Concupiscent queen bonks like a pro

Concupiscent queen bonks like a pro
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Jail Force Parts 10-12 By: Jimmy T Seay (m+/t oral forced enema jail) =========================================================================== Don loved performing.

Well, he loved it when it was involving sex. He was really going to enjoy what was about to unfold. Not only was he about to have this golden boy, he was about to ruin the same boy's life. Don was about to show out for his viewing audience. "Brian, get those two mattresses!" Don pointed as he ordered the boy. Brian was very conscious of his nudity now.

He tried to shield his body as he moved to follow Don's orders. He grabbed a mattress and took it to where Don stood.

Don said, "Lay it there, put the other one here." Brian got the other mattress. They were side by side on the floor, close up by the bars. Ortez and the others no longer hid. They were right up at the bars. The rest of the tank sat on the bench, watching the drama unfold. Bruno knew this was going to be fun. His big dick would play a part of this. he started getting hard again, just waiting for his turn. Don said, "Kid, if I had know you were gonna pay me a visit, I would have been more prepared.

It ain't every day a man gets to have a punk like you. But, we can make due." Brian looked at Don, trying to pretend there was no one else around. Don said, "first I need a couple of sexy poses.

Come here, Brian." Brian walked up to Don. He whispered, his voice still weak from the throat pounding Bruno had given him. "Please, sir. Not in front of them. Please? I'll do anything, but not with them watching." Don answered him coldly and loudly. "You will do anything, anyway.


I want your friends over there to see, so they will see." Don grabbed Brian, moving his body. Don placed his lips to Brian's mouth. The camera flashed, and the picture ejected. Don smiled, "Now, a money shot. Turn your back to the camera, but look over your shoulder into the camera. Let the camera see that big butt and those pretty eyes." Brian did as he was told. His life was ruined, what did it matter?

The next shot was of Brian kneeling and kissing Don's dick. Don said, "Enough of the glamour shots, it's time for this boy to learn some new things." Steve yelled, "Fuck the games, fuck him in the ass!" Don looked at Steve, he locked his eyes on Steve's eyes.

"Boy, you keep quiet. This is my show! If you were in here, I'd punk your ass too!" Steve said softly, "Yeah, what ever." Don didn't like interruptions.

He said, "Now, Brian, get down in the middle of the mattresses on all fours. But I want you sideways to them. I want you to look at them. Do you understand?" Brian said sadly, "Yes sir." Don said, "I want you to look at the smart ass over there. What ever I do to you, could happen to him." Steve started to defend himself. He'd never be sucking dick, but something in Don's stare scared him enough so that he didn't feel safe, even though bars separated them.

Brian got down on all fours, in the classic doggy position. Don felt like an educator as he knelt down behind Brian. He spread the boy's legs wider apart, he made sure the boy was looking at the smart assed kid.

Don started his lecture. "Okay, this punk is virgin. A lot of men would just shove their cocks up in his pussy, but there's a right way and a wrong way. Brian here, has had a good pussy douching. But he's never been fucked. Now, if I was to just shove my dick in him, he'd hurt, he'd scream, he'd hate me.

It's because Brian's straight, he likes pussy, not dick. So, a boy like this, you got to break in right. You can't just fuck them, naw, you gotta break what makes them a man. This boy done sucked 4 cocks. That didn't break him. Are you all understanding me?" Ortez didn't understand but he said "Yes," and nudged the other two, both of them nodded in agreement. "Good, " Don said. "This punk is well hung. He's a great looking boy, he's well built.

Raping his mouth hurt his feelings, raping his ass would hurt his feelings. But he'd recover. So, what I plan on doing is rape his mind." Brian heard Don's words and was reminded of an algebra teacher. Brian did not believe things could get any worse. Don reached between Brian's legs. "See this cock? Almost any man would be proud to have meat like this. But this is a punk." Don gently rubbed Brian's cock.

"This ain't a dick anymore, it's a punk clit. I'm gonna make the punks clit hard, so that you all can see how big it is." Everyone's eyes were on Brian's dick and Don's hands. Don hit all the right spots and Brian's dick begin to grow.

It hit it's large 8 inch size and was a darker color as it dangled down between Brian's spread legs. "I wish my cock got this big," Don said smiling. "The next part is getting the boy pussy ready. I usually use grease of some kind, but since I didn't know he'd be dropping in, I guess I'll just use good old spit.

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Now, watch his face, cause I'm gonna stick a finger in him." Everyone watched as Don spit in one hand and coated his index finger with spit.

Will shifted, he didn't want anyone to see him boning up, but Will was wondering what it would feel like to fuck another dude. ======================= Part 11 - Dick For Daze ======================= Not a sound was heard as Don stuck his finger between Brian's spread butt cheeks.

Brian was following his order, he was looking at Steve. As the finger entered Brian, he took a deep breath, the sound broke the silence. Steve laughed, "Look at that faggot!


He's got that dudes finger in his ass!" Ortez laughed even louder. "Do that bitches ass!" he yelled. Don ignored them, the boy was still pretty tight. Before the boy was ready to get fucked, Don had some work to do. He gently fingered Brian, searching. He said, "There it is!" The 3 outside the tank had no idea of what Don meant.

Bruno and Keith knew. Bruno had bruised many a prostate gland along the way, Keith had fucked the cum out of unwilling victims. Ricky didn't care, he was thinking about the blow job he had just gotten.

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Don had found Brian's prostate, he rubbed it, carefully. He watched Brian's cock as he gently massaged the magic gland. When Don saw the first drop of prelube leak from Brian, he pressed into the gland. As Brian begin to leak, Don said, "See, the boy's dripping!" Don felt he had proved something, only Will wondered what. Don pulled his index finger out, and spit on it and spit on his middle finger. He begin to rub two fingers into Brian's ass hole.

As his worked the fingers into the kid, he said, "You see how I made his dick leak? That is something he'll never forget.

Now, I am gonna open his pussy up some more, I'm gonna get him ready to get fucked. It's real important to keep the punk hard during this time, when they're straight. You got to switch from the punks ass lips to their prostate. They can't control their dicks that way. This boy is gonna hate getting fucked, he thinks he is the fucker. I'm gonna teach him more about his body then he ever wanted to know." Brian had no control over what Don was doing, the fingers hurt, but Don was able to keep Brian hard the whole time.

Don fingered his ass and kept talking. Brian almost came, almost nutted, he fought his body to hold it back. Don felt what he was making Brian experience. Don nodded his head, "You boys will be glad to know the punk is ready for dicking now." Don got into position. He pushed Brian flat on his stomach. Don placed his cock head against Brian's butt hole. Don said, "Look at them, look at them!" Brian's sore throat could not express the pain as Don begin to stick cock inside him.

Brian gave a weird, deep cry. Will said, "Aw, shit." Will grabbed his crotch. Will's balls unleashed as he watch Brian's pain filled face. Will's jeans were stained, and once again he said, "Aw, shit." The he let out the breath he had been holding. No one else noticed what Will had done.

They were all looking at Don and Brian. ========================== Part 12 - Cocks and Croaks ========================== Steve looked at the two prisoners, the dude had really done it, he had stuck his cock inside of Brian McKee. The look on McKee's face was awesome!

Steve nudged Ortez, "Pictures, man, come on, snap out of it!" Ortez had witnessed the inmates having sex before, he'd just never saw a first penetration.

If it felt as bad as McKee's face looked, it must hurt tremendously. Don's dick had just fully entered Brian. All seven plus inches inside Brian's tight fuck chute. Brian's sphincter felt like a wide elastic band, as it locked around Don's dick.

Brian felt an unbearable stretching, the hard object had moved his insides around, making room for itself. Brian had forgotten about pushing out, he had forgotten everything but the pain.

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Brian's face reflected part of the pain. His mouth was in a small o shape, his eyes squinted, the very skin on his face appeared stretched, much like his ass hole felt. Brian could feel every vein, every bump of the thing that had been thrust inside his body. His manhood was violated, this man had taken the last thing that made Brian a man. Don looked at the three men at the bars, he said, "The boy is no longer virgin, his ass is now a pussy for fucking!" Brian's raw throat let out an awful croak, it sounded like a wild animal dying.

Silence followed the sound. Don said, "Boy, keep looking at your friends." Don reached under Brian. Brian's erection was gone. "Now, as I was entering him, his cock went limp. You can't really see from there, but his big dick has shriveled up, and his nuts are close against his body. It's almost like his body knows it's manhood was taken. I've given his pussy this time to get used to the feel of a hard cock, now, I'm going to start fucking him." Don rose up, pulling his dick out, except for the very tip.

He rotated his hips as he slowly reentered Brian. Brian kept his blue eyes on the group, as Will looked into them, he saw a very vacant stare. Don carefully fucked, and took great effort to use his cock to massage the boy's prostate. Don intended for the boy to cum. Part of destroying this virile boy was making his nuts respond to the fucking. Don rode the boy's body, looking at the powerful back muscles, the broad shoulders, the strong arms. The boys ass cushioned and pillowed Don as he humped in and out.

After Don tired of the position, he climbed off of Brian. "Brian, get up to the bars, bend over, and grab the bars. I'm gonna let your friends get a real close view. Ringside, you might say." Brian moved slowly, his thick butt cheeks had put painful pressure on the already swelling ass lips.

Even this short walk, caused pain. Brian assumed the new position, he was just inches away from Ortez, Will, and Steve. Don got behind Brian, he held his hard rod like a weapon. He placed it against Brian's ass hole, and shoved all the way in, in a single stroke.

Brian's face showed the pain, and another croak escaped. This one sounded like a desperate cry. Steve got very close to Brian, he was face to face, only the bars between them. "Dude, you got a dick up your ass, you're a fag boy now! You've let a man stick his dick in you!" As Don begin fucking again, Steve kept talking down to Brian.

Will watched Brian's dick flop as the man shoved in and out of the boy. Ortez took some more pictures. Brian McKee would never be able to deny this! Don held the boys hips, he could feel his cock rubbing the boy's prostate.

"Okay, boy, it's time to learn to use your pussy, squeeze my dick with your pussy!" Brian closed and opened his sore sphincter, effectively milking Don's cock. The incredible tightness caused Don to grunt. Don wanted to nut, he wanted to fill this beautiful boy with his seed, but he held back.

Brian's body betrayed him, his cock had visibly lengthened. It had firmed from the constant pressure Don was applying inside. Brian felt his nuts tremble.

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He stared, desperately trying to keep this from happening. He couldn't cum, not from this! Don continued to take the boy closer and closer to the edge. Don felt the first wad erupt from the boy. Don smiled and yelled, "He's cumming, the bitch is cumming!" Everyone looked at Brian's cock, they saw the first wad hit the floor, another followed, then another.

Brian's ass pulsed crazily, as his nuts blasted. Don begin to send hot creamy man seed inside the boy's ass. "I'm nutting in his ass!" Don grunted.

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Don roughly shoved into Brian, Brian's chin hit the bars. His cum lay in a spread out pool on the tank's floor. A man's cum coated his insides. Don pulled out, slapping the boy's ass cheeks. "Great job, that's the best boy pussy I've ever tapped. Now, let your friends see your pussy. Turn around, bend over and spread that money maker." Not a single tear was on Brian's face now.

He turned around, as he bent over, he spread his ass cheeks. The air felt good as it touched his raw ass lips. Steve laughed as he looked at the violated, puffy hole. A drop of Don's cum dripped out, as to prove more was inside. Will looked at the hole, wondering what it felt like inside the stud boy's body. Will would have loved to be dicking that ass right now. Ortez got some good pictures, Don made Brian look over his shoulder in one picture, another was a close up of Brian's ass hole.

Another showed Brian's spread cheeks, and Don's hands on them. The masculine boy wanted time to run backwards. Steve asked, "Whose gonna dick him next?" Steve was ready for another show, he wanted to see the big dick spic fuck Brian. =========================================================================== read over one thousand of my stories at