Pushing my cock to orgasm

Pushing my cock to orgasm
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Holly had been feeling a little deprived. She had always used her body to get what she wanted and she enjoyed the attention from her male counterparts.

She hadn't been with a man in almost a month and she was getting frustrated. She paced up and down in the passage outside her bedroom. She lit up a cigarette and tried to think of ways to satisfy her urges. She was 40 years old and very beautiful. Her hair was long, flowing and blonde. She had blue eyes and full pouting lips. Her body was well proportioned with 34B perky boobs and nice firm buttocks. She certainly had enough experience with men.

She knew exactly how to please a man. Her nephew, Jake, peered from his room and was watching her as she continued pacing.

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She wore a cream sation gown with the belt tied loosely at her waist. Her breasts hung freely under the thin satin of her gown and Jake watched them sway with each step. Her legs were smooth and shapely and Jake could barely see the bottom of her ass cheeks, where her gown ended.

He was feeling so turned on. He was only 16 and jerked off many times but had never been with a woman before. Holly caught a glimpse of his shadow from the corner of her eye. "Well, well" she thought,"maybe I'll get my pussy licked after all. She pretended not to notice him as she turned so that he had a full view of her. She began running her hands through her hair, then to her lips and sucked her fingers with an intensity that made Jake shudder.

She opened her belt and let her gown fall to the floor. Jake could see her luscious naked body with her tanned skin and blonde patch of pubic hair.

He began stroking himself, unable to take his eyes off her. She lowered her moistened fingers to her breasts and made circular motions around her nipples which were now erect.

She held both breasts in her hands and squeezed them together, then she ran her hands over her tummy and down towards her pussy.


She moaned and began roughly stroking her pussy in long strokes and allowed her fingers to enter her love hole with each stroke. Jake could see the glistening pussy juice on her fingers and he was now fully erect. Holly placed the index finger of her other hand over her asshole and made circular motions around it before inserting her finger into her ass.

She was breathing heavily and the expression of ecstacy on her face was too much for Jake. She was gyrating her hips and arching her back as her sighs became louder.


She was moving faster now and her breasts were bouncing on her heaving chest with each movement of her hips. "Oh fuck, YES" she screamed as she came. She turned around and bent over to pick up her gown, so Jake now had a good view of her ass. Two perfectly round tanned ass cheeks with her puckered asshole peeking at him as she bent over. Jake couldn't control himself any longer. He crawled towards her, placed his hands on her ass cheeks and massaged them while trying to spread them as far as he could.

He buried his face in her ass crack and began sucking and licking wildly. Holly let out a yelp in surprise, then smiled and said to him "it's about time!" She moved her ass in rhythm as he licked her asshole. "Stick your fingers in my pussy. I want to feel your fingers fucking me hard." Jake obliged, he was having the time of his life and obviously his aunt was enjoying it too. "Uhhhhhhh, yes, Uhh Uhh Uhh" she gasped as she neared orgasm.

Jake stood up and plunged his fully erect 9 inch dick into her ass. "Fuck me deeper, harder" she yelled.

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Jake was thrusting furiously in and out of her warm tight asshole. He thrust with all his might so that Holly had to grab the nearby chair to keep from falling over. Jake was watching his dick slide in and out of her ass, "I wanna cum on your tits" Jake screamed, on the verge of an orgasm. He pulled his dick out of her ass and turned her around.

Holly held her breasts in both hands and lifted them towards him as he continued rubbing his dick. "OHHHH!" he yelled as he splattered cum all over his aunt's tits. When he caught his breath he looked over at Holly, "That was my first time Aunt Holly. You're fucking hot!" Holly wasn't satisfied yet. She pushed Jake to the ground. He was lying flat on his back.

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She grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. She licked it clean and felt him harden again. "I wanna ride your big cock" she said as she sat on his dick and lowered herself till she had taken it all into her pussy. She moved her ass up and down with great force, contracting her vaginal muscles each time which sent waves of pleasure through Jake's body.

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Jake could feel her ass hitting his legs. He watched her face as she sighed with pleasure. her tits were bouncing around wildly. Jake grabbed onto her tits and pinched her nipples.

"FUCK ME!" he yelled. Jake lifted his head and watched her pussy banging into his cock. Holly began fingering her clit and moved faster on his dick. His body spasmed and jerked as he came in her pussy. Holly felt the warm thick liquid enter her. "I'm cumming" she yelled and she threw her head back in ecstacy. She fell onto Jake's chest, heaving and trying to catched her breath. "That was lesson number 1" she said looking over at Jake's spent body.

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