Milf with glasses anal dildoing on webcam

Milf with glasses anal dildoing on webcam
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It was around 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning when the doorbell rang. I hadn't been awake long, and was still in what I wore to bed; a tank top and shorts, which showed of my lean legs and ample DD breasts.

I had no make-up on and my dark brunette hair was tied up in a messy ponytail to keep it out of my face. When the doorbell sounded I put down my coffee and went to the door. On opening the door I found that it was the delivery man.

"I've got a package for Miss Charlotte Burns?" he said politely. I smiled a little, noticing the bulge in his trousers that had appeared when I opened the door. "Oh yeah, that's me. Wanna come in for a bit. I must be the last delivery, am I right?" I smiled sweetly.

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He smiled back and answered with a yes, I was the last. As I took the parcel from him he came in, and I showed him through to the living room before leaving to get a drink for us. When I came back I found him sat down on the sofa. Now let's get one thing straight, I was single and in desperate need of some sex, and this guy was doing nothing to hide the hard on in his pants, my pussy was dripping.

Biting my lip, I sat down close next to him and handed him the drink.

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"So… Why'd you invite me in?" he asked, placing a warm hand on my thigh. He noticed my nipples standing on end through the thin material of the top and laughed a little. "Oh, I see." I smiled at him, running my hand up his leg, stopping just short of the bulge in his pants. "Well, you were obviously affected by what you saw when I opened the door, I just thought we could have a little fun?" I began to slowly stroke his dick through his clothes. It felt huge!

He sighed as I stroked. I leant closer towards him and he pulled me in for a kiss. It was slow, sensual and boy did it get me horny.

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Suddenly, he pulled me on top of him, so I was straddling his legs as he sat on the sofa. Putting my arms around his neck, I began to grind my pussy against his prick. As I did so, he pulled my tank top down to reveal my tits and began sucking, licking and nibbling them.

I let me head fall back and moaned in pure ecstasy. When he had finished with my tits, I slid off of his lap and removed clothes.

When I pulled off his underwear I gasped out loud. "Wow, your cock is huge!" I muttered, stroking the full 11 inches and licking my lips. He laughed. "Suck it baby, suck on my dick." I looked up at him from my kneeling position on the ground. I smiled seductively and licked his huge shaft once from bottom to top, kissing the purple head.

He groaned in pleasure, and then I began to properly suck him off.

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I worked and worked on his cock, rolling my tongue around it, licking and stroking it. I tickled his balls as I deep-throated him, and I felt his cock twitch before he shot his load down my throat. I took it all into my mouth, and then swallowed every drop. "Wow, you can sure suck cock! Now let me return the favour. Lie down…" he insisted. As laid back, he removed my shorts to expose my hairless pussy. I opened my legs wide for him to get a good look.

He began to lick my pussy; lapping at the juices and making me squirm. I pulled and squeezed my nipples as he stuck his tongue deep into my cunt. Then, he put three fingers in my hole and started to pump my pussy with them, whilst licking and nibbling on my clit.

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I moaned loudly and felt myself nearing my orgasm. He felt it too, because as I began to cum, he bit down on my clit, making me scream in both pleasure and pain. When my orgasm had subsided, he pulled me to my feet and we kissed, sharing each other's tastes. I licked some of my pussy juice off of his chin before shoving him onto the sofa.


I straddled him again, and before he could do anything, impaled my tight pussy on his huge cock, making me scream out. When I had grown accustomed to the size of his member in my love canal, I leant towards him and whispered breathlessly, "Fuck me… fuck me hard… I want to feel that big dick deep inside my cunt…" And he did.

Holding onto my supple ass cheeks, he lifted me slightly, and then began to ram his cock up into me fast and hard. I screamed and moaned as he did so, leaning forward so my tits were bouncing in his face. He fucked me and fucked me, until I came again, at which point he pulled me off of his prick and laid me down on the sofa.

Without warning he rammed his cock back into me, fucking me like he was possessed. "Aaaahhh, ohhhh, yeeaaahhhh, fuck me gooood! Fuck me like I'm your little bitch!" I screamed, as he fucked me relentlessly. "Shit your tight… oh fuck your pussy is good… you fucking whore, you like that? You like me fucking your tight little cunt hole?" All I could do was scream as another earth-shattering orgasm took over me.

"Now turn around, I wanna fuck you from behind." He hissed, slapping my ass as I stuck it out towards him.


"Mmmmmm… fuck me deep… treat me like a slut…" I moaned He shoved his cock deep into me and fucked me fast, his huge dick hitting my cervix with every thrust. He reached around with one had to touch my tits, and started to rub my ass-hole with the other. "Stick your finger in my ass!

Make me cum!!!" I screamed out. And even though I didn't think it was possible, he fucked my pussy harder with his dick whilst he fingered my ass-hole, pushing me over the edge. After a long, weakening orgasm, I turned around and took his cock back in my mouth. Pulling it back out, I said, "I'm gonna suck your cock good, then I want you to jizz all over my tits, okay?" he just nodded as I began to suck his member.

After what felt like an hour, I felt his cock stiffen, and I pulled it out of my mouth, aiming it at my tits and stroking it fast. Within seconds he shot his warm cum all over my perky tits, moaning in pleasure.

When he finished, we both stood up and shared a long sexual kiss. Before he left, he gave me his cell number and e-mail address, and we continued to meet up and fuck. He's brought me plenty more packages since