped off her bottoms all the time with my cock still in her mouth; she was making a lot of slurping noises.

She then let my rock hard member out of her mouth and in one swift move she stood up and sat down on me letting my full length penetrate her sopping pussy, she began to ride my member like she hadn't been fucked in months. I looked over at Sue who was still watching the show very intently she pulled her wet fingers from her pussy and licked her juices off them very slowly.

Jo leaned in and said quietly in my ear "do you like watching my mother suck her pussy juice from her fingers?" I nodded whilst she still rode my cock and making small grunting noises, "well you're going to love this then" she said, she raised herself off my cock and got down in-between my legs and started sucking on my balls, and stroking the shaft.

Sue came over and took the head of my cock in her mouth licking and savouring her daughter's juices off my erect throbbing cock, she was taking most of it in her mouth, Sue then stood up and stepped over my lap, then sat down hard on my ridged shaft and started to very expertly fuck me.

After a few minutes and a couple of shuddering orgasms Sue climbed off, Jo leaned in and began to furiously wank and suck at my very wet cock until I couldn't hold on any longer I moaned "I'm Cumming" I came on her face with the first spurt, then two more across her boobs she kept stroking me until I was spent, she then stood up and faced her mother, Sue said "come here darling let Mummy clean you up", then she started licking my cum from Jo's face and boobs.

Once she had a mouthful of cum she kissed Jo on the mouth and swapped all of my cum into her daughters mouth, Jo looked at me smiled then opened her mouth and showed me her cum covered tongue, she closed her mouth and swallowed as she was still rubbing her hard exposed clitoris she had a wet orgasm there and then, I could see her subtle six pack on her stomach as her muscles tensed and shuddered through it, we all took a shower together with plenty of kissing, sucking and fondling.

Both women came again and I came again on Sue's face and massive boobs we all dried each other off, I got dressed and kissed them both, I left them naked, cuddled up and napping on the bed, I went to replenish my drained body and have some lunch. Chapter 4 It was two days later on a trip around Visby near Sweden, I met Sara and Jess they were both from England and it was quite obvious that they were together! Sara was about 20 and about 5'9" and very attractive with long jet black hair, a thin waist with large boobs.

Jess was 19 about 6' tall and with long ginger hair she had smaller boobs but very long shapely legs, she too was very attractive they asked me to take some photos of them together in front of a church, after that they took some photos of me and for me on my camera. They seemed to photograph everyone and everything they saw, we all sat together for the provided lunch at a small café.

Jess asked me if I minded the fact that they were gay, I said no my motto was live and let live we had a couple of bottles of wine with lunch and we were all a little tipsy especially Jess, Sara tried to calm her as she got louder and more uninhibited the more she drank, she said to Sara quite loudly let's get naked and make love in the street, Sara just shook her head and apologised to me looking rather embarrassed.

I just said "go for it, so long as I can watch". Trying to break the tension, both girls were now giggling a lot. We headed back to the ship and we decided to go to a bar once on board and have a few more drinks, as I returned from a well needed trip to the bathroom, Sara was whispering in Jess' ear and Jess was nodding and grinning like a Cheshire cat, I sat down and said "c'mon what's the secret?" Well said Sara we have a little issue we'd like you to help us with only if your game, I was now intrigued and a little drunk, Sara continued, "I had a boyfriend when I was 15, we had great sex and then when I went to collage experimented with girls, and was bi-sexual for a while now I'm a lesbian and I'm only with Jess" she smiled and kissed Jess on the mouth.

She could see the puzzled expression on my face, "bear with me" she said, and continued "sweet little Jess here, has only ever been with me and is technically still a virgin", I glanced over at Jess who was bright red, "you see" she continued "I'd like to use dildos and strap-ons in the bedroom when we're having fun, but Jess doesn't want to lose her cherry to a plastic toy, so until she does loose her cherry I can only use my tongue and fingers in her sweet little pussy.

Therefore we were wondering if you would help us out." "Me!" I said a little stunned "you want me to take your lesbian lovers virginity?" "Yep, that's right" they said in excited unison. "Oh don't worry" said Sara "you will get to have me too and watch the show we mentioned earlier", "when is all this to happen?" I added "well" said Jess "there is no time like the present" we finished our drinks and made our way to the girls cabin, once inside I sat on the edge of their bed and they stood in the centre of the room, they started kissing each other very passionately, Sara pulled up Jess' short skirt and started squeezing her tight buttocks she then raised her hands and started unbuttoning Jess' blouse, pushing it off her shoulders she wasn't wearing a bra and had small tits, possibly only A cup but with huge erect nipples, all the time they were passionately kissing.

Sara then lowered her head kissing her neck then she went lower and began licking Jess' nipples, Jess then began to pull Sara's t shirt over her head and started to undo Sara's bra dropping it to the floor, Sara had much bigger breasts possibly C or D cup. Jess started cupping and squeezing Sara's ample tits Sara undid Jess' belt and skirt and pushed it down then peeled her skimpy knickers down she then went back to kissing her passionately.

Jess undid Sara's cropped denim shorts and pushed them down Sara wasn't wearing any knickers they continued hugging and kissing, both running their hands all over each other's naked bodies. Sara leaned forward and whispered something into Jess' ear she nodded and laughed, they both then turned to me and Jess said "are you enjoying the show?" I nodded and smiled I noticed that both girls were clean shaven and had glistening wet pussies. "Okay, it's your turn to strip" said Sara, "ok" I said and pulled my shirt off then unfastened my jeans and pushed then off "I'll remove your boxers" said Sara she knelt down in front of me, and pulled them down slowly my semi hard cock sprang up and Jess who was staring intently gasped, "nice cock" said Sara completely removing my boxers, she took hold of my cock and started stroking it slowly.

Jess came over and knelt beside Sara "it's so big" said Jess "that won't fit in my pussy!" "Yes it will" Sara said with a smile "I'll show you how it goes in, I'll give it a go first but we need to make him cum, and he will last longer the second time, which you will then enjoy a lot more, so I think a blow job is the first thing we need to give him", I agreed with a smile grinning and nodding like a fool, Sara lowered her head and started licking the full length of my now very hard eight inch cock, she then took the swollen head in her mouth and making loud slurping noises began to suck it deep into her throat, Jess watched with a look of awe on her face, as it was the first real cock she had ever seen erect and up close, I said would you like to have a go?

Jess looked unsure but said yes, Sara moved and Jess licked the tip then took it in her mouth, soon she was sucking like a pro with Sara giving instructions and demonstrating different techniques. I was struggling not to cum too soon; Sara noticed this and said she had better take over as he's about to cum, "No!" Protested Jess if she was going to lose her cherry then she wanted it all, the whole experience she then returned to her sucking, I could hold on no longer as I felt my balls tighten.

I warned Jess but she kept my cock in her mouth as I started shooting my load of cum, Jess had quite a surprised look on her face, Sara laughed "kiss me with it in your mouth" she said and both naked girls started kissing, they were swapping my cum back and forth for quite a while then when Sara had some on her tongue she showed me and then swallowed it. Jess watched and then did exactly the same, "I liked doing that" Jess said, "let's suck him off again" she exclaimed excitedly, "no" said Sara "it's time to get you ready" she pushed Jess flat on the bed and spread her legs wide apart she then started licking at her very wet pussy, she used her fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart and said to me "come and look at this" I joined her on the floor you could see Jess' hymen inside her small wet pink pussy.

I was now rock hard again Sara licked Jess' pussy making her very very wet Jess was moaning and trembling as she orgasmed again. Sara looked at me and said "she's ready" I positioned myself between her thighs and stroked the tip of my cock up and down her wet slit "are you sure you're ready?" I said Jess just nodded staring back with large eyes, as I started pushing my cock in I felt it stretch the opening of her pussy then it pressed against her hymen.

Sara was sat at the side playing with Jess' nipples and stroking her clit Sara looked at me and said "just do it" I pushed hard in a single stroke it tore past her virginity Jess gasped and tensed I then waited for her to relax with about 5 inch in her, about 30 seconds later I felt her relax her pussy muscles, and I started stroking in and out gradually going further in each time until I had all 8 inch in her tight pussy.

Sara then reached down between us and started stroking her clit again while she kissed her passionately, Jess came again very hard. I started stoking my full length in and out of her wet pussy, Jess was getting into it pushing back and gyrating her hips, I could feel my orgasm building I pulled my rock hard cock out of jess' tight pussy with a slurp, stroked my cock I shot hot cum all over her stomach, Sara started licking it off her and kissing her with it in her mouth.

Sara then grabbed my cock and began sucking on it, squeezing my balls, Jess then joined in and they took it in turns sucking, once I was fully erect Sara said "now it's my turn" she got on all fours and looked back at me "fuck me hard", I entered her in one stroke she gasped as I stretched her wet pussy, Jess knelt at the side of me watching me pound Sara's pussy, she then started pushing a wet finger into Sara's puckered little ass hole and Sara moaned.

Jess said to me "will your cock fit in here? Because Sara always wants my fingers in her ass" "we can try" I said I pulled out and pressed the wet hard end of my cock against her tight ass hole. Sara panicked a little but Jess just said "it won't be worse than what I've just done I've lost my virginity now you're going to lose your anal virginity" I started to push in and she relaxed a little as my cock started to slide in it stopped when I hit her sphincter muscle, Jess reached round and was furiously rubbing Sara's clit, Sara has a massive orgasm her whole body went rigid and shuddered then she relaxed as I felt her ass release its pressure on my trapped cock, I pushed passed her muscle with a pop and she screamed, then had another huge orgasm.

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I began to pump in and out of her virgin ass, Jess was staring intently "I want to have a go at that" she said and she got onto all fours at the side of Sara. I pulled my cock out of Sara's ass and she spun round and took it into her mouth she sucked on it taking it deep down her throat I then knelt behind Jess with Sara guiding my cock to her pussy, in one stroke I pushed all 8 inch into Jess' tight pussy she let out a shriek I pounded her pussy hard until she came, I then pulled it out and pressed it against her virgin ass hole she was a little tense, Sara grabbed my cock and started pushing it into Jess' tight ass hole "fuck her ass hard like you fucked mine" I grabbed her hips and pushed the full length of my ridged cock in, she screamed and came so hard she almost blacked out.

Sara sat in front Jess and spread her legs wide, Jess bent down and started lapping at her wet pussy and pushing fingers both her holes after a few minutes of hard pounding, I couldn't hold on any longer I grabbed her hips and slammed all the way in and came in Jess' tight ass with spurt after spurt of hot cum, she pulled off my cock then sat over Sara's open mouth and emptied most of from her ass into her mouth.

Both girls then swapped the hot cum between their mouths several times before swallowing it, they then laid tougher kissing and stroking each other to more orgasms. Whilst I watched the live porn show, I stroked my cock back into life until I came over the girls faces while they were kissing each other; they then lapped it up and played with each other.

We ended up in the same bed all night stroking licking sucking and fucking every available hole.

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I left for my cabin in the early hours, as it was time to depart the ship…&hellip. I am looking forward to my next cruise