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Cum on nun Cum On Photo)
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I had just completed three and a half years of service in the United States Marine Corps, mostly in Japan and Vietnam, and for the remainder of my four year tour the Corps decided to station me in what I felt was the armpit of California; Bar-fucking-stow. Although right now Barstow is probably a fairly nice little city, back then it sucked, and not in a good way. The town's hot spot was a bowling alley and the biggest news was that a Taco Bell was opening.

Me? My name is Jonathan and at twenty-one years of age, I was a lean, mean, fighting machine. I didn't cut an especially imposing figure being only 5'9" and 172 pounds, but it was all muscle and I had earned my black belt in Karate while in Japan.

When I arrived at the base I was informed that since I had so little time left, they would simply make me a Gate Guard. Not really bad duty, just stand there, eyeballing ID cards, waving cars through the gate, and raising or lowering the flag morning and night. Not a lot of stress or responsibility.

My second night at the base, just after my first day as a front gate guard, the duty sergeant came to be and told me that I had a phone call. WTF. Only about a half dozen family and friends even knew where I was stationed and none of them knew the phone number. Hell, I didn't even know the phone number. When I answered I heard a delightful feminine voice with a slight accent ask me "Are you the guy that was on guard duty, at Gate 1, between four and six?" I said I was and she asked "Did you see my husband leave the base?" I told her I was new on the base and didn't know who he was.

After a little back and forth, she then asked "Could you come up to my house and look at some pictures? Perhaps you would then recognize him?" I thought to myself that this was bullshit and that someone was playing a prank on the new guy.

I turned to the duty sergeant, explained what was going on and asked what I should do. He explained that he had seen her on the base in the exchange; her name was Ricci, she was a beautiful, from the Philippines and if he had been invited, he would go.

I then got her address in base housing and she asked me to sneak in the back door so the neighbors wouldn't see. I hesitated for a minute or two, because, she was the wife of a higher ranking NonCom, it was on-base housing, and I would, hopefully, be participating in adultery.

Any one of these could lead to a court martial. But then again, it was pussy, Asian pussy, so what the hell. You make a lot of bad decisions when you are young, dumb, and full of cum.


I hitched a ride on one of our roving patrol vehicles, spotted the house, got out a block down, reconnoitered the area, and circled around to the back door.

She answered the door while speaking on the wall phone and waved me to a couch. She was speaking Tagalog, was about 5'6", trim, shoulder length black hair, probably a 'B' cup size, and wearing a red knit shirt and short denim skirt.

All in all, she was a very attractive package. I sat on one side of the couch, laid my right arm across the back and watched her walk and talk for about fifteen minutes while wondering what the hell am I doing here and how much trouble was I going to get in?

She finished her conversation, came over and sat close to me, kind of leaning in, I reflexively dropped my arm upon her shoulders and she took her right leg, swung it over and straddled me. With her arms wrapped around my neck, she gave me our first kiss with an open mouth and extremely aggressive tongue action.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement seeing as how we hadn't formally introduced ourselves yet, but being a young man, I figured I would just go with the flow. I quickly reached down between our bodies and found that she was wearing no panties.

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Her lips were already wet and rubbing juice on my jeans and I quickly slipped two fingers into her box. She moaned grinding her hips against my hands trying to get as much of my fingers into her as possible. Knowing that they weren't going to grow any longer, I did her a favor and added a third finger. She went wild, gyrating like crazy, rising up and down, giving me a chance to fully pump my fingers in and out. Her lips never broke the seal against mine and her tongue never stopped moving.

She finally broke the kiss, looked at me and said "Fuck me now." Not being one to argue with a lady, I laid her down on the couch, and started taking off my pants. She said "Don't take them off, just pull them down. I don't know when my husband will be getting home." A ladies wish is my command and I did exactly what she said, after all, it had been a month since I was last laid. I took my 7", uncut, diamond cutter, rubbed it a couple of times against lips of her pussy and then slammed it all the way in with one bold push.

She immediately started pushing back while making grunting noises against my mouth. We were frantic since we wanted to get this done quickly before her husband arrived home. I had never fucked anyone so hard, so fast, with so little preparation or foreplay, or so little kindness in my life. To me she was just a piece of meat and I am sure she felt the same way about me.

After probably less than five minutes, being raised as a gentleman, I asked her "I'm going to cum; where do you want it?" She said "In my mouth," grabbed my hips and pulled me out and up to her face. She then started sucking my dick and bobbing her head as frantically as she had fucked, actually she was face fucking her self using my dick and I was only along for the ride.

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After a couple of minutes, I could feel the pressure from my balls rising through my dick and I shot six strong strings into her mouth which she swallowed as quickly as possible, not spilling a single drop. I didn't know if she had cum or not, didn't really care, just needed to get my rocks off at that point. Afterwards, we looked at pictures of her husband and, of course, I didn't recognize him, but this was the start of a wonderful six months with many sexual interludes.

I walked a bit away from her house and hitched another ride with the roving patrol. That night, after a shower, lying in my bunk, I thought to myself, "Maybe Barstow does suck in a good way after all." A few months later after numerous sexcapades she needed to go to Riverside to pick up some papers she left at a girlfriend's house. I didn't have a vehicle but I commandeered my buddy Jimmy to do the driving for us. Jimmy was a good friend who served a year with me in Nam and we had covered each other in combat situations numerous times.

If you looked up 'wiry' in the dictionary they should have a picture of Jimmy. He was about my height but probably didn't way over 135 pounds, skinny but it was all muscle and determination. He was the kind of guy that if you ever got into a fight with him, you would have to kill him to win. He simply wouldn't quit no matter how badly he was hurt.


If you hospitalized him, the day he got out, he would be looking for you; a great guy to watch your back. To get to the good part, we were on the way back from Riverside at night, Ricci had her papers, and we were sitting three across on a bench seat in his vehicle with her in the middle. As usually when together, she had her hand on my crotch and was wearing a casual knit shirt and short skirt.

While I was enjoying her rubbing my dick through my jeans, I noticed that she kept glancing down at Jimmy's crotch. I whispered in her ear "If you want to reward Jimmy for driving us and his gas, it would be okay if you wanted to play with him a bit." She gave me a small smile, and reached over and put her hand on his thigh.

I told him "Be careful not to drive off the road Jimmy, my girl wants to give you a little thank you." She reached next to herself, unbuckled his belt, lowered the zipper, and released his dick. Jimmy is about a cut 6" and she was really starting to get into stroking it.

You can always tell when she gets hot, she becomes a mouth breather. Of course, I was willing to share, but I wasn't willing to be left out, so I took out my dick and put her other hand on that as well.

After ten minutes I could tell from Jimmy's moans that he was enjoying this immensely and from her breathing, so was she. I then I then whispered in her ear "Honey, this is really good but I am afraid that pretty soon Jimmy is going to make a mess all over his pants and car. Why don't you take him in your mouth instead and since you can't bend over far enough while sitting right next to him, jump over to my other side, I'll move next to him, and you can lay over my lap and blow him.

An extra bonus for you is that I will then be able to play with your pussy. But only do it if you want to." She asked me "Are you sure you're okay with this?" I told her that "Jimmy saved my life in Nam, I wouldn't even be with you today if it weren't for him.

How ungrateful would I be if I wasn't willing to share?" She quickly saw the logic of that and climbed over me to my right side while I slid next to Jimmy. He looked at me and said "I hope you're not planning on jacking me off." I laughed and said "No, I have something much better for you." Ricci got onto the seat next to the door kneeling sideways, laid across my lap, and took Jimmy's dick in her mouth.

I couldn't see anything because between his abdomen, the back of her head, and the steering wheel, there was no room, but judging from the bobbing of her head, she decided to take her time, draw it out, and enjoy it. But don't feel sorry for me, I was going to enjoy my favorite hobby; finger play.

Fingers are much more sensitive to tactile feeling than are dicks. You can feel every little ridge and bump, smoothness, texture, warmth, and tightness. I absolutely love it. I slid her panties down to her knees and started rubbing against the lips of her pussy. They were already dripping wet as all get out.

I carefully collected some juice on my fingertips and started rubbing from her love hole, up around her clit, back to the hole, and followed the crack of her ass. Every time I rubbed across her clit or rosebud, she would make a small mewing sound and wiggle her ass. Finally I gently shoved my index and middle finger into her twat and she groaned. I then started working them in and out and every forth time or so rubbing her little rosebud a bit.

After a while I could hear her breathing getting heavier and heavier, decided to add a third finger and started pumping them harder and a little faster. Her mewing turned to groans and she was getting wetter and wetter; her juices were running down her thighs.

She seemed to still be working on Jimmy; thank goodness the highway was straight. I could tell that she was about to get her first major orgasm of the night and just as it was about to start, I removed my index finger out of her pussy and jammed it all the way into her ass. This sent her over the edge and she sucked on Jimmy so hard that he started shooting into her mouth. As always she swallowed while I still kept pumping my fingers in and out of her ass and pussy.

I had to fight Jimmy for the steering wheel since he totally lost control and closed his eyes once he started cumming. After the kids calmed down a bit; we didn't stop what we were doing, she still had her mouth on Jimmy's dick and my fingers were still in her ass and pussy, I told Jimmy to find a deserted road that we could turn down, get out and stretch, and do some physical exercise.

About ten minutes later we found that road. By that time, Jimmy's dick was hard again, she was still doing the head bob and sliding back forth against my hand, and I was still hard are hell. I knew it wouldn't be an issue, Ricci would take of me, but if she didn't, I would have a serious case of blue balls tomorrow. We pulled the car about a mile off of the highway and left the lights on so we could see.

I quickly helped her get out of all of her clothing except the shoes and Jimmy and I did likewise. You don't want to walk around in the high Mojave Desert without shoes on; scorpions rattle snakes, etc. We took a few sodas from our cooler to quench our thirst and rinse our mouths and then decided to have some real fun. I laid Ricci upon the passenger side, front fender of the car (this was back when cars had fenders) and started sucking and massaging her breasts, and kissing her lips.

I told Jimmy to start fingering her pussy and that each time it stretched enough, to add another finger. I told him the most I've ever been able to do is three with just of the tip of the fourth.

With his smaller hands, he should be able to get four easy and maybe even five. She held up her legs with her hands behind her knees, leaving herself completely exposed to him. He licked her for a few minutes and then added two fingers and after just a few pumps, added the third. While his fingers were in her he kept twisting his wrist, trying to open the fingers wider to stretch that pussy.

She was enjoying her self groaning and bouncing her ass as I was playing with her breasts, sucking her tongue, and speaking softly to her. "That's the way baby, just relax, don't be afraid, this is all about your pleasure, if you want him to stop, just say the word. You're beautiful, you're perfect, and you are making us so happy.

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We love you and we will love you even more, tomorrow." Jimmy then said "Four" and then shoved the forth finger in and his hand all the way back to his palm twisting it.

She screamed as her second major orgasm hit her, bounced her ass up and down on the fender, and juice was squirting out from around Jimmy's palm.

After she calmed down and could breath regularly asked her if it was as good as it looked and she nodded yes. I told her "I'll bet the fifth finger would be even better. Do you want to try it? Remember when you say stop, it stops." With wide open eyes she nodded okay and I told Jimmy "Remember, if she says stop, you stop immediately.

We don't want to hurt her." Jimmy said he understood and Ricci nodded her agreement again. Jimmy continued working on her while I comforted her, talked to her, stroked her, kissed her, and told her how beautiful it was and how we loved her. After a few minutes she was moaning, gasping, writhing about on the fender as Jimmy added the first knuckle of his thumb in there with his palm curled as small as possible.

Ricci told him "Just shove it in there" and he did with one hard shove. She screamed in agony and I heard Jimmy say "Oh, fuck." I worriedly asked what was wrong and he said "Look at this; I am up to my wrist." I had to see it, he had actually, somewhat accidentally, fisted my girl.

Ricci was breathing fast but said that it didn't hurt much now, she just felt incredibly full. I told him to start gently pumping her and we would try to see if she could cum again.

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He started pumping her slowly with his palm facing upward so he could try to hit her 'G' spot with his curled finger tips and it seemed to be working. Over and over again he pumped slowly until she started bouncing her ass yelling "faster, faster" and finally she came screaming, groaning, twisting and bouncing. If he didn't have his hand up her twat and me holding her breasts, she certainly would have ended up on the ground.

Her body suddenly became totally still, her legs fell down, and her eyes rolled back in her head. Jimmy and I looked at each other and I said "What the fuck just happened?" After checking her vital signs closely I realized that we had just fisted her senseless and that she had simply passed out. I said "Jimmy, that's enough, gently remove your hand." It was amazing and probably a good thing she was passed out because her pussy had to stretch again to get back over his palm since it was larger than his wrist.

Once she woke we had to stand her up and walk with her a bit since her legs were no long capable of holding her alone. While walking we could see the pussy juice running down her legs and her hair and body were covered with sweat; she looked like a wet dog that just came out of the lake.

She said she never had an orgasm like that before in her life, that she was glad she did it once, and she would probably never do it again. Being a trooper, she then asked what about me, that I hadn't cum yet tonight. I told her that's okay but she insisted that we fuck…what a great girlfriend.

I had her lean over against the car facing away from me and shoved my dick hard into her pussy. After that recent fisting though, I couldn't feel a damn thing so I stuck a couple of fingers in her cunt, got them good and wet, and then shoved them into her ass. I think she wanted to scream but she just fell forward, no stamina left.

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With my fingers pushing against that thin membrane between her ass and vagina, I could massage my dick with my own fingers while I was fucking. I glanced at Jimmy and he was jacking himself off watching us and I guess I was kind of jacking myself off too except inside of her. I think I lasted less than five minutes to achieve one of the best orgasms of my life; of course, I had waited all evening for it.

I could have lasted longer but I felt that she had already been through enough. We got her dressed and home and I am sure we each had a well rested night. I got a call from her a couple of days later, her husband had been around so she hadn't been able to get free, and asked if I remembered her talking about her Philippine girlfriend Mary.


I said I did and she told me that Mary's husband was away in school for a couple of weeks, and wanted to know if I would be willing to take care of her. I said I would but only if you wanted me to, and she then said "Mary said to bring Jimmy with you if he's available." He was, but that's a story for another time.