Young man touches his feet while rubbing his meaty dick

Young man touches his feet while rubbing his meaty dick
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It was late summer and my sister Jenna and I were on the last leg of our backpacking trip through Europe. We were to catch a train then we'd have our last 5 days on the beach in Portugal before we'd fly home and head back to college. We were having a great time, we'd always got on really well and we supported each other when Dad remarried and got a real bitch of a stepmom when we were pretty young.

Being a year apart, her now being 21 to my 20, we were close and going on vacation together was perfect. We dressed in sweatpants for the 8 hour train ride and got a cab to the station, a pretty angry crowd was gathered round a man in uniform though, we couldn't understand what they were all saying but we found another official who spoke English and asked what was wrong.

"We are sorry but the train wheels break at station and cannot go, we give you coach to Madrid and train there to Portugal." He said. "How long is the coach ride?" Said Jenna. "Three hours to Madrid then six hours to Portugal." "Well okay.

Where do we have to go?" "Coach is out front, use train ticket, hurry though, they filling up fast." Jenna and I made our way through the pissed off crowd to another huge crowd by the coach. The driver didn't seem too happy and most people were going back to demand another coach. "I tell you same as I tell others, I have room to stand with luggage or you can wait until next coach tomorrow, if you want to yell, go yell at train, I am just driver." He said.

"We only have a few days left of our vacation, standing will be okay Sir, sorry these other people are mean." Said Jenna with a smile. "I make as comfortable as I can but I sorry okay." He said in his broken English.

"We're just glad to leave today, we know it's not your fault Sir." He took us to the back of the coach, it was stacked with suitcases and bags of mail from the train but he found us a little alcove that let us basically lean on the bags with a rail to hang on to and one air vent to keep us cool.

We didn't care, couple hours of discomfort then plenty of room sitting on a train. We thanked the driver and set about making ourselves comfortable in our tiny space. "Nope, this is no good, I'm not getting any air from the vent, let me stand in front and I can just lean back on you." Said Jenna as we tried her behind me. We switched positions and had me leaning back on a pile of mail bags with Jenna's back to me.

We had a little space between us but when the coach finally pulled off the bags shifted and she was pressed against me. "You going to be okay sis? They shouldn't move any more but we're kinda tight here." I said. "I'm fine, I'm just glad we both showered. Will just be like our movie nights, cuddled on the couch in the basement watching shitty movies so we didn't have to sit with the bitch." She replied. The roads were smooth at first but once we left the highway the roads got pretty bumpy.

Jenna, being the same height as me, had her ass pressed against me and she was inadvertently rubbing me in ways that my cock woke up to. Combined with the smell of her shampoo I felt myself getting hard and being so close to her there was no way I could hide it.

"You doing okay back there little brother?" She said, turning her head to show her smiling. "I'm sorry I can't help it." "I'm not worried about it sweetie." Another few minutes passed and my cock was fully hard but was sitting really uncomfortably in my pants. "I'm so sorry sis, I need to adjust this, it's starting to hurt." "Go ahead." She said and pulled herself forward as much as she could. I reached down my pants and set my cock vertically so it wouldn't hurt, forgetting that would have it sitting in the crease of her ass.

"Ooh, you sure you want it like that, these bumps aren't getting any lighter." She said, grinding her ass against me. "Well that doesn't help any." I said. "What, this doesn't?" She said and did it again. "Jenna please." I pleaded. "Please what little brother, do it slower or faster." "You know what you're doing, I can't help how my body is reacting." "Fine." Another 5 minutes or so passed and my cock was still like steel, Jenna looked back at me then took my hand from the bag I was leaning on and put it on her chest.

"What are you doing." I said. "Just shut up and enjoy it, touch me." She said, holding my hand on her breast.

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What happened next left me speechless anyway, she pulled her sweatpants down to her knees, pulled my pants and boxers down and slid my cock into her pussy in one quick move. I gasped at how good she felt and she quietly moaned. "Oh ffffffffuck you're bigger than I expected, gimme a minute to get used to this." She said, gently moving on my cock. "What are you doing, I'm your brother, we shouldn't be doing this." "Well it's too late for that and now we are.

You can cum in me then you won't have a boner pressing into me anymore, now put your hand up my shirt and play with my nipples." I hesitated but when she started thrusting on my cock I figured I could only go to hell once and reached under her bra to fondle her breast as she fucked me.

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It only took her a few minutes to cum, I felt her pussy tighten as she quietly whimpered in pleasure. Once she came the first time she pulled my hand from her breast and pulled both hands to her waist and whispered 'fuck me hard' back at me.

I did as she asked and pounded my cock into her as hard as our limited space would allow and when I felt her cum again I couldn't hold back and blasted her pussy with the hot seed from my balls. Once I was spent and started to soften she pulled away from my cock and pulled her pants up and told me to pull mine up too.

She leaned back into me and had me hold her. "Feel better sweetie." She said. "That felt amazing." I replied. We spent the rest of the coach ride just snuggling then when we finally arrived we got out and stretched our legs.

"I need to use the bathroom, change out of these panties, they're soaked with your cum." Said Jenna, not caring that a couple standing near us could hear.

"I'll get our tickets." The coach driver came to me and handed me a pair of tickets. "Since you not complain and are nice about riding in back I get you first class cabin okay, thank you my friend." He said.

"That's so nice of you, thank you." I replied. Jenna came back a few minutes later, I didn't tell her about our upgrade. She embraced me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

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"What was that for?" I said, smiling. "For the best orgasms I've had in years, lets go grab our seats." "Oh, about that, our seats in coach were double booked." "You're fucking kidding right, if we are delayed any further I'm going to flip my shit." "I'm kinda kidding, the driver of the coach upgraded us to first class." "Oh you tease." She said, grinning as she punched my arm.

The cabin was real nice, not huge but felt that way after the cramped coach ride. Jenna put the 'please don't disturb' sign on the door after they checked our tickets and locked the door once the train got underway.

"You know, we may not be cramped and squished together but I wouldn't mind a repeat from that coach ride." She said, smiling at me seductively. "I thought you only did it so I would stop poking you." "At first it was but you felt amazing and I want that big cock in me again." Jenna pulled my pants down and freed my cock then took her own off and straddled me on the chair and began to ride me slowly, she pulled her shirt off and un-clipped her bra and had me suck her nipples as we made love.

I lasted a while and she was soaked in sweat by the time we'd both came again. We kissed each other tenderly as we caught our breaths then quietly got dressed.

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"Should we see what delights the food car has?" Said Jenna. "Sure, you've given me quite the appetite." "How about, for the rest of this trip we just be lovers, you can fuck me as much as you want." "I like the sound of that." We sat down in the restaurant car and ordered our meal, she rubbed my cock with her foot under the table. She looked around, seen the Spanish couple sitting near us and pulled my face to hers for a kiss. "I can't believe I've became addicted to my own brother's cock." She said, not really being quiet.


"Lots of people speak English Jenna, please keep it quiet." To my horror the Spanish couple got up and sat right next to us in our booth, the woman sat beside me, the man beside Jenna. "Especially people who are actually American like you and just look like locals." Said the man with a smile. "Uh, Hi." Said Jenna. "We couldn't help overhearing, you two are still glowing, assuming you joined the mile long club after the backseat fun on the coach?

That and you are brother and sister?" Said the woman. Jenna's face went red. "We um, it just kind of happened." Jenna replied. "Honey, no need to be ashamed with us, I'm Marie and this is my brother Carl, we moved over here 10 years ago as lovers and haven't looked back since." Said the woman. "This is really new to us, we were squished together on the coach and it just kind of happened and I took him into me.

We have only had sex twice. Sorry, I'm Jenna, this is Marcus." Replied Jenna. "Where are you staying in Portugal, the hostel by the train station in Algarve?" Said Carl.

"Yes, 5 more days then we fly home." I replied. "We have a big villa not far from town, it has a pool, private beach and a beautiful little town within walking distance, how about you be our guests instead? We'll even give you a room on the east wing so you can be as loud as you want." Said Marie. "Uh, sure, that would be wonderful." Said Jenna. We chatted with them as we ate, they had grown up in a similar situation but had a stepdad who was an asshole and fled to Portugal when they fell in love.

They worked hard for years then got a big inheritance when their mother died and bought a citrus orchard and their villa. It was pretty late when we arrived, they showed us to our room, gave us some clean towels and a few bottles of water and wished us goodnight.

"You've had me twice today little brother, can we just sleep and have more fun in the morning?" Said Jenna. "I can live with that, I'm pretty beat." We showered together and cuddled up close in bed, I woke to the exquisite feeling of her sucking my cock. She stopped when she seen I was awake. "Morning sweetie, since you're already hard, want to fuck me?" She said, already starting to straddle me. "Yea but get on all fours, I want you from behind." I licked her pussy a little then watched my cock as I pushed it into her pussy and took it nice and slow, when she started moaning I increased my pace and was soon slamming into her.

When I felt her cum I couldn't hold back and exploded, spraying my seed deep inside her pussy. We collapsed on the bed together. "Now we can start the day." She said, smiling as cuddled into me. We showered and found our way to the kitchen, our hosts had a pot of fresh coffee and a huge fruit and fresh cheese and pastries tray set out.

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"Good morning, please enjoy." Said Marie. "Did you sleep well?" Asked Carl.


"We did, thank you. I wanted to ask, can we give you something for food or anything?" I asked.

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"Oh don't be silly, you're our guests." Smiled Marie. "Well we really appreciate it, you have a beautiful home." Said Jenna. "Wait until you see our beach." Said Marie. "Do you mind if I take a walk to town, I'd like to pick up a few postcards." I said. "Of course, the door will be open, just join us on the beach when you get back, follow the stairs down and walk through." Said Marie. I took my time, I wanted to clear my head and think things through about Jenna, I always loved and cared for her as my sister but to see her in a sexual way was something I always avoided.

I thought about her long brown hair, her perfect breasts, her athletic body and felt my cock stir. I wanted her, I wanted to keep her and I decided I was going to tell her and hope she felt the same about me. When I got back I changed into my swim shorts and made my way through the house and down to the beach, the tide was out though so the water was further down but I didn't see Jenna and the others at first.

As I walked towards the water I seen them all on a huge blanket and stopped in my tracks. Jenna was on all fours being fucked from behind by Carl while she ate Marie's pussy. Marie spotted me first. "Oh, hey handsome, there's no clothes on our beach, take your shorts off and join us." She said and continued enjoying my sister's tongue.

I dropped my shorts where I stood and walked towards them, I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy about Jenna but I brushed it aside. She stopped licking long enough to say 'hi baby' then carried on. "I think you should welcome him properly Marie, I'm sure Jenna has you wet enough." Said Carl as he pounded Jenna.

"Of course, on your back right here my dear." Said Marie, patting the blanket beside her. Marie was pretty sexy, beautiful curves and voluptuous breasts, she mounted me and was riding my already hard cock before I could even think about objecting.

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She felt wonderful, looking between her breasts swaying and Jenna's as she was fucked was a sight I won't forget anytime soon. Hearing Jenna moan had me pretty turned on but Carl came right as she did and Jenna collapsed on her back beside me. She rolled over and kissed me then sat up to suck Marie's nipples. "Your sister is a naughty one, we love it." Groaned Marie. Right as I came, pushing up into Marie and cumming into her, the wind started to pick up and the sand was getting a little harsh.

We gathered up the blanket and headed inside. While Carl and Marie shook the sand off the blanket, Jenna pulled me aside.

"I want to watch you with Carl, if you do it for me I will belong to you, I'll be your everything." She said, stroking my cock. "What do you me. Oh. Um, sure." I replied.

"He's about the same size as you, it would turn me on so much." When they both came inside Jenna couldn't wait. "He said yes." She said, grinning. "Have you done anything with a man before?" Said Carl.

"No but I'm open minded" I replied. "Good, lets take this to the bedroom." He said.

Jenna and Marie sat on the bed and watched as Carl knelt on the bed and fed me his cock, he tasted like Jenna but I was concentrating on the fact I had a man's cock in my mouth for the first time. I emulated what I'd had from the few women who'd sucked me and I managed to get him hard. He had me get on all fours facing the women, I felt him push a lubed finger into my ass then after a little he stopped, stroked some lube onto his cock then slowly pushed it inside me. I'd never felt so stretched before, it hurt a little at first but once I got used to him and he started thrusting, it actually felt good.

He took it slow at first, he waited until my cock got hard then started really fucking me, his body slapping against mine. I'm not sure how long he lasted, it felt like forever but eventually he groaned then I felt his cock swell as he spurted his seed into my ass. When he pulled out, I was still hard, Jenna opened her legs in front of me, I only lasted a few thrusts but she came when I exploded inside her.

"That was the hottest thing I've ever watched in my life, thank you baby." Said Jenna. "Not many guys like that, thank you." Said Carl. "Was fun, I liked it." I replied. The rest of our stay went pretty much the same, we got to relax on the beach and in between we'd both be fucking Carl and Marie. On our last night, after quietly making love in our room, I held Jenna close to me.

"Jenna, what we've shared, is it going to be forgotten when we get home?" I said. Jenna turned to look at me. "How could I ever forget this, you've given me something I never thought I could have and I love you, more than just a sister should.

I want us to make love until we are old, we'll hide it from the world but my body and soul belong to you. Well, Marie and Carl can have my body while we're here but you know." She said smiling.

"That makes me so happy, I was worried this was just a holiday thing." "No way, I am yours my love." She said then kissed me softly. We had an afternoon flight the next day, we got up early in hopes of another play session before we left but Marie and Carl were fully clothed and sat looking pretty serious at the kitchen table. "Take a seat, both of you." They said. "Um, did we do something wrong?" Said Jenna, seeing Marie's face.

"No sweetie, please hear us out." Said Marie. "My sister has that serious face because you are leaving, we've both loved your company, we don't just mean sexually but you have both reminded us of the love we shared and what brought us here. Anyway, we have a proposition for you, you said you're both only in college to stay away from home, what if we offered you a place here, if you wanted to we can place you in a local college to learn a trade but you'd live with us here, earn your places with helping around the house but you would be our guests of honor for as long as you wanted to be here.

If we get too much, we'll open up one of our little apartments for you but how we've been these few days is how we are. We've lived in a place where we had to hide our love for each other and want to give you the chance where you wouldn't have to." Said Carl. "Are you serious?" Said Jenna, here eyes wide. "Of course, the thought of you two going home to sneak around makes me cry." Said Marie. "Well, I had better call and cancel the shuttle." I said. Jenna looked at me with tears running down her face, she gave me a huge hug and kissed me.

"Thank you, this is going to be wonderful." Our call home wasn't as bad as we expected, Dad wired us some money and put enough in an account to get a flight if we changed our minds, five years later and it's still in there. Jenna and I help run their citrus business now, at home we don't wear clothes and whoever is closest when we're horny is who we make love to. We always drift off to sleep in each others arms, soft kisses before blissful dreams.