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Mom and sun xnxx porn pornburst
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When I woke up the next morning, the events of yesterday afternoon seemed like a hazy dream. The slight soreness at my wrists, along with the flecks of dried cum stuck to my belly, however, convinced me that it had been all too real. I got out of bed quietly, gathered my clothes, and headed for the shower. Walking by Karen's bedroom, I noticed that her door was partway open, and I could hear her soft breathing as she slept.

Flushing with embarrassmentI hurried past and into the bathroom. As I showered I couldn't help but recall what had happened yesterday. Karen had been so aggressive, so dominant. . and, I admitted to myself, I had loved every second of it. Just the thought of her made my cock stiffen and throb with anticipation.

You've gotta snap out of it, I told myself sternly; it was just a one time, freak thing that happened. The best thing to do is to act like it never happened. As I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and headed out the door to work, though, Karen's words echoed in my mind: "We've got all summer, and I have definite plans for you, little brother." And, even more intriguing: "Better rest up Brian, this is just the beginning. Remember, you promised, 'anything I want,' right?" It was a particularly busy day a work, and by the time I pulled into the driveway that afternoon I had more or less forgotten the whole incident, having made up my mind to simply act as if nothing had happened.

I walked in the front door, tossed my keys on the kitchen table and then stopped dead in my tracks. Karen stood in the middle of the living room with that arrogant yet sexy smirk on her face.

She wore a jet-black tank top that showed off her toned stomach and bellybutton ring to full advantage; printed across the front of her tank top, in bold, lipstick-red letters was the word "goddess." I could clearly see the outlines of her already hard nipples pushing against the fabric of her top.


Her red miniskirt was so small as to be almost non-existent, and it left very little to the imagination. A pair of black leather thigh high boots completed the package. For a moment, I couldn't speak, only stare as I took in this vision of smoldering sensuality that stood before me like a fantasy come true.

She really is a goddess, I thought to myself. Karen simply stood there for a moment, smiling and allowing me to admire her.

"You like what you see, little bro?" she murmured. "Karen, I, I mean--" I stammered. "Yeah, you like it, don't you?" Her tone was self-confident and yet seductive, imperious.

I couldn't help myself; "Yes," I whispered. "Yes, what, Brian? Tell me what you like." My heart was hammering in my chest; I couldn't seem to think straight. All I could do was gaze in awe at my own sister, a vision of lust personified. Blushing and keeping my eyes fixed on the floor I answered, "You. I like you, Karen. You're gorgeous." She laughed, a low, throaty chuckle.

"There little bro, now was that so hard? Come here." I walked over to her, until we stood face to face. With her high heeled boots she stood slightly taller than I. Our lips met, and I felt the hot warmth of her tongue encircling my own, probing my mouth. With one hand she reached down and stroked the front of my jeans, caressing the outline of my erection. "Mmm, maybe it was really hard after all," she whispered. Her face just inches from my own she asked, "Was I good yesterday, Brian? Did you like fucking your slutty older sister?

Did you like tasting me, pleasuring me? Did you like it when I tied you up and rode your hard cock until I came?" "Oh, God yes, Karen! I loved it!" I moaned, desiring her more than ever. Again that low, throaty chuckle. "Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm going to have so much fun with you, little bro. Do you remember your promise?" I knew all too well what she meant. "Y-Yes," I stammered. "What did you promise? Tell me, Brian," she demanded.

In a low voice I whispered, "I promised to-to do whatever you wanted." "That's right little bro, that's exactly what you promised. Get on your knees, I have a surprise for you." I looked up at her, confused.

"Surprise? What do you--" ON YOUR KNEES! NOW, BITCH!" Her shouted words were accompanied by a light but stinging slap across my face. I immediately sank to my knees and stayed there, immobile, staring at the floor.

"Yeah, that's right, good boy," she purred. "You stay right there like that. I'm going to go get your surprise. I know you're gonna love it, little bro." I heard her walk away toward the stairs. My mind was a whirl of confusion. Part of me couldn't believe that this was actually happening while another, more secret part of me enjoyed it and longed to be completely dominated by my sister. With my eyes still fixed on the floor, I heard the click of Karen's heels announcing her return before I actually saw her.

She stopped directly in front of me and I glanced upward. Karen stood in front of me. holding a black leather spiked dog collar in one hand. Smiling, she uttered a single command: "strip." "What?!? But Karen, I--" Before I could finish my sentence I received a hard, stinging slap across the face. "Shut up, bitch. I own you now. You do what I say, when I say, without question. Do you understand?" After a brief moment I answered, "Yes, Karen, I understand. I'll do whatever you say." Reaching down with one hand, Karen stroked my cheek gently, whispering in my ear, "Good boy, Brian.

I know you enjoy this as much as I do. You're so hot as a submissive little slave boy." I hung my head, but the blush that spread across my face expressed my pleasure better than words ever could have. Holding out the collar in one hand Karen said, "Here's how this is going to work.

Whenever mom and dad aren't home, you are going to be completely naked, wearing this collar to show that I own you. You'll do what I say, when I say, and you'll love every minute of it, won't you little bro?" My cock was so hard that it threatened to split the front of my jeans.

With a sigh of feigned reluctance, I gave in. "Ok, Karen," I said. She glared at me, then slapped me across the face again. "Ok, WHAT?!?" she shouted. "Ok, I'll do whatever you say, I'll be your slave," I murmured, blushing and bowing my head. Even as I said the words, however, my cock throbbed with anticipation. Karen once again favored me with a beatific smile. "Good boy," she said. "Now strip." I quickly removed all of my clothing and remained kneeling in front of my sister.

She couldn't help but notice my raging hard-on. "I knew it, Brian, I knew you'd love this," she whispered, as she reached down to stroke my cock. Straightening, she fastened the leather collar tightly around my neck.

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"Yeah, you're my bitch now, aren't you little bro?" she whispered. Apparently I didn't answer quickly enough to satisfy her, because she reached down and squeezed my balls painfully. "YOU'RE MY BITCH NOW, AREN'T YOU?" she shouted. "Yes, Karen! Yes, I'm your bitch, your slave!" I said.

The pressure on my balls eased instantly. Karen smiled at me, and patted me lightly on the cheek. That's right, good answer," she said. "Lick my boots, little bro; lap my boots to show me what a good slave you are." Still on my knees, I bent down until my head was at my sister's feet, and I obediently ran my tongue along the top of her boots.

As she continued to whisper her approval, I licked every inch of her boots, polishing them from toe to heel. Although I wouldn't admit it, even to myself, I loved the taste of the leather and the feeling of degradation as she forced me to lap her boots; it was an incredible turn-on. Finally, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up, away from her feet. "Mmmm, you are a quick learner, I think it's time for the next part of your initiation," Karen said. She snapped a leash to my collar and began dragging me down the hallway, tugging hard on the leash.


"Come on, bitch," she said. In an effort to comply more quickly with her orders I began to get to my feet. "NO!" she shouted, slapping me hard on the ass.

"You're my slave, you crawl on your hands and knees." I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled after her down the hallway until we reached the bathroom. Once we reached this room she smirked at me and said, "Good boy. Now lie down in the bathtub and prepare to enjoy this. It's time to mark my territory." I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by that last remark, but I obediently crawled into the bathtub and lay down face up. Karen smiled at me.

"Good job, little bro, you do learn quickly." She removed her panties and hiked up her mini-skirt so that her beautiful bald pussy was revealed. She then squatted directly over my face and spread her pussy lips.

"Open up, Brian, you're going to love this," she said, and proceeded to spray hot piss all over my face and down the length of my entire body. Her piss felt wonderful, hot and wet, as it splattered over the entirety of my body. I couldn't resist opening my mouth wide to taste her, drinking down her hot, acrid urine in eager gulps. "Mmm, little bro, you're a natural," Karen said. "You're going to make the perfect slave." Bending down further, Karen squatted over my face, her knees on either side of my head and her luscious pussy directly over my mouth.

"Clean me up now, slave," she murmured, as she slowly ground her wet pussy against my face, "lap me clean with your tongue." I groaned with desire and plunged my tongue as deeply as possible into my sister's hot, wet, tunnel, wanting to taste as much of her as I could.

Because of the narrowness of the tub and our position, my arms were pinned at my sides, and I could use only my tongue to pleasure her, I lapped desperately, trying to run my tongue over every succulent inch of Karen's womanhood, then plunging my tongue inside her, sucking her, tasting her urine mingling now with her own natural wetness as her arousal grew.

Karen ground her hips down hard, forcing her sweet pussy further onto my mouth and tongue. Balancing herself with the palms of her hands flat against my chest, she rode my face.

"That's it Brian, you little fucking bitch, tongue fuck my cunt, eat me out." Her breath was low and labored now, and she moaned as she neared climax. "God yes Brian, just like that, don't stop! You're gonna make me cum!!" Karen's body shuddered spasmodically as she screamed in orgasm.

I thrust my tongue inside her wildly clenching pussy as deep as I could; then, sucking hard, I was rewarded with several splashes of her cunt juice. Karen remained seated on my face for a moment longer; then, getting up, she sat on the edge of the tub, gazing down at me.

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She looked absolutely glorious: her hair slightly disheveled, a light sheen of perspiration on her forehead.

She was still panting softly, and the expression on her face was one of blissful rapture. "Brian you are such a good boy. You made me cum so hard," she murmured. She thrust two fingers inside her sopping cunt; then, leaning forward, she rubbed her cum-covered fingers all over my lips before sliding them into my mouth. I eagerly sucked them clean, unable to get enough of the musky taste of her womanhood. My cock was rock hard and aching with need.

Reaching down, Karen encircled it with one hand, stoking and squeezing lightly. The lightest touch of her fingers made me writhe and groan. "Look at this nice, hard cock, Brian. Is my slave-boy's cock all hard for me? What do you want, Brian? Do you want me to fuck you? You do, don't you?" As she said this Karen was staring into my eyes, gauging my reaction, a wicked grin on her face as she continued stroking my cock.

I could only nod my head desperately; the feeling of her hand was almost overwhelming. "Tell me little brother; you have to tell me what you want," she whispered seductively. "Yes Karen, please, " I gasped. "I want. . .I want you to fuck me! Please." The last word ended in a whimper as she tightened her grip on my engorged dick and stroked faster. "Ok, little brother, I'll give you what you want. Let's go." Tugging on my leash she allowed me to get out of the tub and then she led me, still crawling, back out into the living room.

"Stay on your hands and knees until I get back," she ordered. "Yes, Karen, " I whispered obediently. When Karen returned she was carrying a small black bag that she placed on the floor beside me. "Spread your legs and arch your back, get you ass up high." "What? But Karen, I thought--" "Do it NOW, bitch!" She yelled. This was accompanied by a hard slap across my ass. I quickly arched my back, lowering my head with my ass in the air.

"Mmm, that's a good boy, Brian. Much better." from the bag she removed a small bottle of lube and squirted some against her fingers. I suppressed a yelp of surprise as I felt her slippery fingers caressing my asshole. I groaned as she slid one finger inside up to the knuckle and held it there.

"Does that feel good, Brian? Do you like me fingering your tight little butt hole?" Karen was thrusting in and out now, easing her finger in deeper on every thrust until I felt her entire finger inside me.

Slowly she slid a second finger inside me and held them there. I winced with discomfort at first, but she allowed a moment for my muscles to adjust and then began finger-fucking my hole again, thrusting slowly and gently at first and then, as my muscles relaxed further to accommodate her fingers, she began thrusting more roughly and quickly.

The feeling was incredible; there was some initial pain, yes; but mixed with the discomfort was an ever-growing sensation of pleasure. I was whimpering softly now, and thrusting back against Karen's hand eagerly. Noticing this, she smiled that arrogant and sexy smirk. Leaning down, her mouth close to my ear she whispered, "You like that don't you, bitch?

You love feeling my fingers sliding in and out of your ass, stretching your tight little hole, don't you?" As she said this, she thrust hard, burying both fingers completely inside my hole and holding them there for a moment before continuing to thrust.

My breath left my mouth in a low moan and I heard myself mumble, "Yes, I-I like it." "I knew you would, Brian; you're such a naughty little slut-boy." With her fingers still embedded deep in my hole, Karen rummaged in the bag with her other hand for a moment and withdrew a small red butt plug, narrow at the tip and widening out to a flared middle section before narrowing again where it met the t-bar at the bottom.

"Open your mouth Brian; I want you to suck this plug and get it good and wet, because soon it's going to be buried inside your asshole." Before I could protest, Karen shoved the toy between my lips and into my mouth.

I sucked as much as I could, suddenly extremely motivated to make it as slick and wet as I possibly could. After a moment, Karen took the plug from my mouth. She added a bit of lube to it and positioned the tip of the toy at my hole. "Just relax baby, and in a minute this will feel really good, I promise." She slowly began pushing the toy inside my asshole. At the same time I felt her slippery hand wrap itself around my hard cock as she began jerking me off.

The plug slid in deeper and deeper, until I felt my hole stretching to accommodate the flared middle section, the widest part of the plug. The pain was intense for a moment. "Karen, wait, stop, it hurts!" I gasped. She held the plug there for a moment at its widest point. "You just have to get use to it, little bro.

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Try to relax your muscles." Gritting my teeth against the pain, I tried to relax and concentrated on the sensation of Karen's warm, slippery hand on my hard cock. With a gasp, I felt the plug slide all the way into my hole. The pain was gone, and in its place was a very pleasant feeling of fullness. "Good boy, Brian, you took the whole thing. We're just going to leave that in there for a minute to get you nice and stretched out so I can give you what you asked for." I was confused.

"Karen, what do you mean?" I asked. Karen had come to stand in front of me and now looked down at me, an arrogant, sexy smile on her face. "Don't you remember, Brian? You asked me to fuck you, and now I'm going to." I watched as Karen took a strap-on harness from the bag and a dildo.

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The dildo was a large black cock, very large, at least ten inches in length. Karen slid the dildo into place and stepped into the harness, tightening it around her waist. My eyes had widened in alarm when I saw the size of the dildo. "Uhh, Karen, I don't think that--" I began.

"Shut up, bitch.

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I AM going to fuck you with this, and I'm going to fuck you hard. Before I'm finished you'll be begging for more. Now do something useful with your mouth and suck my big, black cock." Karen grabbed me roughly by the hair, pulling my head up as she pushed the head of the dildo between my lips and deep into my mouth. I gagged slightly and began sucking, taking as much of the rubber cock into my mouth as I could.

Karen was shoving it in deeper with every thrust, fucking my mouth. "Yeah, that's it slave-boy, fuckin' suck my cock! You look so good with your mouth and lips wrapped around my dick.

I think you've sucked dick before, haven't you, Brian? You're a natural at this, little bro." finally, Karen withdrew the dildo from my mouth, leaving me with watering eyes as I gasped for breath. "Time for the main event," she said. Moving around behind me once again, Karen withdrew the plug from my hole, again holding it still for a moment at the very widest section.

My ass stretched around it fairly easily this time, and whereas before the pain had been horrible, now there was only a slight sense of discomfort. Karen shoved the plug in and out a few more times before removing it and setting it aside. I felt a curious sense of emptiness now that it was gone. "Oh, by the way, little bro, there is just one rule before we start.

You're not allowed to cum until I give you permission. Do you understand?" Karen paused a moment and then slapped my ass hard. "I said, 'do you understand?'" "Yes, Karen, I understand. I'm not allowed to cum until you say so." "That's right, little bro. Now prepare to enjoy this." With a single thrust, Karen shoved the head of the dildo inside my hole. The pain was intense for a moment, and I winced and tried to pull away. Karen grasped my hips firmly and slid several more inches inside my now stretched and gaping ass before pausing.

The pain subsided quickly, replaced by the pleasant sensation of fullness. "Do you want me to stop, Brian?" Karen demanded. I hesitated for a moment and then whispered, "No." "No, what, bitch? Say it!" "No, don't stop fucking me," I murmured, feeling my face flush and redden with a combination of embarrassment and excitement.

"That's what I thought." With that, Karen thrust into me deep and hard, burying her cock inside me up to the balls in a single thrust, then withdrawing to the head and burying the full length inside my hole again. The feeling was the most intense mingling of pain and incredible pleasure that I'd ever known. My cock was rock-hard and throbbing, and I was moaning loudly. Karen's thrusts became harder until she was slamming in and out of my now-gaping hole, fucking me balls-deep so hard that my face was pressed against the floor with every thrust.

"Yeah bitch, take my cock!

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Take every fuckin' inch of it! You love it, don't you? Don't you?!?" Karen growled as she continued to pump in and out of me hard, her hips slapping up against my upturned ass with every savage thrust. "God, yes!" I practically screamed. The feeling of being fucked so hard, of being dominated and degraded like this by my own sister was the most incredible turn-on that I'd ever experienced. I felt the cum building in my balls as they tightened against my body.

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Every thrust of Karen's cock pushed me closer to climax. "Yes what, you little slut?!? Tell me what you like--beg for it!" "I love your big cock inside me! Please, Karen, please, fuck me more, fuck me harder!" "I knew you were a cock-hungry little whore, Brian," she said as she continued to slam her cock into me with a fury. Every thrust was now accompanied by a hard slap on my ass cheeks. My whole body was tensed and quivering; even without touching my cock, I knew I'd reached the point of no return.

"Karen, please, I have to--may I please cum?" I begged, my words mingled with the moans and grunts that her savage fucking forced from my lips. "Go ahead and cum, whore! Cum while your sister fucks you in the ass!" Karen buried her cock balls-deep inside me one more time. As she did so, she reached down and stroked my cock. The merest touch of her hand was all it took. Cum erupted in several hot, sticky blasts from my dick as my entire body convulsed with the force of my orgasm.

I slumped against the floor, utterly spent and panting for breath. Karen, her cock still deep inside me, lay against my back, her full, lush breasts pressed against me. Just at that moment I heard the front door open and the sound of footsteps moving toward the living room.