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it all started when i was 16. my mother had left my father before i was born. i grew up in a fairly large city. my mom lost her job and wanted to move, so we moved to my uncles cabin in Wyoming. i was in the 10th grade at a new school halfway through the year.

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i wasn't what you would call cool. my mother treated me like an adult and i was more mature than most kids my age. when i went on my first day of school i couldn't find my locker and was late to class. when i got to class my teacher Mr. Witkin announced i was a new student but made a remark about me being late. everyone laughed at me except for a girl sitting by the window in the third row. i took my seat in the row behind her.

my eyes were drawn to her. she was beautiful she had reddish brown hair and green eyes. when the bell rang for lunch she turned around and introduced herself. "I'm Katie ." she said, and asked if i wanted her to show me around. i was distracted by her beauty and stammered out a 's.sure." we got our lunches, which looked better than at my old school, and headed outside. she showed me where she liked to sit and eat.

and lived with her mom in town. for the next few weeks we hung out at lunch and during class which we had all the same ones. i was starting to like her a lot. one day i worked up the nerve to ask "what are you doing later?" "i don't have anything planned. why?" "i was wondering if you would like to come over later and watch a movie. "sure." she said as the bell rang to go home "okay! ill see you later." i said over the noise when i got home i started cleaning like a mad man.

my room the living room even the bathroom. i changed out of my school cloths into a ratty pair of jeans and a t-shirt. the doorbell rand at about 7 and i let her in. "why dont you go pick a movie and get it started while i go get us some drinks." i said. "okay." she said. when i got back in the room i was the DVD menu for the notebook. "really a chick flick?" i said "you told me to pick." she said giving me that you know your gonna let me win look. i sat down and gave her a drink.

we sat watching the movie. she cuddled up next to me and i put my left arm around her. sitting there i decided to make a move. i reached my hand down her shoulder and rested it at the top left breast.

noticing this she sat up a bit and my hand was resting right on it. i felt her nipple get hard under my middle finger. i periodically mover my finger around causing her to shiver. she looked at me and i kissed her. she laid down on the couch and we started making out like mad people. my hands exploring her body, running over her nice C sized tits, and down around her ass. she broke the kiss when my hand found her inner thigh. "you okay?"i asked. "i want this" she said kissing me again.

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i began rubbing her thighs and her wetting pussy through her jeans. i could feel the heat between her legs. i reached under her shirt and rolled her nipple between my fingers. she let out a soft moan.


my other hand started to undo her jeans. my hand started to go inside her jeans when my front door opened. my mom was home. we sprang up trying to look all innocent as the last parts of the credits of the movie rolled by.

"i see you really wanted to see who played the parts." my mom said motioning to the movie. Katie's face turned red. she looked at the clock noticing it was midnight and said "i have to go im an hour late." my mom tossed me the keys and said drive her home.

i took the keys and we left adjusting out cloths on the way out. i turned and noticed my mom smiling at me.

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the drive home was very quiet. we looked at each other and smiled. i grabbed her hand and held it till we got to her house. "do you want me to come up and say its my fault your late?" i asked. "not if you want me to ever come over again." she said laughing.

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i leaned over and kissed her deeply. she went to open the door and came back kissing me again. we said good bye and she walked to the door. when i got home my mom was sitting on the couch where i rounded third base not 20 min ago.

she said "did she get into any trouble for being late?" "i don't know she wouldn't let me go to the door with her." she smiled. "whats her name?" "Katie Masterson" i said.

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"she was the first friend i got when we moved here." "well just be safe." she said. i went into my room and my phone rang. i looked and it was a text from Katie.


i didn't get in trouble i told him we fell asleep watching a movie and when your mom came home she woke us up. good I'm exhausted goodnight. night <3. i laid in my bed and fell asleep. i was having an awesome dream when i heard a loud clunk at my window. i opened my eyes and say Katie crawling in my window. "am i dreaming?" i asked.


" nope." she said taking off her shirt and jeans crawling into bed with me. she cuddled close to me and i couldn't help but get a boner. she turned around to face me. "a little happy to see me?" " well you are half naked in my bed you know." she reached down and grabbed my hard dick and began to slowly stroke it.

i let out a soft moan and reached down. when i got between her legs i realized she wasn't wearing any underwear. " okay scratch that you are Naked in my bed." she giggled ans continued to play with my harder than ever dick. i started to rub the inside of her thighs and i felt her pussy getting wet.

i began to rub her clit and she moaned loudly. i stopped and said she was going to wake my mom up if she did that again. i continued doing what i was. she rolled over on her back as to give me a better angle to play with her pussy. i kissed my way down her body and began to lick her clit and probe my tong inside her. she grabbed my pillow and moaned into it. i kept licking and rubbing her pussy.

she started to move around and then said I'm going to cum.

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i licked faster flicking my tong over her clit fast she started to shake and her legs locked around my head as a torrent of juices flowed into my mouth.i pulled away and she was still shaking.

i pulled her to the edge of the bed and shoved my hard cock deep inside her. i started fucking her fast and hard and she was moaning loudly but i didn't care i was in the moment i was pounding harder and faster with every second. she was nearing another orgasm as i was heading towards my first.

she started screaming and i felt the walls of her soaked pussy close tight around my cock witch took me over the edge. i said where do you want me to cum? she said "stay inside. i want you to cum inside me!" so i pounded hard a few more time and shot my load deep in her pussy.

we fell asleep in each others arms. the next morning my mom came to wake me up for school. Katie woke up and my mom said 'sounded like you had a fun night." Katie just turned red and smiled at me. we went to school and were together all day. when i drove her home from school her dad came out of the house since she wasn't there in the morning. he came to my car and told me that if i ever talked to his daughter again he would kill me.

she came over that night, but that's another story.

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