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The bus lurched to a halt at the stop. From her seat, Julia looked on as the petite pretty young girl impatiently waved goodbye to her mother at the stop, and got on board.

As ever, the daily routine took place the girl paid the driver for her fare, and marched down the aisle, sat at an empty seat, and gave an embarrassed wave as her mother watched the bus pull away. Today the girl sat at the seat in front of Julia, who watched as the routine continued the girl shuffled the skirt of her school uniform up an inch or two, so that she displayed just a little more black nylon-encased leg, and ran her fingers through the long dark ringlets of her hair, tousling and teasing them into what she obviously hoped was a more street-wise and sexy look.

Julia smiled to herself, all the girl's actions reminded her so much of herself as a schoolgirl twenty years ago. She'd been much the same then, as soon as she was out of sight of her parents, she'd hitch her skirt up, slap on some more lipstick and try to look as cool as possible, especially if there were any boys in the vicinity.

This girl must be from a well-to-do family, Julia thought to herself. The badge on the young girl's blazer displayed the crest of St Peter's, an expensive fee-paying school located about twenty miles away.

Julia's journey to the office was a little shorter; the girl would be on the bus for a few more stops after Julia had alighted. Julia suppressed a chuckle as the girl inexpertly attempted to apply lipstick whilst the bus bumped and jolted its way through town.

She leaned forward and spoke quietly to her. "Why don't you wait until we get out on to the motorway?" "Ummm, what?" The girl replied. Julia continued "The bus will be fairly still then for about fifteen minutes, you'll have plenty of time to put your lippy on without it ending up all over the place." Realisation dawned over the girl's elfin face "Oh yeah&hellip.guess you're right!" she said, with a thankful tone in her voice.

Julia lowered her voice to a whisper "If you don't mind me saying so, you were making a bit of a hash of that, sweetie. Would you like a few tips?" The girl hesitated for a moment, and then said gratefully "If you don't mind&hellip." Julia rose to her feet, and swung herself round into the seat alongside the girl.

"Julia Ward, pleased to meet you!" she said, and held out her hand. Awkwardly, the girl took her hand and shook it. "Er…I'm .umm…Sophie." She muttered. Although Sophie was reticent at first, Julia soon got a dialogue going between the two of them.

The younger girl had looked dumbfounded when Julia had asked her if she had a lip-pencil. She did not; nor had she even heard of liner, brush or gloss. Julia explained that simply wiping a lipstick around your lips wasn't the be-all and end-all of it. She managed to show Sophie how to purse her lips into an 'O' so that at least she would avoid getting the lipstick on her teeth. During the course of their journey, Julia gave Sophie several more tips on make-up techniques; it seemed that the poor girl's mother had taught her nothing.

Julia felt sorry for her, especially when she learned that the main reason for Sophie's eagerness to look as grown-up as possible was to win the affections of one 'Luke Fazackerley', who was apparently the captain of the school rugby team, and an all-round hunk, by the sound of it.

While Sophie had been replacing the lipstick in her bag, Julia had been surprised when she had glimpsed a packet of contraceptive pills, which were on full view as the bag had been opened, but she had said nothing, and had pretended not to have seen them.

When the bus reached Julia's stop, she rang the bell and stood up, ready to get off. She said to Sophie "Nice to meet you, Sophie. See you tomorrow?" "Yeah, that'd be cool!" replied Sophie. She had enjoyed talking to this older lady. She was nice. Not like her mother, who seemed to want Sophie to have no fun at all.

It wasn't fair, Sophie mused to herself. Her older sister Hannah was eighteen, and she had so much more freedom than Sophie, just because she was going to university in September. Sophie smiled and looked in her bag again. The packet of contraceptive pills were there, obvious to the eye of anyone who looked into her bag. Sophie knew that the lady had seen them, and Sophie was going to make sure that everyone at school 'accidentally' saw them the same way.

She would put them back in Hannah's bedside table drawer when she got home from school, before Hannah returned from work at her 'summer job' working at father's office, sorting the mail. Even if Hannah found out, she couldn't say anything Father would go mad if he knew, so there was no way she could tell on her.

Sophie knew that it would impress the other girls at school; maybe they'd believe her when she said she wasn't a virgin. She didn't think that any of the other girls in her class had 'lost it' yet, except maybe that Katy Appledore, the tart.

Sophie hated Katy; Luke was far too friendly with her. All the boys were far too friendly with her; she, and her boobs, always seemed to be the centre of attention for all of them. Sophie despaired of ever getting her hands on Luke.

No matter how hard Sophie tried to look grown-up, Katy had her hair in pig-tails but still managed to look more adult. "The twatshit!" Sophie muttered to herself. The following day, Sophie got on the bus, and slowly walked down the aisle, waiting until the bus pulled away before she sat down.

She approached the nice lady from yesterday, and looked enquiringly at the seat alongside her. The lady smiled and, with a sweeping gesture, invited Sophie to sit alongside her. The two fell into conversation, more easily than the previous day. Julia chatted away, asking Sophie how it was going, had Luke noticed her yesterday? "Maybe" was the reply from Sophie. A few of the girls had seen the pills in her bag. She hoped the gossip would get around the class. If Luke got to hear, maybe he'd think that he was on to a good thing with her, and he'd stop talking to that Katy Appledore.

Julia asked Sophie her age. The response was immediate, "Sixteen" she lied proudly. Inwardly Sophie didn't know why she'd said that, except that she wished she was. Sixteen was cool, you could leave home, and buy lottery tickets and have sex as much as you wanted and everything and stupid parents couldn't stop you or anything. Besides, she'd be sixteen next year. Her best friend in class, Mary Nelson, would be sixteen in September, less than two months away. Julia smiled broadly. She asked Sophie what she was going to do during the upcoming Summer Holidays, as the schools were due to break up at the end of the week.

Sophie's face fell as she told Julia how she had to go away for the first two weeks of August on holiday with her parents. It was so unfair, she grumbled. Her sister was allowed to stay at home, but she had to go and spend two weeks in some boring posh hotel away from all her friends, and especially away from Luke.

Sophie told Julia how she feared that Katy would use the two weeks to get her claws into Luke while she was 'out of sight and out of mind'. Julia smiled. "Why don't you give him something to think about, while you're away?" she said. "If you get him really interested, he'll spend the whole two weeks thinking about you, and by the time you get back he'll be so desperate to see you that you'll be able to just walk in on him anytime you like!" "But I don't know how!" Sophie replied, a little desperately.

"I could give you a few tips!" Julia said, winking at the girl lasciviously. "It's a combination of things, its not just about make-up, it's the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you look him in the eyes, all sorts of things. I could help you, if you like. Maybe take you shopping for some stuff that will make him notice you?" Her voice dropped to a whisper as she continued "I could even give you some tips about…you know…too!" She winked again, and nudged Sophie gently with her elbow.

Sophie's head swam momentarily. She was a little scared for some reason, but she also knew that this much older woman had obviously 'done it' lots of times, and could help her. How cool would that be? Maybe she could find out enough womanly tricks to get Luke all for herself. She agreed to go out on a girlie shopping trip with Julia. She kept it quiet, but as Sophie wasn't allowed out after school, she arranged to meet Julia on Saturday morning, in the town centre. She told her mother that she was meeting some school friends, and she was going to go shopping for some stuff for their holiday in two weeks time.

The excitement carried her all through the day at school. She felt tall, much taller than her short and slight frame actually was, as she looked down her nose at Katy Appledore.

She knew she was going to be able to get one up on her, and Luke would only have eyes for one girl. Ha! That would show the twatshit who was the sexiest girl in the glass, and it wouldn't be Katy Twatshit Appledore for a change! Two more days passed, and the usual high-spirited capers marked the end of the term. Sophie had been thrilled when Luke had asked her for her mobile phone number and told her he'd text her during the six week break.

Her elation had only been momentary though, because as she'd looked down at Luke's phone whilst he scrolled through the names before programming the number in, she saw that Katy's name and number was already in his phone. Damn! Sophie knew she had to do something. She was pinning her hopes on Julia being able to teach her enough about being a grown-up woman that she'd be able to catch Luke all for herself. On Saturday morning, Sophie's stomach churned as she waited in the sunshine by the statue in the town centre where she and Julia had arranged to meet.

Unable to eat breakfast due to a mixture of excitement, anticipation and nerves she'd left the house early, catching an earlier bus into town, unable to wait for the one which would have brought her in at 11am, the arranged time. The butterflies in her tummy fluttered even more when she saw Julia approaching.

Sophie registered a little surprise as she watched Julia walk towards her, smiling. She'd only ever seen the older woman in a standard jacket and knee-length skirt or trousers, dressed for her staid office job. The woman that approached her now wore a pair of high wedge-heeled sandals and a short denim skirt which displayed a pair of long sun-tanned legs, topped off with a strappy white vest top, denim jacket and a pair of sunglasses perched on top of her head.

Her long blonde hair hung on her shoulders, freed from the sober pony-tail that Julia's hair was normally pulled back into when she saw her on the bus in the mornings. She looked enviously at Julia's chest, noticing for the first time the size of her boobs. Sophie suddenly really wanted to be Julia. She thought that if she looked like Julia she would be able to get Luke, if she wanted.

She fervently hoped that the older lady could make her into the woman she wanted to be. Julia greeted her warmly, and the two started to chat, even more freely than they had done on the bus during the week. Conversation flowed better without the self-consciousness of wondering if other passengers were overhearing, and the pair were getting to know each other better now. Julia began to relate to Sophie her ideas for attempting to ensnare Luke.

She was going to help Sophie have a bit of a 'make-over' and then she would be able to make Luke fancy her enough before she went away on holiday. They ambled in and out of shops in the High Street, chatting, laughing, giggling, but all the while looking for things that Sophie could use. In the main department store Julia found her a make-up kit that contained all the things she'd need, pencils, foundation, eye make-up and the like, all for only £15.

Sophie delved into her purse and paid cash. Next they checked out the clothes shops. Sophie found a little black dress in the sale, which she fell in love with immediately and paid another £20 for it. She also picked up a bikini for her holiday, another bargain for only £10. Julia explained that Sophie ought to have some stockings to go with the dress. "Guys just luuuurve girls in stockings," she explained "forget tights.

Hold-ups will do, especially as that dress is so tight, but when you really REALLY want to give your guy a thrill, then get yourself a suspender belt, and some proper stockings." She told Sophie, with another of her winks.

They found a pack of sheer black hold-ups with two pairs in, for £3.50. Sophie smiled as she paid for them. "Shoes!" Julia exclaimed "Now you need a decent pair of high-heels. What have you got?" When Sophie said she didn't have a pair of proper high-heels, Julia took her by the arm and steered her towards a shoe shop, and pointed out a pair of black court shoes in the window. "A bargain! Only £25" Julia exclaimed. Embarrassed, Sophie stammered that she really couldn't afford much else, she'd have to make do with the shoes she already had.

"Well, at least let's go in and try them on, eh?" Julia said, grinning. Swept along by the older woman's enthusiasm, Sophie agreed. With the aid of an assistant, they found a pair that fitted. Sophie agreed that they were nice as she tottered up and down the shop, before sadly taking them off and handing them back to the assistant.

Before she could object, Julia had told the assistant that they'd take them, and brandished her credit card. Even more embarrassed now, Sophie stammered that she couldn't let Julia do this, but Julia had simply waved her hand dismissively "You're my friend now, Sophie!" She said with a smile "Think of it as a little present for your holiday.

You'll be able to take this outfit with you, and when you go into the restaurant of that posh hotel, you'll be able to look like a real woman, and that'll be after we capture the heart of your Luke as well." "Just one more thing though…" Julia continued "Underwear. You need some sexy stuff, to go under that lovely dress" and off they went back to the department store to find some.

Sophie agreed to be measured by the assistant, the first time she had ever been measured for a bra, and was embarrassed to find that her size was 32A. Julia reassured her that she didn't need to have enormous boobs, but she ought to get a Wonderbra, which would make them look bigger than they actually were. However, the £26 price tag meant that she was unable to afford even the cheapest of the garments that Julia was pointing out to her. Yet again, Julia's credit card seemed to magically appear in her hand, as she grabbed a lacy black bra in Sophie's size, along with two matching pairs of panties "You must have matching underwear," she explained to her younger friend "it looks so much more sophisticated and sexy." As they left the store, Sophie clung to Julia's arm, humbled by her new friend's generosity.

Tears of quiet joy began to form in her eyes, as she leant her head against Julia's upper arm. "Right, you've got the make-up, the outfit, the shoes, I vote we have lunch to celebrate, whaddya say, Soph?" Julia said merrily. Suddenly realising it was well after 2pm, and she hadn't eaten all day, Sophie readily agreed.

They walked along the street, clutching their selection of bags, and Julia steered them into a wine-bar with an upstairs balcony, where they found a table overlooking the hustle and bustle of the Saturday afternoon shoppers. Whilst Sophie looked at the menu, Julia disappeared into the bar, and returned a few minutes later carrying a bottle of chilled Chardonnay and two glasses.

Sophie's eyes opened wide "My Dad will kill me, it's against the law -" Sophie began to protest. "Nonsense!" Julia dismissed her objections with a wave of her hand "You're sixteen, and perfectly legally entitled to drink wine or beer with a meal. Trust me, I know these things!" and she poured them both a glass of the wine. With a crafty glance around her, Sophie grinned devilishly, and took a sip. She'd drunk a little wine with meals before, at home, but her parents had always added lemonade to it.

The taste overpowered her a little, and she confined herself to a little sip. When the waiter came to the table for their food order, Julia chose for both of them and ordered Sweet Chilli Prawns with Salad for the pair of them. They continued to chat while they waited for their meal, Sophie feeling ever more grateful to her benefactor. Julia gave Sophie a few tips on 'how to get your guy'.

"Be bold" she told her "Guys can be pretty dumb sometimes, and you have to take the lead, and let them know you fancy them." Smiling, she looked Sophie in the eye and repeated "Be bold!" As they talked, Julia explained to Sophie how to let guys get an 'accidental' glimpse of stocking tops, by crossing your legs just 'so' so that the skirt would ride up a little. By twisting to the left of her seat she also showed Sophie how to climb in and out of (an imaginary) car, first by keeping your legs together and swinging them out, and then she showed her how to do it and give a deliberate flash, by moving one leg first and then the other, so that the skirt would rise right up over the opened thighs, and give a clear flash of everything between.

As she did, Julia turned to find the waiter approaching their table carrying their lunch.

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His eyes dropped to the expanse of Julia's thighs, and as he gawped at the display, Julia realised he could see the tiny white strip of lace that covered her pussy, and very carefully, deliberately, and most of all, slowly, she closed her legs gently, and swung them back under the table. Sophie realised what had happened, and tried to stifle a giggle as the somewhat flushed young man shakily placed their meals in front of them.

She failed, and snorted through the hand that she rapidly placed across her mouth. Julia pursed her lips, and effected as prim and proper expression as she could muster whilst the waiter was at the table, then burst into a fit of giggles as soon as she thought he was out of earshot.

Sophie laughed until she thought she would burst, but after a minute or two the pair calmed down and began to eat. The prawns were surprisingly spicy, and Sophie found herself gulping at the wine on a couple of occasions, to relieve the heat in her mouth.

Feeling just a little light-headed, she readily agreed after the meal to go back to Julia's house to try on all her new outfit. Julia pulled her mobile phone from her handbag and ordered a taxi to carry the pair of them there. Sophie watched as she sent a text message straight after, but thought nothing more of it. When the cab arrived in the street below them, Julia scooped up the shopping bags and began to carry them through the bar towards the car. Sophie followed unsteadily, feeling definitely giddy, but very happy indeed.

When they reached Julia's house, the taxi dropped them outside and they walked up the path through the garden to the front door. Sophie saw the well-tended garden with its lawn bordered by neat flower beds, and edged by trees. She was mildly surprised to find that Julia's house was a large, expensive looking one, and consequently was even more in awe of her new best friend. Inside, they went into the lounge, deposited the bags in the centre of the room then sat on a sofa and began to sort through the various items.

"Try them all on; let's see you in your new outfit - sexy undies as well!" Julia cried. Sophie looked around, unsure about undressing in front of the other woman and stammered "Er…um…ah…" "Oh, don't worry, no-one can see in!" Julia said, pointing towards the window, and the line of trees at the bottom of the garden which blocked the line of sight from the road beyond.

"And there's no-one else in the house. If it makes you more at ease, I'll do the same!" Julia giggled, and crossed her arms then pulled her top up over her head, and threw it onto a nearby armchair.

She stood up, reached behind herself and unbuttoned the denim skirt, pulled down the zip and allowed it to fall to the floor, stepping neatly out of it. She smiled kindly at Sophie, and motioned for her to do the same.

Sophie didn't know where to look, this tall woman in front of her was now only wearing a lacy white bra, matching g-string and high-heeled sandals. A snatched glance told Sophie that her friend's sun-tanned body was everything she wished her own would be, with larger breasts, curved in at the waist, rounded hips, and long legs. Sophie wished she was taller, and had a 'proper' woman's body, like Julia.

Self-consciously, Sophie stood up and undressed, turning her back towards Julia as she took off her underwear, still feeling a little giddy from the wine earlier, and she began to put on the new clothes. She fumbled as she attempted to do up the bra, and Julia softly touched her hands to Sophie's back, and clipped the hooks into place.

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Sophie shivered at the touch of the hands on her skin, sending a peculiar sensation running through her entire body, the likes of which she had never experienced before. She wondered what had happened, it was a funny feeling, tingly, but not unpleasant. Quite nice actually, like a nice tickle, but all over her body, all at the same time. She picked up the dress next, but Julia admonished her "Stockings next, Soph!" she laughed, but not unkindly. Sophie sat back down on the sofa, and Julia opened the pack of hold-ups and handed her a pair.

Sophie hadn't ever worn them before, but being used to tights, she managed to pull them up correctly. Julia, still only in her bra and panties, handed her the little black dress. After the dress the shoes followed and, encouraged by Julia, Sophie did a little walk around the lounge.

Julia explained about walking in heels, and by placing one foot almost directly in front of the other, how to affect a 'wiggle as you walk'. "Like this…" said Julia, and walked around the lounge herself. Sophie followed, mimicking her steps as she went.

As they walked around, both began to wildly over-exaggerate their wiggles, and the pair of them once more got the giggles, then finally collapsed back on the sofa.

Sophie kicked off the shoes, and stood up to take off the dress. She fumbled behind her back with the zip. Julia stood up and undid it for her, taking the dress from Sophie as she lowered it down and stood out of it. Julia carefully laid it across the back of the sofa, and turned back to where Sophie was again struggling with the eye-hooks of the bra.

Sophie stood rooted to the spot as Julia's hands undid the clips for her and eased the straps down off her shoulders. Fear and wonder froze her stock still as she felt Julia's hands sweep her hair up off her shoulders, and then she felt Julia gently blow onto the back of her neck, and down her spine to the middle of her shoulder-blades.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt Julia softly kiss the back of her neck, and plant a line of little kisses down the centre of her back. Strange and powerful sensations, the likes of which she had never experienced shuddered through her young body, and her mind swam with confusion. She knew that it was wrong, but somehow it all felt right, too. Julia whispered in her ear "I could teach you things, Sophie.

Things about how to please a man, and about your own body, too." That clinched it for Sophie. In her mind she rationalised it as a lesson on how to get boys. She tried to relax her body, determined to learn whatever she could. She shivered as Julia's hands lightly caressed her shoulders, and she felt the warmth of the older woman's body as she moved in closer to her. Sophie gasped as the hands gently stroked her breasts, fingertips lightly caressing her nipples, and Julia softly kissed her shoulder, and nuzzled her ear, first kissing then lightly sucking on her ear lobe.

She suddenly realised that it felt incredibly hot between her legs, and without consciously realising it, she cupped her hand over her groin. A thrill of terror shot like electricity through her body as Julia's hand ran down the length of her arm and grasped the hand she had placed over herself. Julia's hand moved Sophie's away, and replaced it with her own. She applied some light pressure, gently squeezing Sophie's pubis, who let out a tiny squeal of pleasure.

The tiny squeal was followed by a louder moan as Julia's hand burrowed inside Sophie's panties, and the tip of her index finger slipped between the moist lips there.

She could feel Julia pressed tightly against her now, her breasts squeezing against the back of Sophie's head. Julia turned the younger girl around to face her, and leaned forward to plant a kiss on her lips. As Sophie hesitated, Julia reassured her "I can teach you exactly how to kiss boys, like this…" Julia placed a hand around the back of the young girl's head, and softly pressed her lips onto Sophie's, then pushed her tongue gently around her lips, and into her mouth.

The pair of them stood there, kissing passionately for some time, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, as their hands began to run over each other's bodies. Sophie's head spun with nerves as she ran her hands over Julia's breasts, still encased in her lacy bra, and she wished she could stroke the bare skin underneath, but she didn't dare take the lead and remove it herself.

As if she had read her mind, Julia reached behind herself and, without breaking the kiss, unclipped the bra, pulling it forward and off, letting it fall to the floor. The younger girl's hands trembled as she fondled the large breasts, surprise and wonder marvelled in her mind as she felt the hard nipples sticking up, and the sheer size of the areolas surrounding them.

Sophie was powerless to resist when the older woman bent down and pulled her panties down her black stocking encased legs to her ankles. Sophie obediently lifted first her right then her left leg and stepped out of the panties. As she looked down Sophie saw Julia kneel before her, then it seemed as if her entire body exploded as the older woman planted first a kiss 'down there' and then pushed her tongue in, lightly flicking the young girls clitoris with the tip.

A squeal of delight issued forth from Sophie's mouth, and then she allowed herself to be pulled down onto the sofa, with Julia now sitting beside her, an arm tenderly draped around her shoulders. Julia asked her if she'd ever sucked a cock. When she shook her head, Julia took her hand and grasped Sophie's forefinger between her own forefinger and thumb, and began to suck on it. She released the finger from her mouth to say "Like this…" and began again to suck it, slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth.

She held up her own hand, and extended a finger towards Sophie's mouth. The young girl immediately took the hint, and she in turn began to suck Julia's finger, using her mouth to mimic the actions happening to her own finger. With her free hand, Julia stroked and caressed Sophie's body, who responded in turn with her free hand. Eventually Julia broke away from the embrace.

She bent forward and removed her sandals, then stood up and pulled her panties down, kicking them to one side. "When you've sucked him for a while," she said "get him to do this, for you." She knelt yet again between Sophie's legs, and began to kiss and lick at the young girl's labia, then probing once more with her tongue, wrapping it around her tender clitoris, gently holding it with her teeth, releasing it, sucking it, licking it once more, bringing forth cries of joy from the youngster.

Julia smiled to herself as the young girl lifted her legs up and placed them over her shoulders, the nylon of her stockings rubbing down Julia's back. Julia continued to pleasure the girl, her practised tongue expertly working Sophie to ever greater pleasure.

She felt the girl's legs stiffen, and glanced up to see that she had grabbed a cushion and was holding it tightly in front of her chest, her knuckles whitening as she clasped it ever more firmly.


Suddenly Sophie let out a loud scream of delight, unable to contain herself as the first orgasm of her life erupted through her body. She had played with herself before, but had never experienced anything so intense before in her young life. It felt as if her head had exploded from within, or she had been hit by a speeding train.

It seemed as if imaginary fireworks were going off all around her. Julia ceased her cunnilingus, and sat once more beside Sophie, cuddling her gently. She leaned in to kiss her, but Sophie pulled her mouth away uncertainly, mumbling a hesitant couple of um's and ah's. "It's ok Soph, it doesn't taste bad or anything, I promise." Julia said, realising the youngster's unease at kissing lips that had so recently been placed to her vagina.

Hesitantly at first, Sophie allowed the older woman to kiss her and, surprised at the pleasantness of the taste, responded by kissing her back. The pair of them cuddled for a few minutes, Sophie's body trembling slightly from the electrifying sensations that continued to echo through her body, her whole skin feeling sensitive to any touch. Julia whispered gently in her ear "Did you enjoy that, Soph?" She nodded that she did.

Feeling suddenly guilty Sophie realised that she had done nothing to pleasure Julia. She felt strangely rustic and untutored, and did not know how to respond. She felt that she ought to somehow 'repay' Julia for the pleasure she had just given. "W-would you l-like me to d-do that to you?" Sophie asked, shyly. "That would be wonderful, darling." Julia breathed in a low voice. Sophie dutifully knelt on the floor between Julia's legs, as Julia had done for her, and began to imitate Julia's actions as best she could.

Nervously at first her tongue darted in and out and around the other woman's sexual organs. As she did, Julia gave her hints and tips, and used her hands to steer Sophie's head to and fro, whilst raising her hips towards her, twisting this way and that. "Don't be afraid to tell him what you want him to do, Soph." she instructed "And get him to lick you where and when you want if you don't tell him he'll never know!" On an impulse, Sophie slid a finger into Julia's vagina, and was pleased to hear the older woman moan with pleasure as she did so.

"Mmmmm, more!" Julia commanded. Surprised, Sophie slid in a second finger, marvelling at how wet her friend had become, and surprised at how delightful and sweet it tasted. "More, more!" Julia exclaimed. Amazed, Sophie slid a third finger in, thrusting them in and out with greater vigour. She looked up at Julia and saw that her back was arched, her breasts pushed forth.

As she looked up, the older woman looked down at her and smiled as their eyes met. "More!" Julia breathed. Holding her gaze, Sophie slid her fourth finger into her and saw Julia's eyes widen and her mouth form the shape of an 'o', then she closed her eyes and threw her head back, a lengthy groan of ecstasy wailing from her mouth.

Suddenly Sophie felt an enormous rush of warm liquid gush into her mouth and around her face. Instinctively Sophie spat the liquid out of her mouth in disgust and, horrified, she tried to lift her head, thinking that the woman had lost all control of her faculties but the hands held her head firmly in place. Julia continued to pant loud grunts of passion as she ground her pubis against Sophie's face.

For her part, Sophie had discovered that the taste in her mouth, and the scent filling her nostrils, was not that of urine, and she realised that it must simply be a natural reaction that happens when a woman orgasms. She wondered why she had not done that when she came earlier, was she somehow inferior, or not doing it correctly.

She would have to ask sometime. Eventually, Julia released Sophie's head from her grasp, and sank back, legs still spread apart. A large damp patch sat darkly on the light cloth of the sofa, between her thighs. Uncertain of what to do next, Sophie sat alongside her, not daring to touch Julia, as the older woman laid back, eyes closed, savouring the pleasure she had just experienced. "Mmmmm, that was good." Julia said, after some time had passed. She reached over and pulled Sophie towards herself, and kissed her on the lips.

"Thank you, Sophie darling, you were wonderful." Sophie blushed, feeling a strange mixture of pride, tinged with confusion and guilt. "Does this mean I'm a lesbian, now?" She wondered out loud. Julia laughed, again not unkindly "No darling, not at all! I've got a fella that I love very much indeed, but there's no reason why two girls can't have a bit of fun together, is there?" she asked. "It's not really being unfaithful, it's not like you're going off with another bloke, is it?" she continued.

"Besides which, guys go ape at the thought of two women in bed together they all fantasise about it!" she added with a wink. Julia got up from the sofa, and ran up the stairs, returning immediately wearing a silky gown. Sophie had removed the stockings, and had begun to dress in the clothes she had been wearing earlier in the day. Julia carefully folded the little black dress up, and replaced it in the bag it had been in.

Hesitantly, Sophie said that she had better get going, she'd have to get the bus home and she was late already. Julia asked her if she'd like to come around again, one evening in the week perhaps? Sadly, Sophie told her that she wasn't allowed out in the evenings, so Julia suggested next Saturday.

"That'd be well cool!" Sophie replied "We don't go on holiday until the following Monday. Maybe you could tell me how to really get Luke's attention, and I'll go see him at his house on Sunday, the day before I go away!" Julia laughed, and the two agreed to meet the following weekend.

She saw Sophie to the door, and the two kissed before they parted. She watched Sophie walk down the path through the garden, and waved at her as she went through the gate and turned to walk away, then she hastened back into the lounge, scrabbling in her handbag for her mobile phone.

She thumbed a quick text message, and pressed send. ***** Mark Ward sipped his beer as he sat quietly in his local pub, idly reading his newspaper.

There was a story on the front page about Andrew Barnfield, their local MP. Mark remembered him from schooldays when they had been in the same class, now since the recent General Election he was a rising star in the new cabinet, a relative youngster in the world of British politics at the tender age of forty.

Seems he was now on some sort of crusade to improve the morals of the nation by imposing 'family values' on everyone, and restricting nudity and pornography in the media.

Pompous prick, Mark thought to himself, he hasn't changed since school, he was a stuck-up bastard back then, and he's a stuck-up bastard now. Mark didn't really care, his consultancy business was going well, and he had been more in demand than ever during the recession and credit crunch, enabling him to charge even more for his services.

He could do much of his work from home, only needing to visit his client's premises rarely, leaving him more time on his hands than ever, whilst still pulling more than double an MP's salary. When Mark's phone beeped its text alert he grabbed it from his pocket, and quickly pressed the buttons to read the message.

[all went as plan she just left will pass u in a few min, blue tshirt jeans carryin shoppin bags] Mark hastily downed the remainder of his drink, and scurried out of the bar into the late afternoon sunshine.

He stood outside the pub for a minute or two, and watched as a young girl with long dark curly hair and a flushed face struggled past him, carrying a selection of shopping bags, towards the bus stop at the end of the road. He eyed her up and down with an approving smile, and continued to ogle the teenager as she walked down the street, then turned for home, walking quickly towards his house at the far end of the street.

He hurried up the path through his garden, and then burst through his front door into his lounge, where he found his wife was waiting for him, dressed only in a silky dressing gown.

She stood as he entered the room. "Well?" he exclaimed "What happened?" Julia purred her answer "Everything!" she smiled as she pressed her body to his "Just as we planned. Taste her…" she pushed her lips to his, and slid her tongue into his mouth. She could feel the erection in his trousers pressing against her midriff as she kissed him, trying to let him taste and smell the juices of the young girl who she had so recently made love to. His hands flew to her breasts and began to fondle them roughly.

"Sit right here." Julia said, pointing to the sofa. Mark sat down, and Julia sank subserviently to her knees between his legs. She pulled at his zip as she spoke. "You're sitting exactly where she was when I licked her out." she told him. He beamed with delight as she pointed the large damp patch on the seat alongside him "And that's where she made me come, she licked me out and got all four fingers up me, just like you wanted." Julia pulled out her husband's erect cock, and dutifully lowered her head onto it, taking the engorged end of it into her mouth, holding her lips tightly around it.

She lowered her head further, taking the full length of it into her mouth, and then slowly lifted her head again. She released the penis from her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of it, looking up lovingly at her man. She continued to lick the end of his cock, wrapping her hands around it, stroking it gently. She watched as he rubbed his fingers on the damp patch alongside, then lifted his hand to his nose and sniffed her juices that had so recently soaked the seat.

She moved her mouth away from his cock, but continued to stroke it, using both hands, first one then the other, alternating them. As her left hand slid down the full length of his member to the base, her right began to grasp the head then slide down, so that his cock was constantly and repeatedly stimulated.

While she did this she related the tale of how she and Sophie had done their shopping trip, and how she had got the young girl a little drunk while they ate. She described how they had undressed together, and how the teenager looked wearing her new sexy underwear, including the stockings. Mark moaned softly with pleasure as his wife told him how she had gone down on the young girl, and told him how exquisite her own orgasm had been when the youngster had made her come.

Mark glanced around the room, taking in the sight of his wife's clothes scattered around. He saw her vest draped over the armchair, and her shoes and knickers on the floor to his left. Her skirt was on the floor to his right. He looked down, and saw that she had allowed her gown to fall open as she sucked on his cock. He stared at her breasts, swaying gently with her movements, and he imagined what they would look like with that teenager holding and licking them.

He wanted to find out, and fervently hoped that the second part of his and his wife's plan would make that happen. He felt Julia's lips sliding up and down his cock, faster now, and he pictured her licking Sophie's pussy. His cock began to feel like it would explode, and he suddenly grasped her head roughly, and began to ram his hips back and forth, fucking her face harder and harder. He enjoyed her grimaces as her face banged against his abdomen, and chuckled as he heard her little choking noises when she gagged as his cock repeatedly hit the back of her throat.

She squealed with pain as he grabbed a handful of hair, causing him to smile wider, until he yelled with triumph as he shot his load, forcing Julia's head deep down onto his cock, pumping his cum straight down her throat.

He was delighted to see a tear in her eye as he held her there, barely able to breathe. He released her head, and slumped back on the sofa, breathing deeply. Julia continued to kneel between his legs, feeling a little hurt and degraded by her husband's rough treatment of her, but pleased that she had been able to satisfy her man. She very much preferred it when he was tender and loving, but she put up with the occasional rough stuff because she knew he enjoyed it. She would do anything for him, she loved him so much, she thought to herself.

She rose to her feet, and collected her clothes from around the room, carrying them through to the utility room at the rear of the kitchen and dumping them by the side of the washing machine. On her way back she stopped at the fridge and fetched out a bottle of wine, and collected two glasses from the cupboard next to it. Pausing only to switch the oven on ready to cook them both some dinner, she returned to the lounge and placed the wine on the coffee table, pouring up a glass for herself and her husband.

Before she sat down she took her shoes to the foot of the stairs and left them there to take up later. By now Mark had picked up the remote control to the television, and was happily flicking through the channels. Julia sat quietly alongside him, and cuddled up to him as she sipped her wine, anticipating a quiet evening of television, and most likely more sex. She knew that when Mark had recovered from his recent orgasm he would probably want her to retell some more of that afternoon's events, and would be so turned on by it that he would certainly get hard once more.

She shivered with anticipation at the thought of it, and the love-making that would surely follow. ***** A week had passed. Sophie had become increasingly restless at home.

As usual, her father had fussed around, making lists for all the family, lists for things that Hannah had to do during the week (and the things she wasn't allowed to do) and lists for Sophie and her mother. They were packed already, and it was only Saturday morning, they weren't due to leave until Monday morning.

Sophie had tried to keep tracks on Luke by following him on Facebook and Twitter, but it seemed he wasn't on-line much during the holiday. She stared at her phone, willing it to beep with a text message from him, but that hadn't happened yet.

She sighed, and thought about Julia. She was still worried that she might be a lesbian, but the Julia had told her that there was nothing to it, hadn't she? It must be alright, then. She'd looked Julia up on Facebook, but Julia so far hadn't accepted her friend request, although it seemed that she hadn't been online either.

Sophie was looking forward to seeing Julia again though, her tummy fluttered with excitement and nerves as she rode the bus into town to meet up with her again. They'd sent each other texts during the week, and had arranged that Sophie would stay on the bus through town, and go straight to Julia's house. Sophie was hoping that they'd 'do it' again, it was such an incredible experience last time, and it had made her feel very grown up.

She got off the bus and walked up the road to Julia's house, feeling more nervous with each step. She reached the gate, and paused, taking a deep breath, then tried to walk up to the door with all the confidence she could muster. She rang the bell, and Julia opened it, welcoming her in and smiling at her.

Sophie looked her up and down, envious once more of the older woman's figure which was very evident as she was only wearing a shortie nightie, made from a pale cream coloured silk, and trimmed with ivory lace. Her feet were bare, and Sophie noticed her carefully pedicured and painted toenails, matching her fingernails. She was wearing full make up, and her hair was beautifully styled. Once more, Sophie felt rustic and untutored, standing there in her striped t-shirt, faded denim jeans and with a pair of scruffy daps on her feet.

Julia motioned for her to come in, and closed the door behind her. She stepped forward to Sophie and pressed her body against her, and moved to kiss her. Sophie did not resist, and soon their tongues twisted together, as they passionately kissed and hugged. Sophie steeled herself, and boldly ran her hands across the older woman's body, caressing her breast through the material of her nightie, and with her other hand sliding her fingertips up the back of Julia's leg and, pushing the hem up with the back of her hand as she did, she lightly stroked Julia's behind.

She was pleased to hear Julia moan slightly as she did so. Sophie felt so aroused; she was unable to believe how much she wanted this woman again. "How are you feeling, darling?" Julia asked her as their lips parted.

Sophie took a deep breath "Horny." She answered, using the word out loud for the first time in her life. Grinning, Julia pushed her along the hall towards the lounge "I've got a little surprise for you, Soph." She whispered in the girl's ear. As she was pushed into the lounge, Sophie's heart sank as she saw a man sitting on the sofa, in the very spot where she had been last week. He was reading a newspaper, and ignored Sophie altogether.

Her stomach churned with disappointment as she turned to Julia and muttered "But…but…I thought that we were going to…um…like last week, er…what's going on?" Julia gripped her around the shoulders and kissed her gently "It's ok, darling, this is Mark, my husband." "Your husband!" Sophie exclaimed "I didn't know you were um…well…" her voice trailed off as she saw for the first time the ring on Julia's wedding finger.

Julia chuckled as she replied "Its ok, sweetie, I told you that I've got a chap that I love very much. I told Mark all about what happened last week, and he's ok about it too." Her face was a little more serious as she continued "He wants to help you, too.

If you let us, we'll both teach you some tricks to make sure that Luke will think you're the most sexiest, grown-up girl in the world!" Sophie's face was a mask of contortion as she pondered what her older friend had said to her. Over Julia's shoulder she saw the man quietly continuing to read his newspaper.

She looked at him nervously, taking in his appearance. He was a large man, but not fat. In quite good shape for such an old bloke, Sophie thought as he sat there, wearing a cap-sleeved white shirt that showed off muscled arms.

'He must be nearly the same age as my dad, like forty or something' Sophie thought to herself 'but he's quite a hunk.' She made up her mind that if Julia and Mark could help her become the sophisticated and sexy woman that she wanted to be, anything was worth trying.

She'd let them show her how to do sex, and then she'd show Luke what she could do! Still stuttering from the shock and surprise of what was happening, she whispered to Julia "W-What are we g-going to d-d-do then?" "Well, I thought first we'd all have a little drink to help us to loosen up, then maybe we'll all go upstairs to the bedroom, and really work on your techniques." Julia told her "Mark was really excited about what we did last week, and he'd like to maybe see us do the same thing again, then perhaps he'll help me to show you how to really bring a guy off." Nervously, Sophie nodded "O-Ok then." Julia swept her towards Mark with an arm around her shoulder.

In a theatrically formal voice she said "Mark, this is Sophie, the girl I told you about, Sophie this is my husband, Mark, who wants to help us." Mark put down the newspaper on the coffee table in front of him. Sophie could see the headline, something about some war in the Middle East; she could never understand why people who claimed to be religious could fight all the time, especially in a place that was called the Holy Land. Her attention was abruptly diverted back when the man spoke.

"Hello Sophie." He said, with a smile. "Nice to meet you at last, I've heard a lot about you and all good too!" Sophie felt all strange inside when he smiled at her. She sat on the sofa, but at the far end, away from the man. Julia went to the kitchen to fetch some drinks. She quickly returned with a tray containing three tall glasses, each containing ice, a slice of lime and filled to the brim with a fizzy clear liquid that looked like lemonade.

She placed the tray on the coffee table, and passed a glass to Sophie, then to Mark, finally taking one herself. She told Sophie to budge up, and sat at the end of the sofa. Sophie was now hemmed in between the two adults. "Cheers!" Julia exclaimed loudly, holding her glass up to the others. They chorused a reply, and all three took a swig. Sophie gasped as the drink hit the back of her throat, the bitter, dry taste almost taking her breath away. "Wha-what's that?" she exclaimed. "Gin and tonic, dear." Julia replied.

'And yours is a very strong one too, much more than mine and Mark's' she added inwardly, hoping to loosen any inhibitions Sophie might have by getting her juiced, the same as last week. Not wanting to appear childish, Sophie smiled and took another glug from the glass. As they sat there, she cringed slightly as Julia retold the events that had happened on that very sofa the previous week Mark seemed particularly interested in the part where Sophie had licked and fingered Julia.

Neither Mark nor Julia gave Sophie any indication that they had already discussed this, as far as Sophie knew, Mark was hearing about some of this for the first time. As they talked, all three drank their drinks down.

Sophie was beginning to feel decidedly light-headed once more, and she could feel her discomfort and embarrassment falling away, along with the feeling of fear that had knotted in her stomach when she had first seen Mark in the room. Trying to show how adult she was, Sophie drained the last of her drink, and attempted to place the empty glass back on the tray in front of them. Unfortunately she misjudged the distance, and the glass made a loud 'clink' as she put it down rather too hard on the tray.

"Ooops!" Sophie exclaimed "Shorry about that!" she added. Julia and Mark exchanged knowing looks as the young girl slurred her words. "Perhaps we all ought to go upstairs now" Julia said quietly. Mark's deep voice spoke next "I think that would be great, what about you, Sophie?" "OK!" the teenager exclaimed brightly.

All three of them walked up the stairs, Julia first, leading Sophie by the hand, while Mark followed behind. As they entered the bedroom, Sophie noticed that the curtains were already closed, and Julia clicked the dimmer switch on the lights to a low setting. Although the sunlight still glowed faintly through the curtains, the low lights gave the room a warm ambience. Sophie looked around and saw that the room was tastefully furnished, with fitted wardrobes across both the head of the bed, and the opposite wall.

She saw that the wardrobes opposite the bed were mirrored from floor to ceiling. Julia led her by the hand over to the bed, and motioned for her to lay up on it.

She eagerly did so, and watched as Julia lifted the nightie up and over her head, throwing it to the floor. Mark took a chair by the dressing table and turned it towards the bed, where he sat, watching carefully.

Now completely naked, Julia knelt on the bed alongside Sophie, and pulled off the tatty plimsolls that the girl wore, discarding them at the side of the bed. Then she kissed her on the lips gently, and tugged at the girl's t-shirt. Sophie obediently lifted her arms allowing the older woman to lift it up and off.

Julia went to work on the jeans next, unbuttoning the waistband, pulling down the zipper and finally tugging them down her legs. Sophie completed the process, pushing them off her feet. She flashed a sideways glance towards Mark, and saw him watching the events unfolding before him intently. Julia pulled Sophie upright, into a sitting position, and moved behind her, reprising her trick from last week of unclipping Sophie's bra and blowing and kissing the back of her neck then nibbling her ear, as she threw the bra to one side.

She ran her hands lightly down Sophie's sides and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. Sophie needed no encouragement, she leaned forward herself, and pulled her panties down, bending her legs up so she could whip them off.

She looked at herself in the mirror opposite, and once more wished she had such well developed breasts as her older friend, who had now lain full length beside her. In a low voice Julia said "Show Mark what you did to me last week, Soph." Nervously, Sophie shuffled down the bed then bent down and put her head between Julia's thighs, then began to lick at her split.

Mark suddenly spoke "Use your fingers on her!" he said in an excited tone. Julia moaned with pleasure as Sophie once again slid one, then two fingers into her vagina, whilst her tongue lapped away at her clitoris. "All four, Sophie! All four!" said Mark in a commanding tone. Not wanting to displease, Sophie pushed all her fingers inside Julia, who began to writhe slightly. Sophie looked up and saw that her friend's eyes were tightly closed, but a huge smile was spread across her face, and her breathing was becoming increasingly heavy.

"Suck her tits now, Sophie." exclaimed Mark, his voice rising almost to a shout in his excitement. Surprised, and a little frightened by his commanding tone of voice, Sophie obediently moved up, still furiously fingering Julia's pussy as she crawled up her body. Julia's eyes opened, and she cupped her own breasts with her hands, pushing them towards Sophie's mouth. Sophie took first one, then the other, breast in her mouth, nervously suckling the large nipples pointing up at her. She froze momentarily as she felt a hand slide between her legs and begin to lightly caress her private parts.

Terror-stricken she looked round to see that Mark was now standing beside the bed alongside them. He had removed his shirt and tracksuit bottoms, and was now naked too.

With one hand he was stroking Sophie, and with the other she saw that he was masturbating himself, his fist pumping up and down his cock. His cock! Sophie gasped as she saw it, almost terrified by the sight of it. She hadn't seen a hard one before in real life, it looked enormous! All Sophie's previous experience of the male member had been confined to one brief grope behind the gymnasium at school a few months earlier, when for a dare she'd gone round the back of the gym for a snog with a boy called Andy Fitzsimmons, who was a friend of Luke's.

She'd let him put his hands inside her bra, and up her skirt into her knickers. He'd even slipped a fingertip inside her thing while she'd put her hand down the front of his trousers and had wrapped her hand around his willy.

It had been stiff, and a little wet had come out of the top before Sophie had broken away and returned to her playground pals, giggling. The sight, then, of this fully-grown man standing by her with an astonishing erection was daunting for the girl, but she remained determined to find out as much as she could about how to do sex.

Her attention was suddenly drawn back to Julia, who began to twist and writhe more underneath her. Sophie redoubled the speed with which she slipped her fingers in and out of her, and at Julia's insistent urging, began to bite and lick her hardened nipples. Suddenly Sophie felt a huge rush of warm wetness across her hand as Julia's body bucked and twisted as she cried out in ecstasy, screaming her orgasm out loud. Sophie's eyes opened wide with surprise and delight as, in addition to Julia's wild orgasm beneath her, she felt Mark slide a finger between her own pussy lips and into her vagina, causing her thrills and shocks the likes of which her young body had never experienced.

Julia's body went limp beneath her, as she lay back, panting. Mark rolled Sophie off his wife onto the bed beside her. She lay on her back next to Julia, who now looked towards her, smiling kindly. She kissed Sophie firmly on the lips, and smiled wordlessly at her. Sophie suddenly realised that Mark had climbed onto the bed now, and had hauled himself over Julia and was now positioning himself above her, pushing her legs apart and kneeling between them.

Panic shot through her as she realised that he was going to 'do it' to her, right here and now. She'd wanted Luke to be the first, and was really sad that it wasn't him above her, and she thought momentarily about screaming and trying to push this man away, but then she realised that once she'd 'done it' she would know everything about sex, and she'd be able to use her new-found talents on Luke tomorrow.

A steely determination set in, and she prepared herself, but nevertheless she remained scared at the size of the huge penis she saw above her. As she stared at it a drip of moisture oozed from the tip and fell onto her belly, causing a strange thrill to tremble through her body as Mark held her hip with one hand, and steered his cock towards her opening with the other.

As this had been happening Julia had been gently caressing Sophie's hair, and was looking directly at her. She'd seen a sad look cross the young girl's face for a moment, and then she saw the girl bite her lip nervously, before a strangely resolute look had come across her face. Realisation suddenly dawned on Julia, and she instinctively knew.

"Mark, wait!" she cried out "I think she's still a." Her words came too late, as she heard Mark let out a hefty grunt as he shoved himself into the young girl beneath him. Julia looked on helplessly as the young girl let out a pained squeak and then bit her lip once more. Tears formed in her young eyes as she gasped with each stroke. Julia watched Mark thrust heavily into the youngster, as harshly as ever he had done to Julia herself.

He looked down and saw the tears on the young girl's cheeks and, grinning, redoubled his thrusts into her, banging into her with all the force he could muster. "God, you're tight girl!" he exclaimed, then he let out a loud cry, guttural, animalistic and brutal as he shot his load into her. Sophie's eyes opened wide in fear, surprise and amazement as she felt the hot cum release inside her and she wrapped her arms tightly and lovingly around Mark's neck, her tears of pain now turning to tears of joy as she realised that she was now a real woman.

She felt a sudden wave of love for both Mark and Julia, having shared this intimacy with them both. When he rolled off her, she clung to him, not wanting to let him go, holding him, cuddling him, her first ever man. They kissed, and Sophie's mouth yielded to Mark's exploring tongue, as he kissed her deeply and passionately.

Julia looked on, perturbed. She felt a sudden pang of jealousy towards the youngster, Mark had looked so ecstatic as he'd been fucking her, more so than he ever did with her nowadays.

He'd never said how tight she was. He hadn't even actually touched her himself, he'd concentrated solely on Sophie. She tried to dismiss these thoughts from her mind, and attempted to inwardly congratulate herself on the fact that she had completely fulfilled her husband's fantasy of having her and a young girl in the same bed. There was a little awkwardness as all three dressed, none of them saying much.

Mark offered to give Sophie a lift home in his car, but she declined. She had thought about it, but if someone saw her she'd have a lot of explaining to do if her father found out. Safer to get the bus home she surmised.

She kissed Julia on the lips, then Mark, a long, lingering kiss, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Julia tried to prevent her disapproval showing through, and merely grunted an acknowledgement when Sophie had told them she'd come round to see them in two weeks time, after her holiday. They said their goodbyes, and Sophie went down the street to catch her bus. She smiled as she went, despite the terrible ache inside her, confident that she would be able to capture Luke at last with her new found experience.

***** Sunday dawned brightly, as Sophie yawned and stretched in her bed she thought back to the events of yesterday. She'd been scared, very scared at one point, but now she wondered why. It still ached a little 'down there' but it was worth the discomfort for the knowledge that she now knew all about sex.

She wanted to go around to Luke's house today, and hopefully she'd convince him that she was a better prospect than Katy Appledore.

Sophie wasn't sure if she'd let Luke go all the way with her today, she was still a bit sore, and she thought he might realise that she'd been doing it with someone else.

She thought she'd wait until it healed up again, it would be fine in a few days she thought. After the family had sat around the table in their dressing gowns having breakfast she told her parents that she was going round to visit a couple of friends. She rolled her eyes when her father told her not to be late back, they needed to get plenty of rest today before the long car journey tomorrow.

She went up to her room and changed. First she put on the sexy underwear that Julia had bought for her, and the hold-up stockings, then the little black dress.

Realising that her parents would go mad if she went out wearing her holiday clothes now, she put a long skirt on over the top of the dress, and put on her denim jacket, buttoned up so that the dress was carefully hidden. After some re-arranging of the contents she placed the heels in her bag. With a swift goodbye to her parents she set off for Luke's house. She knew where he lived after she'd looked up his parents in the telephone directory, and had been delighted to find that he lived in the same part of town as her, not more than fifteen minutes walk away.

As soon as she was a couple of streets away she stopped, and removed the skirt, smiling to herself as she saw a man driving past do a swift double-take at the sight of a girl apparently stripping in the street. Sophie was flattered to see his look of mild disappointment as he realised that she had a dress on underneath.

She unbuttoned the jacket, and changed her shoes, putting her tatty daps into her bag. Sophie felt very pleased with herself as she click-clacked along the streets towards Luke's house. Unused to walking in high-heels, her feet and ankles ached by the time she reached her destination and Sophie realised that she should've waited until she'd got near Luke's house before putting the heels on.

No matter, she thought, it had been worth it. A few young men had turned to look at her as she'd clattered by, and Sophie felt good about that. She really felt like she was a grown-up, sexy, lady. When she finally reached the address, paused at the door, her tummy turning somersaults as she wondered what would happen next.

Taking a deep breath, she rang the doorbell. A woman answered the door, and looked surprised to see a smartly dressed young girl there. "Yes?" she enquired "Can I help you?" "Oh hello, Mrs Fazackerley" Sophie cooed "I'm Sophie. Is Luke in, please?" The woman smiled kindly and opened the door fully.

She waved Sophie in with a sweep of her hand, and turned to yell up the stairs "LUCAS!" she shouted "Someone to see you!" Sophie's heart skipped a beat as she saw Luke emerge from his bedroom through a door at the top of the stairs, wearing just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. From his bedroom.

His actual bedroom, she realised with a frisson of delight. "Soph?" Luke said, confusedly. "W-What are you…never mind, you'd better come up babe." Sophie couldn't believe her luck, not only was she in Luke's house, but she was going to go into his bedroom. His actual bedroom, she reminded herself. No way, this was awesome, just too awesome.

She sashayed up the stairs as sexily as she could, and Luke invited her into his room. She was slightly disappointed to discover that it wasn't quite the sophisticated boudoir she'd expected, there were none of the tasteful furnishings of Mark and Julia's place, not even the Spartan functionality of her parents room, nor that of her own room too. Instead, there was a jumble of dirty clothes scattered around the floor, and discarded CD's and computer games littered almost every flat surface in the room it appeared.

There was a laptop open on the bed, it seemed that Luke had been surfing the net when she arrived, there appeared to be some sort of website with a deep blue background on the screen. Her gaze travelled round the walls, posters of bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and the Foo Fighters jostled for wall space with a large poster of some blond chap in a white shirt kicking a rugby ball over some posts in some stadium or other for some reason.

Luke hastily closed the laptop's lid so that Sophie could no longer see what was displayed there, and sat on the bed, with his bare feet on the floor. "Well, Soph&hellip.I'm surprised to see you here, I didn't know you knew where I live. What gives, then?" Sophie smiled quietly as she saw Luke look her up and down.

She noted the way his eyes travelled up and down her body, and she saw the way he licked his lips as he ogled her. Her heart pounded in her chest as she attempted to remain cool-looking. Inside, her stomach turned somersaults again, but she took another deep breath, and steeled herself to do what she had come here for.

To make sure that he would be waiting for her when she got back. She sat on the bed beside him. "I'll tell you what gives, Luke." she said quietly. "I'm going away on holiday tomorrow for two weeks, and I want to give you something to remember me by!" Boldly, Sophie plunged her hand down the front of his shorts and pulled out his rapidly hardening penis. She tried not to laugh at the surprised expression on his face as she began to rub it up and down, trying to do it the same way as the way she had seen Mark masturbate himself less than twenty-four hours earlier.

She stroked Luke's cock, slowly at first but then, carefully watching his expression of surprise turn to joy, she speeded up her hand, faster and faster. She looked down, fascinated at the sight of the droplets of liquid that began to emanate from the hole in the end, and then she looked at Luke's face the expression of complete bliss that she saw there made her feel all warm inside. Sophie leaned forward and, remembering what Julia had taught her by their mutual finger-sucking session, she placed her mouth over the end of Luke's penis.

She worked her tongue around the end of it, and took the swollen end of it into her mouth. Suddenly, Luke groaned, and pressed his hands down on the back of Sophie's head.

She began to panic at the loss of control, and wrenched her head free of his grasp, but resumed pumping the now-wet cock with her hand as before. She noticed his whole body stiffen and then saw the pained expression of tight-eyed ecstasy on his face as huge blobs of white stuff splattered forth, shooting out onto the carpet. Luke panted, his breathing deep and rapid, and Sophie released her grip on his cock.

She put a hand across her mouth in surprise and amazement as she looked at the trail of cum that had blobbed across Luke's carpet. "Oh my god!" Luke exclaimed "I'd better clean that up before Mum sees it!" he ran from the room and returned with a roll of toilet paper, and hastily swabbed up the mess on the floor.

Sophie simply smiled self-contentedly as Luke quickly ran out of the room. She heard the toilet flush as he got rid of the evidence. When he returned to the room, Luke sat alongside Sophie, who crossed her legs and allowed her dress to ride up the way Julia had told her. She saw, with some element of self-satisfaction, his eyes bulge as he got a flash of her stocking tops, just as Julia had said he would. The pair talked for a while about music, and school, and all sorts of things.

When the conversation began to dry up, Sophie stood up. She was determined to leave Luke wanting more, so she leaned down and kissed him on the lips, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth the way both Julia and Mark had done to her the day before. Then she told Luke she was going, but she'd come round in two weeks time, as soon as she returned from her holiday. Luke stuttered a farewell, and promised her he'd be waiting for her when she got back.

Sophie almost floated along the streets as she walked home. Her elation almost caused her to walk in without changing. She suddenly realised shortly before she reached her own home, and she hastily retrieved the long skirt from her bag, and replaced it over the top of her dress.

She leaned against a wall as she changed her shoes, and then buttoned her jacket back up. When she re-entered her house her mother called through to her, asking if she'd had a good time.

She replied that she had had a great time, thank you. She scurried up the stairs to her room and quickly changed, removing the dress, underwear and stockings, and then replacing the skirt. She added a t-shirt to the ensemble, and spent the rest of the day dreaming about Luke, reminiscing on the joyous expression that had been on his face as he had shot his load earlier. ***** During the lengthy car journey from their home, Sophie sat dejectedly in the back seat.

She was spectacularly unimpressed by the glorious scenery that passed them by as they drove through the picturesque South West of England towards their holiday in the popular tourist destination of Cornwall. Sophie moped over that.

Why couldn't they have gone to Tuscany in Italy like they had done in previous years, she had asked. Because of Daddy's new job, her mother had explained, as patiently as she could manage, because Daddy's new boss insisted that everyone spent at least one of their holidays in the UK. When they finally arrived at their hotel, Sophie's heart sank even further.

She had no appreciation of the beautiful ivy-encrusted building that was the Trevass Bay Hotel, nor its 250 acres of grounds, its swimming pools (both indoors and outdoors), its private golf course nor its private beach.

All Sophie saw was a boring boring boring old hotel stuck on top of a cliff, miles away from anywhere. No amusement arcades, nowhere for kids to hang out, nothing. She hated her twatshit parents for bringing her here, and separating her from Luke for two whole weeks, now that she had finally got him. At least she had her own room, with a double bed. It was only a standard room, unlike her the suite her parents had taken. However, both her and her parents' rooms had sea-views, and had patio doors that opened out onto a communal balcony shared by half-a-dozen rooms, so Sophie could make good use of the bikini she had bought, sunbathing on the loungers outside the rooms.

By the fourth night, the hotel had begun to feel like a prison to Sophie. There was no fun to be had at all. She and her mother had played a few games of tennis, and she had been in the swimming pool each day, and enjoyed the spa facilities next to the indoor pool, relaxing in the hot-tub, even having time in the sauna. All of this was already beginning to pale for her, and the thought of another ten days spent cooped up here would be awful.

They'd been out in the car and visited a few Cornish villages and resorts, and apparently a visit to The Eden Project was planned for the second week. Big deal, thought Sophie, two big glass domes with plants in. Sucks. And not like that, she added to herself, chuckling at the memory of Luke's 'thing' in her mouth.

Cock, she reminded herself, that's what she ought to call it now. There weren't even any good looking boys staying at the hotel. There was a quite good looking guy who was a waiter in the restaurant, and Sophie had tried to do her best to impress him. He was quite old, maybe twenty or something, but really good looking. When her parents weren't looking, Sophie had tried the leg-crossing trick, and when the guy had served them at their table, smiling and leaning forward in the hope that he'd look down the front of her dress, but to no avail.

All he did was smile kindly at her. That night, in the restaurant, Sophie noticed a new face among the diners. An attractive sun-tanned woman, around thirty years old, smartly dressed in a low-cut cocktail dress not unlike Sophie's own, except maybe a tad shorter, and high heels. The woman's bleached blonde hair was expertly high-lighted, and cut in a short, fashionable style, spiked up just a little.

Her ensemble was finished off with a tastefully expensive looking watch, and some subtle jewellery. Her bright smile and understatedly sexy demeanour reminded Sophie of Julia. The two blonde women could almost be sisters, she thought.

The woman was dining alone, and Sophie felt a little pang of jealousy as the handsome waiter served her table, and the two were chatting and exchanging smiles.

Sophie saw the man take several glances at the woman's ample cleavage. After the meal, Sophie and her parents retired to the lounge to take coffee. Sophie excused herself, and went for a wander around the ground floor of the hotel. As she passed the bar, she saw the woman from earlier sitting on a bar-stool, now chatting to the barman.

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Sophie went in, and walked over towards the woman. In Sophie's mind, the woman was so alike to Julia that she wondered if this woman and she could share the same sort of experiences that she and Julia had undergone, less than two weeks ago.

Could this woman give her the same sort of orgasm that she'd had on that sofa? Sophie sat on a stool next to the woman, and nodded both to her and the barman. She ordered a coke, and gave the barman her parents' room number. The barman poured the drink, and excused himself, disappearing off to serve another customer. The woman spoke to her kindly "Hello! I'm … Suzie" "Sophie, pleased to meet you." she replied. Be bold, she thought to herself, be bold. What did she have to lose?

She said "What are you doing tonight?" The woman smiled, and replied that she was merely relaxing, chilling out with a couple of post-dinner drinks. She was on holiday for a few days of rest and relaxation, and was only staying at this hotel for two nights, and then she was off to a livelier resort for the rest of the weekend "For a bit of fun!" she grinned.

Sophie took a deep breath, and then blurted out "We could go up to your room if you like, and have some fun." She breathed out. "I know how to" she added.

The older woman's eyebrows rose momentarily, and her jaw dropped slightly, but she quickly regained her composure. Blushing slightly, she thought for a moment, then gave Sophie a kindly look "That's very kind of you to offer, Sophie." She replied "But if you don't mind, I think I'll have to give it a miss" "Oh. Ok." Sophie replied dejectedly. "I'll see you round, then." She stood up, and trudged off, back towards the lounge were she knew her parents would be.

At breakfast the next morning, Sophie's face hung as she listlessly sipped at her juice, and half-heartedly nibbled at a croissant. Her mood was worsened still when the blonde woman entered, just before the end of breakfast time, and immediately became the main focus of attention for the male waiter.

By now she was openly flirting with him, and he was responding. Her father was intending to spend the rest of the morning in his room, making calls and sending e-mails - 'work stuff' he'd described it as, and mother was going to help him, so Sophie was at a loose end. She told them she intended to spend the morning sunbathing on the balcony, and went up to her room to put her bikini on.

Pausing briefly to look wistfully at the double bed, wishing that she could have someone in it with her, she went out into the bright sunshine on the balcony. She draped a towel over the sun-lounger nearest to her room, and lay upon it, pushing the straps of her bikini down, and trying to expose as much of her skin as possible.

From the dining room below, Sophie could hear the clatter of the glasses and cutlery as the waiting staff re-laid the tables ready for the evening, and the muffled sound of vacuum cleaners whirring. Eventually the various noises of the bustle of the hotel died down, as the staff finished work, and the rest of the guests went their various ways for the day, then all Sophie could hear was the distant whisper of waves gently breaking on the beach below the hotel.

She tried to doze off, if only to pass a little of the time, but found she was unable to even kill a few hours by sleeping, but in the warm sunshine her mind wandered off, and she found herself daydreaming about Luke, and Mark, and Julia.

After a while, Sophie's reverie was broken by the sound of hushed voices coming from one of the nearby rooms. She heard low voices, and then stifled giggles.


She heard a squeak, just once at first, then a couple of times seemingly at random, but soon the noises developed a rhythm. Her interest piqued, Sophie stood up, and quietly tip-toed along the balcony in search of the source of the noises.

She peered through the glass patio door into the room which seemed to be the source of the noise, two doors along from her own room, and gasped at the sight she saw there.

The waiter from downstairs was lying full-length on the bed, trousers around his knees, and the blonde woman was naked above him, her upper body upright, with her back towards his face, her legs either side of him, riding him rhythmically, the cause of the squeaking now obviously the bed beneath them. Sophie watched, open mouthed, as the woman began to rotate her hips, grinding her pelvis in a circle as she continued to ride the man.

The man began to let out quiet moans, clearly audible through the open windows next to the glass door. Sophie studied the expression of enjoyment on the woman's face, her eyes closed in apparent bliss. Suddenly, the woman's eyes opened, and she looked straight out at Sophie.

She did not pause in her gyrating, but merely caught Sophie's eye, grinned, arched her back and pushed her shoulder-blades closer together, making her large breasts point towards Sophie as they swayed in time with the thrusting. As Sophie watched, dumbfounded, unable to tear herself away, she realised that the increasingly familiar feeling of hotness 'down there' was returning.

She slipped a hand inside her bikini bottoms, and slid a finger into her pussy. She began to finger herself, firstly in time with the rhythm of the couple in front of her, but then speeding up. She could feel the warm sun on her back, and her temperature rose, she could feel her cheeks flushed as her finger slid in and out quicker now, and she added a second finger, her head beginning to loll back and forward in time with her increasingly speedy hand motions.

She stared back at the woman inside the room, and the two of them knowingly held each other's gaze as their mutual pleasures rose. The older woman inside the room broke away from the stare first, her eyes closing and her head rolling forward as the man groaned loudly and she let out a cry of pleasure. It was all too much for Sophie, who heard a squeal pop out of her own mouth as she came too, her orgasm intensified by the erotically charged scene taking place in front of her.

Her feelings of inner joy were almost immediately shattered, however, a she heard the click of another patio door open, and her mother's voice shout "Sophie! What on earth are you doing?" Sophie hastily pulled her hand from her bikini and turned to see her mother's horrified expression "Sorry Mum, I …er…had an itch" she muttered, her face turning a shade of crimson.

"Well for heaven's sake don't scratch yourself like that in public. Whatever next? Young ladies must conduct themselves with grace and style, not by scratching themselves like some common trollop!" she admonished.

Sophie apologised, and ran back into her room, where she remained for the rest of the morning, cringing with embarrassment. The following day was Saturday, and Sophie was hanging around near the lobby after breakfast when she saw the blonde woman at the reception desk, checking out.


The woman saw her, and gave Sophie a smile and a cheeky wink as the concierge fussed after her, carrying her bags out to the car park at the front of the hotel. Sophie watched as the woman climbed into her car, an impressive looking shiny black Range Rover, with tinted glass. As Sophie watched enviously she heard the car fire up, and saw it rise a few inches as the hydraulic suspension lifted it up to its driving height.

Sophie felt more than a little jealous at the sophisticated, sexy woman who was driving off, and she wished she was driving off to somewhere 'a bit livelier' too. She was certain that she would die of sheer boredom in this god-awful place; there was still more than a week to go before they returned home.

Not even the thought of her birthday on Monday cheered her, in fact that simply depressed her more, being away from all her friends, and unable to even have a proper party. When Monday finally dawned, Sophie was at least a little cheered by the fact that her parents had smuggled a number of birthday cards and presents into their luggage, and she was delighted to find that they had bought her a lap-top computer of her very own.

The three of them chatted over dinner, Sophie's parents trying to make it a happy evening for the teenager who, for her part tried to enjoy herself, however she scowled as she said to her mother "Why couldn't you have had me a few weeks later, huh?" there was a hint of ruefulness in her voice as she continued "It really sucks, having my birthday so late I'm like the youngest kid in my entire year, only just being fifteen now, all the rest of them have been fifteen for ages, and Mary Nelson will be sixteen in about four weeks time." As the rest of the week passed, Sophie spent quite some time in the hotel's lounge, enjoying the free wi-fi access, and trying to keep tabs on Luke, but it still seemed he was hardly using his computer.

She looked at his Facebook profile each day, but there was hardly any sign of activity. With a curl of her lip she saw that he had accepted a friend request from Katy Appledore, but that slapper had sent requests to just about every boy in the whole year by the look of it, so Sophie tried to tell herself not to read anything into it. Sophie wished Luke had given her his mobile phone number so she could text him, she still had yet to receive a message from him. When the day finally came to pack up and leave the hotel, Sophie's mood was a mixture of joy and trepidation.

Joy to be finally leaving this boring place and going home to where her friends were, especially Luke, trepidation because she was unsure of how things stood between her and Luke. Surely, she thought to herself, what she had done with him beforehand was enough to ensure that he would be waiting there for her?

Sophie was restless all the way back in the car. The journey was interminable; the sat-nav in her father's car had indicated that the journey back would be four hours and twenty-four minutes, but with hold ups for traffic, and breaks at the services at both Exeter and Gordano it had taken over six hours. It was nearly 5pm as they arrived home, and although Sophie wanted to 'go see friends' straight away, her parents insisted that she help them bring in the cases.

Reluctantly she realised she had no choice, and pouted bad-temperedly as she fetched bags and cases in, carrying her own things back up to her room.

As she had before, she put on the little black dress, and hid it beneath a long baggy skirt and a denim jacket, although this time she wore her high heels with pride, her parents had become used to the sight of their daughter in heels each evening in the restaurant, as Sophie had worn the outfit virtually every night. Unbeknownst to her parents, she had washed the sexy underwear in the sink of her room on several occasions, drying them by squeezing them in the folds of a towel, and hiding them out on the balcony in the sunshine.

As she left her house she quickly removed the skirt and folded it up into her shoulder bag. She felt good wearing her full outfit, and she strode with as much confidence as she could towards Luke's. As the walk went on, she became ever more unsure.

Why had she not heard from him? What if he didn't want to see her? Did he think she was a slapper? Had she been too easy? Questions ran through Sophie's head as she walked. She grew more nervous, the anticipation mixed with a tinge of dread. At one point her nerves almost got the better of her, and she nearly turned and ran for home, but she told herself 'Be bold, be bold.' When she finally reached Luke's house, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Luke's mother answered, and looked a little surprised to see Sophie standing there.

"Oh hello" she said "Its Sophie isn't it?" Sophie nodded. Mrs Fazackerley stood in the doorway uncertainly. She called up the stairs "Lucas! LUCAS! Sophie's here to see you!" There was no answer. "It's ok Mrs Fazackerley" Sophie said, holding up her mobile phone.

She looked Luke's mother straight in the eye as she said "I just texted Luke to tell him I was coming, I've only just got back from holiday in Cornwall, and I just thought I'd pop round to see him." "Oh well, if he knows you're coming then I suppose that's alright, then." She shrugged, and took a step back, holding the door open for Sophie, who walked in.

"Thank you," the youngster said "I'll just pop up, I can remember the way!" she added brightly, and trotted up the stairs towards the door that lead into Luke's bedroom. As she went up, she could hear the muffled sound of rock music rumbling in his room. She paused outside the room for a moment, her heart beating in her mouth, then grasped the handle, turned it and began to slowly open the door.

The door opened a few inches, but then stopped, blocked from within by something spongy but unmoving. Her brow furrowing, Sophie pushed hard on the door, and forced it open far enough to stoop down and reach around it, to the source of the obstruction. Her hand found soft material there, and she pulled at it. A pair of track-suit bottoms and a couple of other items of clothing were stuffed behind the door, but Sophie managed to pull them free, and swung the door open.

Her jaw dropped open as the scene inside Luke's room hit her like a bolt of lightning. Luke was sitting on his bed, his eyes tightly shut, in exactly the same spot where he had been two weeks ago, when Sophie had made him cum on the carpet, his t-shirt was pulled up around his chest, and he was naked from the waist down, with his legs open. And there was a naked girl on her knees in front of him! In an instant, Sophie recognised the blonde pig-tails of Katy Appledore.

As she stood, agape, Sophie noticed Katy's head moving to one side, exposing Luke's glistening cock. She watched, dumbfounded as Katy raised her right hand and began to jerk Luke off, just as she herself had a fortnight before. Luke's eyes remained closed, but he began to moan softly, and mumbled Katy's name. It felt to Sophie like time had slowed almost to a standstill, the horrifying events unfolding before her seemed to be happening in slow motion.

Still she was unable to move, but she felt her heart race in her chest, faster and faster, as if it would explode. A feeling of sheer grief began to rise inside of her, as if a terrible loss had occurred. Her astonishment turned to pain and anger as she heard Luke groan out loud, and Katy once more bobbed her head over his penis.

Sophie heard Luke gasp, and saw his body stiffen, and then twitch spasmodically. He let out a long sigh, and then his body relaxed. His eyes opened, and suddenly widened as he saw Sophie standing there for the first time. "Soph!" he exclaimed "What the fuck are you doing here?" Sophie was unable to answer; she stood rooted to the spot, barely able to breathe, let alone speak.

Katy, still kneeling between his legs, half turned towards Sophie. Grinning, she opened her mouth wide and poked out her tongue. Katy's mouth was full of pearly white goo, Sophie could see it coating her tongue.

As she poked her tongue out, a blob of cum dripped from the girl's mouth, landing between her bare breasts. Despairing, Sophie saw that not only were Katy's boobs were much bigger than her own, but she had much more pubic hair, too.

It seemed to Sophie that she was in every way inferior to the grinning girl before her. As Sophie stared, ashen-faced, she saw Katy fix her with a sarcastic look, and mouth the word 'T-w-a-t-s-h-i-t".

More cum rolled from her mouth, and Katy closed her lips together. They were moistened with sperm, and she ran her tongue around her lips, gathering what she could of it into her mouth, then made theatrical slurping and swallowing noises. Luke began to laugh, the mocking tone ringing hollowly in Sophie's ears. That was the final straw for Sophie, and she turned and ran from the room, scurrying down the stairs towards the front door.

Her heel caught the last stair, and she fell, sprawling, on the carpet. Her eyes moistened as she picked herself up, and wrenched the door open, fleeing through it out into the street beyond. The bitter sting of tears ran down her face now, as she clattered along the pavement as fast as she could manage. She ran, as if blind, with no sense of direction, no purpose through the streets. Finally she paused for breath, her eyes still streaming. The pain in her heart felt real, as if it had been cut in two.

Despondent, her mind span as she wondered where she could go, what she could do. She had to go somewhere, do something to try to relieve this heartbreak. The idea came to her in a flash Julia!

Mark! They were the only people that she could turn to, where she could find solace. It would be alright, they could all drink together, and do sex like last time, and it would make up for the huge loss she felt she had just suffered.

She saw a bus approaching along the road, and ran towards the nearest bus stop, waving her arm frantically at the driver. When it stopped, and the door opened, Sophie climbed aboard and fished in her bag for the change to pay her fare into town.

Noticing the tears still rolling down the teenagers face, the driver asked if she was ok. Slapping the money down she simply snapped "No!" and stormed upstairs, sitting towards the back of the bus.

During the journey into town, she gathered her wits about her. She stopped crying, and dried her eyes with a tissue, hope building in her heart for some respite from this terrible thing that had happened. When she alighted from the bus at the stop nearest to Julia's house, she hurried up the road, past the pub and on to the garden gate, so familiar it seemed, even though she'd only been there twice before.

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She reached the front door and rang the bell. There was no answer, so she rang it again. Then she pressed it again, becoming more desperate with each attempt, and finally just leaning on the button. Eventually Mark opened the door.

"Sophie" he exclaimed "What are you doing here?" Uninvited, Sophie stepped inside the door and closed it behind her. "Is Julia here?" she asked. Mark replied that she was not, she was on a late shift manning the phones at work, and would be an hour or more yet. Looking her in the face, he could tell that she had been crying, and asked her "What's wrong, Sophie?" Sophie's lip trembled as she replied "Everything's wrong! All of it, everything.

You love me though don't you, Mark?" She tilted her head to one side as she looked up at the tall man. Of course he did, they had done it together, just two weeks and two days ago, she told herself. Mark struggled to find words "Um…Soph, you're a lovely girl and everything, but…er…" he stammered. Not removing her gaze from his face, Sophie wordlessly pulled the denim jacket off her shoulders and threw it down behind herself, then reached her hands behind her back and pulled down the zip of her dress.

She pulled the dress down, and it fell to the floor, pooling around her ankles. She stepped out of it, and kicked it to one side. Mark's gaze travelled up and down the youngster's body standing before him. His eyes started from the long dark curly ringlets of her hair, passed across her perfectly cheek-boned face, and on down across the tanned skin, her petite breasts covered by the black lacy bra, and he pictured the wispy hair that he knew lurked beneath the black lace of the panties she wore.

His gaze travelled down the slender legs, encased in the black nylon of the stockings, and down to the smart, high-heeled shoes. Involuntarily, he licked his lips. Sophie knelt in front of the unprotesting Mark, and began to fumble at the front of his trousers, pulling down his zip, and dragging out his rapidly stiffening member. Just as Julia had shown her, she began to take Mark's cock into her mouth.

Any semblance of denial over, Mark spoke "Mmmm, Sophie baby, why don't we go upstairs, huh?" Sophie merely nodded. Inside she felt a rush of elation. Finally, back here in this house, she would find acceptance, not rejection. Leaving her jacket and dress where she had shed them, she followed Mark, who had turned and was making his way up the staircase. Mark held the bedroom door open for her and she entered, swiftly stepping across to the bed.

She kicked off her shoes and hopped up, arranging her self into a kneeling position, facing the mirrored wardrobe doors. She looked at herself as she removed her bra, throwing it into a corner of the room. Mark walked into her field of vision, and began to remove his own clothes. Taking off his shirt, Sophie stared intently at his lean body, and watched with fascination as he bent down, removing his shoes, trousers and boxer shorts.

Her eyes opened wide as she once more saw his erection, standing proud before her. Marl leaped onto the bed, pushing the girl over onto her back. He tugged her panties down, and ran his hands up her legs, savouring the feel of the black nylon hold-ups that encased them. She raised her knees so that the soles of her feet were flat on the bed. His head dipped between her thighs, and Sophie let out a squeal of delight as he began to lick her.

She raised her head to look in the mirror, and marvelled at the sight of the man's body between her legs. She stared momentarily at his ass, and then lay back as he raised himself up above her.

She could see her own juices glisten on his lips, and she wanted to kiss him, to savour the taste of herself, but instead Mark grabbed her legs, raising them up so that her feet were above his shoulders. With his right hand he took hold of his stiff penis, and guided it to her moistened hole, resting the tip between her pink lips and pausing momentarily. He watched her face intently as she looked up at him, studying the mixture of anticipation and trepidation that he saw there.

Then his lip curled into a sneer and he rammed his cock into her, as hard and as deep as he could manage. The cock went deep inside Sophie, and she felt a sharp pang as it stretched her inside in a way that she had not thought possible. Her face screwed up momentarily into a brief rictus of pain, and she let out a squeak as it burrowed up inside her. Mark withdrew, and then began to slide his penis up and down inside her, slowly as first, then faster, then faster still.

The initial pain quickly faded to a dull discomfort, and Sophie tried to relax, to give 'her' man as much pleasure as she could. Beads of sweat formed on her brow as she looked up lovingly at him, and smiled as his face twisted into a contorted mask of lines, his eyes narrowing as he raised his head upwards. His thrusts became ever faster, and Sophie looked up in wide-eyed delight as he yelled out, and she felt his hot load inside her.

He continued to stroke into her for a minute or so, but gentler now, until finally his now-flaccid penis slipped from her. He flopped to her side and pulled her close to him, his sweat and hers mingling as she cuddled up to him, trying to mould her body around his.

He pulled the sheet up over them, and wrapping an arm around her narrow shoulders closed his eyes in post-orgasmic satisfaction. Sophie closed her eyes too, and drifted into a self-satisfied dreamworld, feeling content at last after the bitter disappointment of her earlier experiences.

***** As she walked towards her home, Julia felt wretched, thoroughly wretched. She was tired; it had been a long day. She hated the days when it was her turn to stay late, and today's couldn't have come at a worse time. Her boobs felt heavy, and were so tender that as they nestled inside her bra, every step made them jiggle painfully. The dull ache in her abdomen was beginning to make her feel sick. Her ankles were swollen and her feet hurt.

Why the hell had she worn these heels, she thought to herself, a nice sensible pair of flat shoes would have been more appropriate, not the killer heels. Stupid cow, she told herself. She knew it all would pass when she finally came on, and that would be within the next 24 hours, the symptoms had been steadily worsening over the last two days.

It seemed worse than ever this time, though. Maybe it was just stress, she thought. The last two weeks had been difficult; she and Mark had been arguing a lot. Julia tried to rid her mind of the mental image of Mark's joyous face as he had orgasmed with the young girl. It had continued to bother her, and she had become increasingly insecure and upset by their experiences with the youngster. She felt some guilt for the way she had seduced her, but jealousy at the way Mark had seemed to prefer Sophie to herself.

As she reached the gate, Julia wondered if Mark had got dinner ready. She'd prepared it all in the morning, before setting off for work.

Vegetables, garlic and herbs with a little creamy sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and cheese, all in a gratin dish in the fridge. The only thing Mark had to do was switch the oven on and put the dish in, then after half an hour, put the garlic bread on the shelf alongside it. Simple enough, even a stranger to the kitchen such as him could do that. She turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open. Julia took a deep breath, expecting the house to be filled with the fragrant aromas of garlic and herbs.

None greeted her. Her mood worsened rapidly, and she went to hang her jacket up on the hook in the hallway when she the dress on the floor. Sophie's black dress! Julia's mind spun with alarm, panic, confusion and rage. She glanced around and saw the girl's denim jacket also lying on the floor. Quietly, she crept along the carpeted hallway, peeping into the lounge, study and kitchen.

Finding signs of neither life nor dinner, she quietly made her way upstairs. Her heart pounded in her chest and her hands shook as she grasped the rail, then she silently made her way towards the bedroom. She opened the door with trepidation, fearing what she would find there. She gasped as her worse fears were confirmed; there was Mark, lying naked in their bed, with the kid cuddled up alongside him, her small breasts pressed against his body, her legs entwined with his.

Julia stood there, staring at the scene for a few seconds, petrified, unable to move or even speak. She felt dizzy, her head spun, and it felt as if she were falling down a long, dark mineshaft. Finally she found her voice. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?" she screamed at the top of her voice. "YOU BITCH! YOU BASTARD!" Both the sleeping lovers woke, startled. Both stuttered and stammered, and Sophie leapt out of bed and stood in front of Julia intending to try to explain what had happened.

She got as far as the word 'Sorry' when Julia's hand flew in an arc, the flat of her palm catching the youngster across the face with a loud crack. Sophie let out a squeal and held both hands to her cheek. Julia grabbed her by the shoulders and began to shake her.

"YOU COW! YOU COW, YOU COW!" she roared. Mark stepped up behind Julia, and placed his arms around her and tried to pull her away from Sophie "Babe, it's ok, it doesn't mean anything…" he began. He got no further, as Julia raised her right foot and stamped her stiletto down onto his toes. Mark let out a cry of pain and hopped backwards. Julia let go of the young girl, spun around and delivered a rain of blows to him, slapping and scratching.

Sophie seized her chance, grabbed her shoes from the floor and ran from the room, her stockinged feet carrying her down the stairs towards the front door.

She quickly pulled the dress on, realising that she had no underwear; she had left it behind in the bedroom. She could hear Julia screaming at the top of her voice upstairs, and Sophie knew there was no way she was going to go back up there to retrieve it. She pulled her shoes on, picked up her coat and exited the house. Tears once again streamed down her face as she ran down the garden path. She paused, and looked back at the house sadly.

Even outside she could still hear Julia's voice, the muffled screaming continuing. Sophie thought she heard the sound of something smash, and she turned and ran towards the bus stop, holding her hands out for balance as she tottered in her heels.

***** August had passed into September, and it had been the worst time of Sophie's life. She had spent the remainder of the holiday moping in her bedroom, hardly even bothering to use her new computer for fear of what she might find on Facebook or elsewhere. She downloaded an old song, 'Change' by the Sugababes and played it over and over, sometimes letting her tears fall as she listened.

As the dreaded day approached that would mean Sophie's return to school, she became increasingly miserable at the prospect. She felt sick with worry, knowing that Katy, and probably Luke as well, would taunt her incessantly. The thought made Sophie feel sick to the pit of her stomach. When the day finally came around Sophie reluctantly put on her uniform, feeling sicker than ever.

At breakfast she stirred the cereal in its bowl listlessly. She felt too nauseous to eat, and her mood had worsened further when she had realised that she would probably see Julia on the bus, too. As she waited with her mother at the bus stop, Sophie's stomach churned with nerves. When the bus finally arrived she boarded, and was surprised to find that Julia wasn't on board. She found herself a seat and settled down, her misery increasing with every yard as the bus drove on.

When they reached the last stop before the motorway, Sophie's heart fell even deeper as she saw Julia climb on board. Deliberately putting her school-bag on the seat alongside her, she turned and stared out of the window, not even wishing to make eye-contact. Julia paused in the aisle by Sophie's seat, and said quietly "I'm sorry Sophie. Sorry for everything." Without turning towards her, Sophie whispered the words "Piss off".

Sadly, Julia sighed and said "Sophie, I understand why you're upset. I hope you can forgive me one day." She held on to the edge of the seat as the bus lurched off "These are yours." she continued, placing a bag on the seat next to Sophie.

"They were a present, and I'd like you to have them." She walked further along the bus and found a seat for herself, sitting in silence as the bus pulled out onto the motorway. Sophie ignored the bag for a minute or two, but eventually curiosity got the better of her, and she sneaked a peek inside.

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She saw the bra and panties that she had been forced to leave behind in her haste to escape from Mark and Julia's house. They had apparently been laundered and pressed and were neatly folded.

The feeling of nausea was by now almost overwhelming for her, and as the familiar fields at the side of the motorway passed by Sophie felt her stomach churn over. She knew she was going to throw up, and she stood up and ran to the front of the bus, with her hand over her mouth. "I'm gonna be sick!" She blurted out to the driver, who began to tell her that he couldn't possibly stop on the motorway.

Involuntarily Sophie urged, and a small jet of vomit escaped between her fingers with which she was covering her mouth. The driver needed no further prompting to stop, and he slowed the bus, pulling onto the hard shoulder and opening the door. Sophie jumped down and stepped over to the grass verge where she was noisily sick, several times.

An arm encircled her shoulder, and as she realised it was Julia's she initially stiffened and shrugged the arm away, but after vomiting yet again, she felt such despondency that she turned towards the older woman, desperate for any crumb of comfort in her embarrassment and despair.

Julia hugged her closely, and both of them cried, sad tears running down both their faces. ***** A ray of bright late September sunshine fell through a chick in the curtains as Mark Ward woke to the sound of his telephone ringing. The tone drilled through his head as his hangover kicked in, a Saturday night of boozing with his pals down at the pub had seemed such an attractive idea at the time, but it seemed he was going to suffer for it this morning.

He grabbed the extension by the bedside and muttered a hello. "Mark. Mark, we've got to talk." the voice began. His mood was not improved by the sound of the voice on the other end of the phone. His voice took on a business-like tone as he replied "Julia, there's nothing more to talk about, you said more than enough a month ago.

If you've got anything to say, get your solicitor to say it to mine, alright?" He hung up. A few seconds later his mobile phone chimed. He climbed out of bed and stumbled across the room, picked his trousers up off the floor and retrieved the device from his pocket. As he expected, Julia's name was flashing up on the screen. He pressed the reject button, and the phone fell silent.

He swung open the mirrored door in front of him, and pulled his dressing gown out from the nearly empty wardrobe. He pulled the robe on and left the room, intending to head for the kitchen in order to make himself a cup of tea, in an attempt to dispel his hangover. His phone beeped its text alert, and he looked at the screen, and deleted Julia's text message without bothering to open it. As he made his way down the stairs, the doorbell rang. He glanced at the time displayed on his phone.

It was 8:52 am. Who the hell was calling at this time on a Sunday morning, for god's sake? He saw that the Sunday papers had been delivered, and he picked them up off the mat, chuckling to himself as he noticed the headline - it appeared that Andrew Barnfield, the local MP was embroiled in some sort of sex scandal.

Alongside a picture of him the headline read "MP'S GIRL'S BABY SHAME". Serves the pompous idiot right, Mark thought to himself. The doorbell rang again. "All right, alright!" Mark muttered, and swung the door open. Two men, dressed in smart casual clothes stood there. One was holding a large, expensive looking camera, and he began to take pictures of Mark, snapping away repeatedly.

The other man spoke "Mr Ward? Mr Mark Ward?" Confused and annoyed, Mark said "Yes. Why? What? Will you stop that, why are you taking pictures of me?" The man continued "Mr Ward, can you tell us the nature of your relationship with Sophia Barnfield? How did you meet her? When was the last time you saw her?" Baffled, Mark shook his head "I don't know what you're talking about.

Go away!" He slammed the door. The man who had spoken pushed open the letterbox and shouted through "Mr Ward, Mark, I'm from the News Of The World. We're prepared to pay you for your side of the story, it could be a lot of money…" Bewildered, Mark carried the newspapers through to the kitchen and switched the kettle on. The telephone began to ring again. Mark ignored it. Suddenly the man's words sank in.

'Sophia Barnfield?' What the hell? He scrabbled at the newspaper and hastily scanned the article on the front page. He read the story apparently the MP who was the self-proclaimed 'defender of morals and family values' had a fifteen-year-old daughter who, the story revealed, was pregnant. Underneath the main picture of the MP was a smaller image.

The paper had found a picture, obviously an old school photograph, of a girl aged about 12. Despite that, there was no mistaking the strikingly pretty face with its finely set cheekbones. Sophie! The world spun around Mark, and he held the edge of the kitchen unit to steady himself. The phone rang again, and its trilling was quickly joined by the ringtone of his mobile phone, then the doorbell joined the annoying chorus of chiming noise. Mark stomped to the door and, without opening it shouted "GO AWAY!" A reply was shouted through the door "ANSWER YOUR PHONE, PLEASE SIR!" it commanded.

It was a different voice to that of the journalist who had been on his doorstep a few minutes earlier. He looked at his mobile, the number was unknown.

He pressed the button to answer, but did not speak. The voice that came from it was the same as the one that had just spoken to him through the door. "Mr Ward, I can understand your reluctance, but rest assured we have removed the reporters from your property. My name is Inspector Charles Nelson of the Metropolitan Police Force. Would you open the door please, sir? We want to ask you a few questions…"