Me encanta tocarme y masturbarme hasta acabar twink boy jerkingoff hot in bed

Me encanta tocarme y masturbarme hasta acabar twink boy jerkingoff hot in bed
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WARNING: THIS STORY IS A WORK OF FICTION, AND CONTAINS SEXUAL ACTIONS BETWEEN MINORS. IF YOU OBJECT TO SUCH CONTENT, DO NOT CONTINUE READING. I was excited. Finally, after much anticipation, my family finally arrived in France for our summer vacation. After several days of short trips and exceptional meals, my mom and I drove down to the Mediterranean Sea to take a quick swim; my dad and brother stayed at the house we were renting.


After a short drive - probably no longer than an hour - we arrived at Marseillan-Plage. Our hosts warned us about the nudist beaches, and my mom tried to steer clear. We were able to park fairly close to a normal beach, and after a few minutes, we were standing on the sand looking out onto the Mediterranean. It was a deep blue color, nearly the same color as the sky. Waves washed up the beach as children darted in and out of the water while parents and grandparents lay down on their towels and soaked up the sun.

But one thing grabbed the attention of my teenage penis: some of the girls were topless. One in particular caught my eye. She must have been about 16 or 17, and she had long blonde hair that fluttered in the breeze. Her skin was perfectly tanned from must have been many summers at the beach, and her breasts were perfectly formed- not too big and not too small, with slightly darker areolas.

Her legs seemed to extend forever, shining smoothly in the sun. The only thing she wore was a modest green bikini bottom that framed her firm, round butt in that special way that only a bikini bottom can.

By this point, my penis was rock hard. Fortunately for me, I was wearing loose-fitting Hurley board shorts, so my erection was hidden fairly well. I must have been staring too long as my mom caught my gaze and snapped me back to reality. "Do you think she's pretty?" she asked. "Yeah, mom, I obviously do!" I laughed. "Would you. have sex with her?" my mom asked again. "Mom! I." I could feel myself growing very red, so my mom stopped asking me questions.

I was surprised that my mom would even ask me something like that.

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She always seemed to be really cautions whenever talking about sex. My mom lay down on her towel, and I waited until my erection had completely subsided before I ventured into the water. It was cold, so I wouldn't really have to worry about getting hard again. That was particularly lucky for me, as the blodne girl joined a group of other girls and boys, all of which were incredibly sexy. Hours of daydreaming in the water flew by until my mom swam over to me.

It was time for us to leave. We dried off, then walked back towards the car. But instead of heading back to our vacation house, my mom drove out of town and to a large building that looked a bit like a 1960's spa from a James Bond movie. I noticed several other cars in the lot as my mom parked and got out. "I have a surprise for you, Henry," she said with a smile. Instead of walking inside, my mom lead me around to the back where we climbed the stairs up to the room.

The roof was nice; there was a fireplace in one corner, and the roof was covered in large red tiles.To my surprise, there was the blodne girl from the beach, and she was still topless! I gave a questioning look to my mom, but she simply smiled. Just then, a middle-aged woman - probably someone's mom - walked over to me and laid a hand on my shoulder.

"Bonjour, monsieur, pouvez-vous retrouvez la boite des preservatifes dans la coffre de ma voiture? Elle est la rouge pres des arbres." I can speak French, so I understood perfectly what she said. It was strange, though. She asked me to retrieve a box on condoms from her car.

I had no idea what she would need condoms for, but I had a growing suspicion that rose with my penis until both stood at attention; this must be some kind sex party arranged by parents for their kids. As I was walking back to the stairs, I noticed a boy sitting on a swing under a large Sycamore tree. He looked around 15, and looked a bit like Ryan Sheckler; he had shaggy dirty-blonde hair that hung just above his shoulders and electric blue eyes that really excited me.

He was shirtless, and his chest was toned, Not too muscular, but it was obvious that he played some kind of sport. He had a very light six pack, and one of those V-things that led down to his board shorts- red with a thick navy blue stripe on each side.

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I looked down at his legs, and was delighted to see that they were completely hairless. Being bisexual, I began to imagine all the fun I could have with him if it really turned out to be a sex party, but he snapped me out of my dream. "Do you like what you see?" he asked. He must have been an American tourist as well, as he spoke perfect English.

"My name's Connor, what's yours?" "Henry," I answered, extending my hand. Connor reached out and shook it. His hands were warm and smooth; I just imagined that it was my penis he was holding instead.

"Hey, do you wanna join us up there?" I asked, nudging my head towards the roof. "Yeah, sure, what are you guys doing up there?" Connor asked. "You'll see," I said, smiling in the sexiest way I could. "But I think you'll really like it." He followed me back up the stairs and to the roof. I gave the condoms to the woman and saw that there were about a dozen or so boys and girls, ranging in ages from about 12 to 19, sitting in a circle. The woman put the box of condoms in the middle of the circle and directed me and Connor to find a spot.

I found myself sitting with a 12-year-old blonde boy to my left and a 14-year old girl with curly black hair to my right. Once we were all seated, the parents sat down around the fireplace, with the exception of that one woman, who seemed to be in charge.

I glanced over at my mom, and she just smiled back at me. The woman turned to the parents and asked what language she should speak in.

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It turned out that everyone else was American as well, so she spoke in English as she addressed us all. "You can all see the condoms in the middle, so you must know what we are going to do." As she droned on and on about how to use a condom, safe sex and the like, the blodne boy to my left looked up at me and smiled.

"My name's Alex." "Hi, Alex, I'm Henry," I said, smiling back at him. Then I watched amazed as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his uncut 12-year-old penis and began to play with it. "You must really be excited to get going," I commented. "Yep!" he responded, speeding up his hand a bit. "I've been waiting about this ever since my mom told me about it." I glanced around the circle and saw several other people with their hands in their pants, so I untied my board shorts and pushed down my boxers and took out my penis.

(Does anyone else do this? Boxers under board shorts? Answer in the comments, please.) I won't lie to you, it's uncut and about 5 inches hard. I held it near the base between my thumb and index finger and began to flip it against my stomach until it had hardened up a bit. Then, I grabbed it in my fist and began to pump the foreskin up and down over the head.

I kept up for about a minute or two until I noticed that Alex had stopped his masturbation and was watching me.

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"Can I do that for you?" he asked. I couldn't answer quickly enough! "Oh, hell yeah!" I said a little louder than I probably needed to, drawing the attention of a few people here and there. I leaned back, propping myself up with my hands as Alex took my penis in his hands and began to slowly stoke it. "My brother's dick is bigger than yours, but I like how yours feels better.

He's uncut like me," Alex said, surprising me. Was this 12-year-old boy playing with his brother? "You mean you've jacked off your brother?" I asked. "Is he here?" "Yep that's Adam," Alex replied, pointing to a boy about 18 years old across the circle from us.

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(Adam and Alex. How cute.) He had brown hair that was buzzed close to his head, and a little bit of scruffy stubble under his jaw. He had on a red Hollister tee shirt, but I could see that even with it on he was well-toned. He had his shorts and boxers at his ankles, his eyes closed, and his penis in his hand. Sure enough, it was longer. It looked nearly 8 inches long! I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt Alex's hot, wet mouth on the head of my penis.

Noticing that he startled me, Alex stopped. "I'm sorry, should I not do that? Adam loves it when I suck him off," Alex said. I was beginning to get very impressed with everything this kid new about sex and sex vocabulary. "No, no no no no," I said, laughing. "Please continue!" Alex smiled and lowered his mouth back down to my penis, engulfing the head in his mouth.

The feeling was incredible, and I almost blew my load on the spot. Then Alex began to take more and more of me penis in his mouth. He tried to get it all in, but unfortunately he wasn't that good at deep-throating. As my penis slid in and out of his mouth, he flicked his tongue around the head. I t was too much. I tensed up, ready to cum. "I'm.I'm gonna cum!" I warned. To my disappointment, he took my penis out of his mouth. He whipped his shirt off over his head and tossed it to one side. By this time, nearly everyone else around the circle was engaged in some form of oral sex with those around them.

I looked back to Alex, and he was completely naked!


He was perfectly hairless, as he must not have begun with puberty yet. "I want you to cum all over my butt!" Alex said, turning around and sticking out his smooth, round butt towards me. I grabbed my penis and furiously pumped it until I could feel the semen rising in my penis. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as ropes of cum shot out of my penis and onto Alex's back and butt. A bit of it even ran down into his crack. I finished draining my penis, and Alex turned back around to face me.

"That was awesome!" he said, smiling. I reached over and ruffled his hair. "Oh, yeah. It sure was!' I looked around, and most of the other pairs of people had finished up.

Then, the woman stepped back into the middle of the circle and addressed us all again. "I can see you have all had fun. But now it is time to switch to the person next to you. You may begin!" ___________________________________________________________________________________ Part Two: I pair up with the girl next to me and start cherry-picking ;)