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The night was cold, and I was huddled underneath my two thick warm blankets. It was mid December, almost Christmas time, and I grew with anticipation as time drew closer to Christmas day. My children were fast asleep in their bedrooms, while my husband was at work. He worked nights, and I had many lonely evenings without his love. I was watching a movie in my bedroom, and soon found myself falling asleep. Before I was fully alseep, a weird wirling sound came from my bedroom window.

My eyes popped open thinking it may have been my husband arriving home early to perhaps surprise me. To my shock and surprise, before I could spring out of bed, I was motionless as I took heed to a strange shadow lurking next to my window; it was as if it appeared mysteriously though the thick glass, and was actually standing a few feet away from me. I thought I may have been dreaming, at first as I looked over with shock. I quickly pulled the covers over my head like a child would do when afraid of scary shadows coming from the window, or perhaps having dreams about closet monsters.

I could feel my breath heating the entire area of my body as I breathed heavily.

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Being fully under the covers, the heat grew fast, and I slowly pulled the covers away from my face to see if it was just a dream. I looked toward the window, where the shadow was standing, and there was no one there.


I took a deep breath and ended it with a slow drawn out sigh. My eyes darted from the window to where my bedroom door was. I did not see it anymore, and too in another deep breath and slowly closing my eyes with another sigh. I could feel my heart throbbing, as the butterflies within the pit of my gut slowly withdrew.

For a moment I felt relief, but as I looked to the right side of my bed there it was.

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I popped my eyes wide, as I froze in deep terror. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing had come out. A silent scream in the night, perhaps this was just a nightmare. Whatever it was, it moved closer to my face and I could see long saber like fangs, clicking just inches away from my nose.

My eyes where locked on him, as he drew in closer and closer to me, and all I could hear was the clicking sound of his hooks clashing together. His eyes were a dark green in color, and I studied his massive bodice, as he stood over me.

My first thought was ''how did he get in here, in my bedroom''? I tried to pulled the covers over my head, and only I knew I was fully naked beneath them. As soon as I attempted to pull the covers over my head once again, the monster like creature slowly rose his large left hand to the covers, and gripped them, then pulled them away from my body, throwing the blankets to the ground.


I was fully exposed, and I lay there helpless, as his eyes seemed to hypnotise me. They were big, green, and scary to look into, but my eyes could not help but to look into his.

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I was paralized with fear, a fear that I had never felt before. An acid like taste ran down my throat as I swallowed with a gulp. I wanted to run away from him, and get my children from their bedrooms, and get the fuck out of the house as fast as I could. But I couldn't.

He was a blackish grey in color, he had long claws, that looked as though they were a foot long or longer. He stood about 8 feet tall, and was about 3 feet wide.

He had webbed like hands with those scary looking claws. He had a slime look to him, and looked as though if you were to touch him, he would feel like a fish would feel in your hands.

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He stood over me looking at me deeply into my eyes, and a light green mist seemed to pour from his jaws as he re-opened them, this time not making a sound. I was totally frozen with a desire to get the hell out of there as fast as I could, but again, I couldn't.

I looked toward the radio clock on my night dresser, and it was half past 2:00AM. Though it felt as though this intimidation went on for hours. He slowly and seductivly crawled onto my bed with me, hovering over me like an onyx cloud, waiting to deliver the down pour. My hand were clenched to my chest, and my legs were trembling as I pushed them tightly together.

He was hovered over me for a few minutes taking in my scent. His long face, moved up & down my body, sniffing me, and taking in my aroma deeply, with hot desire. The thing that scared me the most was his fangs, and his talons.

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They were equally as long, and looked as though he could slash my head clean off with one swipe. There was enough light in my bedroom, and I could see everything on this monster alien type creature.

I could see he was getting aroused, and he had a massive hard on. The knob of his cock was larger than my balled up fist, and it had of been over a foot long, if not longer. I was petrified, and trembled as I watched grow to its full length, of the size that I described. My legs were still clenched tightly together, as I tried my best to not let go of my tight body.

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He did not touch yet, but as I looked back into his eyes, my legs pried apart on their own. It was like telekenesis, as he had his way with me. My legs were fully spread, and my arms were flung over my head.

I struggled and gasped, but it felt as though I was tied and bound to my own bed. TO BE CONTINUED.